Saturday, December 12, 2020

Chinese Democracy


Chsinese Democracy

We are playing with fire in America. We are also looking at real calls to prepare to defend the Bill of Rights from the Communist corruption which has bought an election, suppressed the media from exposing it, and caused us to simultaneously see the proof of the cheating, and to believe that it is anything but cheating we are seeing. And, after all that, we are stuck in the muscle memory effort to still have evidence to substantiate any belief that we are not idiots. 

The simple fact of the matter is Trump should not step down on the 20th of January. But, the facts are such that even the Supreme Court is playing cowardly evasion to having to face the peril we are in, as a nation, and at this point in the game, there is little faith remaining in a system that could sell out so easily to China. 
The Benford Model, which is used by the US's own State Department to assess the sanctity of foreign elections, by tradition, must condemn this election based on the identical statistical data used to condemn the Iranian elections it condemns, along with those of other, third world nations, like Venezuela. 

All the while, the victory is not the Democratic Party's, nor is it the mainstream media's. It is the victory of the Chinese Communist Party which has owned them, both, starting with the Clinton Administration. And, the ReBush Republicans, like John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, are also sold out to them. What will we do?

Prepare for a general breakdown in the order in the United States, and ultimately, Civil War. 

The reason the merits of the cases filed against the election were so important is that these provided the last hope to avert this path. But, with Chinese damage against the US economy reaching ruin status, and, in spite of a vaccine, Joe "I Never Said I'd End Fracking" Biden, and his Comrades serving the Chinese by pretending to be governors in certain states, promising more authoritarian dark winter lockdowns, it's abundantly clear that the net total of the arming of BLM and related woke zombies, should be a bright flare to the necessary fragmentation of the country. 

Georgia, which could not prevent the cheating it's leaders are ashamed for having been unable to conceal, is holding the Senate runoff election. It is a joke that they won't cheat, as openly, and obviously, as they already have. 

So, when DC is offered up as a state, let us have already prepped, armed, and made the necessary pre production work to secede from the states of NY, California, and the inner cities of America. 

When they order you to grab guns, police officer, now do you see why what you are doing is wrong? They wanted you gone, not us. Join us? We could use the help.

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