Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Thus Always to Communists


The facts about liberal philosophies are that they so conflict with human nature, that they must be enforced by police state, personality cult, murder, and fear. 

Nicolae Ceausescu was no different. Neither is AOC, nor Antifa. Eventually, (or so they wish) history must repeat itself so that fools can delude themselves with Marxism....and we must stand by, draw the line, and give no quarter, nor take no quarter.

This has already run its full course. Yet, for reasons unknown, we are supposed to suffer time, blood, and rage so that they can learn what they refuse to read about, in History.

The repressive nature of Leftist views kept the whole of Eastern Europe in terror. For Romania, the Securitate made this particularly terrible. They literally could die for praising Pole, Lech Walensa. 

The Romanian people didn't ever see Corsesceau's photograph! ALL that they saw were the propaganda images which froze his likeness eternally as he appeared in 1953....for almost 40 years. You see, these are the realities of Communism. 

They start out selling an ideal, and end up dead, shot against the wall. 

The past, for the Marxists among us, is an unheeded warning. But History spits out the ungrateful....

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