Thursday, October 1, 2020

Where Can I Take These Strays So That They Won't Be Euthanized? Forgotten Tails!

  By: Kevin Drummond

What is Forgotten Tails?

Forgotten Tails is a crew of dynamic angels that are confronting problems, creating innovative solutions, and doing so with very little help...

What Am I Talking About?

Imagine a world where no creature would be born unwanted, discarded, and tuned out.... Forgotten Tails finds these creatures, and turns up the volume, so that they can't be ignored!

Although headquartered in the Walker County/Greater Metro Birmingham area, they are connected to a large network of foster parents, dedicated veterinarians, corporate entities, and you.... to save every puppy and kitten from dying alone, afraid, and starving. 

And, I can speak from experience. (More about that, later)
Forgotten Tails is connected to the 501-c tax exemption network, which makes your and my donations tax deductible. 

And their work ethic could conquer foreign lands were it aimed directly at that goal. However, the mission statement of Forgotten Tails resides in a place more celestial than the spoils of war: this is the warm reception, comforting, and endlessly trekking across the width and breadth of the United States, finding homes for these children.

And, they need your donations... It's how they thrive. 

Are you employed by a store with a manager willing to donate dogfood vendor stock that was damaged in transit, and otherwise discarded?

Don't feed your fat dog! Feed the hope that lifts these children up, and saves them from a cold death, distant from compassion, and against souls with evidence that the human race is otherwise sleeping at the wheel.
And, if you can, please use this link, and donate anything you can.

And, please pray for the safety, and fastidious hands to retain their own lives and hearts, as they confront a problem which has been ignored for too long.

Missy, Then, The Eight!

I recently met my friend Paul, who had taken in a stray mom and her eight Puppers. He had no idea what to do. 

Without Forgotten Tails, the insolvency of his considerations would have pitted his heart against his wallet: like so many of us. But, Paul refused to engage kill shelters. 

This is Missy.

These are her eight Puppers. 

The crew of Forgotten Tails took her in, and saved all nine of them. 

But, they cannot do this without your help. 

Please donate. 

Thank you. 
Tears run down my face when I think about this problem, and how the hands of Forgotten Tails are in an ever effective circuit trying to solve it. Please help. 

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