Sunday, August 2, 2020

Why Is Social Media Racist?

Here is the video....or, part of it. Hydroxychloroquine is the generic name of the name brand medication, Quinine. Quinine is used for a variety of illnesses, and the talk about banning it should cause riots. 

Social media has blocked this video. YouTube, Fb, Ig, Twatter, everyone of these companies must have called in coding staff in order to identify, and remove this video, indefinitely. 

Yours truly received yet another strike on my already stripped YT channel for posting it, there

These social media-motherfuckers are not running the country. Most folks don't even take them seriously. The unmitigated gall of claiming to be "hackers" and "revolutionaries", then, acting as though mother government has any say in anyone's life, is a bridge too far.

COVID-19 was observed as having a cure, and prevention, through a well-known medication, since 2005. The medication has been called, "relatively", or, "absolutely safe", by every doctor that ever prescribed it to me.

In the last three months, the slippery slope fallacy has been the lie driving big pharma, and the pay to play comptroller of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, into deceiving the public, to that public's relentless detriment.

You don't have to agree with this doctor. But, at the very least, question why the message she made has been worthy of censoring. 

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