Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Absolute State of CNN

The Absolute State of CNN

by: Kevin Drummond 

It is patently ridiculous to keep trying to maintain a foothold, when you do not have it.
Jesus Christ Pose
Europe is not filled with Qanon believers.
Nobody on the right with any sense believes that tripe, any longer.
PizzaGate was real. We are watching the Fall of Epstein, and his secrets, preparing to take down wordless celebrities hiding their shame behind silence, and the absorption of baseless stories, like these. We are watching the man who may very well have been one of the chief suppliers of trafficked children to this ring rise from the grave, and lay a cold finger on the most despicable royal family in the last three centuries. 

But....CNN combines the real, and the imagined. All this needs is Rod Serlin, and by God: we will fully be in the Twilight Zone. 

The Jesus Christ pose of the newly fake central radical left, as being shoveled to the 5 corporations who control the media, is every bit of a self satisfying fart into the stuffy car of a bunch of pseudo aware, in the know, zoomer lefties. And shows itself, like a Statue of Stupid, to beckon the image of a 2016 avenging that is all but going to happen November 3, 2020.

It evokes righteousness as the destruction of history. It is eMarxism, and nothing more.

The election is actually much closer than these people are going to be willing to accept. 

Only God can alter the components of Democracy. Since eMarxists don't have one, I'd say the election, and the violence mandated to shut down forever this AOC-sponsored Manufactured Consent, are already going to be a victory for Trump.

Now: will he renegotiate JCPOA?
Exit Syria?
Force AIPAC to register as a foreign agency, as per the Constitution, and the law, broken until this problem in our media and government are rampant?
Ease the pressure against China?
Ease the pressure against Russia?
But, however I submit, I submit that all Marxists are never going to be tolerated in America.

The net has caught them, so!

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