Friday, July 24, 2020

Questions Biden Must Answer

Questions Biden Must Answer 

By: Kevin Drummond 

Here are questions for Biden to answer. If he answers correctly and follows through, he might not be that bad.
  1. Where does he stand on Syria?
  2. Where does he stand on JCPOA in Iran?
  3. How can he handle COVID better than Trump?
  4. Is he able to understand the mess Trump made by sanctioning China, and can he diplomatically remove the functions of those sanctions?
  5. Where does he stand on Palestine?
In Syria, the US must withdraw. The US was defeated in Syria, and there is no use in prolonging the process.

The Trump doctrine about Iran is some of the most misguided policy direction ever fashioned by American hands. It is necessary to accept Iran into the Non Proliferation Community. By sanctioning both Iran, and eu, Trump has destabilized world peace processes in a defective world view. 

COVID is not an act of man, and no political process can reduce the acts of the pandemic. It must play itself out. Till then, the culture must change in order to accommodate the matter, entirely. 

China has proven immune to sanctioning, and the macroeconomic damage in the wake of Trump's misguided campaign against them saw China emerge stronger than ever. It'd be best to normalize relations with China, and Russia, and recognize that putting the nation into the digital basket has weakened us. Nobody is immune from hacking, and the CIA and related intel communities do the same things to foreign nations, consistently. 
Time to recognize that Digitalization has made us vulnerable. 

Trump ushered in an era of pro Zionist nonsense that completely shut down the bds movement, formally making it invisible in the US. This is a moral impropriety, and begs correction. DNA has proven Jews are actually Turkish, and don't have a single historic right to the damage Israel has done in Palestine. 

What's sad, is Trump has taken the issue away from Conservatives, and morally funded the Marxist idiots of BLM. When they decry Palestine, real Americans, and real Christians cannot engage them in combat. For this is the moral high road. 

And, it's too late to learn if you don't already know.

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  1. I should reiterate that India and China are not actually gonna fight. They are going to lure the US into a false sense of security.....


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