Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The War for Main Street

The War For Main Street
By: Kevin Drummond

White people looting were Antifa loyalists. It is arguable that Attorney General Barr saw this behemoth throwing money in unusual whirs of activity,  prior to George Floyd's death. And, that he recognizes what suddenly confronts that which remains of polite society...

This was planned 3 years ago, and was made for Bernie, not Biden. AOC distanced herself from the whole affair. Having been the architect, failure was imminent....

Black Lives Matters is not a ghetto nation, anymore....

"Because the onion peels away to more and more work, this is only part one of a financial dissection...."
Black Lives Matters is not a telephone facebook level operation. Not, anymore, anyway.
In fact, it's not even a protest organization, anymore. The organization which arose following the death of Trayvon Martin is as dead as he is. 
What it has become is Borealis Philanthropy. In essence, Obama plugged the formerly loosely organised Black Lives Matters into the sprawling financial tendrils of the Brookings Institute. And, there are detectable tidbits of Open Society monies which are definitely being donated to other, non black causes, as per the copyright registrar's consent.  

Check this man's Twitter Account profile page: select the Act Blue link, and scroll: tens of millions of dollars raised for "bail"? Real, or not: can a white offender get it? (Push to enlarge pic)

They sold their own people out for money. But, when one donates to BLM, what one does is feed cash to the ActBlue portal, which is moving all that money uphill in a financial onion each layer of which, is potentially riddled with legal infractions. 

I spoke to an employee at ActBlue, whom assured me that it is not simply a Democrat Party donation fund, but is a money portal that dispenses cash to the various causes within the D Party's platform. Borealis Philanthropy is but one of these domains. There are many. 

Don't be lulled by the seemingly harmless causes: this is not what the money actually does. It funds a Democratic Brookings Institute assault against ordinary life.

The money no longer funds BLM, but every single one of the organizations now headed up as Borealis Philanthropy. And, it's the funding a violent confrontation to Christian virtue, paying Antifa and Looters, and the accountability is concealed by 501-c tax exemption status. 

In essence: the taxpayer is purchasing the intention to destroy the society in which he now lives. 

Because I have only begun to peel at this onion, I cannot say how much money, nor where, all I can see are points of origin and terminus. And, I see lots of room to switch, bait, and fund. 

Remember them....? One has to get through these other now embedded non profits, before one understands the amount of lying, stealing, and illegalities going on...

This is the real reason why Trump cannot declare Antifa terrorists: they, too, are funded along this chain. Both the Patriot Act, and Federal Law (Title 18) declare the funders of terrorists to be terrorists, also. This would, in essence, make dozens of sacred cow billionaires, and the World Jewish Congress, and the Democratic National Convention, all guilty of terrorism and/or treason, in whatever case applied. 

This designation, this discovery is what the billionaire-tier organization who arranged all of this actually fears, the most. 
Among foreign investors is the World Jewish Congress, whose promise to match certain funds never seem to materialize, so, guess who pays for it?

Just guess?

I don't like what I see, here. It appears to be a giant race war slush fund, and it is an affront to Democracy. But, that's what the Left in America wants: oligarchal rule like that of the Soviet Union. And, we all know which subgroup murdered 90 million Christians to make that happen, huh? What's frightening, is the same subgroup surrounds Trump, also. And, that group has no interest in the History of the United States; just in the God whom abandoned them, here: to worship his shadow, openly. 

Resources I checked were many. But, the Montgomery BailOut Fund from my home state of Alabama is pretty much all the transparency we get. When you open the link and scroll, the disclaimer by the organization claims, "...100% of your donation goes to MBOF...."

But, ActBlue, the portal through which it passes, denies any such accountability, possibly relying on an end of fiscal year resettlement. And that probably pays for nice websites, like that one, and someone to answer the phone. 

ActBlue will not confirm any real figures, but states, "...we are a nonprofit tax exemption 501-c status charity." This means some of that donation pays for their phones to be answered, too. 
So, the money comes back into the community when the Jewish media on the Left wants the Jewish media on the Right to tremble. So, they dispense massive monies into the riot coffers, and this is what is actually being done. This is the reality of black lives mattering: politically sponsored race war. 

Exploitation as bad as the patronizing of lynch mob segregation. It is sad to see it all come to this.

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