Thursday, June 11, 2020

Battleshipping The Role Of BLM-Related Internet Trolls

How Do We Know Borealis Philanthropy and ActBlue Conceal Fund Transfer Payouts to Looters And Trolls via SPV's?

"The facts about the left are always the same....."

How do we know?
Because we saw this happening!
There is no article by any media outlet outlining and detailing the presence of trolls related to Borealis Philanthropy's various militant black groups. The fact is, as in this Wired article, no definite references to the use of trolls is acknowledged. This is troubling. 
We know what we saw...
But, the references are always in the subjunctive.

The facts about the left are always the same: control the narrative, play the victim, and instead of contrition, wax sentimental when caught
"'s too bad about the white couple that was beaten with a bat by four BLM Borealis operatives.....they just are so angry...."


That's nonsense and we know it to be.

And, this effectively deflects responsibility from the terrorist to the victim: which is why Borealis should be brought before Congress and made to show how ActBlue actually paid the disbursements to looters and Marxists. And, ActBlue would be forced to then acknowledge that the militant blacks and the Marxists whom allied with them, include a set of particularly endorsed actors shilling their causes online. And this act, shilling, is trolling.

Reverse blame polarity, engage Jewish msm paid media shills.

Recently, Project Veritas, a media organization dedicating itself to facts, tied George Soros's Open Society foundation, to payments for the recent violence which gripped America, then the world.. This is the same group that exposed corporate lies at Twitter and CNN. Lies which were also vehemently denied....until they got caught. The best things in life are free....until you get caught. 

There is the price for exposing these lies. Julian Assange is paying with prison. Some have paid with their lives. There is no doubt that the proof Veritas dropped also applies to the weaponizing, and radicalizing of social media sites engendered to Socialism, Marxism, Judaism, and Militant Black and Marxist violence.

They are turning us into a terrorist state, and this will never be another 1960's....
But, it shall become another 1860's, as the Motto of the Confederacy stated: God will vindicate us.

I assure you: He shall.

But, what kind of cash are we looking at? 
On the order of paid trolls, and not unpaid ones: it isn't out of the question for one $3,000 payout per troll, and protester. 

It's a one time payout concealed in a Special Purpose Vehicle, the VPN of money laundering, and paying it into the non profits held in trust by Borealis averts the illegal use of SPV'S for crowdfunded causes. An SPV is a way to move cash so that it cannot be legally defined as, "money laundering." This is done by chasing dragons of fine print and subtle legalities, and avoiding precise illegalities as defined in the law.

For every $3000, it requires $16,000 to create the SPV. This is cash that must remain in the system of non profits held by Borealis. 

All nice, corrupt, despicable, but also, legal.
But, it is election tampering. And the invalidated Russia Hacked scandal does not reciprocate moving forward with election tampering. Backfiring in the end: Marxists and Militant Blacks will never run this country. All the right enemies will consolidate the R vote, come October. Had Gallup not polled on the same day as Trump waffled about confronting these people, then the one point slide would never have happened.
As if he would understand the message. 

Just a wartime coincidence. 

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  1. The Two Party system developed due to the Divurger Effect. The Divurger Effect refers to the way a single member district plurality system that votes by "first past the post" systems, will ultimately become a Two Party System.

    Single member: of a party
    District Plurality: refers to the fact that the electee rules over many counties, or States.

    Multi member district plurality, like UK, can float many parties, and resolves special interest in this manner.

    But, a 2 Party System is extremely vulnerable to corruption because there are only two parties.
    The 1912 Election, in which the Bull Moose Party split the R Vote, elected Wilson, whom ushered in the Freemason Jewish and British system discussed in, "Tragedy and Hope".


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