Saturday, May 30, 2020

Symphony of Distraction: India Versus China

There is a whole lot of effort going into the notion of a Sino-Indian Conflict. But, it is an effort we have seen before. 

In February of 2019, and again, in the Summer of the same year, CIA/Mossad efforts were focused on dividing and conquering the Eurasiatic Alliance in Kashmir. 

After the US's failures in Syria, and Venezuela, as well, the efforts have renewed in a war that will never happen, this time between India and China. 

Though the facts the media is using to promote the war, the secession of certain lands, and the ongoing disputes about border demarcation, are mostly factual, they are insignificant to both governments. 

The real reason for the attempt to start this war in the media, and the courts of public opinion, is all based in the US's outdated supowerpower geopolitical theoretical approach. It is designed to create any pathway, possibly, through which they can divide the Eurasiatic Alliance, before it conquers the US. 

Hong Kong is 2020's Kashmir. And, for the same reasons, these efforts will fail. 

The US is ill-suited to altering it's Cold War era world view State Department, and adapting to the Eurasiatic Alliance's potential threat, for a variety of reasons. Chiefly, the US continues to deny that this alliance exists, also denying that it is a military alliance.

But, this alliance has halted every Israeli/US effort since the two started sabre rattling in half a dozen regions of the world, including Syria, Kashmir, Venezuela, and North Africa. And, the US is not going to receive NATO support in this, ultimately, due to NATO already announcing that Israeli efforts to start an Iranian War would not be supported by the aging Alliance, which was not designed for international theaters of conflict, just European ones. 

And, an Iranian War would not serve the alliance, either. 

So, the efforts by Israel to corrupt the US State Department, and the US Government, in general, were successful. But, the BiPolar World which endowed that effort with success has changed. Now, the Israeli Lobby's hijacking of American Power is that of a thing former, and passed away. The Israelis placed all their eggs into one basket. 

The only thing the Eurasiatic Alliance needs Israel for is to sell them US tech which they steal. This, and not China, is how North Korea has missile tech. It came through China to Pyongyang, but it was, originally, American technology. 

The biggest obstacle for the Eurasiatic Alliance is trying to reign North Korea into a post Communist World, and to assist that impoverished nation by convincing a nation resistant to change that Communism is best in name, only. 

But, it isn't the potential for two of the member states to go to war over what the media tells us, "....a road ..."

China has strapped it's border due to the US Indian Ocean presence near and in India, and this is an alert measure preceding the crackdown in Hong Kong. The US is notorious for violating its own treaties, and using allied nations' sovereign airspace and territories to pursue it's ends without their consent, such as it famously did in the Bin Ladin operation.  

Both India and China are strapped by US sanctions, and both are non too plussed by the US. 

India may not be consulted if the US sought to stage from Pakistan, and/or India. This is the reason for the border strength. 

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