Thursday, February 27, 2020

How I Learned To Stop Being Afraid And Thank God For the Plague

As his army finalized the causeway into the City of Tyre, Alexander's Macedonian Army was assaulted by a fleet of UFO's. This is historic fact. As he prepared to storm the Gates of Tyre, his engineers had grave doubts about the methodology as well as the timeline to break those gates. But then, the same fleet of UFO's attacked and destroyed the Gates of Tyre this time, delivering the critical world trade hub into Alexander's hand. "Sometimes the gods might smite the one to lessen the guilt of destroying another." So the Greeks told themselves....

Donald Trump is up to his elbows in approval. He has literally better strategists, a more focused electoral approach, and multiple teams prepping the famous Trump turns-of-phrase against the DNC nominee, whenever that person emerges from the gauntlets of caucuses, debates, and primary. 

But, what cannot happen is that person beating Trump. It literally cannot happen. 

With all due respect to the opportunity presented by the partisan approach to Constitutional Guarantees that keep one criminal in the White House, and mutually assured exposures preserve the whole lot of them: there is no way in Green Hell that any of the DNC personalities can win.

This is a situation like Ike in 1956, where the DNC VP candidates may be somebody we see, again, when Pence can't carry the united electorate in 2024. 

But, as the news of Coronavirus in Iran, and China, (and other Eurasiatic Alliance member states) tends to go to Trump's head, this whole picture only makes sense, in terms of the failures of American political life, in how our system is just incapable of producing worthy leaders. 

Most of the time, we can't even produce two passable candidates. This is so bad that it has created an atmosphere of acceptance of these reduced expectations among the voters, themselves. And, this acceptance is not seen as a cause to revolt. 
Patient Zero (in the United States) has no connection to the apparent Chinese breakout. This person makes no sense in the timelines we are given thus far. Here is a link to this CNN story. 

America, specifically, it's Israeli-controlled war machine, is the actual target of the Coronavirus. 

Not Italy, not Iran, not China, nor Russia. 

But, without Coronavirus, Trump attacks Iran, World War Three removes 7/10 of the global population. And, the elites are prepared for that...

But, they are in no way able to connect why China, Iran, Korea, and others are bearing the fruits of this virus. Nor are they prepared for a biological event at this level.

It's to stop Trump. 

The US is too corrupt to have such low quality leaders. And, if a worthwhile leader were to escape the snags and hooks of World Judaism, when he challenges AIPAC, as every Democracy needs to do, he'd just be assassinated. Just like what happened to Kennedy. 

Trump isn't going to lose the 2020 Election. But, and this is the main point: he is not going to start a nuclear war, because of this outbreak. It has shaken things up enough that Bill Gates is probably smiling. 

But, Trump, filled with delusion-level confidence, would've taken a hot war to Iran after winning in 2020. 

And, due to the US Strategic thinking not recognizing the formation of the Eurasiatic Alliance, an attack on Iran would've been met with war across the Black Sea basin, Scandinavia, and in the Sea of Japan. A war which the meager "repeat Iraq in Iran" preparatory logistics would, in no meaningful way, have prepped the US Forces to fight. 
It should be noted that God blamed Tyre for the "Whoredom of Israel", which He saw as world trade. He predicted the Fall of Tyre to Ezekiel, 60 years prior to its occurrence, as well as the conquests of Alexander, which can be found in Daniel. 

So, take heart in the nations that seem attacked as Alexander's armies were attacked in Tyre. 

It only seems to be confusion. There is, indeed, a method to this madness, and via the fact that the method is being applied, the DNC candidate, probably Biden, is gonna lose and he's gonna lose big. 

But, the world war Israel wants will be ended by this plague, just as Israel shall, itself, be ended by this plague. 

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