Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Impeachment and the Consequences

The consequences for allowing partisanship to drive an atmosphere of tolerance for the criminal behaviors of any elected or appointed officials further weakens the vitality of the country.

President Trump is possibly the most ignorant, pro-Israeli thus, Anti Christian/Anti American president this nation has ever had. 
But he is also clearly mentally ill, and out of touch with what being a successful president requires.
As his enemies prove that his law breaking is being tolerated by partisan motives, should he fail to escape removal by votes cast by a law-abiding Senate, Mike Pence is waiting in the wings: as incapable, and possibly worse. 
UNHINGED: if the Democrats drop this ball for gay marriage and other JudeoCommumist goals, they deserve to be the other half of the Jewish corrupting and destruction of the US....

But, the silver lining of the Senate choosing to retain this president is not the loss of Election:2020, but the loss of Republican domination in the House and Senate for years, to come.

The Democrats will need to cease the Clinton effect, the "immoralty is a minority status" thinking, and cease the utter immasculation traditional industrial bases in favor of unproven and alarmist green policies.

Pelosi has echoed these sentiments, repeatedly. But, that doesn't mean that the Green and the Gay understand their place in a democracy. Should the Democrats fail to remove Trump, their next move is to end the Clinton era once and for all, by restoring faith in the individual, the working man, and stop trying to force pseudo scientific conclusions on the masses who they labor endlessly to unemploy. 

Otherwise, the paralyzed status of the Thugs of Zionism controlling both parties means that no matter who wins the election, our nation enters it's 48th year as Sen Fullbright observed: ruined by the Israeli Lobby. 

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