Thursday, January 23, 2020

Everything Wrong With 68 Whiskey

While entertaining, there are some minor problems with 68 Whiskey. They stem from basic vocabulary errors used commonly by the characters, as well as the nature of foreign troops serving in the Army. 

68 Whiskey is a US Army MOS, a mode of service, which indicates the soldier is trained for medical evac. It's also a TV show about the same thing, kind of a new MASH with sex, and more realistically gritty scenes of combat. 

But the basic problem is in their vocabulary, and the dilemma surrounding the character of Sgt Alvarez.

  • Sgt Alvarez's active duty status does not require she be a citizen of the US. Therefore, no Executive Order against DACA could end her tour, nor her active duty status. 
  • In the Army, we do not go to "base". That is civilian speak, as well as naval, Marine, and Air Force speak. We return to "post".
  • In the Army, we do not get in trouble, then, go to a ship to be in a brig. We go to "the stockade."
Citizenship to the United States is not mandatory for either officers, nor enlisted ranks, in the US Army. Military service can result in citizenship, however. And the Army, in particular, has had a fair amount of foreigners joining for this reason. So, recalling the DACA provision could not affect a soldier's active-duty status. That's a far reach....

Nor would the characters' marriage solution need only pass company level CO (commanding officer) approval. There would be considerable interest in using marriage like this, but, it can't happen, anyway. The CID would investigate the soldiers, inquiring of friends on post, and any off post that were in the Military. IT WOULDN'T WORK. 

Stuff like this raises the hackles of a guy like me, born in a US Army hospital, and spent my whole life around the Army. That's all. It'd cringeworthy, and should be corrected. 

Like NCIS, though, CBS (who is the parent company) just flaunts reality, and that is for the sake of drama....

While for drama we suspend disbelief, these are the details that stick. 

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