Friday, April 3, 2020

PenUp Is Broken

What is the Discord Group?
The Discord Group (DG) is a group of 20-30 PenUp users whom have taken their friendships on PenUp into a group on the gaming app, Discord. 
From there, they plan attacks, they plan defenses, as well as discuss and share strategic information for the targeting of specific individuals.  The specific act of trolling is their primary objective. But, publicly shaming these targets, as well as those whom defend their targets from these efforts, has become highly prioritized among the members of the DG. 

Besides sexual predation on PenUp, the DG is the worst thing about PenUp for ordinary users. 

Are all DG members bad?
Not all of the DG is engaged in the act of creating tension, and threatening innocent PenUp users. But, the fact that these attacks are organized, highly structured, and staged from Discord, means that even if an individual in the DG is innocent, he or she has witnessed these behaviors, first hand. 

What can be done to halt the DG?
When PenUp first created options to block, this was a powerful tool: until the DG learned to operate via fake accounts and phony profiles. Reporting a real DG member's abuse can, and often, does result in retaliation through these dummy accounts..
Thus, reporting has failed to serve and protect innocent PenUp users. To the contrary, reporting unfaithfully or erroneously, whether intentionally or not, has weaponized the process of reporting and made it a vital tactic against ordinary PenUp users in the toolbox of the DG members, as we have seen, lately. 

Therefore, adding modes and methods to create an authority figure from the PenUp Team is no longer suitable as a methodology. It has made any, and all forms of defense against the DG easily reversible by them, and, via deleting their own provocative comments, certain DG members have used reporting of comments and posts to the further disparity between innocent PenUp users, and any single thing that they can do to defend themselves.

Is there a solution? 
In the current regime analysis, there is, sadly, no solution to the DG. The current system must change. 

The solution can only be achieved by the PenUp Team accepting the necessity to drastically alter the current system, and to possess a general willingness to confront these, and other problems effectively. By doing so, The PenUp Team will then become proactive about these, as well as the other problems on PenUp. 

The solution is going to need to both add edit history features, anonymous user mods selected by an application process, and the creation of a live "reporting room" within the PenUp app, in which each report is assigned a case number identifying it, as well as the mod to which it is assigned for inquiry. Mods should have access to a menu that permits edit histories to be included in the disposition of any given report. 

VPNs should be banned for people who post art or comments. 

Results: The DG group is the worst thing about PenUp. If PenUp users can be defended from it effectively, chances are, that the structure of the regime will need no further development. This removes the huge morass of PenUp Team deferments, as well as places direct consequences for such acts as trolling, bullying, sexual harassment/predation, and theft into the hands of those who experience these things daily. 

This puts mods in the place of the current system of reporting, which is slow, ineffective, and prone to mistakes created by how the DG uses the system to its advantage.

Overhead Cost: Voluntary mods, screened and selected by application, will cost nothing. 

Disciplinary Actions: The PenUp Team must prioritize offenses along the scale from sexual predation being first, and bullying second, and art theft third. 

Permanent bans should be given to those who post child porn, as well as those grooming very young girls. These bans should have no appeal process. 

30 Day bans should be granted for each of the following: 
  • Sexual Harassment, the unwanted sexual expression unsolicitedly directed at PenUp Users. 
  • Bullying/Creating Fake Reports/Creating Fake Profiles
  • Art theft in which a mod receives, reviews, and concludes that a PenUp User has posted another user's work without receiving permission, or acknowledging that the work is not their own. 
For each ban, an appeals process should be successful once, and once, only. 

After that, the offender needs to do their time. 

PenUp used to be a great app. And, for every effort made by the PenUp Team to empower the innocent, the DG has found a means to nullify that effort by incorporating it into their bullying tactics. 
PenUp can still be great, again. But, the PenUp Team, as well as the Samsung Corp, must conclude that it is simply responsible for them to protect their users. Only then will they be willing to bite the bullet, and dedicate six months, and the necessary funding, to the implementation of functional regime changes that actually work. That way, they honor their duty to protect their ordinary users from such sharks in the PenUp waters as the Discord Group. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Absolute Vanity of Originality

By: whiteboykevin

Here,I have violated the copyright

The art of imitation is a fundamental cornerstone of the human experience. It is of such importance, that entire paradigms of psychology are devoted to the relationship between the imitator and the imitated. The process is known as "modeling."
Without that vital example to follow, we never develop as individuals. The same is true as artists. 

There is no truth to the claim, "so-and-so stole my art." Not because it isn't true, verbatim; but because the issue is largely unenforceable. Thus, the people making these claims are revealing their lack of experience as artists, and, that they may think far too highly of themselves.  

Copyright and Copyright Protection are not one in the same....
Art, music, words, etc: none of these can be copyrighted by an individual, and that copyright prevent the thefts of those works unless:
  1. The person making the claim can prove, in court, that the thief has denied them an income made from selling the product.
  2. The work is universally known, and therefore the copyright also, universally known. Why would anyone try that?
So, the entire paradigm of "originality" is pointless. Imagine the lawsuits over Pieta. What would happen if Michaelangelo's David had infuriated Botticelli, after Botticelli had infuriated Donatello?


That is what this situation described. 
And, it is what drives the, "my art work was stolen" complaint on PenUp. 

If you don't hold a copyright, then there is no violation of the civil code that defines an act of copying art as tort. Therefore, from the moment that the art is posted, it is subject to the downloading of everyone on Earth. And, outside of proving that it is your art, there is no further remedy that the law can do for you. 

In order to prove that the theft cost you an income, you must first demonstrate to the court that you are generating an income from the piece in question. 
That's why certain lawsuits over plagiarism ended the way that they did. 
Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page versus Spirit, the widow of Randy America claimed that Zeppelin copied Stairway to Heaven. 

After examining it, the court determined that the F minor A minor change, featured in both Stairway and the plaintiff's songs, was not possibly owned by a copyrighted piece of music wherein the movement was indeed, written down prior to the release of Led Zeppelin IV, and Stairway to Heaven. 

But, on PenUp, the general attitude is, "I am going to insult the person whose work may be an acknowledged copy of another artist."

I am sorry, but the people doing this are in error, both legally, and morally, and ultimately: they know nothing about art. 

Success Shouldn't Make Us A Target...

But, it does place us into the highest echelons of art when we are copied, stolen from, and even when we are accused. The substance of the Spirit V Zeppelin fight is merely based on Zeppelin being a successful band, and Randy America dying prior to his band becoming successful. 

Likewise, two wrongs (theft, followed by public shaming) do not make one right. There is no end to this that benefits anybody. 

Art thrives on imitation. 
Forgery, which is ascribing another name other than the actual artist's name to their work, that is wrong. But copying your own art, pictures, and even other people's artwork is part and parcel to the art world. 

If you aren't aware of that, take Art History II in any institution of higher learning. All art is imitation. All of it. 
But, the legalities being bantered about on PenUp are in vain, as posting a piece to an app, or a web site does not translate to copyright protection. Copyright protection must be purchased before the work is posted. 

Then, if you have a ton of cash, and the person who stole it also has a ton of cash, you can recover. 

Otherwise: you're wasting your time as an artist. This is legal territory, and before you post stuff, get a copyright, and maybe it can be forcibly removed. 

May I point out that shaming people over this issue is as useless? The narrow lanes of difference peek around corners that I am certain we do not all foresee. 
The legal snarl is perfectly avoided by PenUp declaring: "so and so stole this work and posted it as their own, which violates the terms of agreement. But, then another so-and-so posted an accusation resulting in a continuum of bullying, and therefore, both people violated the terms. We consider the matter closed, no further action."

In the future:

  1. Report the thefts 
  2. Do not shame post, as that negates the issue
  3. Talk to the thief, as privately as possible 
  4. Don't get involved in the squabble between third parties unless both are known to you

Steal my art. Post it EVERY FUCKING WHERE. This does my subjects honor. And, personally, that is the extent of my concern. 

The whole of what is important, in the art world, is the respect of your audience, and your peers. That is it. Who respects their bully? Who wants to look at something, and immediately be inundated with a crap storm of liability? 

I have had art, music, lyrics, drumparts all stolen. And, the reality is that the people who did it were my friends. Why lose a friendship or break a bitter peace? 

(Below: The damage done: Lars forces an industry wide change to "protect his art". Now, even if artists' COMPANIES accept music streaming, the law, 
as it began with Lars, exploits the hell out of ALL musical artists. They don't see a single penny. 
Video killed the radio star. But, then, a combination of Lars, Congress, and lawyers murdered them, both. This suit also came to put an end to the artist's access to control over their own products. Very often, only the lawyers make the money from artists.)


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Gauguin said it best: all art is either revolution, or plagiarism. All of it. 
While the various image search sites will not return a result unless the image is actually stolen, there is almost nothing about this process that benefits the original artist. 

Maybe get a History book, learn about art, and get over yourselves.
Here is the process to copyright your work. As I said, before: it does not protect you from the kinds of thefts that dominate the accusations on PenUp. The only way to collect is if the person sold the work, and if the person has money for you to sue, in the first place. 

  • This is the link that will explain the process. 
  • Here is another link explaining why simply creating art does nothing, whatsoever, to protect the artist. 

I realize that most of you are very young. I am not young, and I may have once cared about this subject in different magnitudes than the one I am in, now. 

But, after seeing a famous band play my song with no credit, seeing a drummer who was better than I using my fills, I learned to say, "Fuck it. It's a free country."
That option is always available in its original form: growing up. 

In the future, report. Report the theft to Samsung. Contrary to popular attitude, Samsung does respond. It may require more than one contact.

Do not make a shame post. Shame posts say ten times the negative attributes about a person than stealing art says. The person who is respected is the one who takes care of their business effectively, and without making it everyone else's problem. It is simply courteous to mention it to the person and give them a chance to resolve the problem. And, that translates to every problem we may encounter in this life. Be respectable. This is the essence of Victory. 


Thursday, February 27, 2020

How I Learned To Stop Being Afraid And Thank God For the Plague

As his army finalized the causeway into the City of Tyre, Alexander's Macedonian Army was assaulted by a fleet of UFO's. This is historic fact. As he prepared to storm the Gates of Tyre, his engineers had grave doubts about the methodology as well as the timeline to break those gates. But then, the same fleet of UFO's attacked and destroyed the Gates of Tyre this time, delivering the critical world trade hub into Alexander's hand. "Sometimes the gods might smite the one to lessen the guilt of destroying another." So the Greeks told themselves....

Donald Trump is up to his elbows in approval. He has literally better strategists, a more focused electoral approach, and multiple teams prepping the famous Trump turns-of-phrase against the DNC nominee, whenever that person emerges from the gauntlets of caucuses, debates, and primary. 

But, what cannot happen is that person beating Trump. It literally cannot happen. 

With all due respect to the opportunity presented by the partisan approach to Constitutional Guarantees that keep one criminal in the White House, and mutually assured exposures preserve the whole lot of them: there is no way in Green Hell that any of the DNC personalities can win.

This is a situation like Ike in 1956, where the DNC VP candidates may be somebody we see, again, when Pence can't carry the united electorate in 2024. 

But, as the news of Coronavirus in Iran, and China, (and other Eurasiatic Alliance member states) tends to go to Trump's head, this whole picture only makes sense, in terms of the failures of American political life, in how our system is just incapable of producing worthy leaders. 

Most of the time, we can't even produce two passable candidates. This is so bad that it has created an atmosphere of acceptance of these reduced expectations among the voters, themselves. And, this acceptance is not seen as a cause to revolt. 
Patient Zero (in the United States) has no connection to the apparent Chinese breakout. This person makes no sense in the timelines we are given thus far. Here is a link to this CNN story. 

America, specifically, it's Israeli-controlled war machine, is the actual target of the Coronavirus. 

Not Italy, not Iran, not China, nor Russia. 

But, without Coronavirus, Trump attacks Iran, World War Three removes 7/10 of the global population. And, the elites are prepared for that...

But, they are in no way able to connect why China, Iran, Korea, and others are bearing the fruits of this virus. Nor are they prepared for a biological event at this level.

It's to stop Trump. 

The US is too corrupt to have such low quality leaders. And, if a worthwhile leader were to escape the snags and hooks of World Judaism, when he challenges AIPAC, as every Democracy needs to do, he'd just be assassinated. Just like what happened to Kennedy. 

Trump isn't going to lose the 2020 Election. But, and this is the main point: he is not going to start a nuclear war, because of this outbreak. It has shaken things up enough that Bill Gates is probably smiling. 

But, Trump, filled with delusion-level confidence, would've taken a hot war to Iran after winning in 2020. 

And, due to the US Strategic thinking not recognizing the formation of the Eurasiatic Alliance, an attack on Iran would've been met with war across the Black Sea basin, Scandinavia, and in the Sea of Japan. A war which the meager "repeat Iraq in Iran" preparatory logistics would, in no meaningful way, have prepped the US Forces to fight. 
It should be noted that God blamed Tyre for the "Whoredom of Israel", which He saw as world trade. He predicted the Fall of Tyre to Ezekiel, 60 years prior to its occurrence, as well as the conquests of Alexander, which can be found in Daniel. 

So, take heart in the nations that seem attacked as Alexander's armies were attacked in Tyre. 

It only seems to be confusion. There is, indeed, a method to this madness, and via the fact that the method is being applied, the DNC candidate, probably Biden, is gonna lose and he's gonna lose big. 

But, the world war Israel wants will be ended by this plague, just as Israel shall, itself, be ended by this plague. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

What Is the Time Signature of TesseracT's Of Mind?

What is the time signature of, "Of Mind", by TesseracT?

There are many incorrect answers for this, and some confusing drum tab. This is probably more of that, in some folks' opinions....

We are going to split this into its separate entities, mainly because I have a lot of other stuff to do, like fight child predation on PenUp, and plot against my enemies.

With a quick look above, you can see that at least the opening riff is one bar of 7/16, with snare popping on the 5th count of the seven 16th notes, then one bar of 12/8, with first and second endings at 9/8. There is also a deliberately typical "djent" 1, 3, 5, and 7 three eighth notes and one sixteenth note (respectively) on what sounds to me, to be a trash stack, which mimics a hi hat, but is normally a light cymbal atop a heavier one. On the 12/8, this swaps to six quarter notes.

The pick up notes have a lot of colorful descriptions on Reddit and drumtab sites, with high marks for "functional absurdity" to the site that awarded the pick-up notes to be a 1/4 measure.....oh my... That's not necessary. A pick up note, or notes, begin a piece of music with a silent count, then pick up somewhere in the same measure.

Take the song we're talking about. If you imagine a silent, and slow 4/4 count, you count 1-2 FLAM FLAM 7/16....12/8.... 9/8, repeat. 

The rest of, Of Mind is replete with odd sequences like this.

Among the incorrect stuff were 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8, as stand alone notation, for this first section. None of those are actually correct. 

7/? Time Signatures are basic stuff. Not easy as such, but 7/? Times commnd a groove that is the best of both worlds, being math, yet possessing a je ni ce quoi that prog metal must now understand, intrinsically. This is not a new thing in music, Rush was playing 7/16 back in the 1970's, and there's really no other (even) count, like 3, 6, and 12 counts, that will function in 7 times. That's the main reason this needed to be spelled out. The 12/8 following the first bar is a easy enough fit, and the 9/8 first and second endings could be notated in 3/8, enough said. 

Now, the verses that follow the section illustrated above are correct at 6/4 for a while, with the usage of ghost notes coming into the melody which this drummer deserves a hug for creating.... But, using two hands on the hi hat kind of forces you to clutch the correct ones, leaning on the hand/feet combos comfortable for you.
If you're right handed, then you'll be seeking to match these notes on your right hand on the hihat, and right foot, playing 24 16th notes using both hands, and clutching the an's of the 6/4 count. 

The first bar has the hihat clutch on the an of 3, then, the an's of 1 and 2, of the second bar, then it clutches on the an of 5, then, on the third bar, the hihat clutches on the an of 3 and 4, and so on.

There is always one, then two, for four repeats, then one, two, then two, then it starts over. 

Typical of the genre, the ghost notes, now featuring as a part of the 6/4 overall melody, are meant to provide the suggestion of polirithmic notation, that is, when two pieces in separate time signatures are played simultaneously. 

But, they are just as arguably played on the an's of a 6/4 count, cycling through the riff, rather than conforming to say, a strict 6/8 count played during a 4/4, or even a cut time count.

But we'll hit that next time.

Wake Me Up

Near the end, the section, noted by the vocals, "Wake me up", repeating, is a riff written in 9/4. "Wake me" is on the first (wake) and third (me) notes of a quad of 16ths, which means that wake me is on two eighth notes. 
"Up" is sung on the downbeat of the first count of the following measure of 9/4. 

That means there are two bars in 4/4, and one extra quarter note at the end, where the drums generally follow the vocalist's cues. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Everything Wrong With 68 Whiskey

While entertaining, there are some minor problems with 68 Whiskey. They stem from basic vocabulary errors used commonly by the characters, as well as the nature of foreign troops serving in the Army. 

68 Whiskey is a US Army MOS, a mode of service, which indicates the soldier is trained for medical evac. It's also a TV show about the same thing, kind of a new MASH with sex, and more realistically gritty scenes of combat. 

But the basic problem is in their vocabulary, and the dilemma surrounding the character of Sgt Alvarez.

  • Sgt Alvarez's active duty status does not require she be a citizen of the US. Therefore, no Executive Order against DACA could end her tour, nor her active duty status. 
  • In the Army, we do not go to "base". That is civilian speak, as well as naval, Marine, and Air Force speak. We return to "post".
  • In the Army, we do not get in trouble, then, go to a ship to be in a brig. We go to "the stockade."
Citizenship to the United States is not mandatory for either officers, nor enlisted ranks, in the US Army. Military service can result in citizenship, however. And the Army, in particular, has had a fair amount of foreigners joining for this reason. So, recalling the DACA provision could not affect a soldier's active-duty status. That's a far reach....

Nor would the characters' marriage solution need only pass company level CO (commanding officer) approval. There would be considerable interest in using marriage like this, but, it can't happen, anyway. The CID would investigate the soldiers, inquiring of friends on post, and any off post that were in the Military. IT WOULDN'T WORK. 

Stuff like this raises the hackles of a guy like me, born in a US Army hospital, and spent my whole life around the Army. That's all. It'd cringeworthy, and should be corrected. 

Like NCIS, though, CBS (who is the parent company) just flaunts reality, and that is for the sake of drama....

While for drama we suspend disbelief, these are the details that stick. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Tentacle Factor: Sen Fulbright versus The Israeli Lobby

The facts about the 1960 Fulbright Commission finding about the criminal acts of the Israeli Lobby remain unaddressed, and the turning point in the Fall of American Governance both at home, and in the world. You won't locate these via Google, censorship is godliness to tyrants. I keep posting these in order to keep hope alive....

Below: the DoJ under JFK begins the work of removing the Jewish Lobby...

The timeline of the Jewish Takeover of the US Government, in particular, it's Military, begins at the end of the Second World War. It ends with the slaying of JFK, and by 1970, the ten years between the findings of the Fulbright Commission and the Jewish Takeover saw a vast change in US governance. 

Through the Fallacy of Good Intentions, the Israeli Lobby, called the American Zionist Council (and after changing it's name to AIPAC after killing JFK) took over the US in a variety of ways. But, each one poses a direct opposing philosophy to those of the Founding Fathers. 

Any group that promoted a foreign government in the US was, by law, forced to register as a Foreign Agency via the Foreign Agency Registration Act of 1928. 
After the convenient slaying of JFK, the remarks of Jack Ruby, wherein he said that a fascist regime would be inserted under our noses, were proven correct.
The findings of the Fulbright Commission, that all government officials taking money from AIPAC are serving in-violation to the US Constitution, were silenced in the bloody act in Dealy Plaza. 

Any agency which is engaged in any representative business arrangement, pays money to its agents. This makes the entire body of US elected officials Israeli Agents, violating §1 of the US Constitution. 

The Constitution echoes loyalty statements throughout, banning US officials from serving foreign powers, and re insisting they serve the Constitution, which bans the US from fighting anyone with whom it is not at war.

In the case of the US, all but a very few US elected officials take money from AIPAC. In essence: the US has been corrupted from within, and lost this way, due to American elected officials becoming foreign agents of Israel.
International organizations, in particular the UN, were instrumental in the u.s. departure from the constitutional guarantees. Here, the overtly falsified Case for Iraqi War, the US was able to ignore the Constitution. The UN was how Israeli interests replaced American ones, and brought the US into it's endless warcrimes.
 The effective dates are:

  • 1960, The Fulbright Commission proves that the Israeli Lobby is engaged in racketeering
  • 1962 JFK begins the work that will force the Israeli Lobby to register as a foreign agency
  • 11/22/63 It all stops as JFK is killed
  • 1964 the Israeli Lobby, and Non Jewish Allies the Rockefellers, promote a Vietnam War in order to launder the US dollar in Defense Contracts, and stealing the precious metals backing it
  • 1973 Senator Fullbright outs the AIPAC and Israel as having taken over American Governance, and leaves a stern message about the enslavement of the US to Zionism
By 1973, Senator Fullbright was finished trying to guide us. 

The facts are that the Israeli Lobby is responsible for the corrupting, and the unholy acts of the US. No party, no individual within the US government is innocent. The Israeli Lobby controls the Senate, thus: the Geopolitical aspect of American power.
And, that power is waning. This is due to the unattended hallways of opportunity that went ignored, while basted in Logical Fallacy, "Evangelical Christians" falsely believed "Jesus will only return to Israel." This idiocy is non Biblical, and is responsible for the unavoidable Fall of American Power. 

The "Deep State" is actually the Jewish state within a state, and we have been warned for centuries about the ramifications of permitting this type of minority takeover of the US would accomplish.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Impeachment and the Consequences

The consequences for allowing partisanship to drive an atmosphere of tolerance for the criminal behaviors of any elected or appointed officials further weakens the vitality of the country.

President Trump is possibly the most ignorant, pro-Israeli thus, Anti Christian/Anti American president this nation has ever had. 
But he is also clearly mentally ill, and out of touch with what being a successful president requires.
As his enemies prove that his law breaking is being tolerated by partisan motives, should he fail to escape removal by votes cast by a law-abiding Senate, Mike Pence is waiting in the wings: as incapable, and possibly worse. 
UNHINGED: if the Democrats drop this ball for gay marriage and other JudeoCommumist goals, they deserve to be the other half of the Jewish corrupting and destruction of the US....

But, the silver lining of the Senate choosing to retain this president is not the loss of Election:2020, but the loss of Republican domination in the House and Senate for years, to come.

The Democrats will need to cease the Clinton effect, the "immoralty is a minority status" thinking, and cease the utter immasculation traditional industrial bases in favor of unproven and alarmist green policies.

Pelosi has echoed these sentiments, repeatedly. But, that doesn't mean that the Green and the Gay understand their place in a democracy. Should the Democrats fail to remove Trump, their next move is to end the Clinton era once and for all, by restoring faith in the individual, the working man, and stop trying to force pseudo scientific conclusions on the masses who they labor endlessly to unemploy. 

Otherwise, the paralyzed status of the Thugs of Zionism controlling both parties means that no matter who wins the election, our nation enters it's 48th year as Sen Fullbright observed: ruined by the Israeli Lobby. 

A Review of Lacuna Coil's Black Anima

A Review: Lacuna Coil's Black Anima

Black Anima, Released October 11, 2019

Hic jacet in domo hac, fractum Renuntiatio testimonio vitae meae...
First of all, I categorize metal bands in one of two general headings:
  • Did I see them live, first?
  • Did I know the band prior to seeing them perform, live?
LC is one of those rare bands with whom I have never really had a bad experience. Having never heard of them, I was amazed by the sheer talent I saw firsthand at Ozzfest 06, where I felt the chills of well written, and well performed material running like warm blood on my old and cold spine...

They were a shining light among a host of otherwise forgettable acts.

But then, the singer beat me up, and spit on me.... As much as I liked them, I could never really get over how someone could injure a guy as sick as I was, in the throes of sun-exposed Lupus, swelling, and struggling to breathe...

But, I understood why she did it if she didn't understand how sick I was. Since being that sick was new to me, I have since heard doctors in the ER tell me, "Buddy, you're close to death!"

Yeah, now they tell me...

But, Cristy thought I had cursed her, and the band. So by 2013 and the visitation of hard times, I saw her in the vision begging my pardon. "What class," I remember thinking. But, I had spoken to Jeff Hanneman about the beatdown she gave me long before I could be associated with the source of my bad reputation. And, so I made it a point that he should back me up if I was ever accused of having done so.

This is a portrait I painted of Cristy...

"Young lady, I didn't curse you!" I remember saying, half of it was to reference the huge age difference I thought we had. Embarrassingly enough, I soon learned that there is almost no age difference. So, I was even more on board to help. She is one of those people that can definitely object to my claims to always being right about shit...

Humbling, really. 

She related a tale of line-up shifts, the types that cause one to question why one is still continuing on with music, especially after all one's friends have simply abandoned the dream we all used to share. 

She asked me to help find her a drummer and guitarist, ones that would not bolt in the face of great adversity. And, I stayed on and contacted them all, insisting that they try to use odd times, and experiment with alternative tunings: all to break the "key of E rut" which we all get stuck in, from time to time.
Electic Sound Is A Myth: It Only Alienates The Audience, Forcing Them to Seek and Choose Only What They Like, and Ultimately, Causing Their Disdain... Fans prefer consistency....

But this one item that I begged Cristy (whom had banned these, and held the only yes vote) to try to experiment with, blast beats, ones that were well written and sounded like they belonged in the score, took awhile. But, she finally gave the nod. 

This may have been the turning point in their sound.

Now, instead of one well written, and clear sounding projection of metal and ability, we are left, in hearing Black Anima, with two separate bands, both fighting for attention, and each other, as they vie for the attention of the identical audience.

The Djent parts sound contrived, and often seem as though they do not belong in the point of each song where they suddenly appear, and then cease. 

Then, a song, like Apocalypse comes on, and it is pretty much what we want to hear. 

As for blast beats: they can't be this unrelated to the tune, and using them this way is definitely clarifying that the fight for the Coil name is deeper than a court room, and seems to be playing out in the minds of the fans. 

I still love these guys. 
But, if you're reading this, my offer is still good for trying to absolve myself from this evolution into sonic civil wars. I can still show you guys what I mean. All you need to do is ask. 

I'm so over the beatdown, now.

Has duality become cytokinesis for LC? (Cytokinesis: the final state when one cell becomes two)

Here is a link.

PenUp Is Broken

What is the Discord Group? The Discord Group (DG) is a group of 20-30 PenUp users whom have taken their friendships on PenUp into a group...