Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Walker County Alabama is PATHETIC

By: Kevin Drummond

The very idea that an insured person, whose conversations routinely slip between now and the last twenty years, and contain references to decades prior to this one as though they are current, and whose 64% of all emergency calls to Sumiton PD have never resulted in a single arrest, and who can be committed involuntarily, only to be released after a doctor fails to test the person, and whose fifteen minute interview did not start from an industrial standard of baseline test results: is a testament of the fleecing of a County's funds by a local hospital, a physician once convicted for selling Xanax, and a Probate Judge, Lee Tucker, whom soon takes his place as a former judge. Of the attorneys present, one tried. Another engaged an absolutely despicable avoidance of the topic defense, and nothing at all was heard from my mom. That way, the confusion remained safely unheard. 

My mom is not all there. She is an imminent danger to herself, and she is a burden on this community which was sick enough of her insanity that they sent a fire chief (whose also a cop) to try to express the degree to which her state, whatever it is, forbids the normal resolution of problems, and pathetically, uselessly, and expensively, remands them onto emergency personnel who have better things to do than convince her that the near hundred pain pills she has are still in her locked safe. 

She is supposed to be completely out, after announcing (last week) she would not return to her doctor's appointments, and missed her refill appointment. She should not have a single pain pill. She has nearly 100. 

The same complaints, no matter who her care giver is, are directed at the caregiver by first my mother, then the cops she torments, in constant, and needless summonings. Ultimately, after her dozens of nuisance calls, both the cops and the caregiver come to realize that she is the one needing help from the system. But, they also know that this county is SO fucked up that it will NOT even honor an involuntary commitment. 

But, I am done. After explaining to the late Mr Stevens that my mom will wind up dead, or in the yard struggling to survive a fall, hoping someone or somebody sees her, and calls 9-11, idiot Judge Lee Tucker sent her home: where she cannot drive, cannot read, cannot find her phone, and is no longer going to have me to target. She has nowhere to go, nor is it feasible to believe that wherever she goes, she will not also embroil those next caregiver(s) in her endless nuisance calls to the police. 

The last time this happened, November of 2016, she basically wore out my sister's patience with the endless cop calling. 
When she couldn't get her any help, she gave up, and went back home to North Carolina. She tried. 

I wasn't angry with her, either. I could have told her that getting a crazy person help in this county means that you have to continue to commit her until the money flow into the geriatric mafia's wallets alerts them to the fact that you are not going away. But, that was before Sumiton Emergency personnel tried, and failed to help. If this corrupted system of attorneys and one do-nothing psychiatrist will not listen to their own emergency personnel, are they really on the same team? Or, does the Federal Government maybe need to examine this system a bit more closely, and make sure it is anything more than a self-check writing machine for do nothing retired backwater and unsupervised immoral luminaries?

My sister understandably gave up. 
My mom was found about three weeks later, where she had fallen face down in the sidewalk while getting her all-important handbills from the mailbox. And there she had laid for forty five minutes, before a vehicle with some passing Fire Department personnel happened to see her there, in that state. She had broken her arm, and had a near fatal heart attack. 
She just about didn't make it.

However: I am done having the police called on me at 3 AM because she has decided I have stolen all of her medicine, which is kept in a locked gunsafe to which I have neither access, nor the combination.
It's the same every time, and the identical scenario: they go in, she lies, or is delusional, they ask me, I point to the box, they have to sit there and count her meds. Then, the cops come to me, and complain:"Bro, your mom needs help...."

With idiots like Stevens and Tucker, none can be availed. Taking the word of a Xanax peddler, over the guy who LIVES with her, over emergency personnel from the area, over her neighbors and basically, an entire overstressed community, is just another light indistinguishable from the darkness into which it uselessly shines. A darkness upon the backdrop of darkness that is Walker County: a place where the HL Menchen insults of Southern Culture are too easy to confirm.

I have no ability to endure this woman's condition for another day. I will be leaving here before she pushes me beyond my ability to walk away, and I do something stupid, like try to get her some help, only to have a couple of soujourners of darkness forge a deal therein which comes to the relief of no one. 

The condition of the facilities for the mentally ill in this area is atrocious. It simply must be removed from the control of the current NAMI/Northwest Alabama Mental Health controls, and placed into the receivership of somebody who gives a shit. 

Dr Bentley needs to go.
I strongly suspect that he and they pocket a share of a taxpayer provided fund, while preserving the liberties and freedom of the mentally ill until they are arrested for criminal acts, and then carted off to overcrowded and underfunded jails, where they shall receive no help. 

Bentley is just another cog grateful for his pecking order on that wheel. He literally gave my mom zero tests, presumed that she was only in the initial phases of dementia, and totally ignored her psychotic rages which are carrying on for longer and longer lengths of time. They were my primary complaint. See, there is a medical standard of testing to assess the statistical likelihood of someone who is tested perhaps actually suffering from mental illness....unless you don't give them the MMPI and Standard TAT testing! How did this guy escape jail, again?

I'm waiting for Mr's Tucker and Stevens to come and subject themselves to this woman's undeniably altered mental state. She must be fed. She must be taken (nearly by force) to her doctor's appointments.... They said she was in no dire situational threat brought about by her suspended morality nor her convenient memory combining with the beginnings of senility, and creating a giant obstruction to common sense...

They volunteered to help her by overuling the entire City of Sumiton, Alabama.
I refuse to. 
Hate me if you must, but she will die over there alone, and I have had it with this system allowing the actual problem, that is stressing this community insomuch as it did its level best to get her some help, to fester; due to an inability to make sound assessments being borne of something greater than coincidence.

Let those two men burn in hell. Let their children and grandchildren burn in hell.
Because they have put my mom in hell. Let their Xanax peddler be removed from this community. 

This is their doing. 

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