Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Eurasiatic Alliance

By: Kevin Drummond

The SA Group is the name of a multinational group that united in the cause of defending the Syrian Assad Regime from the forces behind the wave of "Arab Uprisings" that began in Egypt, in late December of 2010.

In 2014, when Bashar Al Assad petitioned the Russian Federation for help against the Western sponsored effort to overthrow the government of Syria, Russia sent in ground troops, aircraft, supplies, a secretive group of Russian military contractors called, "The Wagner Group", and introduced a UN Security Council Permanent Member's weight to the already extremely complex military situation.

The White Helmets are just espionage agents using the UN as cover. They are not humanitarians, instead, they are KSA operatives (Al Quaeda) that contract work for MI-6, Mossad, CIA, and George Soros. This pic was created when their efforts to frame Bashar Al Assad involved promising kids cookies for acting like they were exposed to gas....

The Eurasiatic Alliance eventually grew from the SA Group, and the role that Syria would play in both the formation of the Eurasiatic Alliance, as well as ending a 5,000 year trend of westward drift of civilization, was as unexpected as it was distinct.

The global theater of operations that the United States led had been dominant for eons. And, when the Syrian Proxy Wars, and their extremely complicated, and ever-changing rosters of friends and foes came into the mix, that confusion began to clarify in ancient tribal loyalties, and an ever increasingly desperate military situation brought against the Western backed Kurdish Militias by the SA Group's military successes.

The SA group consisted of Syrian Government Forces, Russian Regular and Paramilitary Contract Forces, Iranian Air, Ground, and Naval Forces, and Chinese Naval support, particularly in the Persian Gulf. There were other kinds of support made available to Syria by other nations, in a non military sense, as well. Armenia, for example, was instrumental in the logistical support lent by permitting a permanent overland route for the Russian intervention.

Syria was just another victim of the intelligence agency driven regime change, as far as the Western Allies were concerned. The various Kurdish military contractors, serving as Pro Turk, or Anti Assad, were all ultimately connected to Israel, KSA, (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and the United States: who were using the Kurdish people as an almost unending resource of soldiers. It was because of this that the Syrian Civil War had been initially called, "The Kurdish Insurrection" during its earliest phases.

But, the most visible evidence that Israel and KSA were trying to strike a blow against Assad by the creation of ISIS, and by arming Kurds to fight on the behalf of ZOG causes, was the action taken to expel the legitimate Government of Syria from the Arab League. This seemed to announce that the West was able to use its oil buying status to influence actions within the Arab World, and by 2014, Assad was desperate for any help he could get against the US, and her allies.

But, there were many nations suffering that identical fate....

One after one, the US and her allies began overtly and covertly attacking these states deemed "hostile" by Israeli Intelligence.

Egypt, Niger, Turkey, Sudan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Chad, and Tunisia all experienced (between the years of 2010 and 2016) an ever expanding revolutionary spirit that was actually revealed to be the intelligence agencies of the US, Israel, UK, and KSA, spiriting on wars, and acts of terror, in pursuits of regime change.

In some areas, such as Iran, this still continues.

The Revolutionary Spirit was given the name the "Arab Awakening", or the, "Arab Uprising", by the spies who made them.
But as charmingly as the substance was named, these events were neither Arabic, uprisings, nor were they really awakenings.

Nor were they a coincidence....

When the Awakening reached Syria, the fierce determination to expose it, as experienced by Assad and Putin, resulted in the association of the true ugliness of the ZOG command over American foreign policy with needless greed, violence, and bloodshed.

The Eurasiatic Alliance formed in the crucible of international pressure which was the most visible in the first two years of the Presidency of Donald Trump. The two attacks against Syria, which were ordered by Trump, followed a string of US/UK led NATO overreaching intelligence and military actions.
Both of the attacks were acts of sanction for the alleged Syrian violation of the Chemical Warfare Prohibition treaties, and the use of banned Chemical Agents against approaching Anti Assad Rebels.

None of the bombings to sanction Syria were proven justified, and the last two gas attacks, April 7, 2017, and April 8, 2018 were proven to have been staged by terrorists operating in the region who are allied with the US, George Soros, Saudi Al Quaeda, and British intelligence.
The White Helmets, funded by Soros's "Open Society" foundation, are believed to have been behind the attempts to frame the Assad Regime for using Chemical Warfare. The connection to Al Quaeda through the White Helmets has been established time, and time again.
Snopes Lies? Say it ain't so....! It is powerful that Al Quaeda is an American Ally in Syria. It is also suspicious...since ISIS is the American Made version of Kurdish Insurrectionists, and Al Quaeda is the KSA version of the same thing. Hmm.... Think Al Quaeda may not have existed until after 9-11? If so, did the 5-Dancing Israelis work for Mossad, and not Al Quaeda, since KSA Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence are besties? 

The Eurasiatic Alliance is a MultiPolar response to an outdated and bygone era in world history; one that is dying a slow death in the minds of Western Military planners.
You can try a crash course in Geopolitics, or you can use this chart, or a combination of them, both. But UniPolar Hegemony, as viewed by the US, contradicts the substance of the theories of polar world relations, according to  Dr Kenneth Waltz's thesis:

Any re-insistence of the US in Cold War terms, such as any talk of a "new Cold War", is an example of the incorrect theory of UniPolarity. The originator of the more practical MultiPolar view of polar world theory, the late Dr. Kenneth Waltz, expressed his doubts in the balance and security of a UniPolar world, and it was not his creation. Waltz emphasized that two is the minimum number of poles possible in a given Geopolitical relationship.

 UniPolarity is often defended by the argument that, "UniPolarity doesn't mean Imperialism"... Which is then followed by redefining Imperialism. This proves that it is merely fantasy. However, it was sold to US policymakers as flattery during the early days of eu (1999-2009).

Dr Kenneth Waltz may have been so accurate about the rise of the MultiPolar World following the collapse of the Soviet Union, that his predictions actually assisted the US planners in how they avoided the necessary updates to their diplomatic and internal functions.

Like anybody who resists Israel's straegic fear and war mongering, Kenneth Waltz was called an antisemite for telling the truth about the sheer needless of any Israeli-Iranian conflict. This conflict is unnecessary, and yet the goals of the US, in particular, have not changed to reflect a picture of the real stressors in the region. This conflict has a resolution. And, that resolution has no basis in race or religion: but in Geopolitical fact.

When he said that Iran should have the Bomb, he merely illustrated that the fictionally Unipolar United States could not, and verily shall fail to reproduce a contrived image of itself, anywhere. And, when this is applied practically in the Cradle of Civilization, Iran having the bomb is inevitable due to the flaws inherent in the UniPolarity argument. Instead of fighting peace, Waltz stated that the US, and other nations, should unite, and foster that peace in the treaties that unite the world in the question of nuclear industrialization.

To this day he is a despised figure in Israel by reason of his having assembled common sensibilities into the JCPOA, (Joint Country Plan of Action), the so-called Iranian "Nuclear Deal", in Trump-ese, by a well-ordered and undeniable conclusion about the myth of UniPolarity, and the instability of a single pole of power-concentration in the post-nuclear world. Waltz characterized the existence of a lone nuclear power, like Israel desires to be, as an anomaly. The conditions making that true lie in the nature that power has, to always seek balance.

And this is the reason that the emergence of the MultiPolar World would accompany a de-emphasized definition of military polarity, in favor of a series of interconnected regional trade blocs. Military Force is not as effective against smaller, and intra related geographic areas, as it would have been against one, consolidated enemy, such as the former Soviet Union.
But, the US has not received the message.

The US, however, spurred on by the myth of UniPolarity as a viable geopolitical concept, has missed every major opportunity to place itself into the position of a world order designed around the evolution of peace. And, the basic goals that the US pursued, across a wide spectrum of influences, made very little progress integrating itself into the MultiPolar World.

Poriah is the result. And, this poriah was bound to seek external validations of its military prowess.

List of Member States of the Eurasiatic Alliance: 
  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. Iran
  4. Turkey
  5. Syria
  6. Pakistan
  7. India 
  8. North Korea
  9. Lebanon

10. Inner Mongolia


States that recognize
the Alliance
include South Korea,
The Philippines, Iraq,
and Italy.

Adversary of the Eurasiatic Alliance

The principal adversary of the Eurasiatic Alliance is a group of four nations whose improper administration of geopolitical theory gives them the name that dead-pans their existence: the Ugly Four Axis.

This group consists of two NATO members, the US, and the UK, and the nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia. In spite of their united status, these four also bear no express loyalties to one another.

The Podesta Emails are famous for a passage where John Podesta points out that the US is in real danger of losing control of the post war Syria to KSA, whose influence over the KRG (Kurdish Republican Guard) was superior to that of the United States.

He was emphatically in favor of increasing the US profile in the region through buying the US its own Kurds....

But, the comparative differences between the Eurasiatic Alliance, and the Ugly Four Axis Nations, are somewhat basic.

The differences boil down to complicated top-heavy conceptual views of the world, which are held in high value by the Ugly Four, against the practical and functional view of the world observed by the member-states of the Eurasiatic Alliance.

The basic differences between the two can be summed up as the difference between the real MultiPolar World, which is supported by the Eurasiatic Alliance, and the UniPolar World, which is pursued by the Ugly Four.

Beside the fact that the UniPolar World is fictional, academic support, outside of one Yale professor, is almost non-existent.

The academic advocacy of the UniPolar World does stubbornly persist, in spite of the system's myriad of theoretically driven failures, such as those in North Africa, and in Iraq, for example. The threat of the failure in Syria to spread into Iran has become the line in the sand most likely to produce a world war.

The particular Yale professor's support of UniPolarity, whose endorsement of it is most vociferous, possibly comes via that institution's Skull and Bones organization, and thus has affected a biased view of the US role geopolitically, and as a result, the flawed doctrine is a major reason for the failures of the US to achieve its goals, as well as has been a major factor in endangering the existence, security, and the citizens of the Ugly Four Axis.

On behalf of a misguided geopolitical ideology, the US has developed a habit of misleading the American people, and has been lying to them for years.

Economics in the Eurasiatic Alliance:
The Eurasiatic Alliance plans to replace the oil/military Fiat US Dollar with CryptoCurrencies. China leads this movement with the Crypto Currency, "Zombie".

With the UN poised to accept Zombie as a viable form of dues, the trade within the Eurasiatic Alliance could be secured from outside nation-state efforts to mine cryptocurrencies, destabilizing the market for them.

In October of 2019, China officially announced that it would no longer accept trade in the dollar, which was not taken as seriously as it seems it should be. By pouring the unbacked dollar into the Zombie paradigm, the value of the real market value of cash that Trump will fail to limit by tariffs, adds a staggering amount of vitality to Zombie: causing it to behave in many ways like the dollar does, now.

I believe that Italy should use CC's to divorce itself, and its bond market, from the destruction of the collectivized Euro. CC's at such a nation state level would ultimately un-crypticize the subject, and for this reason, the emergence of a dollar-less liquid economy structured within alliance states, and anti Globalist states, is viewed as a disaster in the eyes of current Western methodologies.

And NATO member-states are behind the 8-ball on this...


The Eurasiatic Alliance is a Suprabloc consisting of Asian Pacific, Southern Asian, and Eurasian Economic Union (formerly, Eurasian Economic Community) members. 

This developed as a natural, and progressively evolutionary step which establishes the Multipolar World as superior, as well as features the eventual role that would render the superpower single nation-state an antiquated ideal. As the Suprabloc concept rises, it would eventually establish the diminishing of the advantages of the Superpower nation, and replace the single state Superpower with the multi state Suprabloc of interconnected and regional trade organizations.

Suprabloc or Superpower?

There are differences in how a superpower nation state operates, and how a suprabloc operates.
  • Consensus
A suprabloc must make decisions, in every aspect, through the use of international organizations. For the defense of a suprabloc, that consensus must be achieved in a location which is central to all of its member-states, and the regime must be capable of managing the different languages, economic profiles, and the varying needs which each state might have in terms of military force.

In the Superpower state, consensus is more concentrated. This seems like a great idea, unless, as in the case of the US, one minority's influence corrupts that consensus. Ever since the Fullbright Commission identified the Jewish PACS as "subversive" in 1960, within one decade, they had murdered a sitting president, and ended the Foreign Registry Act.

And, by 1973, Fullbright gave 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace an engaging interview, in which openly condemned the US as a puppet democracy. This illustrates the weakening force within the Superpower Nation ideal. Much power, when it is concentrated into one system, is far easier to corrupt, co-opt, and ruin, than much power, which is concentrated only by consent of those that power affects, and tendered in a less-connected fashion.

How Suprablocs Assign Priorities
  • Binding and Non Binding Resolutions
A superpower nation state can act in its best interests by legislating the needs of its citizens. A suprabloc, by contrast, must arrive upon these determinations in a way that doesn't threaten consensus, as well as maintains the needs of all the people within the suprabloc.

Prioritizing these needs would take a form similar to resolutions in the UN: Binding Resolutions would alter the structure of the suprabloc by becoming permanently attached to the agreement that founded, and defined the suprabloc, while Non-Binding Resolutions could delegate specific policy directions, while not changing the entire regime integrity of the suprabloc. Binding Resolutions would consolidate the mutual defenses of the Suprabloc, and prioritize the practices that facilitate trade both within, and outside of the borders of the Suprabloc.

For the Eurasiatic Alliance, the first real tests of the regime's ability to confront a growing crisis was the Kashmir situation of February, 2019, which repeated again, in the Summer of 2019. The initial confrontation of this situation, which developed in mid to late February, of 2019, took place after the suprabloc's nation state members assembled in Southern China, by invitations sent through the APEC and SAFTA. The consensus reached, in early March of 2019, proved that the CIA and Mossad were behind the terrorist activities. This finding has held throughout each attempt by the West to again introduce violence into the region.

China's protection of noted Kashmiri Separatist, Masood Azhar, was withdrawn by the Chinese Government, which permitted Indian Authorities to enact punitive measures for the initial February 14 slayings of some of its Paramilitary Forces that had guarded the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The Indian Kashmir issue failed as an exploitable means for the Western Allies to divide, and conquer the Eurasiatic Alliance.

In the second test, which continues, and is an ongoing situation, a series of alleged Iranian attacks against several oil tankers in the Hormuz Strait, as well as an alleged Iranian attack against a Saudi airfield, were carried out by most likely Western Allied intelligence agencies, then attributed to Iran.

The Eurasiatic Alliance convened briefly through sattelite links, as this potential attempt to frame Iran, as established by the Ugly Four nations' intelligence services, had previously been assigned a disposition of mutual defense by the member-states of the suprabloc, in the event that the US and Israel were to use these acts to attack Iran.

In the arena of US sanctions, we see a concerted effort to deter the worst economic consequences by the suprabloc permitting each member state to make necessary adjustments to their own economics on an ongoing, and as-needed basis. However, it can be said that the Eurasiatic Alliance can prospect, refine, and export a self sustaining amount of petroleum within the bloc, and eliminate the US from their clientele. Eventually, this action would remove the long term effectiveness of the Trump foreign policy.

As long as member-states retain a say-so in terms of policy, direction, economics, and defense, the suprabloc is superior to the superpower nation state in terms of proportions, raw goods to finished products, macroeconomic controls, and mutually interested military defenses as well as militarily enforced self determination.

It could also be pointed out that the European Union has continued to add to the Nord Stream One and Two projects in spite of the efforts of the US, and her allied states, to dissuade these projects. These projects make EU a consumer of Russian and Eurasiatic oil production, circumventing the Ukraine via pipeline. Both are vital to the EU's power and energy plans.

Relations Between Member States of the Eurasiatic Alliance

Russia is the primary member state and the host nation of the Eurasiatic Alliance. It's geography lends itself to being a member of most or all of the Asian, and Eurasian Economic Communities, and this translation into Military Suprabloc host was somewhat inevitable. The emergence of the Alliance grew from dissatisfaction within European, PanArabic, and PanPacific nation states concerned with unchecked US led annexation, international diplomacy of violence and unbridled greed, and a general disagreement with the scope and latent purposes behind the intelligence agencies of Western nations, the resulting violence, and the corrupting of their regimes.

Much of this was made possible by Western media outlets, who soon discovered that at least, as far as Russia is concerned, they remained welcome to report the truth or the propaganda, as they wish. While other nations, particularly Syria, have regarded the international press with extreme suspicion since it is an entertainment effort, and not at all academic.

Initially, the SA Group was specifically brought together to halt the US in Syria, while looking to halt US/Israeli expansionism, and to drive Israel off of the Golan Heights. It could be said that the metamorphosis from SA, to Eurasiatic Alliance, was all in how the aspects of expressions of power ceased being regional, and in nations like Venezuela, became global.
The Maduro Regime had weathered a scathing series of macroeconomic warfare, foreign meddling, and outright threats from the US: all to no real avail due to the haste with which Pax Eurasiatica was able to defend it.

This astonished the West, whose refusals to acknowledge the rising threat of the Eurasiatic Alliance had long forced policy directions which the second-tier leadership of these nations realized would be ineffective.

In Venezuela, the refusal to face facts about the Trump Foreign Policy's meandering priorities, and how that meander never accepted the need to address not nation states, but a large, International alliance, the world witnessed the Western Hemisphere directly interdicted by the Eurasiatic Alliance.

Syria, the Nexus of Powershift... As the proxy war in Syria grew to open hostility between KSA, and Yemen, the Eurasiatic Alliance became aware that funding resistance to the nation states sponsoring the escalation of proxy warfare would actually force a hot war, or a cessation of proxy war meddling. As a result, KSA began openly attacking Yemen, and Qatar, which didn't bode well for their efforts. Therefore, the resistance fighters from these areas could arguably be called member states in the Eurasiatic Alliance.

Saudi Rebels, Qatari Rebels, and Yemenis, in general, are all a vital part of the network.
European Members
As of April, 2018: NATO has assured Israel that, if it succeeds in starting war in Iran, that NATO has no intentions, nor interests, in defending Israel.....

The dissatisfaction with NATO, especially in 2018, resulted in the application for Russian help by the Višegrad Group which was threatened with military action by EU, presumably, either via NATO, or the Common Security and Defense Policy, the Army of EU, (which also superceded the OSCE) should they refuse to comply with eu policies of Islamacization, or converting European to Muslim culture: thereby destroying it.

     [TheWikipedia Page regarding the V4 is actually missing things.... The V4 is geographically correct, as described: but the V4 is, in reality, a United Bloc within EU, itself. V4 disagrees intensely with EU in every aspect, and is frequently threatened with legal actions, and sometimes even military conflict. The V4 is typically regarded as breakaway states of eu, while NATO publishes propaganda to appear as if there is no stress at all between the 28 EU member-states. The V4 actually united in order to consolidate their complaints, which take root from cultural, religious, and economic differences, as well.]  

The policy of Islamacization indicates a long-reaching Globalist goal of consolidating two extremely different classes, and eliminating the middle class entirely. This includes polarizing the populace into one very rich class, and the other class, an extremely poor class of peoples; and to accomplish this in two different geographic regions, separating the rulers, from the ruled.

This is the purpose for open borders, and the flooding of Europe with desperately poor, and violent, non-Europeans.

This ultimate goal, of accomplishing a two class society, is most basically: Globalism; in a nutshell. That consolidation of the poor would be in Europe, separating them from the rich class of oligarchs looking to transfer themselves to where the oil is, and in those Arab states' many lawless playgrounds, such as those of the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

When, in April of 2018, anti-globalist Hungarian PM (and 1/4 of V4) Viktor Orban, overcame George Soros's Open Society Foundation's efforts to fix his re-election for the mildly pro eu opposition, and won 70% of the vote, this signaled to NATO that the four members of the Višegrad Group would eventually join the Eurasiatic Alliance, with the only possible exception of Poland.

Most likely, however, Poland will not choose to fight eu's constant criminal charges and EU High Court cases, alone. This is also defined, and limited by the strong attachment to Zionism, and the Zionist State which has thus far precluded the EUHC (EU High Court) and ECHR (EU Court of Human Rights) from enacting Lisbon Treaty penalties upon the V4. Zionism would be detrimental to the Eurasiatic Alliance, and for that reason, the V4 membership would be hotly contested by most Orthadox Russians, whom shall never forget the horrors of the Judeo-Communist Revolution.

Meanwhile, Austria and Italy continue to bear extreme dissatisfaction with both NATO and eu, and currently it is unclear whether or not that neutrality will spread into full blown membership into the Eurasiatic Alliance States. But the political alliance with Italy remained strong, as the Eurasiatic Alliance combined to halt the US attempt to destroy Venezuela. "Russia has to get out." ~Donald Trump.
"No we don't." ~Russia. Italian support remained pro Venezuelan, pro Pax Eurasiatica, throughout Trump's endless badgering.

Italy was one of very few eu member-states to do so against the mainly American and Rothschilds Bank efforts to destroy the nation.

Erdogan wins either way. "Are you sitting in the catbird seat?"

The Turkish Straddle of NATO, and the Eurasiatic Alliance

Turkey joined the SA Group, with Russia, and Iran, to defend the Syrian Assad Regime, in October of 2017. By that time, their US-sanctioned acquisition of Russian S-400 AAA cemented their place within the Eurasiatic Alliance, in spite of the Western Media's constant efforts to spin the alliance as anything but solid.
Turkey joined without difficulty. This makes Turkey the first NATO state to do so. Yes: Turkey is a member-state of both NATO, and the Eurasiatic Alliance, and currently is in permanent suspension regarding Ascension into the European Union.
Turkish hostility against the EU, and NATO, however, are anything but new. But, this outright break within the NATO Alliance has been a point where diplomacy has failed to shore up the leaks.....

This was apparently the result of an attempt by NATO centcom, and the CIA, to overthrow the regime of Turkish PM Erdogan, in the summer of 2016. As a result, the Turkish autocrat was armed by Russia, signaling his distrust of any further NATO actions.

At the outbreak of hostilities, Erdogan only needs to immediately nationalize the US installations within its borders. This includes some fifty separate US owned tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.

When a hesitant eu will not wish to exacerbate further the tensions, NATO will agree to abandon the installations in exchange for the safe return of personnel attached to them. This would easily became an established practice, which could quicken the resolve of the Višegrad Group, as well as Serbia and Croatia. The Balkans would most likely vote to enter the Alliance within six to eight months of any US action against Iran.

Ukraine is not going to remain (unofficially) in NATO for two reasons: 1) the pro eu Millennials and Gen Z Ukranians are weak morally, and haven't the will to fight, and, 2) the political tug of war between Europe and Russia will end as they all do: the geography determines the alliance. It is hair splitting to deny the NATO Charter's definition of a member-state, and the whimsical, and ultimately, unsuccessful effort to avoid that exact use of words yet, still be a member-state engaged under the guidance of pro eu Ukranian politicos. It has failed, anyway. In all likelihood, Russia will rest with the border of Ukraine as-is, unless NATO were to attempt a strategic advantage from the current zones of demarcation.

India and Pakistan: united by external threats:


US intelligence and the military planning contingent continue unitedly to eye the apparent unprecedented military cooperation between Russia and India as a genuine threat to the US positioning geopolitically, as well as militarily on the Subcontinent, and the Indian Ocean Command.

The initial observation, that Indian politicians are less than impressed with the US commitment divided between India, and their enemy, Pakistan, seems to be driving the emergence of the alliance between the two. And that alliance is, also, tenuous. The matter is deeply more complicated than that, but the real reason for Indian-Russian cooperatives is that India views itself as the next superpower on earth. India's reasons have little to do with Pakistan.

But, with the Indian withdrawal from the next gen Russian aircraft project, the US felt that their concerns were no longer necessary: until India honored a previously cancelled purchase agreement for Next Gen Stealth Russian aircraft, which now casts serious doubts that India has not joined the Eurasiatic Alliance. All outward appearances say that it has....


The tendency for western policy makers to rely on poorly understood analysis criteria, specifically in regards to the Arab World, has cost the lives of soldier and spy, alike. The simplest form of inability has also dominated the analysis criteria in regards to the two historically adversarial states of Pakistan and India.

According to the Assyria Principle adversarial states will shelf those cultural animosities, mutual though they are, in favor of an alliance to halt an enemy which threatens both of their states. This effect of the Assyria Principal is bound to unify the two factions vying for control inside Afghanistan, eventually.

But, and more dangerously to the ill-fated UniPolar analysis criteria which designed the conquest of Afghanistan: this effect has already resulted in an unprecedented set of military, economic, and political steps in cooperation between these two nations.

The nations of India and Pakistan share similar diplomatic goals with China. If attacked, they share military goals. They are regionally close to China and Russia, and through the SAFTA, South Asian Free Trade Alliance, and the APEC the Asian Pacific Economic Community, these nations enjoy robust trade. But the reasons for shifting political relationships with the United States are many in number, and they all share a couple of very broad and sensitive issues to both nations.

The reasons for this all boil down to the landmark efforts to sign both the nations of Pakistan, and India, to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, as both nations arrived upon the technology at similar times (in the late 1990's) and also, to assert their participation in recognizing the spirit of START goals aimed at peacefully integrating nuclear technology into the landscape of the third world.

In the pre-1960's view of nuclear power, and the tremendous responsibilities which are part and parcel to the science: nuclear technology was exclusively a privilege of the first world nations...

Thus, the sphere of influence beneath the umbrellas of each of the US, and USSR, offered to those nations, with which the privilege of nuclear technology was granted, the privilege also of association to the first world nation ideal.

China, however, did not receive enough of an invitation from the USSR to prevent Nixon's divide and conquer exploitation of a US/Sino relationship.

And this became one of the points of contention between USSR Sino relations, resulting in the welcoming of the entreatment of the United States, and Nixon, to break the deadlock....the BiPolar World began to end with Chinese admittance to the Nuclear Power Nations, and as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, independent of the clarified BiPolar lines of a third power to consider.

China had been a third world nation. By the time that China had a nuclear program well underway, in 1964, it was clear that the diplomatic relationship with the USSR had become somewhat divisive.

This technology, to the outward view, may have been easily perceived as instrumental for Chinese admittance into the club of first world nations, making its path into this status revolutionary.

But later, in the cases of Pakistan and India, Chinese admittance into the first world was viewed as a model, an archetype, one which could be imitated.

When, however, China became the target of an insane direction launched by the orders of an amateur statesman in the form of one Donald Trump, the ramifications this held for India and Pakistan were immediately a cause for their national concerns: if China is going to suffer American led reneging, then, each of their nations' time as nuclear nations is, at least, in grave danger.

This, above all, has driven the pathway to alliance with China and Russia against The Ugly Four Axis, and temporarily, at least, cooled the hostilities between the governments of both nations.

The secondary reason for IndoPakistani cooperation, and alliance against the US and her three major powers to which she is allied, would be the exit by Trump from the Iranian JCPOA.

The treaties permitting the nations of Pakistan and India to enter the group of Nuclear Nations, to which the US is a cosignator, are both practically identical to JCPOA. Both nations have a large Muslim population, and an out of control president in pursuit of bloody Zionism is understandably a considerable threat to their security.

To date, India is only an Acceding State to the Non Proliferation Treaty. And Pakistan is not in any clarified position at all. These decisions seem to be validated by the Zionism driving the US's geopolitical goals since 1949.

The reservations to signing the NPT are over real concerns that India and Pakistan have, which the US diplomatic players are just not addressing. The JCPOA exit was a decision made not by Washington, but by Netanyahu. It could have just as easily been one, or both of them.

Allying with the Russians and Chinese seems a better fit, as well as offering them, and the world, a more stabilized environment in a post WW3 world. It seems that in exiting JCPOA, an attack of Iran is implied, and almost guaranteed to be inevitable, falling sometime after the deadline for eu to close shop in Iran, by November, 2018, or as a lame duck presidential war by a Trump victory in Election 2020. That will escalate the 3rd World War from Syrian back pages, and back into the headlines.

Due to the standard of Jewish bias in the analysis departments for the military, the intelligencia, and the State Department, as well: the United States is still not keen to acknowledge that Pakistan and India have joined the Eurasiatic Alliance, already.

But, they have joined. This was concisively demonstrated by the failure of the Kashmir Region to collapse into full blown war, in February 2019, and later, that Summer. When, at an emergency meeting of the Eurasiatic Alliance in February 2019, Chinese emissaries proved Mossad and CIA operatives were arming both sides of the conflict, and supplying terrorists with bombs, etc: the damage was done.
Meanwhile, the narcotic of media assurance has yet to diminish long enough for the American public to be informed that, yes: Donald Trump, and Israel, have touched off a third world war in their psychosis, and in their mutual incompetence.

And, those who lead the intentional blindspots about the danger that we are in may have other reasons for their silence than ignorance.

Perhaps, they were keen to let the media/public in on the new, alarming pace of alliance against NATO, but had second thoughts, as their heads were filled with visions of the idiot president threatening already starving third world nations with even more starvation, via Tweets, and his amateur "Israel first" alienating policies. Perhaps their humanity extended itself towards the preservation of somebody's nation.

At any rate, the US media is, and continues to be, quiet about Indian and Pakistani membership in the Eurasiatic Alliance.

The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and/or Accession to it, whether by signatory, or by recognized accession, is one of two major pillars in modern Geopolitical relations. The New Start Treaty is the other. China signed the Non Proliferation Treaty, at the same time France signed it, in 1992. At that time, allies Pakistan and India were not yet nuclear powers.

While NATO felt it understands Chinese motivations, it had grossly underestimated the basic instinct of the Chinese people: simplicity, honor, and function. The fact that China is the Russian Federation's eldest ally remains a total loss for Western policy makers, who believed that the Chinese could be bribed or would not hold out of hostilities until the last possible minute; in an effort to collect the money that the United States and the European Union still owe them. Trump's idiotic tariffs have an immediate payoff, but they also have immediate downsides in stressing the geopolitical predicament the US is about to find itself in should war break out.

China's power-minority position in the UN Security Council has always held a tremendous amount of power as specifically balancing out the two poles of the BiPolar World of 1946-91. Indeed, Nixon's invitation to China was solely for the purpose of raising eyebrows in Moscow. MultiPolarity was Chinese before it was anything, and this view of Geopolitics is hard-wired into China's diplomatic DNA.

However, Western policy makers, heavily reliant on the objective of protection of Israel, have fallen well short of demonstrating that they have a grasp on China's status as First MultiPolar Nation, on several occasions.

The most poignant example would be the unannounced priority of Trump's first state visit to Beijing, in which he repugnantly insulted his hosts, by openly praising his betrayal of the Syrian/US/Russian Alliance, in favor of Israeli petitioned staged gas attacks, which were, in reality, NATO sea power violating international law and assisting the terror groups that the Ugly Four Axis of Israel, US, UK, and Saudi Arabia have employed since 2001 in order to overthrow regimes Israel identifies as, "...hostile" for any reason.

This held double the normal insult value due to the request Trump proposed having no reliably positive effects for China, as well as the post 1991 extremely close ties to Moscow, and vice versa, which are the results of the Treaty of Good Neighborliness.

China will stay true to her treaties, Russia is a lot more trustworthy than the US, in terms of both regime structures, which permit no sudden exit from international agreements, as well as the begrudging role of the US's two-faced sanction diplomacies.

The prospect also, of honoring a world order of MultiPolarity, which exists, and dismissing the militarization and violent tragedies of the US against her enemies, her allies, and against even her own citizens, which is typified by the mythology of a UniPolar world, must appear much more attractive to a sanction-strapped and unpaid China.

But, the question of betraying friend, neighbor, and similarly interested Russia is positively out of the question.

The Treaty of Good Neighborliness became a military treaty by demarcating the Russo-Sino border in 1991. But, it became mutually engaged in MultiPolar regional defense in 1996, no matter how narrowly one prefers to regard cooperation as specifically military, or not.

This is the longest currently observed international agreement in Russia's Federated system. To suggest China betray an ally for unscrupulous reasons does not appeal to the Chinese people as an opportunity. It appears, to anybody, as cajoling from a world view of the US that it may have espionaged and warred itself into falling from power.

That unique MultiPolar world, implied by the establishment of Chinese membership to the Nuclear Nation Community in the mid to late 1960's, became a much more powerful element in geopolitical terms, with the fall of the Bipolar World, in 1991.

This role expanded from simply breaking ties in the UN Security Council, and urging balance and restraint in the heady BiPolar military world; by easing tensions, and shoring up the frontiers where the two opposing superpowers actually touched....

It has elevated China to a superpower, which no current analysis does much, except hesitate, to admit.

China has become the one nation whose vote, for whatever reason, being cast with Russia spells the end of the political science fiction of the UniPolar World, which is rather bigoted, as well as a decaying, core set of analytical values which were dashed to pieces by China refusing to support the role of the US as repugnant global moron.

As Trump departed the May, 2017 meeting, he was certain President Xi would capitulate to US might.

As he heard Trump's remarks, Xi incredibly pre-lated Trump's predicament, directly due to Israeli brainwashing, as, "desperate, and amateur..."

These two were speaking of the same meeting.

Chinese President Xi's signature shall appear on the Eurasiatic Alliance's Articles of the Declaration of War, it should not astonish NATO axis planners: whose bloodthirst, paganism, and greed will finally catch up with them. 

North Africa: A Courtroom of Perspectives
No other region on Earth better demonstrates the failure of the UniPolar approach to US led hegemony-construction than the absolute contempt for the US, and by extension, for NATO, which was demonstrated by the entire region of North Africa.

Here, by a variety of strategies and efforts, and to varying degrees of success, North African nations experienced a cross-sectional application of UniPolar war power, and boasts near 100% success rates in thwarting the hostile US/Ugly Four Axis efforts to subjugate their nations.

This is due to a "once bitten, twice shy" distrust of Nato as believably loyal, or concerned, at all, with their individual national contemporary needs.

The  entire region of North Africa, with exception possibly of Egypt, stands testament to failure, loss of life, and the low quality of intelligence guiding policy makers in the United States and UK. Therefore, while remaining neutral, the exploitation of Egyptian bases might be suitable to possibly act as fall back positions to house former eu Muslims, while the Eurasiatic Alliance permits the immediate secession of former member states of the EU. With this as a staging ground for the deportation of Muslims whom flooded into Europe following the bloody NeoCon policies of several US presidents, the future of eu and Globalism within Europe would be undeniably certain.


The Libya debacle is the epitome of the the flaws in how the US applies Hegemony, and views long term goals. 

Libya was of zero strategic value to the US. It was only a percieved threat to the Israelis. And, via the Israeli tradition of maintaining clandestine relationships to European countries, both France and the UK felt the "threat". But, it held absolutely no value of any kind to the US, which took a prominent role in the violent resolve against the lives of ordinary Libyans. 

As the origin of the exposure of Clinton's emailgate, Libya represents a turning point in the procession of the "coincidental" revolutionary activities of the nations, centered in the the Arab World, as a result of the thunders of the huge blunder of Bush, Jr's UN Binding Resolution 1441.

This one order reverberated into the needless destruction of several regimes by the US-led Western efforts to recast it's previous role as a superpower by co-opting the inhabitants of these mostly third world nations.

These activities included creating ISIS, among other things, and have resulted in a bipartisan betrayal of the American public trust, against whom, the rage of the afflicted peoples, visited by pointless violence, is justifiably aimed.

Yet, this failure was neither the first, nor the last. Nor were the solutions to sickening US bloodthirst templated in Libya. Instead, in Libya, the US was defeated by backstab diplomacies, the types that have spurned and alienated the rest of the world in terms how the US has used betrayal to great effect...

Only this time, the US was in no way prepared for the horrific consequences of this sickening foreign policy actually backfiring.

In this typical US system of bomb, kill, and then nation build policy, the major US Parties are identically invested. This is how Donald Trump's Israel controlled policies are no better than Obama's.

The Hebrew centric US foreign policy, which is doubly dosed Hebrew by an inexplicable alliance between the US and UK, failed in Libya. But the same advisors and identically misgiven hegemonial values surround Trump, as meanwhile, these elements are in an unceasing state of conspiracy towards starting a conflict, which could result in hurling the nations of the Ugly Four Axis towards a war against what is ostensibly the rest of the 124 nations on Earth.
Tunisia is vastly complicated as far as the details of the failed mission by NATO on behalf of Israel, but the defeat of the NATO/Israeli goals in Tunisia cannot help but be oversimplified. There should have been no US effort to overcome Tunisia, either.

Though spin doctors have tried to exonerate the US failure in Tunisia, the 2011 Tunisian debacle reads like a second grader planned to overthrow his wing of an elementary school, and the principals simply locked them into the classroom until they got hungry.

It is further proof of a manifest US/Israeli rift that played out in the press, alone. The reality is that Obama and Netanyahu's cooperation, being based on UniPolarity, added to the latent appearance of a mutual dissatisfaction with one another.

And, that fact seemed to add a bit of method acting-type reality to the role each had expected of the other. The fact is, the pair simply played on the appearance of distrust, loudly accusing the other in the UN, and television; while behind the scenes, these UniPolar invasions and intelligence-agency driven North African "revolutions" proved the two were working closely together.

The policies' failures were in the UniPolar DNA, that had been present in every single aspect of this agenda. It is the bane of the logic driving Baby Boomer armchair generals. When the source of the failure couldn't be resolved, the demonstrative conflict between Netanyahu and Obama just seemed that much more real. It was still fake.
Sudan was used by the militaries of the Ugly Four in order to cloak the military influx of assets into the region of the Sudan, and her neighbors.

The familiar, two-faced approach towards international diplomacy, in particular, did not spare the victims of genocide in Southern Sudan. To cut to the chase, the US employed "humanitarian" aid, which, in reality, only was used by Obama in 2011 to stage his Libyan operation.

His efforts to contain the genocide were merely paper and lies, just like with the BP/native uprisings in the Niger Republic and Chad. In reality, these humanitarian missions were just a rouse that the Obama Administration used in order to attempt to conceal the influx of US military personell into the regions.

Niger, Chad, and the Role BP Plays in Sending Africans they Displace into Europe

Why the US military is in Chad is to help BP rob the ancient inhabitants of the river wetlands, and hunting plains, of their birthright. We are in Chad for Wall Street and London Brokers, and Opec, as well. This is why the US is in Chad, in the first place. EU immigration policy, which removes Africans and Muslims of the Fertile Crescent into European countries, is actually forced relocation disguised as humanitarian policy.

The facts about the ongoing US "War on Terror", lead to the inexorable conclusion that the US is exporting terrorism as an export item it trades with either compliant, or non-conpliant nation states. And Niger is no different. North African countries were merely used as a staging ground for a wider US takedown of the whole of North Africa...and, due to the press's conspiracy and corruption of culpability, and the general lack of interest in this potentially destructive set of paradigms valued in the planning of this type of association between democracy and depraved oligarchal rule: North Africa provided a stage which exposed it all, as well as demonstrated conclusively that, though they needed to be quick on their feet to beat the US, the Ugly Four Axis is not invincible.

While, in typical Napoleonic invincibility rhetoric, the US neither learned anything, nor, can the US, in any way, hope to be prepared for the revisitation come due for this seventy year path of regret its misgiven analytical values have launched.

By this point, it is hubris causing the creases, and the bubbles, and folds of ill-fitting superimpositioning to be forced upon relevant, and regionally driven resistance efforts, which ultimately led the world disorder to culminate in a showdown in Syria. The US was finished in Syria following the second attack by Trump against Assad. An attack which OPCW branded Trump a war criminal after clearing Assad for the latest time....

Thus, with the same diplomatic and military analytical advice, the inauguration of Donald Trump brought only less-concealement of Israel's indivorceable role as the principle agitator in the hostilities driving us towards economic and military demise.

In fact, in Trump's wake, the pace towards a global resolution against the abuse of the Ugly Four Axis via world war has only quickened.

North Korea
Eventually Kim Jong Un recognized the shifting global political relationships, but met with president Trump, anyway. After an influx of cash and a few border crossings opened to civilians, any progressive detente will cease, and this theater will grow hot quickly. If Un invades, and conquers South Korea, it can only follow a brief Sea of Japan campaign that goes down as a victory for the Russian and Chinese navies against those of the NATO states. The most hopeful signs are the overtones of unity between the Koreas, which have mutually emerged as critical of these profoundly stupid ZOGGED US international moves. It is a sign of regional economic consolidation which again, proves that the Baby Boomers of the Foreign Policy of the US need to pry Israel off of their attentions by any means necessary.
Former Soviet States/Territories
The most high profile former Soviet Republics to join the Eurasiatic Alliance will be Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: both NATO territories.

To unite the factions in the fragmented picture of Afghanistani politics, that was left by the US invasion in 2002, the two camps, the former Soviet allied Northern Alliance, and the Taliban, could reach terms that mutually benefit the whole of their country..."

Afghanistan, though not a former Soviet republic, would be able to easily unify the warring factions against NATO, and changing relationships between the US, and both Pakistan and India, have effectively cut off the land access to NATO personnel in Aghanistan.

Meanwhile, the US continues to deny this emergent crisis, and will be slow to arrive to their senses.

The Iranian Trigger

The status of the nation of Iran is that it has had enough of the CIA and others' sabotage of its national right to self determination. Since 1953 the US in particular has meddled, jury rigged, and suffered total collapse of the patience of the Government and the people of Iran.

When Syria was hit by the proxy wars, Iran shrewdly recognized that permitting this to happen to her neighbor only assured them that they would be next.
Iran has 70,000 troops inside Syria. Each day Western media outlets try to strike fear or doubt in the hearts of the Syrian people whom have enjoyed their defense.
The media is not getting the point.

If Iran is attacked, the Eurasiatic Alliance considers this a trigger worthy of global theaters of response. As downplayed as Western leaders could make Iran, JCPOA would have avoided all the fears Israel has of Iran from being realized. In the eyes of Iranians: this is madness on Israel's part.

There are at least four attempts on record where Mossad, or a combination of Mossad/CIA/MI-6 and KSA Intelligence, have tried to frame Iran for attacking tankers in the Hormuz Straits.
None of them have provoked a UN Binding Resolution to attack Iran, and, when Trump (who is too stupid to know how to use Binding Resolutions to get what he wants....legally) is removed or leaves office, the election of Biden may indicate a reversal, and a reprise of JCPOA. This would be followed by a well-deserved sigh of relief for the entire world, as the JCPOA is both re established, and made idiot proof, as per the lesson Trump has taught us all.

But, if the Israelis succeed in creating an attack against Iran, it will trigger a worldwide catastrophe, and this catastrophe will end the government of the United States.

High Profile Military Campaigns (Of the Future)
  • The Invasion of Saudi Arabia/The Blockade of Hormuz

  • The Invasion of The Fertile Crescent/Suez Canal Blocked

  • The Invasion of UAE

  • The Invasion of Kuwait

  • The Destruction of Israel

  • The Battles of Scandinavia

  • The Counter Invasion of Estonia/Norway

  • The Bombings of Britain, Brussels, Washington, and New York

  • The Destruction of the Old Internet

These battles shall ultimately result in the establishment of a new Slavic and Chinese led World Order, with the remainder of the United States reorganizing and executing surviving members of it's bloodthirsty state, and moving the capitol into the center of the nation under the same Bill of Rights but ending gun control, limiting the rights of violent criminals, and separating the facilities for violent offenses and non violent offenses.

The United Kingdom will need to be partitioned into safe zones, with southern Ireland most likely being the largest.

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