Monday, August 12, 2019

The Trump Pendulum

This is the era of damned if you do, damned if you don't. 

This is a time of troubles such as never before seen visiting man.

And this is an age where we look directly into three generations of a corrupted America, the one Franklin warned us would come, saying, "A people who would give up their freedom for a little security deserve none of either." We look into this age, and the ambivalence is all we can see. 

Into this age strolled a guy who said he was going to cut off the foreign parasite.... Yet, he just sent them $89 billion dollars, and signed into law the belching stink of the AntiChrist.... We may no longer tell the truth about the Devil's is a crime to write ZOG....

On the one hand, we thought he had to know that America cannot be great if Israel keeps abusing us. On the other, he turned out to be that dumb, and that rotten.

Think you have the freedom to honor the Word of God? Best wake up....

Then, the war against Coal. 

Immediately, in 2017, Coal was hiring for the first time, in 8 long years. Yay!

Then, the Trump tariffs one year later have slowed some, and incurred disaster on other Coal Industry outfits. 

Back and forth. Slowly, the pendulum drops down, back and forth, ever incompetent, ever disappointing. And, always infuriatingly tragic, always self contradicting: the Trump pendulum has hypnotized the people for long enough.

The Jews must be stopped. 

But, they must be stopped for the good of all God's people. 

We are all betrayed by Trump except Israel. 
Israel's war starts with the Election. Sooner, or later, they will get their war, and the grisly, fantastic consequences they shall receive, also. 

But, let the Trump Pendulum be the last American Zionist Occupational Liar that, into whom, any of you place your faith. 

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