Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Thin Blue Man

I once had a Basset Hound  named, Sam. Sam was one of those dogs, with whom the bond of communication approaches human-level. Sam was someone that I loved, dearly. If I went away from home, I couldn't stay unless he could, that's how connected we were.

He had fallen ill, and I was advised to walk him whenever I could.

On one night, in particular, in early Spring of 2006, this Basset Hound, Sam, and I, were walking right around my house around 10:00 at night, when he suddenly lifted his head, and then dragged me across the street. He had seen something, his nose was not in the dirt, but he was barking, in pursuit...

There, he turned, and suddenly we were pinning this strange looking man against the trees...

He was around 10 feet tall, but unusually thin for that height. He appeared blue, and made of light. He turned, and looked at me, angrily; the dog scared him, and I could tell that he was telling me that I should control him better....

Then, he turned, and launched forward with such speed as I have never seen before. He shot forward in a path of straight direction, but launched into it kind of more like a flashlight beam.

His face will never leave me. It was one of horror, rage, contempt, and sat oddly human like upon a frame made of blue light. He looked just like Lurch from the 1960's television drama, "The Adams Family". This thin, blue man was never again seen by me. 

Sam passed away in July of 2006, nearly taking me with him.

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