Monday, August 12, 2019

The Bullshit Media War Against Coal

Fracking is doing severe damage, because it is new, unregulated as of yet, and Jewish owned. 

Isn't it sad when a group of Jews, all Democrats, and all clearly not above slander, libel, and inciting fear, somehow assemble themselves from a "multi" disciplinarian spectrum, and agree on one thing?

Show me a media outlet whining about Coal, and I'll show you a group of Jewish Democrats whom happen to have financial interests in Fracking. Fracking is far worse on man, Flora, and fauna: because it is still working out the new bugs of coming under regulations.

Why is that dumb? Give the EPA a decade, or two. It will demonstrate the absolute treachery of the Jewish Takeover of American Democracy. 


There is no greater misconduct than the US Government acting as any one person's ATM, or reflecting any one group's religious or quasi religious beliefs. The entire "get Coal" act is merely proof of District 4 of the EPA being a political tool of this dark, and disgusting collective of "Americans."

The only thing I find more comforting is that the Counterfeit Temple is about to be founded. As soon as, the ZOG worldwide will begin to finish more quickly than it is, already. 

There is nothing sadder than liars and wicked men whom claim to be Christians, claim also that the Bible is the Word of God, and yet, also claim Jews are not the Children of the Devil. 
For they behold not the serpent that has stolen their perceptions. 

The Word is clear. It is not for the slothful, nor the compromiser, nor the appeaser of the Children of the Devil. And any man that objects to the Truth, objects directly against the Maker and His Christ. 

No denial permitted....
Therefore, the underlying principle in this fallacious war against the Coal Industry is, in reality, a war to give Jews the American Right to deny the people of Appalachia a living. This leaves only one opportunity to them, and that would be foodstamps. 

They used this same process to try to impeach Trump over Russia hacking Election: 2016. And....they failed. 
Shame.... Americans cannot work in jobs they have, already, because the Jews do not want it. But, open borders, which they want, translates to not American jobs receiving such sanctimonious and bullshit fest media sympathy.... 🤔🤔🤔

Before we celebrate how dumb their readers who buy these lies are, let us remember that this group of Jews has taken ONE mine closing, and through it, alone, have forecast the doom of an entire American Industry. One that is powering your device which allows you to read this. 

"How does this get back to EPA Dist IV, Kevin?" You ask? 

I'll tell you: Fracking has not been around long enough to be victimized as an industry by the US Gov. And because of the truth of the vile collective of Judaism, the Fracking Industry will never be targeted by the US Government via EPA Dist 4, causing a tragic dent in the economic existence of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Mostly, Non Jewish Americans. Because they now run EPA Dist 4, and 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10....
Congress shall make no law establishing a state religion.... ~The First Amendment. Gone. 

See how quickly that worked? Today, they outlaw Christian views of them. Tomorrow, they want to alter the Word of God from which He had the infinite wisdom to preclude from them, forever. Now, they take one mine closing, and Bam! Coal is dead! 


I know Drummond Coal will not die. I know Coal, in spite of them, will not be replaced by the Fracking Industry. We've all seen how much damage Fracking does. We've all seen the EPA charge, and convict Coal Industry CEO's merely for seeking a defense from the political abuse of the EPA. 
The Federal Court just ruled against Drummond for an underground mine... Anybody remember those? The Warrior River Watcher and the related types complained and I guess, perhaps rightly, meanwhile, the fish keep dying. No fishkills have been attributed to the Warrior River Underground Mine Case....

And, we all know in Walker Co Alabama exactly what that means when we consider how Tyson has infected half this county's population with some sort of botulism, but has a good score with EPA Dist 4. They also gave a great score to Monsanto! Monsanto is killing off all the fish in the Warrior River, again: right now, just like 2016! They then, too, enjoyed a good inspection report with EPA Dist 4. 

Fact: not one Founding Father was Jewish. Until the increased business with UK, which they own, and which occured around the opening of the 20th Century, the only Jewish US elected officials were forgettable one term governors and occasional mayoral folks. The Founding Fathers considered divorce with England to be one and the same with divorce from Semitic influences which would inevitably work their deadly magic on the Democracy, killing it for good. 

Fact: prior to WW2 less than 1% of the US Government was Jewish. 
Today, 1.4% of the US population are Jews. 42% of the US Government are Jews. The AIPAC, an Israeli Foreign Service Agency stationed in America, ensured that Jews and Israeli rights come first in both Foreign, and Domestic Policies. 

Basically, 42% of the US is composed of Mossad Agents whom have been deep covered into elected American seats. While the other 58% are receiving finances from the same sources. 
If you love ANY nation more than God: you deserve neither. Folks, for three generations the serpent has deceived you. Henry Ford told the truth.

I challenge my fellow Christians to come out of the Great Whore Jersusalem, where also our Lord was crucified, spiritually Babylon, and Sodom. 

The erection of the Third Temple is going to incur the Day of God's wrath. 

Now would be a good time to see how far they have eaten into our place. 

They used this power to claim Russia hacked the election. It failed because God had placed trust into Donald Trump, a trust which he has simply betrayed. 

I suggest we all turn now, and remember Him. Because this isn't going to be pretty. Stand accountable for the Jew. Stand accountable for how he ran us out of elected office, and killed our last wise president in 1963. Know how long God has waited, and how much work it took to reinstruct our eyes to see not Soviet bombs, but the damage Jews did to the Christian world. 
The Russian is not our enemy. His Orthadox Christian Church has escaped the influence of them. 

The Iranian is not your enemy. 

All of these people are a threat to the Jews, and to them, alone. In spite of a large Jewish population in both Iran, and Russia, the Israeli, UK, and US Jews want all but them dead, so that the Rothschilds will be Kings, again, of a United Kingdom. One which our Founding Fathers wrecked. One must simply admire their tenacity, but no: they aren't going to win. Ever. 

And remember to pray. Because in refusing to do so, there shall be time no longer. 

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