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Everything Wrong With This....

The Opioid Crisis is kind of funny, how it is tallied in magical ways, so that the DEA (or, any of its sister organizations) can call Ohio, Indiana, or whoever: the most over prescribed, town, state, etc, in the US.... The DEA has a history of forgery of facts, inflammatory psyops, and using a complicit media to establish strategies. It should be illegal. 

Take these Washington Post figures that criticize opioid usage in Walker County, Alabama: the leading offender is David's Discount Pharmacy, an establishment that has been closed since 2015.
This is David's, circa 2010. David Kelly was a veteran, who served his country as a medic in Vietnam, and his compassion extended beyond these efforts to posthumously denigrate his memory. There is not one, single member of this community who will declare otherwise. This libel is typical of certain publications, whom have been instrumental in the Semitic efforts to remove all industry that made Alabamians independent from Government welfare. They insulted Garry Neil, and Segal Drummond, both dead, in a story claiming they were at war with the river ecosystems of Alabama. That is more nonsense designed to make the public complicit in some coming act of horror, as well as remove any ability the public has to resist (((them)))

David's Pharmacy is cited, repeatedly, in this group of facts and figures. But, it tends to be nothing more than a misleading allegation to threaten sick people. 

The reality is that 19% of the citizens of Walker County are above the age of 65. That is greater than 12,000 people. The same, nearly exact number of people are disabled, placing both populations at right around 25,000 souls.
Brooklere is not the target of DEA misinformation. It bought out David's around 20,14/15.

At an average of 90 pills, per month, (actually, 180 pills, per month is more realistic) over six years, then, that figure approaches 7,000,000 pills. Multiply that times 3, and the message begins clarifying. Multiply that number times two, for the facts about the numbers of people counted in each population, and that is between 14 Million and 42 Million pills prescribed, during any given six year period of time. And, when you weigh the medical probabilities against the facts of these two populations, the shock vanishes.
Did You Know? Did you know that the existence of "viral math problems" is only the result of the Common Core, which was created by AntiChrists in league with the Semitic AntiChristian World, ie, the beast? ReBush introduced CC as a way of dumbing down the masses, so that they will not question the evil that they do. The problem, above, is not hard. But, if you use CC, the correct answer is 1. 1 is W R O N G!

We are looking at a quantitative statistic. And, we are not looking at humanity. These tales in the DEA and the media, however, tend to not convey that effect honestly. 

Note that these statistics do not separate the prescriptions of Subutext related drugs being used to treat addiction: they are included, in each of these totals. There is no count available for the number of members of this group. 

Now, does that horrendous figure, 21 Million pills, over a six year span of time, seem as horrendous?

What about considering the number of people below 65 who have lifelong illnesses, like myself? This is a fairly large group. In 2000, the CDC declared the State of Alabama to be suffering from a mysterious amount of joint disease, (acc to CNN). I know that most of these are auto-immune diseases, and that there may be an environmental connection.... On the advice of CNN, I contacted the public affairs office of the CDC (although, I can't recall if that was the actual name of the office), and there, I was told that they could not offer me any information about that story.
If (5+5)2=5+(2)(5), then, (5+5)2 would also have to be the same value as (5)(5)+2. (a)(b)(c)=(b)(c)(a)=(c)(a)(b). In CC, the kids have been tragically made stupid intentionally, and, they are unaware UNTIL THEY REACH UNIVERSITY. There, the impact of CC has been disturbing, and has forced curriculums to change in order to unbrainwash kids that THINK that they know algebra...

They referred me to my local health department, which was unaware of the CDC statement. But, there is a large amount of people under the age of 65 that are stricken by these types of illnesses. And, each of them receives a variety of medical interventions and medications to combat the diagnoses. These range from revision surgical procedures, to repeatedly repairing bones broken due to MS; and we have to wonder whether or not there is an industrial cause for some of this. We have to wonder if Monsanto or BFI is poisoning us....

These numbers are not as high as overdose deaths, but, they are quickly gaining ground. I know roughly ten people who either died of OD, or were slain by drug dealers over unpaid debts. But, in the last decade, I have witnessed nearly twice that number of people, people that I know either personally, or one of my family members knows personally, become diagnosed with some type of autoimmune disorder.

In this state, we are seeing the rise of autoimmune disorders until, like overdoses, at least one such case affects each household in Walker County. 

I had a friend die of MS in 2017. Her case graduated from Lupus to MS, via a path of cancer. And, it developed so fast!

My friend, Mia, spent the last few years of her life harassed by law enforcement, as they raided her pain doctor's office, frequently, then forced her off her meds, and into taking needless, and desperate ambulance trips to Birmingham, in order to try to get help; all, to no avail. Those docs, there, had seen what an out of control Semitic war against Christians can do, and rolled over for the misery of the public. It isn't their fault, mind you. I recognize that the war focused against providers is every bit as bad, if not worse, than the war waged against their patients.....

But, the group of people seeking treatment for addiction is not accounted for in any of the statistical data. But, it, represents (easily) the other millions, alongside the inpatient treatments that were counted, and the addiction therapies that were not identified in these general numbers. 

In consideration of those numbers, such as the sleight-of-hand in which Hospital Discount Pharmacy, who provides the local methadone clinic with it's opioids, are thrown in and not explained, we see the typical Khazarian attempt to accost sick and old Christians, while maintaining relative silence about the same, exact numbers per capita in places such as New York City, which is going to have nearly 1000 times these figures from Walker County, Alabama.

It is irresponsible of leftist publications to rely on US Government figures such as these, while using identical exposure methods to deconstruct the White House's immigration statistics....

Yet, this effort is finally growing beyond the patience of the American public. The reality, that an aging population deserves not be harassed by the Government's Corporate managing tendrils, is hitting home.

But, there are many places far more in need of the Federal Government's nose, and attentions, and those places are closer to home for the 42% of Government employees who are Khazarians, and yet compose only 1.4% of the total US population. 

Now that's staggering! 

However: not a sound has been uttered about the Opioid Crisis in New York.... No allegory about their toothlessness, no darkness implied about their providers seeing patients who can barely walk being nothing more than dope pushers, and no further attempts to shame their kindreds, who worked hard their whole lives! (If you call slandering, libeling, and television, "hard work"!)

In this chart, a Northport, Alabama old folks' home, (an inpatient facility) is cited yet, again, in a misleading allegation about the entire state. With David's being closed since 2014/5, and the number one "pill pushing" pharmacy in the state actually providing inpatient care to the elderly: what is this chart saying about the souls responsible for it's existence, as well as its absurd presuppositions?

All of this is nothing more than typical sleight of hand statistics visiting every region in the country, and fitting into some Khazarian style template pushing the extemporaneous notion of concern behind a finger of stereotypical prejudice.

In this profiling system is the unstated, undefined lack of contact these compiling participants have with Southern people. In pursuing a "the more rural, the stupider the people" type of Federally sponsored effort, this was made to shock liberal suckers that don't check facts. And these publications supporting this outrage should be brought to the light of day, and sued. 

The fact that Alabama is filled with retired/injured coal mining employees, particularly in the Northern half of the state, indicates that clearly Alabama will have a greater number of patients dealing with illnesses relating to the physical impositions of their work. And, the accusation that somehow, doctors from nearly a decade ago, require the Fed to to intervene, now, to halt the illegal prescriptions written in the past is just more rhetorical usage of emphatic fallacy visiting greater pain, fear, and threat to the sick and the old. 

Why do we allow the Israelis to decide what kinds of treatments Christians should, and should not receive? Why can their agents threaten the First Amendment, openly, then send the signal down the historic brainwash methodologies in the mainstream media, in order to insult the entire region for a statistical anomaly that came about as a direct result of fighting their second world war, for them?

Yankee, go home. 
Khazarian, the hour is coming for you...very shortly. 
Southern man, throw this report to the dogs. 

...Take a position of harming further the sick and the old in Alabama, Juden! I dare you. 

This hearkens back to Sir Benjamin Disraeli, another Khazarian, one whom spoke before the devil stole the world and gave the stolen property to their confidence, before doing so in sufficient volume as to propose immunity from voicing these types of stereotypical views of Southern People: "There are three kinds of lies, lies, abominable lies, and statistics."
Come out of her, My people: that ye be not convicted with her, for her sins! The Boomer Generation may be lost, they were brainwashed about the devil's children, and I have yet to speak to one who actually BELIEVES the Bible. They all call themselves Christians, though..... Through a series of laws, unless Americans distinguish themselves AGAINST this abomination, called Israel, then they cannot escape being convicted with her. 

We see you, too. 

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