Tuesday, July 23, 2019

You Are Here

The events which are unfolding in the world have been brewing since the Clinton Administration. It is grossly unfair to lay all of the blame on Trump, when the last four presidents have been served by the Israeli Lobby's grip over the foreign policy centers of the United States, and have mismanaged a string of earth shattering failures which have been watered down in the press. 

As the current situation is unfolding, the fact it is coming has been told to the American people for over a decade. Last night, Russia and unconfirmed reports of Chinese aircraft violated South Korean airspace in yet another message to the Trump Administration... One that he isn't getting....

In 1991, after the Fall of the Soviet Union, the United States did not update its centers of foreign policy. This is the unifying thread of the massive failure which its political and military edifices are on the verge of bringing about. The fact that the Russians did face the realities of the MultiPolar World, a world where trade blocs based on regions, and Supra blocs which are based on continental, and common goals, both unite, and express their reach against the vulnerabilities of 1950's American policies, was perfectly predictable. The US has not evolved geopolitically since the 1950's.

The endless railing against Iran is also misleading: because it isn't Iran that will defend Iran. The Eurasiatic Alliance will be doing that, with neither NATO, nor significant Japanese, nor South Korean assistance. 

The defense of Judaism as mounted by both the entertainment industry, as well as the political concentrations, is not a defense of the Hebrew Diaspora, but a belief by Israel that its religion is Universal and factual, therefore, cannot be beaten. As the situation clarifies, for two weeks now, the entertainment industry has culminated a recruitment effort which featured rock stars defending Israel, as well as planted stories designed to evoke sympathy for Communist spies under the employ of the CIA in Iran.

The fact that most Americans are brainwashed to believe these efforts amount to a fine example of a deficit of good leadership, one reaching all the way back to Wilson. Though one notable exception tried, these swine murdered him and blamed Castro, something that seems ridiculous, now. 

Here is a timeline of the headlines that are here, were here, and are on the way. 

From it, one might be able to see, more clearly, just how the AIPAC has blinded our leadership trust, chained them into poverty, and addiction, and replaced them with willing agents that should never have been permitted to serve the US in any way, whatsoever. 

One can see that the flaws in the American approach are based on the delusion of Jewish religious superiority. 

It is going to be astonishing for the US, when it suffers the damage due for refusing to adapt, and adjust to changes....

  • 1991: the United States observes the Soviet Union's fall with suspicion, as though it were a trick to get the military off of readiness status.
  • 1992 Bush loses re election bid. Among reasons cited are the, "Read my lips.." sound byte, and the stubborn refusal to send financial aid to the collapsing Soviet state. 
  • William Jefferson Clinton is elected, and tries to repair the gaps in Russian/American affairs left by 12 years of Right Wing foreign policy focus.
  • 1993: Clinton begins a draw down of the Cold War NATO American commitment. This reduces that commitment from 600,000 US troops to just under 40,000 US troops. 
  • The NATO draw down results in a budget salience, which is repackaged as a "budget surplus" by the Clinton Administration.
  • 1992-99: Clinton maintains the UNSCOM project, which disarms Iraq of even defensive armaments, and limits the Iraqi Air Forces, as well as the Iraqi Army, until it is nearly unable to defend itself from potential foreign invasions. Clinton pushes global arms embargoes, as well, stifling Iraqi ability to maintain self defense.
  • 2000 ReBush wins the US Election. Among the incoming staff, are leftovers who escaped charges during the Watergate crisis. Together, they agree on a series of false flags in order to feature Israeli security in US Foreign Policy, as well as to allow the UniPolar power of the US to survive via re-shifting the BiPolar foil from the Soviet Union, to the, "International Islamic Jihadist". 
  • 2001, eighth month, third week of ReBush's Administration, the Mossad, disguised as art students, detonates the nanothermites packed into the floors of both towers of the World Trade Center complex in NYC. Cruise missiles bearing US transponders, and bearing 737 Boeing skins are flown into the towers, simultaneously. Israelis the world around celebrate. Academic review rejects the government narrative outright: public told, "these people are crazy."
  • 2002: Afghanistan invaded, mission to, "destroy the Taliban" still unaccomplished, 17 years later. 
  • 2003: in a shocking and historically unprecedented abuse of the UN, the United States frames the Iraqi Government in the UN Joint Session, announcing that it had "proof" of WMD's in Iraq. 
  • The sustaining power of the Islamic Jihadist fades after the ReBush Administration is found to have committed multiple criminal acts while in power. Furious R voters elect Obama, and re-elect him in 2012.
  • Trump appears to restore honor to the Republican Party in the wake left by ReBush. By his second month in power: it is clear he neither knows what he's doing, nor truly distanced the R Party from the ReBush criminals, and their criminal acts, now serving Israel against the Eurasiatic Alliance. 
  • 2019: by Summer, it is clear the US Hegemony, which fell in Syria, due to the US pursuing military Bipolarity in spite of facing a MultiPolar Alliance, is anything but dead in the media. The entertainment industry, contacted by the US State Department, begins taking direct aim at the enemies of Israel further violating the First Amendment by covertly declaring Satanism, aka, Judaism, the State Religion. This both unites Israel and Congress, and limits Constitutional Guarantees. All of this is accomplished by bribes paid to key govt officials by AIPAC. Foreign agents are running the US. (1952-today)
  • Russia, China, Turkey, India, North Korea, Pakistan, Mongolia, Venezuela, Syria, and Lebanon prepare to invade Saudi Arabia and Israel overland. Again: the US media is silent about the extent of the MultiPolar Cooperative between these nations, nor the fact that four separate Defense Department studies have warned the Trump Administration that, "There is no way in Hell the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and UK can win a war against the Eurasiatic Alliance." (You are here)
  • The United States launches offensive operations against Iran, across the globe, devastating counter attacks and strategic attacks cripple the US and destroy Israel. Saudi Arabia is invaded. EU/NATO CSDP refuses to get involved, having warned Israel of this consequence, repeatedly. UK must cease involvement, or violates EU Article 1. 
  • The Arab League sues for Peace, declaring no hostility by members against other members. 
  • Egypt refuses the US request to become embroiled in the conflict. 
  • South Korea is over run, the US is short of troops and Japanese Defense Forces want guarantees from the Eurasiatic Alliance of a non aggression treaty. Taiwan falls, the US is no longer functioning as a world power...
All this to teach us that Jews are the Children of the Devil, and that the devil deceived the whole world via the Holocaust. And, Americans join the rest of the nations in knowing why the Jews have been expelled from their midst repeatedly. 

But, it learns too late. 

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