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Irony, And the Death of Slipknot

This won't take long...

By: Kevin Drummond
This is taken from the enclosed article.

Slipknot is hard to pin down stylistically. The sum of the parts is lacking in originality, but not in talent. And, in choosing to advocate the Holohoax, this habit moves from the musical, to the political arena. 

In calling out those who question the validity of the Holocaust, frontman Corey Taylor treads into areas where the brainwash of the Boomer Generation, and it's conversion from American to Jewish rule, has left very open sores that the propaganda cannot ever hope to heal. Wounds like Vietnam, the slaying of JFK, and the subversion of the entire American political existence remain evidence in their simultaneous existence, while psyops, like the Holocaust, continue the public ritual suicide of the hope of the human race...

When SS Historian, Doctor Wilhelm Hoettl, approached Allied lines in 1945, he had only one goal: save himself and his family. This meant that he both recognized the Semitic control over the the Allies, as well as the potential for retaliations against former SS members; which was almost certain to follow.

He recognized Jews as the group that had ripped the moral fabric of post WW1 German society into psychotic tatters. Then, they converted the attempts to save Germans from Bolshevism into the ruination of the second world war.

So, he appealed to their pride, as well as the Semitic fascination surrounding the number, "6", and offered "proof" of an astounding number of Jews who died in the death camps: six million!

Can we talk? How do they jump from "pesticide" to "preferred killing tool..." ? Ever been to County? Or a State Hospital? To this day they use chemical agents to delouse inmates. And the lies surrounding the Holohoax DEMAND that every single claim be challenged. Every time that has occured academically, the story has been forced to either change, be adapted, or a lie is exposed.

The Gas claims of the Holocaust are impossible, and this has been peer reviewed.

A Note About The Lack of American Witnesses

Acevedo was tapped to represent to the world something about how hiding the truth was really about hiding escape tactics. I can tell you as the son of a lifer in the US Army: there is no truth to this claim. Nor would personnel that aided a escape 70 years ago remain wanted by the 3rd Reich. How ludicrous! The Army had but one reason to conceal that other potential eyewitnesses might oppose the narrative of "death camps". To date, one, single GI has been interviewed. His narrative actually doesn't confirm the Holocaust. 

In order to conceal the fact that the death camps did not function as such, American POW's who had been held in one of these camps were routinely threatened with a series of unpleasant consequences if they did not abandon the possibility that their observations might not match the fictional narrative of the death camps. 
They literally had to lie about their whereabouts for the time of their internments. 
What Barnes means is that of the the thousands of postmortem exams American doctors performed on these "gas victims", 100% of them died of disease, hunger, and no trace of cyanide was ever found. Did you know the US Army knew the Holocaust was not factual?

The Count of Victims

The Wansee Conference of January 20, 1942, was the first historic mention of the Concentration Camp Model of Extermination. However, in a 1944 speech by FDR, he specifically refers to the death camp model as, "begun before the war, and in time of war, multiplied hundreds fold"...

The extermination, to which the president is referring, is called, "The Final Solution" by Holohoax believers.

The fact FDR incorrectly identified it as existing prior to 1942 proves that it was not true to facts. Here is your first clue that the tale we have been told is not correct.

The Final Solution, in which Jews were slain in death camps, lasted barely 3 years. The 6 Million figure is difficult to substantiate within those constraints. One has to ignore a lot of History, as well as basic math.
But, the alleged focus on Jews is an outright lie...

By confusing the Final Solution with the German Occupation, the facts of history became lost. And, this was the intent.

The German Occupation was not the Final Solution. The Occupation Forces complained about being asked to murder civilians, as it contradicted a soldier's moral existence. So, the task was reserved for Hitler's bodyguard, the SS. And they, too objected to the system of murder. The Final Solution to the Jewish Question was to answer these soldiers' complaints by removing the targeted populations from the battlefield, and to house them, indefinitely. The Final Solution did not end the acts of the Occupation, in any way, shape, or form.

But, during its heyday, and beyond, the Occupation racked up huge numbers of reprisals against civilians. And these acts focused on genocide in order to accomplish Lebensraum, or room to live. This was the real impetus of the vast majority of deaths. This act of murdering the Slavic people was not entirely racially motivated, and this was due to the fact that the Nurnburgh Laws made a little distinction between Slavic peoples, and Jews. But, the reason for the genocides was that both groups had to be removed, in order to accomplish this living space for Germans...

The vast majority of these casualties died in Russia, not camps. They were Christians, not Jewish. And their removal was to fulfill the prophecy of Germania, a Europe sized German republic. 

But, they were not slain in the Final Solution. 

The problem with the "official record" is that it has blurred the lines between the romanticized focus on Jews in the German Occupation, and the Concentration Camp Model of Extermination, and simply blended the two events. This is a logical fallacy known as The Fallacy of the False Equivalency. The two could not be more different.

In the 6 Million figure, what we have is actually less than one half of the Slavic Orthadox Christians that died in the German Occupation. 20 Million Slavic Christians were either taken from their homes, and slain by small, highly mobile SS officers known as Einsatsgruppen., or they, too, died in the Concentration Camp Model. This includes Ukranian Slavs, Serbs killed by the Ustashe, and not just Russians. Many were slain in acts of reprisals against civilian objection to Nazi authority, including hiding Allied pilots, and resistance organizations acting against the Occupation Forces.  

The Germans were acting only cursorily as racially motivated soldiers against Slavs. Their main objective was to remove ALL Slavs from the world in order to house the population boom Hitler foresaw following the Axis victory. 

And there is a snafu to how these deaths, and the details, remain cherry-picked in order to maintain the narrative of the focus on Jews, and how they were put into ovens. You see, Stalin had declared war on Zionism in the 1930's. 

Antisemitism, the NewSpeak name for Christianity, then became a feature of Soviet Right Wing Communism, which was Stalinist. While the Left wing, which was more representative of Trotsky's view of the body of the Soviet Politique, confirmed staunch atheism, was 90% Jewish, and regarded Stalin's acts as, "An affront to the Bolshevik concept."

In response, Stalin murdered, imprisoned, and otherwise removed the Left Wing from Soviet affairs. This series of acts is known commonly as, "Stalinistic Purging." And, one effect of those purges was the abandonment of Jewish births, deaths, and general record keeping of Jews outside of larger, urban areas. This Antisemitism followed Stalin's post war political machinations, and would ultimately divorce the Soviet Union from Tito's Jugoslvia. Along the way, though, the facts about the Jewish population of Russia were deemed insignificant, and thus, were not a priority of the Soviet Union. 

The problems that this causes the argument are many, but all of them conduct themselves into one, single, and very questionable dogma, which is the 6 Million figure. 

Since 1995, a database has only been able to discover around 4 Million Jews as killed by "The Final Solution". However, millions of names, in Hebrew, then other languages, bearing similar or identical death dates, echo throughout any given database. 

This implies that, in Germany, for instance, the ruling government was viewed by Jews as illegitimate. And now, suddenly, we are deceived into believing that German Jews and Russian peasants received equal regard. They did not.

But, it also proved the 6 Million figure was faked.

This resulted in modern human programmers simply adding the arbitrary names of Russian peasants to the 6 Million list, in order to supplement the less than four million names of European Jews that did not have identical names, or were repeatedly counted after being translated into Hebrew, or because they were very similar names, as well as birth and death dates. Voilà: we then reach the 6 Million figure in the Cherry Picking Logical Fallacy. 

But the 20 Million Russians, and other Slavs that died, not just due to the Final Solution, but instead, both the Final Solution and the German Occupation (a myth that became part of the Romanticized history) had records because they were mainly not Jewish...

  • Typically, a given database plateaus at around four million names.
  • Then, the discovery of repeating names sparks denials, excuses, and apparently, the creation of new compilation databases.
  • Then, the new database repeats the same 2-3 million count, complete with names in Hebrew, then, in European languages, as well, with repeating death dates, etc.
  • These names do not separate the death of Western European Jews in camps, or by acts of German Occupation Forces.

Hearsay: The Tie That Binds

Hearsay plays a vital role in the details of the Holocaust. This is due to the eyewitness effect, and the fact that the tales of survivors are first hand, and anecdotal. For example, let us consider the testimony of the French female Communist, who testified as a firsthand witness as to the facts about the Gas Extermination model, Marie-Claude Vaillant Couturier. Mrs Coutrier was a Resistance member who was arrested by the Nazis.

Mrs Coutrier testified that she saw skeletal prisoners forced to labor until dead. She testified to the atrocities she witnessed, as well as being a witness that established the Gas Model of Extermination, at both Auschwitz, and Ravenswood. She has been called, "The Darling of the War Crimes Tribunal".

At one point in the proceeding, the prosecuting attorney asks her, on the witness stand, if she had witnessed the gas being used, herself. Her answer is generally considered to be a typical eyewitness account:

Coutrier: "Yes, I saw (the usage of gas myself). One night, we awoke to terrible cries. The next day, we spoke to inmates of the Sonder Kommand, (which is the gas command.) They said that the Germans had run out of gas, and simply tossed the living Jews into the ovens."

She also testified to having to attend regular role call, where name and tatoo numbers were called. These people vanished, pardon the extemporaneous description, "their uniforms came back, empty, and were burned." Again: this is something that she saw, the role calls. But, the fate of those prisoners is not something that she witnessed, firsthand. The claim, "their uniforms were returned and burned." is not something to which she should be permitted to testify as having seen. That is literal hear say.

She was not assigned to the Sonder Kommand, she never burned these "empty" uniforms, never saw them, but was allowed to claim she had. She would have sustained permanent damage to her health, had she been exposed to the bodies, and burned the clothing of cyanide victims. She would not have survived one week doing this.

We now know that the specific group of Concentration Camp prisoners, the Sonder Kommand, handled these tasks, and she was not one of them. Many of these stories were told as having been the strategy of the Sonder Kommand inmate, to survive by serving the Nazis. But, for some reason they were not called to testify.

The fact that she survived the camps, as a Communist, tends to undermine the validity of the case she outlined to the court. For Nazis, Communism is Judaism without the accident of birth.

Here is what's wrong with her account. 

  1. She actually never testifies to having seen the use of gas to kill anyone. She never saw gasmasks issued to inmates so that they could dispose of the remains of victims, because it would be lethal to handle them, otherwise. She never was exposed to gas, herself, besides the in-processing delousing shower. Her head, like every woman's head, was shaved to prevent lice. She received a tatoo.
  2. Instead of relating testimony about seeing gas being used, she relates a hearsay account of something that she didn't see with her own eyes. Her testimony consists of a rumor she heard from others, who told her that this is what they saw
  3. This is a logical fallacy called Appeal To Authority, where a chain of authority, in this case, the Allied Prosecutors, has claimed that she had been an eyewitness. Yet, her account is not of something she saw. It is dramatic, and intended to render emotionality. But, her testimony is not supported by science, mathematics, architecture, nor feasibility. Instead, we are appealed to, that we should replace careful examination with an emotionally empathetic-identification with this witness as a victim, which she was.
  4. We are told she is giving a firsthand account of exterminations with gas. Her testimony is still cited as eyewitness testimony to the extermination by gas model. She saw no gas used on anybody.
  5. The only thing she saw was the same kind of atrocity that goes on to this hour in every nation on earth: the sick and the dying are not given health care in custody, and die from the abuse at the hands of their guards. During wartime, it is accelerated. She saw prisoners forced to work, and this is all that should have been admitted into evidence. 
  6. Sonderkommand does not mean, "Gas Command." It means "Special Brigade."
Suppose 100% of the "Gas Witnesses" were dead. Then the record cannot show that the Gas Model ever took place unless it is by a hearsay witness. In American Justice, hearsay is not admissible in court: in this case, or any others. The only exception cannot apply in this circumstance. Therefore, under American Law: the fact that 100% of the Gas Model Witnesses perished, as uncanny as that seems to be, in that incredible coincidence: the charges must be dismissed.

The only admissible evidence to the Gas Model would have been the postmortems of the victims. We do not have that. Postmortems were ordered, but, for some strange reason: they have been suppressed. We would still need the requirements for chain of custody to be satisfied as to the potential for document forgery, and we would need to introduce into evidence why the tests were ordered, and who ordered them? We would need the credentials of the examining medical command. This should have been done in 1945.

Then, we could call corroborating witnesses from the actual Sonder Kommand members, and their testimonies would hopefully connect the dots.... but we don't have that, either. Simply holding up Zyklon cans and not having a single witness that saw this gas being used against inmates is an emotional appealing nonsense.  

Isn't this a little odd, that none of that is entered into evidence? 

American POW's could not be questioned nor called by the Tribunal, this was suppressed, as a resource. All we have left is the defendants, themselves.

The usage of torture to obtain Nazi confessions invalidates their testimonies. Torture by the Allied Intelligence Commands was used to obtain the witnesses as to the veracity of the Gas Model. This evidence should still be considered as, "torture-obtained", and not only should it never have been allowed into evidence, it should be stricken from the record, today.

In their "confessions", each Commandant left a bomb in time that came to refute the entire Holohoax. It's as if they understood that the truth would one day come out of this unbelievable mind f--k.
Mrs Coutrier was the darling of the Hollywood crew that recorded the War Crimes Tribunals, and therefore, the darling of the Post War vilification culture that emerged from these proceedings.

Because the hearsay of the former Nazi brass has been far more damaging...

Among the examples of hearsay made by former Nazi officials that entered the official narrative as "factual" is the testimony of Adolf Eichmann, whom alongside Heydrich, co-chaired the planning, then announcement of the Final Solution in the January 20th, 1942 Wansee Conference. 

When captured by Mossad in 1960, Eichmann was tried and sentenced to death. But, during his testimony, he testified that the Commandant of Aushwitz had assured him that in Auschwitz, alone, 6 Million had died, 2,000 per hour. Since then, the narrative gradually did away with that number, but it did briefly stand that Eichmann was told this obvious lie, so therefore, 6 Million only scratched the surface of how many Jews were actually killed. 

Indeed, Hoettl's 6 Million claim is also hearsay... It just happens to be hearsay that the advocates of this lie are refusing to concede is unsubstantiated.

Without hearsay, we wouldn't have the endless search to vindicate the 6 Million claim. And most of the hearsay testimony, such as outlandish claims by survivors regarding surgical procedures that the state of the art medical sciences could not perform in the 1940's, have been refuted. Yet, hearsay remains necessity in the most basic claims of Holocaust advocacy.  

Eichmann's numbers were simply re-manouvered, made to reiterate the 6 Million figure, while other portions of the Holohoax, such as, ""Nazis made soap and lampshades from dead Jews!"..." have long been exposed as lies, though the attempts to resist the facts carries on in "survivors" whose testimonies were conditioned to relate these, and other, similar lies. And there is a reason for this. 

Plaque commemorating the now discredited claim that Nazis made soap and lampshades from dead Jews... But the entire death camp paradigm is at this point, laughable. Typhus, disintery, and other infections required the burning of bodies and bedclothes. The same types of deaths/disposals occured in both sides' POW Camps in the American Civil War, civilians were also targeted by the North.

The Psyop

The purpose of the Holocaust was for pre war's end Allied Command in London to make the rule of postwar Germany easier. They decided to create the stigma of guilt, then, to rest that guilt on the heads of the German civilians. That way, they used guilt and shame of the defeated German people against them in order to remove their possible resurgence, and to prevent the grim possibility of yet another world war resulting from it. 

This technically falls into the category of being both a psyop, and a civilian reprisal. 

Civilian reprisals are banned by the UN Charter, Articles 1, and 18. However, due to Germany's status as an "occupied country", as well as the fact that the UN didn't technically exist until October of 1945, almost a full year after the Soviet Union liberated the first camps attached to the Aushwitz facilities: the protection from this type of war crime did not extend to Germans. This is because the Allied Command feared them with good reason. 

But why weren't Japanese civilians, nor Romanian and Italian people not regarded with the spell of "blame" in such intensity? Why was it reserved for Germany, alone?

Civilians were raped, looted, and murdered by the victorious Allied troops, and this occured throughout the former Axis nations. But only Germany's population remains stigmatized by the Jewish Question 74 years after the War's end. Why?

Notable Americans, and the Bible, itself placed Jews into a subhuman, or Untermenchen category of existence. The Holohoax removed the contempt for the Jewish people, visible in many respected historic figures, purging it from history. Then, the Holohoax allowed that Biblical contempt for Judaism to be reassigned as specifically German.  

Then, somehow, all those famous people's regards were simply consolidated into a slander about the German people of the World War era, and then the Jews took their revenge against the German people. 

Christ Age Roman politicians, poets, Henry Ford, Cicero, Ezra Pound, Senator Fullbright, (to name a few) commented very publicly about the intensely vile collective of Judaism. But, from Christ's word, to the liberation of the nations: all the world remains a prisoner to the same lie which libeled Germany. A lie told 70 plus years ago...

Why? There is one answer: they were permitted to demonstrate to yet another generation the many reasons that they must not be awarded guiless regards of the association fallacy. The war brewing against Iran, the Mossad's role in 9-11, these are but a couple of reasons that clarity should replace delusion about Judaism's end game.

In Conclusion

The US Government has been shown the damage of what the influence of Jews in powerful places yields: the addiction problem, the Sexual Revolution, and Aids, abortion, as well as being enslaved to the war-provoking members of Israeli government as it criminalized that relationship with the land grab of the Syrian territories around the Golan Heights, and continues provoking a military disaster against Iran, as Trump keeps promising, "...after I am re-elected... we'll do it then, swear to God..."

But in typical fashion, Jews play one ally, the UK, against the other, the US, with devastating consequences for the world when they succeed. 

And, the net effect of the Holohoax has been a visible postwar Jewish hijacking of US Government. Prior to the war, less than 1% of the American Government was Jewish. Now, 1.4% of the US population occupies 42% of its elected positions, and 99% of US Government is directly influenced by the Israeli Lobby. 

This is based on the The Fallacy of Good Intentions, as the nation pitied them into a position of having the nerve to challenge the First Amendment protections via AIPAC's control over both parties... And as the Jewish control increases, and the lies of the Holocaust are increasingly exposed, rather than undoing this democracy ending mistake, it receives more layman defense from well intended, but ignorant people, like Mr Taylor. And, that is no coincidence! One needs to think: a group of Jews owns the publication that asked him to make the comment. It was nothing more than a US Military recruitment poster. 

The Irony

The irony of Corey Taylor's timing is that he is advocating mercy for a people engaged in organ thieving, war crimes, land theft, and the robbing of both history, and time. 

And, he is doing it right at a moment in time when soldiers are gearing up to die in his master's latest, and most needless, blood purge to date: Iran. He is literally shilling for Israel right as they are about to incur the destruction of the Western drift of civilization! And, many of those whose lives stand to be cut short as they project corrupt Zionist America against the Eurasiatic Alliance, also happen to be fans of Shillknot... coincidence?

But, this time, the war shall come home to its American causes, as well as it's Israeli ones. 

For this reason: he should STFU. 
Other lies: The Murder of Himmler, he didn't commit suicide.


  1. The real crime perpetrated by the Zionist Rothschild controlled Allied Command, is the blatant lie that states that a civilian population should be held accountable for the acts of the military and government. By this illogical proposition, the murders/disappearances of 11 Million Iraqis should be held against the American and British public, if not while living, then, they should go to hell. Likewise, the sleight of hand of the Holohoax did exactly that. The lie: the mayor of Dachau committed suicide over the Revelation of the camp in Dachau. The truth: he was most likely murdered. The lie: Himmler committed suicide using hidden cyanide AFTER being searched. The truth, many UK officers stated that Himmler was tortured, then a mortician changed his appearance postmortem, then he was photographed as having killed himself.

    The lies of the Jews are renown. The United States shall fall unless they are confronted.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Himmler's murder was ordered by Churchill to cover up many things. One is the Holohoax, and the various data's veracity in seemingly unrelated areas that may have challenged the mainly British emphasis on the Holohoax.


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