Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Quick Word

We are being censored by the Jews as we speak. Their control over this media is a direct contradiction to the US Constitution, the First Amendment, which states, "the Freedom of Speech shall not be abridged." 

Due to the fact these signals were bought and paid for by US taxpayer dollars since 1959, what we have here is the US deferring to a corporate interest to violate Constitutional Guarantees, when the SCOTUS has ruled that corporations are required to honor the Bill of Rights. 

Five comments of mine were erased by YouTube. This is proof that the do-nothing US Congress must die beneath the lead helmet of disavowed information contained within the total brainwash of its pro Zionist census.

The reason we, as Americans, must support Iran, Russia, China, and the rest of the Eurasiatic Alliance, is so that the wrongs of History as committed by Jews, against the Constitution of the United States, and it's People, can be erased with that vile, ugly collective. 

Harry Elmer Barnes is assessed by Wikipedia's habit of categorizing those that threaten the Holohoax's tenants, as a denier. He wasn't. He was given access to the evidence, and determined the Holohoax to be a propaganda effort led by UK, as demanded by their Rothschilds masters.

He postulated that the Fall of Communism would expose the Holohoax as a 100% lie, since he felt the Russians used the same psyop against occupied nations in its hemisphere. He was never granted access to those sites, either, but did exhaustive interviews of soldiers, as well as was given the most comprehensive access to US Military data about the camps to date. He concluded that, "There was/is no evidence that any extermination occurred in these camps." 

He stated further, "The bodies found by liberating troops have been concluded to be victims of disease, not gas. Diseases, such as one expects when people are interned together. This also happened in both Andersonville, and Douglasville." (Southern and Northern POW camps)

During his lifetime he was not challenged. 

By going to bed with these Jews, we have awakened in a nightmare of censorship, hair splitting, and corporate dictatorships parasitically murdering the freedoms for which our ancestors, not (((theirs))), fought. 

How can there be more compelling evidence than that?

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