Monday, July 29, 2019

Destroying the Reparations Argument

The notion that black people in America should receive reparations is itself based on several events in history which have since been proven not to have occurred in the ways we first believed that they had.

In spite of this, those arguments, in many ways, oppose the arguments for reparations. 

The Holocaust Reparations Acts in Europe were passed within a decade of the acts that they were created to confront. However, many of the principles of those legal complaints have since been disproven. But, the victims, themselves, were able to sue against the participation of the government of Germany, as well as the corporate entities; both of whom were determined to have engaged in the enslavement, murders, etc, of people imprisoned by the Third Reich.

Nobody has paid them for their bondage. It literally makes me sick when I hear the reparations pitch. The pinnacle of making the Southern Army correct, in their face!

The personalities behind the reparations arguments don't come across as serious, at all. They actually seem to be united in a rhetorical campaign that makes the duplicitous claim that there is a way to alter the past, or at the very least, alter the way it is viewed; by a simple, present-day exchange of free money. 

Whether they intend to, or whether they do not intend to, they seem obsequious. They seem to want to appeal to the victimization of people who have been dead for nearly eight generations, now. And, the impossibility of that occurring is why they only seem obsequious... They want everyone in the United States to believe that, if the black people of America are paid, then..... Then what?
The dangers of being obsequious include the notion that it is an act that is to gain our confidence. Once we trust that quality, then we are ripe for betrayal

And, they want black people to believe that if they are given money to remedy the agonies for chains they never even touched, and abuse they never even felt, that those things will dissipate into ONLY the victimizations they feel today; thereby justifying the abuse that being black incurs, today. 

That way, apparently, the present can be experienced by the mere act of unlocking the past: and that key is billions and billions of dollars!

Then, somehow, the pain of being black will no longer exist, since that concept is arguably imagined, and whether or not it exists, is not the responsibility of the taxpayers....and they will agree: as long as we pay. Then, the next payout will be free money for the way trees abuse the human condition. Then, maybe the way that the moon hurts our feelings....

The reactionary class consciousness can literally sound completely justified, and one can literally be made up out of thin air!

And, maybe these payouts last only till the next time four freshman Reps try to shakedown the WHOLE country...

Reparations has been called the race card, on steroids... It is a fair metaphor. 

And, if we are to buy their argument: present day cash payouts based on skin color can free the slaves of the past.... No. No, they can't. 

That is literally insane. And for these, and other reasons, this argument I am putting forth is not consistent with the Fallacy of the Slippery Slope, which names consequences that aren't probable as an illogical prevention mechanism.

But if successful in this shakedown of the US taxpayer, these Representatives driving this issue will assure their place in both American History, and in Infamy. They are called, The Squad. And, there is too much convenience in their outline to qualify as good government. Consequences of fulfilling this rhetorical fantasy include realizing that we are each responsible for our own well-being.

But, that is maybe the solitary positive consequence.  

And, that's already true, now: without a time machine, and without billions of tax dollars.... 

However, the illogical argument can only return a result that is also illogical. Therefore, in addition to the argument against the illogical conclusion offered by reparations, we have the right to add speculation: as long as that speculation directly refers back to the flaws in the reparations argument. 

If the squad has its way, the descent into complete governmental dysfunction will not be noticed, however, and the result: the consequences of ideologies that aren't shared (naturally) rise to the forefront of government business. Real consequences, such as learning that the government is not our mother, could take years, and include agonizing surgery to our democracy. It could mean more and greater unrest, as the limits of fallacy reveal themselves. And, these changes could potentially increase the social-complex of victimization, to even becoming more intense, and more prevalent. 

Ever been annoyed by some well meaning Boomer trying to claim that the US is not a democracy, but a republic? This is nonsense. A Republic means that the people designed their own government. A democracy means that officials are elected, and laws are voted on by the voter. In our system of representative democracy, we elect people who promise to pursue an agenda. In reality, we are a Democracy. We are a Republic. And we are a representative democracy. The argument that our republic and democracy aren't the same is unsupportable. Democracy describes a system of consensus. Republic describes the way that this system was designed. The Boomer argument is called a Red Herring Fallacy.

Learning, after taxing the entire country for a racially motivated reason, that the process of returning the proverbial genie to it's bottle is near-impossible, is the kind of lesson that Americans ought not need to learn. And the never ending throes of racial antipathy becoming a more established part of American society, undoing the collected works of Ike, JFK, King, and others, would be the least of the consequences.

Validating the Lord to laugh at the ridiculous virtues and short term memory of the US would also be devastating.

Instead of serving, they fight the ZOG by categorically making opposition to it racial. Instead of logic, they appeal to psychological victimization complexes which are far more damaging than the racism they claim to be resisting. Instead of making an effective compromise, they are, in Don Quixote-like fashion, charging the windmills of history. 

And they do it well. 

And because of that, the light needs to be shined into the etiology of their argument, and thereby, silence it. 


Here is why slavery reparations for Blacks in America is a non issue:
  • Reparations for acts that occurred in the distant past, during an era in time wherein the specific acts or practices were not criminal, culminates as an illogical conclusion by reason of the Historian's Fallacy. The Historian's Fallacy states that we cannot view past events through the lens of contemporary values, and make actions based on those conclusions, or assessments of those acts. It is an illogical argument to do so. Reparations is based on an illogical argument.
  • Reparations are historically paid by the offenders only to the victims of criminal acts. The US Government actually freed the slaves, then, militarily enforced that freedom. Therefore, reparations are not owed to modern black people by the US Government. The only people that were due reparations were the slaves, themselves. The reparations would be due to them by the various corporate and native-African corporate constructs that procured slaves. The chain of custody for each individual would need to be examined. Since 90% of the people enslaved were ultimately enslaved by an act of other Africans, then the real issues could only be settled, there. 
  • In American courts, in all 50 States, and the DC District: a lawsuit which is filed against an unactionable defendant cannot proceed to remedy, regardless of whether it is being brought forth by an individual, or a class of individuals. By law, such an action is to be dismissed with prejudice if the filing party continues to act litigiously. Likewise, any act of Congress stating otherwise is not a legal act. Therefore, the Congress of the United States cannot legally name itself as party to any such remedy, since the US Government actually didn't own slaves. All the would-be "defendants", as well as the injured parties, are long since dead, and passed away. 
  • After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the US Government has acted in every responsible way, possible, in order to respond both morally, and legally, in such a way as to prevent, and to seek the prosecution of its citizens whose acts potentially denied the Civil Rights of members of the black population. In cases, like the sundown towns of the North, these towns' regulations have not been challenged, legally. If they were, then they would be forced to comply with the law.
  • If an illogical act, like reparations, is seriously entertained, then, all acts of crime by blacks against whites must also be illogically tallied, given a financial value, and that number deducted from the reparations bills. This is based on the conclusion that the definition of reparations includes, "the abuse of the black race by the white race". Black crime against whites should be deductible retroactively to 1865, as well: since no modern white owned slaves, but criminal statistics show high yields of violent crimes, especially against white women, and no reciprocation of violence by whites against black women. The jail and prison bills for the defendants whom were caught and/or convicted, should also be presented to the black race by the US Government.
  • Marriages by blacks to whites, and breeding between blacks and whites should also be criminalized. Then, a price should be set that addresses each of these violations, and that tally should be deducted from the final sum awarded for reparations. The manufacture of a new race/class of potential litigants, which is now capable of illogical beliefs, and, via abuse of democracy, is possibly able to use American courts to pursue those illogical conclusions, mandates that the US Government must defend itself from future, and potentially damaging illogical conclusions which are billed to the American taxpayer. 
  • An act requiring the US Government to identify a population based on the potential to use that identification towards their abuse, and then, to confirm that identity, as well: violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 
  • SNAP and housing via §8 and grants to black people of all types, to include DOE loans and grants, should be tallied from 1865 until the date of the Congressional Bill to pay blacks is passed in Congress. This sum should also be deducted from the reparations total.
  • If the sum of reparations is less than the deductions black people owe the US Government via the deductibles, (if there is a negative balance): then all black people should immediately be deported to Africa, unless they did not support the reparations argument. This way, the US Government keeps its implied promise to its posterity, not to leave potential debt, and debt crises upon their charges specifically because they have not yet been born...
  • Illogic never ends. The only solution is to build a legal pathway to a conclusion. Reparations cannot, due to their lack of logic, ever conclude. Thus, they should not be undertaken outside of the knowledge that it will only begin a general break down of the order, in America.
  • Reparations is nothing more than divisive excuse manufacture, and any leader advocating it should be deemed incompetent, their educational qualifications thoroughly examined, and then by impeachment, that leader removed from office. 
  • Reparations will not be followed by peace and contentment. It would be followed by violence, contentiousness, and a general breakdown in law, and order. 
  • Reparations will not bring justice to a historically wronged people. Nor can giving free money to black people, in any way, shape, nor form, affect the past! Instead, it would be an irresponsible act further confirming stereotypes that all whites owned slaves, and all whites that do not support reparations are racists. Less than 3% of the total US population owned slaves. Yet, 100% of the US population would be paying that bill. 
  • The US Taxpayer owes black people, who were born in the US, after 1865, a sum total of nothing; as recompensation for their racial identity. That is the very definition of freedom. 
In my opinion, the reparations cries are growing louder by their historic opponents in order to re elect Trump. 
Maybe that deserves some meditation?

What common sense must support, in terms of the whole of this argument, is that the individual who is paid any amount of money in exchange for the institution which brought this individual's ancestor to this nation is, in absolute terms, the removal of that person's rights to remain a citizen of this country. 

Congress is also able to discern the snarl of potential consequences for itself upon the careful examination of any class consciousness generalization quantifying the suffering of any given group of people into modern abhorrence which mandates payouts. The abhorrence doesn't need to be modern.

What we do know is that values can change, and what is considered an institution, today, may be some day identified as a practice that is generally unfair to any given group. Because that is a trend of History, and not of the US Congress, the attempts to legislate this as such are exactly as idiotic as permitting short people to sue the US taxpayer, via Congress, for gravity.

The US Congress serves Israel, not the US, and it is extremely possible that this could happen. But, the furtherance of weakening the country could not exceed the concept that the US taxpayer is accountable for the misdeeds of a implicitly tiny minority of its population's behaviours.

The issue of reparations is completely bogus, and the cry of sorry individuals. The fact that it is being entertained by anyone in DC demonstrates the absolute necessity to vote these figures out of office. 

(PS: the ADOS is the foundation type organization dedicated to the pursuit, and accomplishing of excuses, sorriness, and denial that is the clearinghouse for the Reparations cause. Reality Check: if this goal were achieved, this group would have to either find a new cause, or lose its tax exemption status, etc. Therefore, this is just a corporate welfare level abduction of finance and common sense. No reason to be angry, nor to take it seriously.)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What Ever Happened to Brexit?

Theresa May leaves a deadlocked Article 15 Commission, a sorry state of international affairs, all the while, the Zionist State is consolidating a horrific outcome for itself because this is the sum total of its existence. In comes Boris Johnson, who Zoomer and Millennial Brits have come to associate with, "all things Brexit related.." 

The NEW Brexit date, is October 31, 2019. But, this does not mean that the UK will have its deal, or eu will call the bluff, or UK will. It means that PM Johnson simply focuses on the leaving, and the damage done is the damage done. A range of potential outcomes then follows, but due to in-fighting in the major and the smaller coalition parties, there is not much else clear except that the date of Brexit is Oct 31, with eu claiming it will not be amenable to extending the deadline, again. If Parliament balks beyond that time, then the LP will more than likely try to take over. And, Boris Johnson is clever enough to allow them to do so.

Most of Theresa May's attentions were diverted by Lord Rothschild's fear of his losing the Ukraine to the Eurasiatic Alliance. As a result, he lobbied for her personal attention to try to frame, and encumber Russia, by all means, necessary. This is partially due to the old man's fear of the media creation of Russian Trump bromance. One reaps what one sows. Russia did not poison the Skripals. It was a false flag by MI-6.

Similar to Russiahacked, the UK and eu media have slandered and libeled the entire Brexit issue, sabotaging only the confidence of those whom are too young to keep present in mind that the media is anything but factual, academic, or unbiased. 

If one were to review the predictions I made for Brexit, the one that hasn't happened yet is the reason that feet are being dragged on both sides of the Art 50 Commission's tables: the fact that the Pound Sterling enhanced the value of the Euro, means the DM will have to be reissued in order to restore Euro-confidence. 

In fact, the Brexit process has been unfairly blamed on the Tories, some even entertained the notion that Boris Johnson should be brought up on conspiracy charges for not finishing what they felt, in their over simplified logic, was his personal crime against the state and welfare of Europe. It wouldn't be just of me to mention the shade of conspiracy being Johnson's, alone, Farage was the primary target of the cries of cheating, etc. Boris Johnson was second, and still is.

That is because the cries for Farage's head go on, daily....

Brexit was actually set forth into motion when, in 1998, Finance Minister, and future Labor Party PM, Gordon Brown, acting under direct orders from Blair, came up with a brief essay called, 5 Reasons To Keep The Pound. 
This essay, based on Five Economic Tests, had the net effect of torpedoing the eu-wide EuroZone, and this has been the first episode of Brexit. The seeds for UK's departure were sown, then.
Syria? God said, "No." and made him listen. Palestine becoming Unholy Israel? God said, "No." Now, He once gave him the choice to listen, or not. Now, God saying, "No." is going to be loud, retroactive, and comprehensive.

The eu lies about its history frequently. One of the most damaging lies is that eu has existed since 1956, and the signing of the Treaty of Rome. So, it has passed into history that UK, after 60 years, wished to leave eu. And plainly speaking, nothing could be further from the truth. 

The issues raised in Brown's essay literally applied to more than just the Pound. And, the fact is, that the effect of eu has not been a unified Europe. To the contrary, it is actually the economic, legal, and criminal damage being waged like war against the average European, whom is in turn, criminalized, and marginalized, for resisting the damage. 
Chief Brexit Art 50 Negotiator, Michael Barnier

The Euro is not worth enough gold to sustain the macroeconomic damage which is being concealed, and disguised among the microeconomic formulaic models in which Great Britain has never really participated. Remove the Pound Sterling from the shadow role it is playing, legally, and the question becomes, "Is the Euro is resolved to carry itself?"
Four years, and the cracks of the Zionist NWO uniting in total astonishment for the former operators of the stolen world, Soros's condition is weakening him....

Threats to this being realized, successfully, include international confidence, wars, petroleum prices rising, and the disproportionately self-aware corporate identity that is masquerading as a national bank in every European capital. 

These banks were born empty, and eu has been unable to turn that around; whether you live in the lies of a 60 year existence, or the facts of the 19 years of eu. 

Sooner or later the refugee tide must be forcefully quelled, and the Zionist Control, which encourages White Genocide by filling up Europe with impoverished African and Arab speaking souls, as well as unlearned lessons about the Fallacy of Good Intentions, is threatened by a financially disjointed legal entity burdening consolidated dominance.

Brexit, alone cannot save UK, nor can it destroy eu. Those forces, and those choices, reside, unified in the wresting of democracy from the banks of Europe. Then, passing laws that remove the kind of juxtaposition that Zionism enjoys, by having Western Culture under its Asian thumb, and running it into the ground. 
Jesus forbade His Apostles to enter Asia. John Mark did. Muhammed exited 600 years, later. (647 AD). One hundred fifty years after that, Ottoman Khazars, aka Hazards, upon ultimatum to convert to one of the Abrahamic religions, chose to become Jews. These are not real Jews. Those are known but to God. These individuals have Indo-European blood, which is consistent with Khazarian blood. They have no DNA relationship to the Fertile Crescent.

The prediction I made, that never came true, was that Merkel would be compelled to re-issue the DM as a means of communicating confidence that the Euro was no longer in British hands. I remain as of yet un-venerated... But, in all fairness, I think this will need to happen.

The fact of the Brexit matter is that both sides have tried to levy ridiculous terms on the other. For eu, the demand that UK must accept the rulings of the EUHC and EUCHR, for the next 30 years is an example of what I mean. This is why Brexit became mandatory! These courts, whose tandem wars against the white race were the main selling points of Brexit, could not have been insinuated more self-defeatingly.

And, there is a tinge of envy throughout Europe for how the UK is going to throw those chains immediately, no longer being mandated to permit the unpunished murders of her citizens based on a refugee status defense. And not content therewith, insisting that a man, whom slays an intruder, should be held accountable for that act. How senseless! That act is initiated by the refugee. The criminal liability resides with the home owner's would be murderer! Not the homeowner! That is literally insane.

That is still the greatest sort of wrong perpetrated by eu. And, every country in Europe is demanding for it to end; along with the rapes, the murders, and the kidding of anyone about the realities of racial, economic, and intelligence statuses.

When I remind Americans that this issue in Iran, and more to the point, the potential refugee crisis that this war would create in Europe, is the biggest reason why eu, and its military organizations, the Common Defense and Security Policy, a million man defensive tactical army, and it's offensive force NATO, and its 15,000 man force, remain the subjects of hostility for the intentions of Israel. 

Add to that, (oddly enough) a president in the US, who has sold the US to Zionism more than any other man that held that office in History, except Ike: Donald Trump, and the war drums just beat with deliberate foreknowledge... 

Trump says he isn't going to war in Iran. Odds are, that Israel is going to war with, or without the US. 

I'd like to add that if that happened, Trump would go all in. The Active Negative Presidential character is one that demands selfish ego validation. This type of president seeks to realize a pre-existing self aggrandizement in the sentimentalities of his successes. This type of president cannot differenciate between his personal challenges, and those of the varied national interests. He leaves both of them incomplete, and unfinished.

This limits the president's ability to perceive the imperative depths to which his problems can reach, and it also bears an underlying derailment to the logic that recognizes the way that proactive preventative policy formation requires a very broad consensus. 

Problems that need to be addressed are not, and instead, the status of the problem is his credit, alone, when he appears to have succeeded. But, when his management style fails to deliver, the blame is diverted away from this type of presidential character.

Therefore, Trump sees it as his duty to protect Israel, although that duty has placed the entire 243 year history of the US under Israeli control, following the Rothschild's Holohoax. He has been flattered into warfare for Israel, by an Israeli PM who is served by advisors who know every bit of this data about presidential character, which I have imparted to you.... It's no coincidence that UN Violating Golan Settlements, which are going to result in war, anyway, were called, "Trump Heights." The nerve!

But, when this happens, that would be only the two nations of the US, and Israel, which are being destroyed...
Europe will not budge on the Iran issue. And, odds are, that even Brexiting UK cannot wait until a more talented statesman replaces Trump...

In the, "Anthology of Greatest Hits About How Brexit Slide Was Both Sides' Faults", are three different versions of a AIG deal which was to link the two now-unrelated entities of UK and eu. The deals are somewhat worked out, but the missed opportunities include
the inspiration for cooperative efforts. Specifically, efforts that would be mutually beneficial, in the fields of medicine, and insurance, as well. This would have signified mutual goodwill, and likely could have potentially extended that goodwill beyond the era that the UK spent as a member-state of eu... 

Everyone recalls the meme of Theresa May, and the comment that read: she has sold out the public health system! 

This was inspired slander! The average LP voting Brit still maintains that, "Brexit will murder us, all!"

Nonetheless, like all things doom and gloom (but the Zionist Atrocity), it is a little more rhetorical than fact. 
Hardly noticed this week was a Zionist Org publicly contracting a hit against Liberal Party boss Jeremy Corbyn... The fiction-entranced Jewish community cannot stand any support for BDS. I support BDS, and I do it so well that I will never be caught. But, if I were, the Supreme Court kills the entire Israeli Boycott prevention issue. But the Zionist influence in UK insisted that Corbyn be delayed, if possible, indefinitely. 

Murder is something that they do. Ask JFK.

As BoJo's term as PM dawns, Brexit, and his enduring place in History, both reside with him, alone. All indications are that a brief tenure will follow. Parliament has been unable to move the Brexit beyond the party divisions on both sides of the political debate, and this has done more to stifle it, than anything else.

But, it is also distinctly British to overthink, overbuild, and agonize over otherwise unnecessary details. The Sitzkrieg Brexit is typical of British logic.

As that runs its course, the second referendum issue is something BoJo once footed, but the whole of the Brexit is not about thinking and anticipating every little thing, it is to simply leave a path to flexible relations with eu, and reassume control over its borders.

Having been brainwashed since the Holocaust, the average continental wants no more refugees. And it is dangerously close to exposing the Jews a la Bobby Fisher, who once said, "I feel it is my duty to expose the Jews...." That's why all of Italy is ultra right wing...

In spite of this, Interior Minister, Salvini, continues to toe the EUCHR 15 article, protocol, etc. And, that ideology abides the spirit of the Fallacy of Good Intentions, deceiving themselves, and anyone who will listen to it, stating its desperate consequences do not apply, as long as the Jewish leaders in finance have demanded that Europe allow itself to be destroyed by strangers....

Bobby Fisher predicted this eons ago, back in the fifties. He said, "I am not the only one they are persecuting...."

If you don't know: he meant that the Holocaust, and the Jewish takeover of world banking and governments that it resulted in, would ultimately threaten world democracy, and the lives of the non Jews of the world.

Now, add Mikhail Gorbachev's quote regarding eu: "Eu is simply the Soviet Union of the West.", and remember the Zionists that over ran beautiful Russia, and imprisoned her for ages beneath Zionism Nirvana, Communism... The danger is very real. And, this is why eu must be dissolved. 

But, the Brexit issue should not be to strapped down, and made synonymous with the legacy of Theresa May's inability to captain the ship through it. 

Its waters are uncharted, and this is a divorcement of the NWO made by the very people who forced Zionism down the screaming, protesting throat of the world. It is abhorrent to the British tradition to rebuke the service of convenience for their Zionist masters, at the cost of managing their own, Christian national interests.

It is insipid that the truth remains unknown to the majority!
But May, herself, did not act in direct hostility with either the Art 50 EU Commission, nor the members of her party, nor the opposition; whom all managed to live their entire lives never agreeing on anything, until they united in their disapproval for any given framework of a Brexit deal. This is to be understood to mean that after the October 31, "official Brexit", the Tories are going to allow BoJo to pass the Parliament to Corbyn. And the LP will be strapped with solving the problems of reasserting British autonomy outside of the ruination accomplished in the eu.

And, the particular Zionist Organization that wants Corbyn dead is only feeling a fraction of the punishment due settling into the body of the Hebrew Diaspora, or to be direct, the Khazarian Diaspora.

But that they understand the transition of power, from May to BoJo, to be nothing but a silent scream of surrender of more than a decade of Tory dominance. About this, they are correct.

But, that their kinsmen and countrymen are criminals: this isn't his fault. 
That they are vile and despicable people: this isn't his fault. 
That these Zionists were goaded by Rothschild to participate in the lie of the Holocaust, which was finagled into the Jewish takeover of the United States, this too, is not his fault. 

The clock on Zionism is winding down, quickly. That means bad news for everyone participating in the Zionist Atrocity, whether or not they accept it as such. 
           _______the end_______

Post date

Last night, I had a dream. I was sitting at home, when the mail came. I opened it, and one after the other, charges for €82.50 and pictures of Facebook posts  of mine, flagging my criticism of governments and dumbasses, alike cost me €82.50. 

But then, they came rolling in.

I was up to €825 when I decided that I had to abandon Europe. 

This is why eu must be destroyed. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

You Are Here

The events which are unfolding in the world have been brewing since the Clinton Administration. It is grossly unfair to lay all of the blame on Trump, when the last four presidents have been served by the Israeli Lobby's grip over the foreign policy centers of the United States, and have mismanaged a string of earth shattering failures which have been watered down in the press. 

As the current situation is unfolding, the fact it is coming has been told to the American people for over a decade. Last night, Russia and unconfirmed reports of Chinese aircraft violated South Korean airspace in yet another message to the Trump Administration... One that he isn't getting....

In 1991, after the Fall of the Soviet Union, the United States did not update its centers of foreign policy. This is the unifying thread of the massive failure which its political and military edifices are on the verge of bringing about. The fact that the Russians did face the realities of the MultiPolar World, a world where trade blocs based on regions, and Supra blocs which are based on continental, and common goals, both unite, and express their reach against the vulnerabilities of 1950's American policies, was perfectly predictable. The US has not evolved geopolitically since the 1950's.

The endless railing against Iran is also misleading: because it isn't Iran that will defend Iran. The Eurasiatic Alliance will be doing that, with neither NATO, nor significant Japanese, nor South Korean assistance. 

The defense of Judaism as mounted by both the entertainment industry, as well as the political concentrations, is not a defense of the Hebrew Diaspora, but a belief by Israel that its religion is Universal and factual, therefore, cannot be beaten. As the situation clarifies, for two weeks now, the entertainment industry has culminated a recruitment effort which featured rock stars defending Israel, as well as planted stories designed to evoke sympathy for Communist spies under the employ of the CIA in Iran.

The fact that most Americans are brainwashed to believe these efforts amount to a fine example of a deficit of good leadership, one reaching all the way back to Wilson. Though one notable exception tried, these swine murdered him and blamed Castro, something that seems ridiculous, now. 

Here is a timeline of the headlines that are here, were here, and are on the way. 

From it, one might be able to see, more clearly, just how the AIPAC has blinded our leadership trust, chained them into poverty, and addiction, and replaced them with willing agents that should never have been permitted to serve the US in any way, whatsoever. 

One can see that the flaws in the American approach are based on the delusion of Jewish religious superiority. 

It is going to be astonishing for the US, when it suffers the damage due for refusing to adapt, and adjust to changes....

  • 1991: the United States observes the Soviet Union's fall with suspicion, as though it were a trick to get the military off of readiness status.
  • 1992 Bush loses re election bid. Among reasons cited are the, "Read my lips.." sound byte, and the stubborn refusal to send financial aid to the collapsing Soviet state. 
  • William Jefferson Clinton is elected, and tries to repair the gaps in Russian/American affairs left by 12 years of Right Wing foreign policy focus.
  • 1993: Clinton begins a draw down of the Cold War NATO American commitment. This reduces that commitment from 600,000 US troops to just under 40,000 US troops. 
  • The NATO draw down results in a budget salience, which is repackaged as a "budget surplus" by the Clinton Administration.
  • 1992-99: Clinton maintains the UNSCOM project, which disarms Iraq of even defensive armaments, and limits the Iraqi Air Forces, as well as the Iraqi Army, until it is nearly unable to defend itself from potential foreign invasions. Clinton pushes global arms embargoes, as well, stifling Iraqi ability to maintain self defense.
  • 2000 ReBush wins the US Election. Among the incoming staff, are leftovers who escaped charges during the Watergate crisis. Together, they agree on a series of false flags in order to feature Israeli security in US Foreign Policy, as well as to allow the UniPolar power of the US to survive via re-shifting the BiPolar foil from the Soviet Union, to the, "International Islamic Jihadist". 
  • 2001, eighth month, third week of ReBush's Administration, the Mossad, disguised as art students, detonates the nanothermites packed into the floors of both towers of the World Trade Center complex in NYC. Cruise missiles bearing US transponders, and bearing 737 Boeing skins are flown into the towers, simultaneously. Israelis the world around celebrate. Academic review rejects the government narrative outright: public told, "these people are crazy."
  • 2002: Afghanistan invaded, mission to, "destroy the Taliban" still unaccomplished, 17 years later. 
  • 2003: in a shocking and historically unprecedented abuse of the UN, the United States frames the Iraqi Government in the UN Joint Session, announcing that it had "proof" of WMD's in Iraq. 
  • The sustaining power of the Islamic Jihadist fades after the ReBush Administration is found to have committed multiple criminal acts while in power. Furious R voters elect Obama, and re-elect him in 2012.
  • Trump appears to restore honor to the Republican Party in the wake left by ReBush. By his second month in power: it is clear he neither knows what he's doing, nor truly distanced the R Party from the ReBush criminals, and their criminal acts, now serving Israel against the Eurasiatic Alliance. 
  • 2019: by Summer, it is clear the US Hegemony, which fell in Syria, due to the US pursuing military Bipolarity in spite of facing a MultiPolar Alliance, is anything but dead in the media. The entertainment industry, contacted by the US State Department, begins taking direct aim at the enemies of Israel further violating the First Amendment by covertly declaring Satanism, aka, Judaism, the State Religion. This both unites Israel and Congress, and limits Constitutional Guarantees. All of this is accomplished by bribes paid to key govt officials by AIPAC. Foreign agents are running the US. (1952-today)
  • Russia, China, Turkey, India, North Korea, Pakistan, Mongolia, Venezuela, Syria, and Lebanon prepare to invade Saudi Arabia and Israel overland. Again: the US media is silent about the extent of the MultiPolar Cooperative between these nations, nor the fact that four separate Defense Department studies have warned the Trump Administration that, "There is no way in Hell the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and UK can win a war against the Eurasiatic Alliance." (You are here)
  • The United States launches offensive operations against Iran, across the globe, devastating counter attacks and strategic attacks cripple the US and destroy Israel. Saudi Arabia is invaded. EU/NATO CSDP refuses to get involved, having warned Israel of this consequence, repeatedly. UK must cease involvement, or violates EU Article 1. 
  • The Arab League sues for Peace, declaring no hostility by members against other members. 
  • Egypt refuses the US request to become embroiled in the conflict. 
  • South Korea is over run, the US is short of troops and Japanese Defense Forces want guarantees from the Eurasiatic Alliance of a non aggression treaty. Taiwan falls, the US is no longer functioning as a world power...
All this to teach us that Jews are the Children of the Devil, and that the devil deceived the whole world via the Holocaust. And, Americans join the rest of the nations in knowing why the Jews have been expelled from their midst repeatedly. 

But, it learns too late. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Will America Attack Iran?

By: Kevin Drummond

The attack against Iran is being bought and paid-for in similar fashion to paid-for YouTube views. It is fake self-assurance, and the substance lacking shall certainly catch up with the failure to plan smartly. 

The American public has been carefully exposed to only certain bits and pieces of the argument, and in no way is prepared for the Eurasiatic Alliance to respond. 

The US thinks it is going to punish Iran, and then fall back, in a posture of "and we will do this, again." Americans have not been told that the US has cultivated this war for a very long time; in violation of both common sense, and good advice. An attack against Iran is an attack against the entire Eurasiatic Alliance.
It is going to provoke a theater and global, multi continental response that will horrify the current ZOG administrations in both Tel Aviv, and in Washington, DC, as well. 
Of the Top 20 Militaries of the World, 7 are Eurasiatic Alliance members, and are 2,3,4,9,14,15, and 18. Three are attacking, numbers 1, 8, and 17. The rest are declaring neutrality. 

The only ironic thing remains that we see UK refusing military options, so, why is the US acting as though a "surgical limited theater" type engagement is appropriate? Although the threats are now picking up from the UK, that's because the US and the Devil's Children in Israel have reminded UK that their economic lives are on the line. 

That's how deluded they are. They think that this is the worst of the consequences.... Therefore, in the annals of unlearned lessons, this scale is unprecedented for the four ugly allies of US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Therefore, these steps leading in to the "attack" are only cosmetic. 
Because this is only a well-choreographed lie. How devastaingly ignorant and arrogant. How suicidal. 
This is the kind of lie, and the kind of liar that first robbed the US of its senses, then, it's existence.

The US has been promising the Great Whore in Israel that it will beat up its neighbor, Iran, for no valid reason. The psychologically impulsive Trump has no experience in this arena and both his advisors have only wickedness, murder, and lying about it to their credit. Not one, single, useful credit can be located among them. 

But, this isn't an enemy that they disarmed, then murdered. This time, they are going up against a well trained, and well armed, highly motivated enemy. 

Among his clear advantages, are the moral high ground, the home field advantage, and the hubris of the US and her allies.  

This time, however, God has warned the US and the US is not listening to Him. So, He is raising the response, and strengthening the nations that will destroy the devil's children in Israel.

The US is acting under a foreign influence that has assured them of victory, in spite of the information provided by this source having been, historically speaking, 100% wrong.

But the claim that the US is mobilizing assets is kind of dishonest: the US is now admitting that its buildup for this type of action, which began on Inauguration Day, will now be talked about in the media, where it had been hidden...

In plain sight.
Limited Theater Engagement: the US system of containing an enemy outside of one zone, called an exclusion zone. The doctrine relies on surgical air power, and incurs huge losses to ground personnel. The best defense against this strategy is to take the fight to the US. 
Meanwhile, the Eurasian Continent has been activated to respond to this in an overwhelming, first-strike-wins, attitude. This alliance has been threatened, and is not going to wait for the US to buildup a larger force. The Eurasiatic Alliance has no choice: the US is aggressive, has a history of using international organizations to forcibly disarm Israel's victim du jour, and then, the US murders and butchers millions of innocent people. 

The US has espionaged, sanctioned, and screwed itself into a well deserved swan dive into the Stone age for the ZOG, and a new 1776 for those fortunate souls who figured out who the real enemy was, and that it had entered the US like a parasite, with teeth made of fake tears and the lies spewing from the Holohoax.

  • Nuclear Weapons
The initial use of nuclear weapons will be devastating for Riyadh, Tel Aviv, London, and the entire US military profile, globally. 

Europe will be spared as long as the belligerent acts of the US are limited to the UK, which have not been requested by UK, and are a cooperative effort planned with Riyadh and Tel Aviv for two years.

Red Sea/Suez
This will be capped at the Southern end by China, and the Northern end, by Russia. El Sisi (Egyptian leader) would not be willing to undermine either side of this war until the victor is clarified. By the time that these operations begin, the more pressing overland invasions of Israel and Saudi Arabia will be near complete. 
When the Trump Train exploded on /pol/...not pretty. Assange's arrest was more than they could take.

Panama Canal
China will destroy the canal in order to limit the naval response of US assets that survive and remain undersea. These assets will be the focus of Hunter Killer missions for the next two years. 
Why bother? It has been ZOG since November 22, 1963. The end of that duration of time is near, however.

This is the end of the Israeli dominated earth. This is the end of the Zionist Atrocity that stole the US from it's citizens via ridiculous and illogical conclusions regarding Israel. 

It is the dawn of a new era, having destroyed the four nations that, together, are responsible for the torment of the peace loving people of Earth, since the dawn of time...

In the last weeks of 2018: the Kingdom struck a blow in the sight of the living in both Louisiana, and New York. Rather than heed the warning, the US simply lied, told people that they did not see that which they had clearly seen with their own eyes. And now: the liars believe that the God responsible is going to simply tolerate this Semitic Blood Thirst a single day more... But, don't start believing, now. Finish with a perfect record of just not getting it.

Keep Lying....

Keep lying. Because the sins of your life have no atonement in your cultic beliefs, nor your abilities to portray the victim to lead paint ...