Saturday, June 29, 2019

Yes, But....

Yes, but I still say the Russians put Trump in office...
There is no doubt that a cruel war of slander and attitude is being waged not between political parties, but between the facts, and the power of lies.

No evidence has been found that shows the Russians fixed the election. No evidence supporting the fact Trump colluded with those Russians has been found. 

Not a single charge has been filed otherwise.

But, if you think that Trump is a good president, you're desperate for leadership.
And the same disappointment awaits the Democratic voter whose debates have been carefully (way earlier than traditionally) scheduled, as, conveniently enough, the former President Carter lobbied another slanderous accusation finally proving once, and for all: the American people have a giant reality check coming. 

What made America great was aloofness from the homo-sexual sodomizing obsessive European Zionist presence. What brought it down was the senselessness of public participation in their own destruction by supporting heresy in the name of tolerance, Zionism, in the name of the Man whom Zionism murders, while being very aware of how these practices preceded European acts that very nearly destroyed Europe, twice. 

Scumbags like Clinton and the Bushes have shown us all how low the bar fell for what we accept of our leaders. But still, the anguish, as well as the disgust, represent a turning away that is both very real, and very ignored by the Zionist Atrocity as it rights itself upon it's terminal goal: killing the host nation it invaded.

And, this is not going to end well for the wicked, at all. 

Keep it up, America. Keep it up. The descension into the pit is not a direction godly men would take you. 

But, you've had amnesia since the hour American misery first poured world wide, immediately following Wilson's embracing of the cursed Balfour Declaration. And you've become well adept at lowering your expectations, even when the 60's saw that fall reach breakneck speeds. As fast as that falling was, it is still slower than the pace that these devils conduct you in, today. A pace determined by the media, and the power thrones of sickness, and ungodliness that is praying for death.

I weep for thou no more. This is not my country. This is not my government. And, these words might seem utterances of the epitome of insignificance, this hour. 

But I know, God knows, and the hosts of the realms know: this is the voice that can no longer save you, and has realized: can no longer inspire you to save yourself.

Pardon me if I stop watching. We need one another no longer. 

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