Saturday, June 22, 2019

Why Donald Trump Shall Still Attack Iran

By: Kevin Drummond

Donald Trump is afraid. But, not for the right reasons. 

He wants the polls to reflect that his obvious break with his campaign promises shall not sink those numbers to Marianas depths. But, that is something that he should have thought about before breaking his promises regarding Syria, and leaving the deep rouge tints of his lipstick on a clear psychopath's, Netanyahu's, ass; in permitting him to lead the Zionist Atrocity to a hilltop called in the Hebrew Tongue, Armageddon...

And there, to illegally erect Trump Heights, in perfect abidance of the Revelation. Then, in too many other inexplicably dumb occasions, he let the blind lead his foreign policy. Now, the country is in the ditch. 

Trump attacking Iran would only be the latest blow to the 2016 Trump Voter. His support base began to splinter after his 2017 missile attack of Syria. It began to shatter after April 2018's missile attack of Syria, where both campaign promises were broken, as well as the War Powers Act; with its bipartisan Zionist Atrocity concurrences.

However, the message to the margin of voters that put him in office was, "I lied. I lied when I said I would cease subsidizing the militaries of the world, while ours goes without. I lied when I said I would remove these foreign parasites from running US foreign policy, and I lied when I said I was running the country."

Because Netanyahu has been running the United States since 1/20/17 and, at a juncture where it is increasingly clear that the lock AIPAC and the Zionist Atrocity has had over US Governance is at a point where if the US doesn't assert the spirit of its Founders, then, the corruption of the same ensures a series of events that includes the destruction of both the US Zionist Atrocity, as well as the Palestinian one. 
Trump, seen here trying to bounce back to the below 50% but above 39% approval pocket, is busily confessing his mistakes, like Sessions, and on the fool's errand of seeking the Zionist approval for threatening NeoCon violence against Iran, as well as pointless sanctions. This will never get him the princess! He is trying so hard to bump the numbers up to "attack" range... Meanwhile: with each Boomer death, one more deluded heretic praising Israel meets the devil, in person! 

But, the effort to seek a poll return that answers his sick prayer to Satan is wasted. It will not bear fruit. It only serves to further violate Christianty by no longer only calling Jehova Satan, but now calling Christ Satan, also. This is accomplished by believing, incorrectly, that in either case, His word will be changed to suit the needs of evildoers and the wicked, and slothful men. He thinks God will alter HIS will because of the sheer numbers of repetitions of the Atrocity's elemental magical phrases, and because of a tradition of evil deeds. 

No, Mr Trump. Second Syria cost you 2020. Trump Heights cost you 2020. JCPOA cost you 2020. There is nothing you can do, now, because as soon as the war you are starting begins, it all matters no more. The facts presumed disproven by the shallow intellect and absent Love for God in the black souls of the men who advise you, those facts shall rise up and finish both the American AntiChrist, and the Palestinian Zionist Atrocity. Or, those same facts shall destroy the ones who conquer you, now. 

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