Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Last Groans of a Dead World Order

Here are examples of the way that the media tries to keep the Petroleum War Causation Myths, and US Hegemony, alive. It is 100% proof of the Israeli control over US foreign policy, as well as the blame Israel should receive for having orchestrated the Fall of the United States, while using its influence to lull the American People into deeper sleep.....

Recent Headline: India Sides With Trump
In the totality of the MultiPolar world, the Eurasiatic Alliance is defined by many characteristics. One of them happens to be a shared hostility with the US. And, this hostility includes India's hostility. It also includes the fact that India is currently suffering extreme US sanctions.

The fact that the Trump Administration has steeped the entire Eurasian Continent into deeper states of economic distress does not concern the Saudi owned publication that claims that India's newly re-elected PM, Narendra Modi, has "decided to support Trump". Modi has been PM since 2014. Trump, whose crippling sanctions began over a Russian/Indian nextgen fighter project, is disliked by Modi, Indians, and these efforts are nothing short of amateur, and transparent.

The 2019 Indian election results are rife with the signs and residuals of extreme cheating, but, in spite of the fact that the CIA may have cheated to re elect Modi, India is a parliamentary system, and has been subjected to many of these American-apparent, Israeli-actual efforts to divide strategically located India from her Eurasiatic Alliance allies. 

The last week of February, 2019, saw the CIA/Mossad efforts fail to divide and conquer along historic Indo/Pakistani hatreds in Kashmir. When, at an emergency meeting of the Eurasiatic Alliance's diplomatic wing, still a tad informal, the CIA/Mossad roles in the violence were spelled out for both India, and Pakistan, the only chance to force India to enslave itself, loyally, to Global Judaism, failed. 

With the media spewing lie after lie, it is evident that the only people at which the media could be directing the Zionist brainwash, is specifically, the citizens of nations already corrupted by the Zionist stink. These citizens might protest for change if they ever realized the consequences that starting a war with Iran means for their current ways of life. 

But, Indians aren't buying it....again.

The citizens of the Eurasiatic Alliance are not fooled, their governments are not fooled, and most importantly: India, especially, has been prepared for the US backlash since the ReBush Administration. The needs of the Indian people are not compatible with the needs of Zionist-mad despicable people who think nothing of the shameful deeds visited upon Iraq. 

As with Venezuela, Syria, Kashmir, and a host of other double-talked issues, the Zionist lock on the lap of her favorite John shall once again fail to deliver the intended sabotage against the governments of the world, as well as a growing host of Americans learning just how dishonest the media really is. 

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