Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Petroleum War Causation Myth

By: Kevin Drummond

When the average American says, "The reason that the United States, as well as her allies, are provoking war in the Middle East, is because they want oil", this is an example of a functional, and intentional departure from the facts, as to what the US's real purpose is; in its seventy year long policy failure in the Middle East: the objectification of Israel in its foreign policy. 

This mythological explanation for the inexplicable acts of the US foreign policy schools are known collectively as, "Myths of Petroleum War Causation."

There is a secret history surrounding the US/UK/Saudi/Israeli fall from power that has been hidden from the world. Reporter Charmine Narwana tried to warn the US last April. In Syria, the failure of the US was not due to Trump withdrawing troops, but the US (and friends) were beaten by the huge Eurasiatic Alliance. The go to explanation, until this defeat, had been that the US wanted oil from its overt, and covert acts in the region. The defeat has exposed the reason for the US interventionary policies in the region dating back to 1953. 

The US does not define it's foreign policy around petroleum wars. It forms its foreign policy around Israel, the needs of Israeli security, and the general happiness of the Israeli Lobby, in the US. 
The ongoing negotiations between Russia, and the Eurasiatic Alliance, and eu member-states France and Germany, which include their respective roles in post-war Fallen US and newly risen Eurasiatic Alliance domination over world trade, are all neatly concealed by the Western media, and within the presuppositions of Petroleum War Causation Mythologies....this is also how the media concealed the loss of Syria, and continues lying about OPEC member, Venezuela....

The only hang-ups for eu member-states, against the Russian-German Nord Stream Projects, involve the ways that Ukraine is being denied revenue as a pathway for OPEC/Russian oil pipelines.... 

The US allies, France, and Germany, are currently in negotiations with the Eurasiatic Alliance in order to maintain the North Stream 2 project, as well as to remove the potential for their inclusion as military allies against Iran in the imminent US attack. This illustrates that Petroleum War Causation is, indeed, a myth. It would also appear that the UK is also trying to dissuade any US attack, as well as to declare that the UK shall not aid the US if it does attack Iran. 

  • Bipolar World: 1946-1991
  • MultiPolar World: 1991-the present
  • UniPolar World: the US is the sole global superpower, and has achieved Hegemony, or dictatorial status over the entire world, via its military. The UniPolar World has been called Political Science Fiction, by the vast majority of the Political Scientists of the world.  

Factors bearing upon the failure of the US efforts are becoming easier to see. 

The reason that this is increasingly relevant lie in Israel's historic defiance to creating for itself a functional Geopolitical model for the realization of practical goals, in both the long, and the short term. Israel doesn't make peace, it makes murder. Then, it depends upon the support of both the UK, and the US, to provide necessary elements for the absorption of the inevitable consequences for this pattern of conflict provocation. The Myth of Petroleum War Causation made this process nearly invisible during the years of the Cold War, and the BiPolar World. 

The failure of Israel to cease expansionism, and instead, provoke an increasingly irritated military and economic relationship with the entire host of neighboring states, to include Russia, will ultimately result in the destruction of the Zionist State.

This expansionism featuring in Israeli foreign policy also spells doom for the United State's foreign policy goals in the region, in both the long, and the short term. The reasons are simple, and all revolve around the heightened pace of consolidation of policy against Israel, and thus, the US, UK, and possibly Saudi Arabia, which emerge as an anti Israeli consensus. 

This consensus is being adopted as tactical, or defensive necessity, for the nations that surround Israel. 

These are the reasons for such failures as the attempt to install the family of the Shah of Iran, during the decade following the Second World War, all the way up to the US failure to create Al Quaeda, ISIS, and form other Kurd-based militias to act as proxies in the failed effort to overthrow Syrian leader, Basher Al Assad. 

In the case of Iran, this tends to illustrate that Iran's people were the threat, and that threat was potentially against Israel. And, this has nothing to do with oil. 

Syria appears to confirm the Myth of Petroleum War Causation, but in the end, confirms that the UniPolar View of the world is in descension. 

While it is true that Global Genie Energy was beset to prospect oil, illegally, in the seized Syrian territory of the Golan Heights, the failure of the US goals in Syria have not ended the company's existence. Based upon identically flawed Geopolitics, Global Genie's Board mistakenly believes that it is simply delaying the seizure of Syrian oil. In fact, that company shall fail to barrel a single drop of Syrian oil, because they have placed all of their eggs into the UniPolar basket. Israel's very existence is in that basket. Therefore, when Israel falls, the loss of capitol suffered by Global Genie will be the lessor of their lamentations. 

These failures are also based on the failed UniPolar Hegemonial view of the US influence over Geopolitics, and the voices of the men whom were ignored during that period of time (where the mistakes were being created) becoming venerated by the loss of empire for the United States, as well as its reliance on duplicitous foreign policy craft, like the Petroleum War Causation Myth. 

With the passage of time, however, the naked reasons for the United States' ill begotten foreign policies regarding the Middle East have grown easier to see....

The long term goals, and the short term goals of the American foreign policy, in both the latent causes for the attempted nation building efforts in the Middle East, as well as the Petroleum War Causation claims, are vulnerable to the failure of the US to update it's foreign policy following the 1991 Fall of the Soviet Union. 

With the erasure of the BiPolar World, the objectification of Israeli security, which is the whole of American foreign policy, is exposed as the flawed ideology which it actually is, and actually always was, even during the BiPolar World. However, with the absolute security driven foreign policy of the BiPolar World, which included Israel as an ally; it was easier to fit their expansionist policies into an understanding of the world that is bisected by a line drawn into conflicting ideologies, which had defined the US/Soviet divide. 

Within that concealment of the Bipolar World, the pariah that Israel is, grew very hard to see for the forty five years of the Cold War. It was too convenient to associate the acts of sattelite states with the pole with which they identified. When Israel gunned down Palestinians prior to 1991, it was spun in the media as an act against Communist protesters. This ended rather suddenly in 1991, however, in spite of a succession of US personalities who, for whatever reason, did not quite comprehend what the shift in Geopolitics should have inspired. 

And, into that template, also went the mistakes of the Balfour Declaration, and the inflammation of regional provocations that Israel engaged as means for it's own security: for they were identical.

Without that Bipolar absolutism, however: the facts about Petroleum War Causation Mythology are very exposed, unable to be validated in a world where the nations surrounding Israel are not disposable as "Communist allied....."

One trembles to consider the loss of the valid political right existing in these Israeli neighbors, and the facts about the MultiPolar World that arose in the defeat of the United States in Syria, Libya, and a half dozen other former Soviet allies. 

In the MultiPolar World, the Petroleum Causation Myth is mainly a media tool, used to sell Israeli security to Americans whom shall presumably send their sons to die for this cause, though it is not quite worthy of such dedicated pursuit. 

Is the US Oil Starved?

The oil reserves of the United States are the highest on earth. And, oil production from US territories is at a twenty year high. There is no feasible reason to attribute war against Iran to Petroleum Causation Myths, yet the mythology persists, even among those who claim to understand that the real reason is Israel, and Israeli expansionism. 

With the 2003 Iraq War, there was a decent overall exposure of both the Petroleum Causation Myth, as well as the latent (real) focus on Israeli security, exposed by the Israeli lobby's unfettered access to the Oval Office of ReBush, and their unashamed solicitation for the war crime that is present in both UN Binding Resolution 1441 permitting the US invasion, as well as the war, itself: as they were both based on fraudulent acts of the ReBush Administration. 

The lock on US foreign policy enjoyed by the Israelis is evident now, as Trump, whom had lambasted the 2003 Iraq War as, "Dumb", now provokes yet another failed US war, this one against a now-consolidated MultiPolar adversary, whom stands a more than great chance of ending both the US, and Israel, as well as their murderous influence against the peace loving people of the world. 

This could only be possible if the United States had lost control over its government some time, ago....

The Petroleum Causation Myth can no longer validate the series of US foreign policy failures throughout the Middle East. For, were the myth true, then the US economy would have sunk into a Greater Depression than the 1929 event. While it is true that the US economy is military and petroleum based: the US economy is not subject to the real performance of these false commodities, but to their existence. One contributing factor may be Vietnam, itself. This is the conflict that ran from 1964-1975, in which the US was defeated by the Communists. It was during this war that the US economy had been removed from both Silver and Gold conclusively, and placed into the position of being military based, and petroleum trade based. 

Therefore, the loss suffered by the US may have removed victory as a factor to the stability of the US economy.

Another failure in determinate factors presupposed by Petroleum Causation Myths is that the MultiPolar System of the Eurasiatic Alliance is able to produce both its own oil, as well as control the oil that reaches Europe and the US, and is able to provide its own military stability. 

The Petroleum War Causation Myth cannot explain why the US is provoking this war with Iran, nor why it provoked the one with Iraq: as the US was unable to control the oil trade as a result of interventionary policies. However, Iraq bought the Israelis another two decades. Iran is going to cost Israel, and the United States, their existence. 

Iraq had been nearly totally disarmed by the US, between 1991, and the date of the 2003 invasion. 

Whereas, Iran is a member of a MultiPolar military, trade, and cultural alliance. So, the international game has changed around the core archaic insistences of the US, and the controlling presence, the Israeli Lobby. 

These assertions are dying around the world, in Venezuela, in Syria, in Libya, and in almost a dozen other nations wherein the Israeli-directed US foreign policy resulted in failure.
Lebanon and Venezuela have become part of the international effort that is the Eurasiatic Alliance. Lebanon won two wars with Israel in 2006, and again, as recently as 2014, but these are not well-known.

Iran represents the first real test of the Eurasiatic Alliance, one that from all available information, they are going to pass. When that happens, then the Myths of Petroleum War Causation shall die with the governments of the US and Israel, who perpetuated them. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

USSR And Israel: One Hand Washes The Other

By: Kevin Drummond

The Facts About The USSR, Israel, And Lessons Learned Twice

Didactic Fallacy:  a logical fallacy in which the past holds special significance for a certain lucky or chosen few.

The European Union is just the Soviet Union of the West. ~Mikhail Gorbachev

The USSR and Israel both represent an almost identically uninformed set of implementations of policy, which are based on dynamic efforts to circumvent the natural processes of the developments of a people who exist within a region. 

Both of them have failed. 

While, in 1991, the Communist die-hards on the Soviet Politburo would never have acknowledged their imminent fall, the focus now shifts to the benefactors of the great deception of the nations undertaken by the Judeo-centric British authorities whom honored the cursed Balfour Declaration above both Christianity, Democracy, and the people of the United States. These are who now have the most to lose, as Balance comes calling, bringing judgment, war, and finally, an end to the existence of Judaism....

The origins of both the USSR and Israel are similar. These are not a people fashioning a government for themselves: they were people paid by financially- identical external financiers, and sent into an occupied and peaceably governed area, whom then, murdered, and usurped the existing government, to finally take power. The Germans funded the Bolsheviks, and first the UK, then the US and UK, funded the Zionist Occupation Invasion Forces. Rothschilds banks funded them, both.

Like Pol Pot, both were acting under some form of the Didactic Fallacy. The Didactic Fallacy states that the past holds special significance for the chosen few, and that they, alone, understand it. And, therefore they, alone, are entitled to act in such a way such as to establish long passed away views, or to prevent them, or to reject, or incorporate modern facts that tend to stand in the way of this process. 
Pol Pot was a fascinating individual, but was no more bloodthirsty than any US President since JFK, nor any Israeli PM...

Pol Pot is famous for his violent, and bloody takeover of Cambodia, in which he engaged a bloodthirsty version of the Didactic Fallacy. In the philosophy of the Khmer Rouge, the Red Cambodians, there was no place for anything except subsistence farming, and a strong Central Communist government. Pol Pot ushered in an age in which all modern conveniences were systematically destroyed, and all intellectuals were rounded up, and slaughtered for their advocacy of anything but dirt farming. This resulted in a diabolically cruel regime, and the loss of millions of productive citizens to asylum, or worse.
Ultimately, Pol Pot's government was destroyed by the Communists of North Vietnam.

For the Communism of the USSR, the Didactic Fallacy runs the width and breadth of the Manifesto: the works of GWF Hegel are a case study in Didactic Fallacy. Hegel was such an influence on the Manifesto, that Marx may have stolen a quote or two from Hegel. (History repeats: first as logical, then as a farce: both men said this, or something similar). 

Both Hegel and Marx launched fervently pursued cases for enduring social and political changes which were based in conclusions featuring the Didactic Fallacy.

In these conclusions, their first insistence is that the order of the present can be quantified from a History which has been occurring cyclically, and these cycles have not been noticed by those that rejected the revolutionary concept. 

However, Marx declared that the cycles of History could actually be fulfilled in the Worker's Revolution. Both men, however, engaged logical fallacy to complete the picture of their world views. And, for Marx: disaster ensued. Marx's works launched a global tragedy. His works incurred genocide on a previously unseen scale, one which remains unprecedented, or matched, to this day. Marxism also launched efforts that include the very first specific intentional effort at modern cultural annihilation, as well as the genocide of 100 Million Christians by Jewish Communists. 

For Israel, the Didactic Fallacy is both related to the Communist Revolution, as well as rife within the character of the Balfour Declaration. Both the corrupting of Russia, and the genocide of the Palestinians, are driven by this illogical relationship between History and fact. 

The 2,000 years that have evolved since the last Jews in Judea were eradicated by Vespasian did not suspend the land, nor the people that lived in Palestine, from having continued on with their lives. For over 1,000 years, those Palestinians offered no one harm, nor did they invade, nor enslave and murder anybody. 

The citation of questionably motivated religious codexes are among the last sources that should ever have been seized upon and forcibly superimposed upon a peace loving people. The hubris, and low intellect of the Rothschilds family is visible plainly, as was their obliviousness of the fact that consequences of Israel would be devastating for world Jewry.
The entire paradigm of Jews living in the Zionist State is a blatant offence to God, nature, History, peace, and common sense. But, it is a fundamental violation of logic.

The Blind Spot

The Rothschilds used the Czarist Gold that had been sequestered safely out of Russia, and into various financial institutions under the general umbrella of the Rothschild's Bank of England, in order to set the Balfour Declaration into motion. But, it left Russia bound for England in order to find the Word of the Royals to the Czar, that they would be granted asylum, by all means.....

For those of you playing along at home: this is why the British Home Office would ultimately deny the Romanovs asylum: so that the Rothschilds could steal the gold which had already been sent, create the "Legend of the Lost Czarist Gold", and then, use that gold to fund the UK's WW1 war chest, on the exclusionary condition that the UK Government would make a deal with the devil promising his children a homeland in Palestine: where other people already lived. 

This is to Christians, blasphemy. 
This is to Christians, heresy. 
After WW2, however, the Didactic Fallacy was simply embraced by an under educated American public. 

But, no Jew belongs in Palestine. 
No cycle of History has been fulfilled by the assertion otherwise.
Like the Soviet Union: carnage, war, atrocity, and misery have ensued from the superimposing of the Zionist State onto an otherwise peaceful populace, and these traumas have extended themselves into the place of peace, and logical analysis. 

From 1919-1991, and for seventy two years, the Soviet Union presented an illogical entity that offended scholars, academics, Christians, and the average citizen of Russia.

From 1948-2019, for seventy one years, the Zionist State has presented an entity that has offended a wide range of people, from scholars and academics, to Christians, as well as the average citizen of Palestine.

This is no coincidence. 

The fact that both nations simply ran out of time is very related to how long finances can be created out of force, usury, misery, slavery, and illegal acts to murder its enemies. Time will run out on this, because the immense resources that are required to persist in the illogical manifestation of an ideal, above the natural development of a system of governance, is limited to the creation, and to the corruption of the institutions within the system that is compelling its existence in this fashion. These institutions are vital for their establishment as nations, but whose abuses cause the world to groan. 

The KGB in the USSR, and the Mossad in Israel, these are only two such institutions. Their roles in their respective nations were tantamount to their governments. 

But, a government that relies on this kind of institution is pursuing the needs of the government, and not the needs, nor the rights, of the people who live under the system being established.

This process has a shelf life. 

But, that it seems that both nations ran out of time promptly at the seventy year mark, is, most likely, a coincidence.

Of all the reasons to invade and murder an indigenous people, ideology may be the most despicable. 

With the Soviet Union, that ideology was ubiquitous, and supposedly cut across the swath of social unrest. But, by the 1919 Kulak Wars, it became evident that the needs of reality, to feed the population, would eventually win out over the Communist Ideal. 
However, social unrest did not cease due to the establishment of the Soviet state. This should have happened, if the World Socialist movement had truly been founded in logical ideologies. 

Having to make a separate deal, and thus tolerate the hated bourgeoisie in the form of the wealthy Kulak farmers, should have sent up red flags against the red flags that had replaced the old Russian ones. In essence, the Soviet argument could be summed up best by saying: they changed nothing. Instead, they murdered 100 million Orthadox Christians, poor, rich, etc. When those people were dead, the Communists simply participated in a delusion that observed that these dead people's food, their homes, and their space, had all been provided to them by a more adept understanding of the way History works. This was a cornerstone in the Bolshevik world view. In reality, it was the ill gotten gains of murder. 

For Israel, the identical illogical conclusions are guiding the expansion of the stolen territory's borders into places also already occupied, and governed. 

The IDF Invasions of Lebanon (IDF Defeated, 2006, and again in 2014), and Syria, (2013) are Historically disguised as "revolutions", and serve as examples of the expansionism of Israel being halted by an international effort. The Syria Debacle is only the latest in a series of failures by the US/UK/Saudi Royals/Israel Group to steal the land, and resources, of other sovereign states. Syria is the pilot light of World War 3. Global Genie was the industrial entity created to exploit Syrian resources upon the conclusion of a successful US conquest. Lol.

There are two means in which logical fallacy accommodate this expansionism, one in Israel, and the other, in American culture. They both, however, revolve around the ideologies of religiosity. 

The ideal that Jews need a homeland is not a realistic one. The efforts to establish one have been wrought in cruelty, Fall of Empire, and wars, and war crimes, that were hidden from the American people. 

But, the ideal that Jews need a homeland is a flawed religious ideology.

Historically, Pompey titled Palestine to its current and actual owners, the Palestinians, in the first century, AD. Pompey conquered Palestine in fulfillment of Christ's word, and after His fulfilling ALL the prophets, and the Law of Moses: thus, no Jew should ever have been able to return to Palestine, while using Biblical religiosity to validate that return. 

It is therefore a flawed ideological pursuit. The mantra that, "Too much time has passed for the right thing to be done." is not exactly true. A mistake is a mistake. 

Unlike excuse makers, like Bernie Sanders, whom are willing to permit the ongoing atrocities of the Jews against the actual inhabitants of Palestine: the facts do not support that this entire mess should not be forcibly undone by the world powers, before it causes a nuclear showdown. 

Sanders did accurately compare his country to what white and black settlers did to the Native Americans: but stopped short of accountability. This is flawed logic at work, and pretty much feeds the ideological delusion in any given attempt to forcibly weaponize intellectual solutions against a people who inhabit a land that a foreign group desires. It is typical of American brainwash set by the Jewish controlled Congress, White House, and the Mass Media to include the entertainment industry. 

However: this is all built on a foundation of sand, because the entire Jewish Question centers on the validity of the stolen nation of a Jewish Israel, which no Christian who can read what Christ said, should be supporting. The actual existence of Jews should never have been permitted to be quantified in the validity of the blood-soaked, atrocity-polluted history of the Balfour Declaration: but, it seems undivorceable, now. 

Religion is an ideology, especially when it has no valid, nor written text to which these acts of genocide, and crimes against humanity, might be singularly attributed. No man should load a real, nor metaphorical weapon, and then follow a God that demands the extermination of anybody. If God wants them dead, dead shall they be. 

But, like Communism had to fall, due to the unaccounted-for paths to power (like murder, theft, regicide, and genocide) that helped establish it, paths which its partisans, instead, claimed lie in the ultimate dominance of the world view: it may come to having to exterminate the Jews to restore peace to the earth. But, that would be God's act, God's deed, and by no means an act that man could endure, foster, create, nor accomplish. 

However: it is the Word of God against the nation created by the Balfour Declaration, and the blood of a martyred Christian King, His Family, and a hundred million, or so other Christians. 

The Need To Brainwash
In a free society, there is no need to Brainwash anybody. But, as recently as Mark Rubio's ridiculous Anti Israel Criticism Law, the United States has endured one of the most diabolical brainwashing efforts ever witnessed in History. This effort was to equate Judaism, the Devil's Children's religion, with Christianity. 

Unfortunately, and ultimately, tragically for the US, this effort has either succeeded, or, the ability to ignore the First Amendment has resulted in the assault on Free Speech becoming a clearly defined separation between Americans, and their government. Indeed: the Eurasiatic Alliance will soon nuke the city, and the unholy and unclean blasphemies which declare Satan equal to Christ; in the tyranny of this Last Stand version of American Zionist Occupational Government.

But, all along the way: rewards and conditions have been conferred upon the American whom accepts the bastardization of democracy his government has become, under seventy years of Jewish corruption and usurpation, as well as punishments for those whom try to resist the regurgitation of Satanism into their daily lives. 

But, the world has seen this, before.

After the victory of WW2, Stalin recognized that he would need to use the radio, and the emerging technologies of television, as well as the Soviet lock on print media through Pravda, and the wire service, TASS, to spread throughout the Soviet half of the BiPolar World. He needed to do so in order to control the intensity of opposition, the aspects in which opposing viewpoints might flourish, and, if possible, he recognized that most opposition could be diluted within the conditions and rewards of conformity. 

These resulted in a more consolidated Stalinist authority over each state within the Soviet influence sphere which he now found himself in control. 

The Communist Parties within these states also flourished along the information chain, as set forth by Pravda, and TASS, well as party dialogue forming organizations, like COMINFORM and COMINFO. 

These were literally propaganda driven information clearinghouses directing both the leadership, and the general public within each of these satellite states. COMINFORM was a little less intelligence industry related, and COMINFO emerged after Stalin declared Titoism to be Zionism, and mainly centered on maintaining the Right Wing Soviet Communist Ideal throughout the post Second World War nations of Eastern Europe. 

These efforts are literally being perpetrated upon the Western Hemisphere, by a Zionist centrist set of media propagandists in Europe and the United States, and bear familiar names, such as CNN, Sinclair Media, Murdoch Media, and MSNBC. There is no difference between what these organizations provide to the the former Bipolar Western Hemisphere, and what the Soviet network of propagandists provided to the average Communist, between the years of 1946-1991. 

The only difference is the location. 

As unprepared as the average Russian citizen was for the Fall of Communism in 1991, which was caused, and created by the information networks in his nation, so is the average Western Hemisphere's citizen unprepared for the Fall of Israel, and the horrific world war coming to American shores; by way of not only tolerating the Jewish Warcrimes, but funding them, and supporting them, avidly. 

It was the late, great Dr Ken Waltz who said, "The current crisis in the world is not Iran's fault: it is the flawed notion that power does NOT seek to be balanced."

Monday, May 6, 2019

Lies In the Media (So Far, So Good, So NOT), May 6, 2019

By: Kevin Drummond

Things You Should Probably Not Believe, Or At Least, Take With A Grain Of Salt

In this last year of the Jared Kushner White House that will not be on trial by the election fervor media outlets, there are a lot of things going on that further demonstrate the incompetence of Zionism as a world view.

But in this last non election year, his avatar, Donny, the Israeli Spy, will not have to lie in egregious fashions per recitations of cold facts fired into his sorry administration from the wings of either party, including looming, and perhaps, history-making coups from within the Republican Party.

And, the propagandists in the media are working in a confused, and overtime -paced, lopsided attempt; to validate their London masters' Zionist plots against God, real America, and several nation's around the world:
  1. The Clash of Geopolitics: 

  • The Eurasiatic Alliance gains ground by thwarting the US/UK/Israeli/Saudi efforts against OPEC nations Venezuela, and Iran. 
  • The Hormuz is effectively quarantined at this time. 
  • The "Allies" have neither reported this to their "public", nor found any means to penetrate the Iranian naval quarantine without possibly causing fellow Eurasiatic Alliance member-states, China, and Indian Naval task forces to be drawn into a hotter world war than is being ignored, now. Especially, in the United States media outlets. 
  • The joke of a coup in Venezuela was put down in hours, while American Bilderberger media outlets are now trying to accuse Russia of starting the coup. 
  • Yeah. Right. 
This is the way that the UniPolar World ends, not with a bang, but with a slew of lies published a la "Vee Are Vinning Dee Var Im Afrika Und Russia!" (Other fascist lies that lulled another brainwashed population to sleep, while it's leaders' poor choices eventually saw them sacked, looted, raped, and murdered...


The Measles Are Coming!

This is the most unsubstantiated tale woven in the American media since Mcarthy's "black briefcase"!

This media panic asserts that if you are older than 30, you may be called up to offer your arm to the Jewish-owned pharmaceutical companies' new MMR Vaccine: since the old one must not be working, somehow......(?) 


While it sounds like utter bullshit, like the Venezuelan Coup, or the Assad Gas Attacks (lol), the Zionist Swine fear the Goyim: and since the US, in particular, has brainwashed it's entire population into offering liability for the "holocaust", I suppose that when they activate Agent Donny Orange for his Mossad programmers to order mandated poisonings of his "subjects", that first, they must create an "epidemic".

But how....???!?!?!?!?!
Why, CNN! Of course!

So, be a good Goy, ignore the encroaching annihilation of world Judaism which lies in the wake of the impending US defeat in World War 3, because if Jews are going to lose, so must the nation that has suppressed three entire generations of its Goy youth in order to accommodate the Zionist Takeover of post WW2 American government. 

So, if (((they))) must lose their stolen country, proving, yet again, that Palestine is not the whole of the Torah, and, simultaneously proving, yet again, the Talmud to be the Occultic murder bullshit fan fiction, bearing no religious value to anybody; that it is: then offer your arms, America! You gotta die, too! 

If you didn't owe Jews, why have you lied to them, and helped mercy then into control of a Christian nation that used to represent peace, and World Democracy? How do 1.4% of the US Population control 42% of the military, the Federal Government, and the Justice Department, to include the SCOTUS??


What a fucking J O K E it is, now.

Cry the Beloved Bunghole, pt 1: 4 Battleground States for 2020

By: Kevin Drummond  This is my battleground state election prediction for Election: 2020, part 1, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colo...