Monday, April 1, 2019

Things The Koch's Taught You

By: Kevin Drummond

After spending the day rehashing the absolute ridiculousness of the Agenda 21 Conspiracy, I found myself back at the place of considering the Koch's, and the irreparable harm their influence, like WMD's in Iraq, and the Tea Party, have managed to accomplish to American Conservatism.

Apparently, the world is full of people who just do not understand to what extent the Koch Brothers have damaged the Conservative view in America....

Ever wondered where the Tea Party, and it's Agenda 21 UN Depopulation Conspiracy, came from? What about the Iraq War, and why we threw the Republican voter under the bus to pursue the violation and murders that are beneath the umbrella of being an Iraq War? Ever wonder why John Bolton has a job with Trump? Ever wonder why Trump has stabbed his voter in the back so thoroughly?

Ever wonder why I created the hashtag, #AbolishNewYorkPoliticians? (I know you haven't wondered about the last one, but it nonetheless is true)

The answer to these, and all such questions, is the manchild, indulgent, and in a word, Tiberian-habit sharing Koch Brothers. 

These two men, and their array of wealthy friends and political beneficiaries, have pretty much double-handedly presided over the end of the American Republican Party.

Their acts, too many to number, include the intelligence agency like effort to create the Tea Party, after funding a study to find out who, it is, crossing party lines to throw a R vote away for Obama, and using literally what could be best described as "terror tactics" to drive these break-away voters back into the R fold.

These years later, and after being very sternly cautioned by the Federal Government for these types of tactics, their most damaging slander, Agenda 21, still drives fake news annually, as truly terrified Conservatives actually BELIEVE the copious YouTube CGI-enhanced videos that show "The UN" using "lasers" against Americans.....while Trump, who was supposed to stop this, does nothing....

Looks like the Koch's Tea Party may push R voters right back into the D side, again....

But, the clowning aside, the harm is done. Notably, the State Legislation of Alabama went as far as to issue a three page law, the shortest in History, wherein the "UN" has no "authority" to "murder" anyone in Alabama, nor steal their property.

This, no doubt, to appease at least one wealthy, and maybe confused, donor, whom doesn't realize that, were the Agenda Conspiracy real, then the Alabama Legislature would be trumped by the Federal one, ending the purpose, entirely.

But, the terror tactics have taken hold, for their eighth year. And, the lie, which was created in a DC think tank, as a "plan meet need" tactic, to stop the R voters from punishing the R Party by voting for Obama, still rises, like the Autumn Phoenix from the ashes of the California seasonal wildfires spurred on by the Santa Anna winds.

As, each year, new activists, ones who never knew, or never accepted how invented and contrived the initial "Tea Party Activist" was, stand in their places, preaching irrational fear, and terrorizing a willing audience who actually believes that the Tea Party was real....but they just can't explain where it went. Although the original Tea Party gangsters were endorsed actors, this new breed is a living mockery of the human condition. Something the Koch Brothers feel the goy deserve. And, often you hear these victims saying things like, "Where was the unity of the Tea Party? Where has all that gone?"

Where it went to, was very nearly to prison. But, a word of warning from the Second Term Obama Administration was enough for the Koch's to put down this tom foolery, and abuse of their fellow Americans. Like spoiled children, they do this for fun. They also slandered Bill Clinton about some ridiculous Cocaine scandal, which the "lower income" goy still think is real, despite the actor portraying the part of the "State Trooper" making the accusation against Clinton coming forward, and confessing he was an actor. Had he refused, he would've also been named in the defamation suit against the organization that the Koch's used to produce the hour long mockumentary. But, there is no shortage of actors in Broadway New York! And, when portraying a part, it is art, not deceit! After all, they have bills, too.

And that's another resource in abundant supply and available to the Koch's, money!

This New York based Zionist group has been around: from the murder of JFK, to the summit with rank and file leaders, in which Trump was assured some peace, on the condition some of the Koch's whipping boys, Bolton and Pompeno, would receive high appointments in the Trump cabinet. 

Yes, the Koch brothers saved the swamp, and the only victory the American people get out of this is knowing how FURIOUS they were when Trump won, as well as the fact that another Defect Vote Republican-voter-supported Democrat, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, or the irrepressible Joe Biden, will win the White House in 2020.
That is, if the REAL consequences of these high stakes games don't destroy us, first.

May I be the first to ask you, if this is all new to you, did you know the Koch's are behind all this nonsense?

If not, can I welcome you back to reality?

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