Wednesday, April 3, 2019


By: Kevin Drummond

The endless abuse of a clientele, such as Facebook's peddling of data that the company tried to back paddle on claiming was yours, has never been seen before. Most corporate entities are either led by college grads, or receive the advice of college grads, enough to know that it is violation of Federal law to enforce Facebook's weaponized Community Guidelines. 

The recent pairing with another despicable, short, and ape-like Zionist pig, Adam Schiff, and the ensuing "purge" of antivaxxers has, however, not been enough legislative ass-kissing to bloc the impending criminal and civil complaints dropping possibly by month's end, by way of a joint FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and Justice Department task force.

The Congressional end of the probe, a symbol of which, became Zucc drinking water, nervously, while lying under oath about the nature of his company's extreme data peddling, and the unprecedented revenue that he, personally, banks, daily, as a result of that activity, will only amount to having been Zucc's last chance. And, he blew it.

It is, nonetheless, a violation of The United States' Community Guidelines, as set-forth in its national instrument, the US Constitution, to even ask US Citizens to surrender their Constitutional rights for the financial benefit of another.
There is clear evidence of a hostile relationship with the Rights of American Citizens as part of SOP daily, at Facebook.

And, increasingly numerous efforts of a corporate culture of bribery, toxicity, and contempt for not only the US Constitution, but Biblical Christianity, which denies both Jews and Muslims a place in Heaven. 

Whereas, corrupted entities of the church persecute Muslims in the name of Israel, the reality is, both Jews and Muslims are wrong about God, and thus,  the argument is not a religious argument, but is a political argument. And, as such, the question of Israel is no question: the Jews are wrong. Facebook, as well as a majority of American government, support the genocide of Palestinians, daily, and tends to use it's sway to suppress anything except the liberal and dead faith Christianity's religious and political agenda. Real Christians follow Christ. Christ condemned the Jews.

Facebook's abuse of those opposed to the views of it's corporate leaders is not the only case of social media denying Constitutional rights to Americans, as most famously, Facebook led the cajoling of other Social Media giants into denying Alex Jones his right to even have an account on their service...
Facebook does not have the right to deny service to anyone based on their views. American businesses can deny service to anyone they wish: unless that denial violates Constitutional Guarantees. Otherwise, the 14th Amendment is nullifiable all around. 

Cases where we may see legitimate denial of service involve serving clients wherein the service may violate the corporate entity's Constitutional Guarantees, as in the infamous Denver bakery where the matter of baking a cake for a gay wedding violated religious principles the owner lives by. The Constitution protects his views, and the customer had to go elsewhere.

Facebook is nothing comparable to this. The antivaxx position is just another jab at the Conservative view that has suffered the persecution of Social Media platforms in this nation, for far too long.

The issue, however, is already in law: the United States Supreme Court has already ruled that the Government and Corporate entities are responsible for extending Constitutional guarantees, as in the First Amendment, to all American Citizens.

Facebook literally has no right to both create, then, to enforce its own Community Guidelines when those "guidelines" imply a general contradiction to the First Amendment. It is a class-actionable crime. 

This is fixing to turn into the end of the Jerk, with the idiot savant is returned back to his nobody status, for having pushed way too far into American privacy, and the US Constitution.

There is no question, the thirteen years of Facebook slowly trying to control the minds, and the content of private conversations in the form of banning, suspensions, and any other abridgement of the Freedom of Speech, are going to end. And, the attorneys on TV will be asking you, "Have you ever been the victim of Facebook suspensions of your account? Was it for a picture that asserted that certain events may not have been reported as the media claimed? How about for calling someone a name, after they called you one, and they reported YOU? CALL ME!"

Because the vaxx issue is protected by Freedom of Speech.

Sandy Hook Truthers are protected by Freedom of Speech.

You may not agree, but they are entitled to their views.

As surely as Zucc reads this, he believes that similarly interested entities within the government will ensure this persecution.... Who? Tell us, because they will be caught up in the inquiry, too.

The United States Constitution is non-negotiable. Nor can a corporate entity request the suspension of it's guarantees without also violating the law. 

And, the end is near for the Social Media boom. But, the Constitution shall emerge victorious above all these sneaky Jews who think it best to dictate to the heirs of a people whom actually FOUNDED this nation just exactly what it is that they are permitted to think.

If you like that, God is about to answer the Jewish Question once and for all when the Eurasiatic Alliance exploits American hubris....again, a la Vietnam, etc, and conquers Washington DC in the culmination of the argument "UniPolarity versus BiPolarity". Israel, the bloodthirsty oppressor of Syria, Gaza, and Palestine, Israel, the Devil's Children, Israel shall cease to be. 

Meet me there where the laugh will truly be last.

But, in the aspects of the evidence in life that the end is near for Facebook, this is overdue.



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