Thursday, April 4, 2019


By: Kevin Drummond
Recently, some remarks made in a Tass Article by Vlad Putin, which pretty much quote this blog word for word, and echo the sentiments of the majority of Geopolitical experts, are nothing short of amazing. The deficit in Geopolitical know-how between the brilliant observations of Vlad Putin, and the "Deferent" praises of Israel, which so often are the subject of all things Donald Trump, are tell-tale. 

The United States has run out of time....

In a Tass Article, Russian President Vlad Putin has dead-panned the Geopolitical reasons that the United States is doomed. In the article, Mr. Putin explains facts about US foreign policy that have made me cringe for years, now: the UniPolar ideal has run its course. Instead of being the realization of a brave, new world, the corruption, unparalleled violence, abuses of international organizations, and placing the world in a general disposition of inferiority to the US, has made it just another bully empire, like Germany, or Britain.

This pretty much confirms the worldwide alarm sounding on the end of an epoch: the United States as a new, unspoiled, and un-accusable presence in global conflict resolution. That time is at an end. 

In the content of the remarks is the unheeded advisement I gave to any, and all, throughout the disassembling of the very complex nature of Geopolitical relationships, as well as the prognosis for the Eurasiatic Alliance which has arisen as the MultiPolar Force to confront the hubris, and vile homicidal mania of the US, UK, Israel, and Saudi Arabia: the US has literally created the means, motives, and methodologies to present the world with a mandate to overcome it.

The men of the Zionist Element, in the Pentagon's basement, in their black suits, and Un American appointments to power, have ruined the nation whose presence was vital to the defeat of the Nazis. And now, the United States is going to be just another nation that the Devil's Children has made corrupt; in their effect of how rust never sleeps. 

The excuses are gone. 
The lessons to be tolerated are gone.
The US now matures suddenly: vile, guilty, blood-covered, and worthy of God's wrath. 

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