Friday, April 19, 2019

Why The United States Fell

By: Kevin Drummond

Why did the US fall? When did the US fall? And, what, if anything, can save the US? 

  • Why the US Fell
There is no question that, in nature, inflexibility tends to result in either fractures, as in a brittle branch, or it results in death, as a tree that cannot reach the sunlight but cannot alter it's photosynthesizing strategy by following the light. It may leave a HUGE corpse, but it dies, due to the inflexibility. 

In the case of, what, if anything, led directly to the Fall of the US, the one answer that will tend to thematically resound throughout all of the causes will be an underlying inflexibility. This includes the expressions of power available to a nation, or a group of nations. And, it was a design of the more despicable Americans coming home from the Second World War. 

The United States is not being staffed, nor controlled by Americans. It is being controlled by foreigners stupidly pitied into power. Ike taught the world to pity the Jews, though not one single American was caught serving the SS. Yet, this permitted the dumbest system of addressing a subgroup in all History: which, through modern conventions of radio, and television, were parlayed until the Boomers were under the control of the Jews just like the TV that they watched, the news that they read, and the songs that they tapped their feet to as they endlessly sought sensory satisfaction. 

As a result, the worst generation known to mankind grew from kids, who sold out their nation, into adults, who sold out their nation. 

Since all that pro Zionism of their youths dealt primarily with an audience that viewed a BiPolar World, well, then, that's who the CIA efforts, through Mockingbird, needed to reach, during the 50's, 60's, and this continues, still. Inflexibility. The devil cannot innovate, so Hollywood cannot, and Boomers? Forget it! 

You can still see it, today: Boomers think Russia is their enemy, Boomers think that Zionists don't imprison and steal the organs from Palestinian children, Boomers live in a BiPolar World, and they cannot change: for they are the me generation, they are the now generation, and they're views are backed up by their cinematic and living room experiences with media. 

As they grew, they cut their teeth against a Cold War world. 

But, at around 40, they decided that, "Hey, the EU cats are calling us, Gods of War! So, what we really need, is a new enemy....." 

So, the Boomers, the wealthier ones, met in their gay asshole meeting, and decided that, rather than have to risk a brave, New, MultiPolar World, they'd instead, create the Islamist, which no one is sure what that is, since every single example has been connected to Western Intelligence Services by reason of Employment!

The inflexible boomers, so selfish, so conditioned in the pursuit of their own sensory satisfaction, thought GenX was as stupid as they, in their presumption about US, are they discovered.

So, they perpetrated the War on Terror and that is only the next to the latest BiPolar Enemy model. Now, by reason of Russia and the Eurasiatic Alliance proving that the Boomers lied about the War on Terror, they have been shocked, trying to topple a new enemy in the Western Hemisphere, hoping to capitalize on the speech of the president they and their Zionist friends' dads shot dead in Dallas: "We will regard any launch of any attack against the United States from anywhere in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union....full retaliatory response."

Problem: the US attacked Venezuela. The US has lied, and continues to lie, and they played these same hands in Iran, Iraq, and Syria, which all three have managed to overcome the US efforts in varying degrees of stylistic approaches. 

Boomers do not know: this was not real. All of Hollywood is an illusion.....

Yet inflexibly, the idiot Boomers, and their trophy wives (I guess they must have lost....) and their foreign pity party agency that pays them to continue betraying their nation as a common devotion to a God they don't claim to share, but in organ theft, pedophilia, and general sorriness, they do share; they have finally reached into an area where no BiPolar Action had ever been able to reach: the confrontation of the illusions of power deluding the ZOGGED US, by a power consisting of a multiplicity of nations that have been kicking their asses across the globe.

And, there is no template, no Zionist Mockingbird Hollywood production around which these incompetent idiot Boomers might build a successful strategy, or at least, as a guide to overcoming the Soviets.... Not this time.

But, the rest of the world has two very clear templates with which they may choose to reduce the United States, and her real parasitic brain, Israel, to ashes: the First World War dispatching of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and their allies, the Ottoman Empire, and The Kingdom of Germany. Then, there's the one war Boomers know: Second World War. Now, these Zogged American Boomers cannot tell you much about the First World War, except that no Jews died in that one, so it isn't as heroic.

But, they know the wars John Wayne won, all the way to Saving Private Ryan, and they know to change the swastika to a Hammer and Sickle, but, shamefully: that is the entire legacy from which these idiot strategies, ones that have no Goy academic review, are failing so badly world wide.....
And, I suppose, they aren't going to choose now to wake the hell up and pull the facehugging suckers of Zionism's tendrils from off their collective face, before both Israel and USA receive the long overdue Message from Jesus about Zionism.....

Therefore, inflexibility translates to a massively collective coronary and simultaneous stroke, affecting the real, and the imagined position of supremacy that the wickedness of AntiChrist worship has deluded the stupid Boomers into practicing, with their organ thieving land stealing bloodthirsty friends, the people that John Wayne saved from the Germans. Sick, I know. But, this is where American foreign policy has emanated, since Eisenhower.

Sadly, the lack of a Boomer-wide understanding, that The Eurasiatic Alliance can, and shall certainly kick the deluded, and living acid tripping snot out of the US, continues permitting them to do so.

 And they can, because they are not bound by a systematically cultural hubris, which was sold to them by the subhuman glow of Jewish self preservation....And, that is the chief weapon that continues serving the Eurasiatic Alliance throughout the continues working, because the inflexibility of the US position, geopolitically, is the defect that it is, due to the brainwashing of the entire Boomer generation. Wisdom is justified of her children....

  • When the US Fell
It is a fact that politicians envy poets, and movie stars. Therefore, their rhetorical turns-of-phrase are normally hot air, not always, but in the US and UK, yeah: in this century, and the last one except JFK, who opposed Zionism, this is a fact. American leaders loved the words of Churchill. They may not have loved he, nor his politics, but his Battle of Britain Speech may be one of the best speeches in History. 

But, throughout American History, we have the "dream phase" (1789-1912) when politicians spoke of a Jewish Homeland, and did so having no idea of the way the Jews would murder a Czar, steal his fortune, and then repeat the acts Cassius Dio observed, then recorded, famously. 

They, instead, were buying votes. Being Christians, as famously, they were, they had no concept of what an evil nation of Jews could be capable of doing to kids, and the old, alike.... Thus, they were virgins! ( Zionistically Mockingbirdingly) (now, see where Mockingbird got its name?)  

But real Americans, like Lindburgh, the Christian, or Ford, or Edison, the Christians: they knew that the Jewish people can never be reconciled to God, nor by riches, nor by even American blood, could the opposing of an Eternal being amount to anything, but the destruction of their friends, and the ongoing demonstration of how low-to-the-ground swings the collective conscious of these despicable people.

So, the politicians of this age had no other intention than to get their votes. Lincoln would've praised slug trails to beat McClelland (1864), and rioting in New York had been defacing the pale of the war, which was finally turning to the North's favor....

And, you'll find quotes by both Adams, one who was a Mason, and his son, whom founded a political machine famous for hating Masons, and eventually hating all immigrants.....until election time! Yes, even JFK, whom was the first to understand the Bipolar World from an academic standpoint, and that Israel can never have nukes, but was kind of a frenemy..... (under those rules of a Bipolar World) But, he personally distrusted Jews, he spoke flatteries for votes..... And they are the main body of his assassins.

But Wilson's official praising of the death warrant of a king whom God chose, and Jews of the hastily contrived, Ural Mountain Committee murdered, in cold blood: Wilson's praising of the Balfour Declaration is the first departure from flattery into innocent blood on American hands. For it, they got the Depression, and nearly lost their country. Now, we all know the reasons God granted time: it was in the Revelation, and that time, 2,300 days, seemed to be God permitting our misery. 

It was their time.

  • What Can Save the US?
This is a question that can only be answered based upon when the US starts the War for Zionist Domination against the other nations of the world, except perhaps UK, and how kind the conquerors of the Boomer idiots will, or will not be to we, whom remain. But, one thing is certain: Israel is only the Boomers inflexible Bipolar Ally. And, the Eurasiatic Alliance is aware that Israel must be burned, in fire, for ten thousand years uninhabitable, and this is for the good of all mankind. So, no: but the truth is, this is not the United States! Like Jews were changed to Christian, then, the name "Jew" stolen by Ottoman Khazarians: these people are without home, without sense, and have no idea that John Wayne had his ass handed to him by lung cancer.

This is not America. So, it cannot be saved.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Review of Mead Derwent Pastel Pencils

By: Kevin Drummond

Are you an artist? Have you ever been seduced by the online perchance offering to exclude you from the uncomfortable shuffle through your local high end art store; since Michael's is for normies and Hobby Lobby is worse?

Let me give you a time saving, and money saving hint: do not buy anything from Derwent Mead. If your order has the word, ACCO on the bottom, cancel it, immediately.

That's a shame, too. But, manufacturing a great product is only half the battle. Getting it into your customers' hands is the better part of the war, and the area where Mead/Derwent just cannot get their shit together.

I buy individual pencils per requiem. And, since 1999, I have always driven 60 miles into a bad neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, and, to a street bearing a number that only insiders can locate, and spend around $3 per pencil, when all the paperwork is done.

Recently, I decided that, although the order time could be a problem, maybe I should look into the digital markeplace, and behold: Derwent UK. With them I have no problem. In fact, Derwent UK is better than Blicks...

But, one day, while looking at pastel pencils, because I'm an artist, not a kid or a housewife: I don't use colored pencils... And was placing the order for pastel pencils into the cart, and wham: WI-FI/POWER OUTAGE.

It all came back on, and thought I was on the same website, so, I finished the order. It took them two days to send the confirmation email, it was not from Derwent but Mead/Derwent. And, the invoice accompanying it said that I paid $93 for 12 colored pencils. I didn't order any colored pencils. I actually am an artist. Buying six colored pencils to do what it takes two pastel pencils to do just makes no sense, to me.

Cool. I will just call customer service...

On the phone, I was told to return the items, obtain the new tracking number, and when I got that to them, that they'd not wait, but they'd go ahead and send me what I actually ordered, but there was a $7-$10 (I can't recall) difference I'd have to make up, but that as soon as I have him a tracking number, he'd go ahead and ship the correct product.

So, I waited. It took eight days for the wrong item to arrive. 

And within 12 hours of receiving it, it was on the way back to New York, back to Mead. Ok. So far, so good....
So I came home to call customer service, only to find out that they cannot do what the first guy said they would do, until the tracking information returns confirming they are the addressee. 
Wait..... What? So, keeping up, I'm now $93 +12.50 into this..... 

So, I take the advice, wait two hours, (to talk to someone averages 15-40 minutes), and nope. No address confirmation. As if THEY would be scammed by me! Right?

Finally, I call the USPS, and their tracking information will not tell them that they are the addressee, the mere fact they have a tracking number implied that they are the addressee. So, 40 more minutes, this time: I let them know that we are 11 days into this, and I still will have to tell my customer (these are for the portrait of her recently deceased 15 year old dog) that I have not started, yet. And apologize....again .

The lady at Mead (Derwent) apologizes, in the robot "get what you want" subliminal fakery, and promises me that she will send 24 pastel pencils out, with no further cost to me. Great. What I paid for. Day 14. 

Only today, three days later, it is 12 pencils and 12 bricks: what I didn't pay for.....again. Again. $115 for 12 pencils and 12 pastel bricks which I don't need? But, it is almost guaranteed that one black and one white is not going to be enough...... 

$127.50. Returning. Demanding total refund for $93. Lesson learned. 

So, save yourself the time. Save yourself the hassle. Save yourself the rage. Save yourself the grief: boycott Mead Derwent.

Thursday, April 4, 2019


By: Kevin Drummond
Recently, some remarks made in a Tass Article by Vlad Putin, which pretty much quote this blog word for word, and echo the sentiments of the majority of Geopolitical experts, are nothing short of amazing. The deficit in Geopolitical know-how between the brilliant observations of Vlad Putin, and the "Deferent" praises of Israel, which so often are the subject of all things Donald Trump, are tell-tale. 

The United States has run out of time....

In a Tass Article, Russian President Vlad Putin has dead-panned the Geopolitical reasons that the United States is doomed. In the article, Mr. Putin explains facts about US foreign policy that have made me cringe for years, now: the UniPolar ideal has run its course. Instead of being the realization of a brave, new world, the corruption, unparalleled violence, abuses of international organizations, and placing the world in a general disposition of inferiority to the US, has made it just another bully empire, like Germany, or Britain.

This pretty much confirms the worldwide alarm sounding on the end of an epoch: the United States as a new, unspoiled, and un-accusable presence in global conflict resolution. That time is at an end. 

In the content of the remarks is the unheeded advisement I gave to any, and all, throughout the disassembling of the very complex nature of Geopolitical relationships, as well as the prognosis for the Eurasiatic Alliance which has arisen as the MultiPolar Force to confront the hubris, and vile homicidal mania of the US, UK, Israel, and Saudi Arabia: the US has literally created the means, motives, and methodologies to present the world with a mandate to overcome it.

The men of the Zionist Element, in the Pentagon's basement, in their black suits, and Un American appointments to power, have ruined the nation whose presence was vital to the defeat of the Nazis. And now, the United States is going to be just another nation that the Devil's Children has made corrupt; in their effect of how rust never sleeps. 

The excuses are gone. 
The lessons to be tolerated are gone.
The US now matures suddenly: vile, guilty, blood-covered, and worthy of God's wrath. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


By: Kevin Drummond

The endless abuse of a clientele, such as Facebook's peddling of data that the company tried to back paddle on claiming was yours, has never been seen before. Most corporate entities are either led by college grads, or receive the advice of college grads, enough to know that it is violation of Federal law to enforce Facebook's weaponized Community Guidelines. 

The recent pairing with another despicable, short, and ape-like Zionist pig, Adam Schiff, and the ensuing "purge" of antivaxxers has, however, not been enough legislative ass-kissing to bloc the impending criminal and civil complaints dropping possibly by month's end, by way of a joint FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and Justice Department task force.

The Congressional end of the probe, a symbol of which, became Zucc drinking water, nervously, while lying under oath about the nature of his company's extreme data peddling, and the unprecedented revenue that he, personally, banks, daily, as a result of that activity, will only amount to having been Zucc's last chance. And, he blew it.

It is, nonetheless, a violation of The United States' Community Guidelines, as set-forth in its national instrument, the US Constitution, to even ask US Citizens to surrender their Constitutional rights for the financial benefit of another.
There is clear evidence of a hostile relationship with the Rights of American Citizens as part of SOP daily, at Facebook.

And, increasingly numerous efforts of a corporate culture of bribery, toxicity, and contempt for not only the US Constitution, but Biblical Christianity, which denies both Jews and Muslims a place in Heaven. 

Whereas, corrupted entities of the church persecute Muslims in the name of Israel, the reality is, both Jews and Muslims are wrong about God, and thus,  the argument is not a religious argument, but is a political argument. And, as such, the question of Israel is no question: the Jews are wrong. Facebook, as well as a majority of American government, support the genocide of Palestinians, daily, and tends to use it's sway to suppress anything except the liberal and dead faith Christianity's religious and political agenda. Real Christians follow Christ. Christ condemned the Jews.

Facebook's abuse of those opposed to the views of it's corporate leaders is not the only case of social media denying Constitutional rights to Americans, as most famously, Facebook led the cajoling of other Social Media giants into denying Alex Jones his right to even have an account on their service...
Facebook does not have the right to deny service to anyone based on their views. American businesses can deny service to anyone they wish: unless that denial violates Constitutional Guarantees. Otherwise, the 14th Amendment is nullifiable all around. 

Cases where we may see legitimate denial of service involve serving clients wherein the service may violate the corporate entity's Constitutional Guarantees, as in the infamous Denver bakery where the matter of baking a cake for a gay wedding violated religious principles the owner lives by. The Constitution protects his views, and the customer had to go elsewhere.

Facebook is nothing comparable to this. The antivaxx position is just another jab at the Conservative view that has suffered the persecution of Social Media platforms in this nation, for far too long.

The issue, however, is already in law: the United States Supreme Court has already ruled that the Government and Corporate entities are responsible for extending Constitutional guarantees, as in the First Amendment, to all American Citizens.

Facebook literally has no right to both create, then, to enforce its own Community Guidelines when those "guidelines" imply a general contradiction to the First Amendment. It is a class-actionable crime. 

This is fixing to turn into the end of the Jerk, with the idiot savant is returned back to his nobody status, for having pushed way too far into American privacy, and the US Constitution.

There is no question, the thirteen years of Facebook slowly trying to control the minds, and the content of private conversations in the form of banning, suspensions, and any other abridgement of the Freedom of Speech, are going to end. And, the attorneys on TV will be asking you, "Have you ever been the victim of Facebook suspensions of your account? Was it for a picture that asserted that certain events may not have been reported as the media claimed? How about for calling someone a name, after they called you one, and they reported YOU? CALL ME!"

Because the vaxx issue is protected by Freedom of Speech.

Sandy Hook Truthers are protected by Freedom of Speech.

You may not agree, but they are entitled to their views.

As surely as Zucc reads this, he believes that similarly interested entities within the government will ensure this persecution.... Who? Tell us, because they will be caught up in the inquiry, too.

The United States Constitution is non-negotiable. Nor can a corporate entity request the suspension of it's guarantees without also violating the law. 

And, the end is near for the Social Media boom. But, the Constitution shall emerge victorious above all these sneaky Jews who think it best to dictate to the heirs of a people whom actually FOUNDED this nation just exactly what it is that they are permitted to think.

If you like that, God is about to answer the Jewish Question once and for all when the Eurasiatic Alliance exploits American hubris....again, a la Vietnam, etc, and conquers Washington DC in the culmination of the argument "UniPolarity versus BiPolarity". Israel, the bloodthirsty oppressor of Syria, Gaza, and Palestine, Israel, the Devil's Children, Israel shall cease to be. 

Meet me there where the laugh will truly be last.

But, in the aspects of the evidence in life that the end is near for Facebook, this is overdue.



Monday, April 1, 2019

Things The Koch's Taught You

By: Kevin Drummond

After spending the day rehashing the absolute ridiculousness of the Agenda 21 Conspiracy, I found myself back at the place of considering the Koch's, and the irreparable harm their influence, like WMD's in Iraq, and the Tea Party, have managed to accomplish to American Conservatism.

Apparently, the world is full of people who just do not understand to what extent the Koch Brothers have damaged the Conservative view in America....

Ever wondered where the Tea Party, and it's Agenda 21 UN Depopulation Conspiracy, came from? What about the Iraq War, and why we threw the Republican voter under the bus to pursue the violation and murders that are beneath the umbrella of being an Iraq War? Ever wonder why John Bolton has a job with Trump? Ever wonder why Trump has stabbed his voter in the back so thoroughly?

Ever wonder why I created the hashtag, #AbolishNewYorkPoliticians? (I know you haven't wondered about the last one, but it nonetheless is true)

The answer to these, and all such questions, is the manchild, indulgent, and in a word, Tiberian-habit sharing Koch Brothers. 

These two men, and their array of wealthy friends and political beneficiaries, have pretty much double-handedly presided over the end of the American Republican Party.

Their acts, too many to number, include the intelligence agency like effort to create the Tea Party, after funding a study to find out who, it is, crossing party lines to throw a R vote away for Obama, and using literally what could be best described as "terror tactics" to drive these break-away voters back into the R fold.

These years later, and after being very sternly cautioned by the Federal Government for these types of tactics, their most damaging slander, Agenda 21, still drives fake news annually, as truly terrified Conservatives actually BELIEVE the copious YouTube CGI-enhanced videos that show "The UN" using "lasers" against Americans.....while Trump, who was supposed to stop this, does nothing....

Looks like the Koch's Tea Party may push R voters right back into the D side, again....

But, the clowning aside, the harm is done. Notably, the State Legislation of Alabama went as far as to issue a three page law, the shortest in History, wherein the "UN" has no "authority" to "murder" anyone in Alabama, nor steal their property.

This, no doubt, to appease at least one wealthy, and maybe confused, donor, whom doesn't realize that, were the Agenda Conspiracy real, then the Alabama Legislature would be trumped by the Federal one, ending the purpose, entirely.

But, the terror tactics have taken hold, for their eighth year. And, the lie, which was created in a DC think tank, as a "plan meet need" tactic, to stop the R voters from punishing the R Party by voting for Obama, still rises, like the Autumn Phoenix from the ashes of the California seasonal wildfires spurred on by the Santa Anna winds.

As, each year, new activists, ones who never knew, or never accepted how invented and contrived the initial "Tea Party Activist" was, stand in their places, preaching irrational fear, and terrorizing a willing audience who actually believes that the Tea Party was real....but they just can't explain where it went. Although the original Tea Party gangsters were endorsed actors, this new breed is a living mockery of the human condition. Something the Koch Brothers feel the goy deserve. And, often you hear these victims saying things like, "Where was the unity of the Tea Party? Where has all that gone?"

Where it went to, was very nearly to prison. But, a word of warning from the Second Term Obama Administration was enough for the Koch's to put down this tom foolery, and abuse of their fellow Americans. Like spoiled children, they do this for fun. They also slandered Bill Clinton about some ridiculous Cocaine scandal, which the "lower income" goy still think is real, despite the actor portraying the part of the "State Trooper" making the accusation against Clinton coming forward, and confessing he was an actor. Had he refused, he would've also been named in the defamation suit against the organization that the Koch's used to produce the hour long mockumentary. But, there is no shortage of actors in Broadway New York! And, when portraying a part, it is art, not deceit! After all, they have bills, too.

And that's another resource in abundant supply and available to the Koch's, money!

This New York based Zionist group has been around: from the murder of JFK, to the summit with rank and file leaders, in which Trump was assured some peace, on the condition some of the Koch's whipping boys, Bolton and Pompeno, would receive high appointments in the Trump cabinet. 

Yes, the Koch brothers saved the swamp, and the only victory the American people get out of this is knowing how FURIOUS they were when Trump won, as well as the fact that another Defect Vote Republican-voter-supported Democrat, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, or the irrepressible Joe Biden, will win the White House in 2020.
That is, if the REAL consequences of these high stakes games don't destroy us, first.

May I be the first to ask you, if this is all new to you, did you know the Koch's are behind all this nonsense?

If not, can I welcome you back to reality?

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