Saturday, March 16, 2019

The World Looks Towards the Balkans....Again

By: Kevin Drummond

Left, Albanian PM, Edi Rama, Right, Serb Autocratic President, Aleksandar Vučić, during a 2017 summit 

With the prospect of war erupting upon a tinder box of global crisis, the world looks towards the Balkans, again.

The reasons are simple: the "solutions" implemented by the NATO interventions in Serbia were not advisable from a practical, justifiable, nor a historically accurate standpoint. And, the gaping problems, still unresolved, arise, again, for a new set of considerably less-talented diplomatic personnel to attempt to resolve. Where worthy men once sought solutions, deluded puppets of Zionist bankers seek war as a personal and international ATM.

In Tirana, Albania, and Belgrade, Serbia, a series of heated exchanges have ratcheted up tensions until the openly discussed possibility of war looms on the horizon.

But, it won't happen. I'll explain why, a little later.

The solitary example of a successful Globalist deployment and use of Pax Americana to back up the international community's consolidated attempt to end a conflict, which was accomplished during the last days of the second half of the Jugoslav Civil War, (1992-1999), also demonstrated the signs that Pax Americana could not last.

A group of men clearly motivated not by peace, nor democracy, but by greed, simply retooled their entire cultures' views of the Jugoslav Conflict, and claimed identification with the Albanian side. 

The Albanians, despised by Turks, fellow NATO members, and the rest of Eastern Europe, which, at this point in History were going to become NATO members, they were, in spite of all this International distrust, the only side of the conflict, around which, the International Community both designed its military, and its humanitarian efforts.

These designs were in place both during the war, and afterwards, as well. And, the Albanians were a tad free with their loyalty to facts. 

It was the Albanians who started the war, then, by arming Albanians inside Serbia, and staking them with such atrocity incurring weapons as landmines intentionally planted to injure Serb kids, and then provoked the conflict through war crimes and war criminals whose warrants were subsequently suppressed by nations like France, whom defied the International Community (However, secretly, were in cahoots with the same) as they hid Kosovan (Albanian) war criminals, like Rasmush Haradinaj, who is currently the PM of a now-Albanian controlled Kosovo, which is actually a Serbian state. 

But they did prosecute the Serb leaders. 

And, in this increasingly corrupted and incompetent US led effort, the opportunity to reach and create a lasting peace has been forever lost by the Zionist murders committed around the world which have culminated in the world choosing sides.

Slobodan Praljak, a Bosnian general whom eluded capture for over a decade, drinks poison to deny the international community the privilege of judging him

And, the world has succeeded in stopping the US atrocities, with the jury still out in Venezuela, early polls favor yet another defeat for the misguided and lost US "strategies".
The only example of successful Pax Americana, Serbia, is showing the flaws of yesteryear's planning.  The legacy of which, still simmers beneath the words of an ever increasing hostile Serb-Albanian diplomatic exchange.

Aleksandar Vučić is a Serb. The US support for an independent Kosovo has done more to destroy the spirit of EU, than Brexit could ever represent. For, as the false flagged interventions throughout the Arab World, and in North Africa, revealed themselves to be the products of ever clarifying inept American and Zionist planning contingents, the polarization of a large, and far-reaching alliance against NATO, the Eurasiatic Alliance, was the result. 

And, in the loss of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election now proven to have been by vote, and not Zionist mythological Russiahacking jobs, Vučić's decision is made, for him: he chose Russia. 

And, should Albania succeed in starting this war, then that is who they will be fighting. This is where the facts have to be faced by NATO: they've lost every one of these conflicts. Iraq doesn't count because it was the proof Pax Americana can no longer be trusted. 

Therefore, the NATO bases within Albania, and within Kosovo, will be better suited to all involved, and that includes Zionism, to forcibly halt any further hostile intention from within Albania, by nipping it at its historic source, which has always been Albania.
(Hey, pousses toi la mot, "Fin")
It would be well worth your while to translate the phrase, and follow the clue!) 😀


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