Monday, February 4, 2019

Dear Eurasiatic Alliance: Please Create The New Security Council of the United Nations

Did you know that the "5 Dancing Israelis'" truck had a mural depicting a plane hitting the WTC when they were caught filming it? 

When people express fear or paranoia in regards to the United Nations, only rarely is it substantiated. Ever since the baseless accusations emanating from the Tea Party grew audible in 2012, the desire to exit the international organization has only recently begun to subside.

The fact of the matter is, only true ignorance can explain why the historically Zionist-supportive, united-in- violent-bloodshed-Americans, would seek such harsh criticism of their in-road to the assurance that these counter-productive, counter-intuitive, and Zionist goals, are cemented into the international picture in such force: the UN, and its Security Council.

But the Tea Party, and the rumors it stirred, fail to explain its contempt for the UN when its role in what the Tea Party considers, "successes", like the genocide of Palestine, or the murder of 11 million Iraqis, are explained to them in geopolitical terms: these abuses would not be possible without the US having first lied to the UN, and then lobbied for, and then, having received the UN's blessing in the role of international military enforcer, a role that it has enjoyed since the nation of Serbia was attacked, and brought into, "compliance", in Spring of 1999.

As perfect of an example as any, right now, the very same promises, which are made to Venezuelans, were proven to be nothing but lies in the Balkans. Indeed, the suspended animation of a civil people murdered into compliance is anything but real, as beneath the surface, the cracks spread, unite, and threaten peace in this part of the world, while the grand con game run by NATO has moved to threaten Venezuela. Nobody is fooled, anymore.

In Serbia, the UN Security Council had a China and Russia that either abstained, or voted for intervention in the Balkans. Steadily, as the years have passed, the brutal murder of Iraq, which destroyed Pax Americana, has not gone unnoticed by these two powerful Security Council chairs.

  When the UN Security Council votes to enact military force, the vote is unanimous even if one or more of the five permanent members abstains. However, if only one nation vetos the action, then the motion dies. The US veto has permitted seventy years of Zionist atrocities against Palestinians who don't have an air force, and almost no defense. Israel violates international agreements, like the UN Charter, and several weapons ban treaties, daily: preserved from the international community acting to stop it.

With the Eurozone, minus Italy, siding with Trump/Bolton to attack Venezuela, the lessons of Korea, Vietnam, and half a dozen other countries, have also not been unnoticed by Italy, as that nation begins a break with the AntiChrist Zionisme which is both profound, and seriously damaging to the illusion of European unity in the coming war....

Heard anymore about this False Flag? No? Hmmm......

Indeed, each nation siding with the incompetence of the nation building cowards of American Enterprise Institute, has crossed interests in Iranian JCPOA, and the AEI's fake American heritage's intentions in regards to that nation.

Boasting a 100% fail rate, nothing proves that Maga was all in the fantasies of its supporters more coldly, like water near frozen tossed into a freshly awakened face, than the fact that murdering 11 MILLION Iraqis is not victory: it is cowardice, and has provoked divine intervention against the US.....again.

Not that maga will learn, because what the Lord actually said is confusing, because He curses Judaism forever, but their tv and radios say that Jews are their friends: so, they're confused. Not honest, not Christians, just confused. They do not possess the wherewithal to face facts.... This brings us back to the first question: why is it that they distrust the UN?

Facing the US/European (100% Zionist) assault against Venezuela, is a UN ever in the process of clarifying the misgiven flaws that have paralyzed its humanitarian goals. Flaws that were unforeseeable, yet are the cause of serious global damage, and remain contained within the regime design of the Security Council, itself. 

Flaws, like the all powerful Security Council member veto, which has caused the UN's greatest failure, albeit, the failure that is being caused by two poriah states, one the image of the other: Palestine. The fact that the US is singlehandedly responsible for the genocide being carried out by the cursed Jewish Zionists against the actual inhabitants of Palestine weighs heavily as the source of the most valid complaint against the UN, ever. 

Yet, we won't hear bloodthirsty American brainwashed "Conservatives" citing this factor: they weren't taught to observe the UN factually, or else the Zionists might lose their support in the FACTS. The forces responsible for keeping them asleep at the wheel use the UN as a thing to be feared. This preserves the continual US/Zionist abuse of that international organization.

And, it is all accomplished through the US veto of the finishing of the Palestinian provisions of the UN Charter, which, oddly enough, created the accursed Zionist State. The veto is its right to life. 

This right has ensured, then preserved horrific acts against many nations, and until now, nobody has stood up to say, "Now's our chance!", and simply refused to honor the US/Zionist vetoes that have been responsible for billions of Israeli and US thefts in the Middle East, as well as millions of murders.

Right now is the time. 

Dear Russia, Dear China, Dear Eurasiatic Alliance: now's the time to remove the US and Zionist Europe from that position of terror and violence. Now's the time to realize, and preserve an ultimate victory over the Veto that permits Israel's annihilation. 

The UN must be restructured, the US/Zionist Europe must be removed from the positions it enjoys. This must be a term of their surrender.

Then, you must not repeat the mistakes that corrupted them, specifically, Zionism.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Venezuela : WW3

By: Kevin Drummond
Italian judge, Felice Casson, has observed the downfall of the US by its willingness to cause harm to its own people and allies, in acts called, "False Flags". With ISIS, the US took the act on the road... 
Don't be a brainless Magatard like Mr Flanagan: actually READ the thing that you share to your wall. Otherwise, you may think this is an article about Italian Judges, when it is a retrospective about the hubris of a nation busily engaged in falsifying cases for war, and otherwise daring God to stop them. Which He shall. 

There is no way around the fact that Venezuela is the United States' Spanish Armada, a pivotal war drum whose as of yet unseen, and beating hand, winds up ruling the world. All of Spain's mistakes are there: holiness due to religion, hubris due to great wealth, and overconfidence due to a dishonest report of military ability.

Spain had the giant war machine, and had been the UniPolar version of it's heyday. It was a nation whose power was ended by a series of events that resulted in their defeat by a weaker, but smarter, and no less courageous, Great Britain.

Great Britain's power lasted less than 400 years. Spain's power existed after the loss in 1588, but it was never to be the UniPolar power house that it was until that time. 

There was a time from the rise of El Sid, and the Fall of the Caliphate in Spain, until 1588, a period of time lasting about 400 years, that it wasn't English that was spoken, but Spanish. The century following Columbus's Discovery of the Isles of The Atlantic and Caribbean, in 1492, was marked by tremendous wealth being accumulated by Spain as it enjoyed ownership of the entire Western Hemisphere, by Papal Decree. 

The treasures within were plundered thoroughly, and somewhat singularly, by the Spanish Crown. All of Europe found itself beholding to Spain, first, by way of Spanish wealth, then, the Spanish Popes. 
Popes, like The Borgias family's Alexander 6th, father of Cesare Borgias, notorious subject of Machiavelli's The Prince, pushed social and moral boundaries. The departure from faith powered by Spanish wealth wasn't necessarily new, but the extremes powered by all that wealth, well, they were new.

By the beginning of the Gothic Period, following the Renaissance, a huge question mark fell over Europe, largely stemming from the priests that now openly challenged the former notions of papal authority. Keen to challenge not just the Church, but the notion that the New World is exclusively Spanish, was a small, often self destructive kingdom in the Isles, called Britannia.

As Henry 8 dies, and his two daughters vie for his crown by representing, one each, the old Church, and the Protestant Church, the Protestant one, Elizabeth, won. It is her kingdom the Spanish Armada rose to confront: on religious, legal, and moral grounds.

And Spain lost, by a combination of bad luck, bad planning, and a cleverly defended Great Britain that made use of living chains of coastal observers that stretched from the seas, all the way back to London. In mere minutes the chain of messengers could inform London where and when the Armada would be sighted. But the big lesson, here, shared by both then, and now, is hubris. 

Fast forward to today, where the US has the largest economy on Earth. The US has one of the top three militaries on Earth. The Spanish Catholic claim to, "Dios Veritas" (true God) is more accurate than the feather of Zionism in American Dumbo's grasp, as the Boomer Generation may yet live to not only watch the Zionist State bomb the twin towers, but to watch God hand the American Dominion to their feared adversaries the Eurasiatic Alliance, with astonishment in their eyes, witnessing first hand that not only does He rebuke their defense of the official US Government narrative, but it is so full of holes that He is enraged at the 11 million Iraqis this nation destroyed to punish them for what the holy devils did to them....

He is sick of this.
The Russians are sick of this.
China is sick of this.
And now, Venezuelans are sick of this.

Saddest of all is how the voices of those Americans who are awake, in power, and warning us, and how all this is taking place, yet they are being ignored. Ron Paul sent this out, this morning. It is the rest of this story, as well as how it is that a "peace" president is this foolish. 

Even Ann Coulter has begun to turn on Trump. Calling him, "Incompetent..." her words come a bit late for Conservatives like myself, who've said this for two years. Trump has betrayed his constituency, thoroughly. Venzuela is no exception.

Challenging a nation's sovereign rights isn't an American right anywhere, even in the Western Hemisphere. That is the kind of incompetence that ends empires.

Venezuela will have the majority of South and Central America on its side, and Farc Rebels, and Shining Path, will unite to do havoc to the US. Columbia is one bomb run until unusable, and Israel will be invaded, and Saudi Arabia, too, in weeks. 

This is the rise of the new, new world order. 

Judaism did this to you, America. Turning your back on Jesus for them did this to you. Half of you know that it has to stop. The other half asks, "How"? Now, now you know.

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