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The Agenda 21 Conspiracy

The Agenda 21 Conspiracy

By: Kevin Drummond


The Agenda 21 Conspiracy is becoming so inflated as a concept, that I continue to encounter it, as well as those who truly fear the UN, and Agenda 21, no matter what I do. It seems to be everywhere, and it is something that its believers strongly defend. The whole threat issue surrounding Agenda 21 was a product of the Koch Brothers, of NYC., but, by no means is this fact one that is able to help assuage the terror that visits people who have been fooled by their lies.

Upon doing some digging, I found that the first interpretation of Agenda 21 as a threat is put forth in a 2011 Article which is a little true, and a lot of lies, that comes down to us from the now-defunct Tea Party. Since Agenda 21 as a threat is their baby, it is kind of funny that a rumor they have spread has outlived their group. 
Here is the proof that "no one says what sustainable development means" is actually a blatant falsehood. Though the list has grown, the UN has compiled a list to define just exactly what that means. There are currently seventeen goals for the accomplishing of sustainable development.  
None of them are actually suspicious. Gender equality and electricity access are taken for granted in the US, so to clarify: the UN isn't going to force trans surgeries, nor is it going to divert your power lines to a third world country. In some African nations, women cannot speak in public. And, in some nations, electricity is just not available.

And none of the fear about these goals, when taken without the Koch Brothers' original intent, (to inspire fear, based on the widely misunderstood regime structure of the UN) makes a lick of sense.

The Tea Party article, itself, jumps straight into the paranoia, after giving a pretty good definition of what Agenda 21 actually is. On the whole, it is wrong. The accusation has no attribution. And, the article seems to be genuine in its assertions of danger.  But, this is nothing more than a very highly missed point.

(Btw: when prompted, I both downloaded, and schilmed the PDF Local Agenda 21. Nothing to be scared of. It's as if the Tea Party forgot that there are 192 other nations, and some exist in conditions where this kind of assistance is greatly appreciated)

Conspiracy, fear, political corruption, and intrigue are all huge social media revenue draws. Agenda 21 as a thing to be afraid of may have been born in the Tea Party, but it is fed on a steady diet of money.

Indeed, each apocalypse conspiracy is pushed not by believers, but by merchants. The December 21, 2012 conspiracy saw the gathering audience of people who had missed out on the massive Y2K cash-in, as they openly admitted that their businesses were based on something that isn't going to happen. However: they felt no wrong in providing the believers with the "supplies" they'd need to "survive" 12/21/12.

The predominance of the Agenda 21 Conspiracy is due mainly to the ever-increasing number of websites dedicated to the conspiracy, revenue, and the proliferation of new, and even more accusation against the UN....

Agenda 21 is a non-binding international accord designed to implement Global Sustainable Development. What GSD refers to, is economic prosperity, and those means to accomplish it, while simultaneously, not harming the planet.

This means, basically, that the international community made an agreement on Earth Day, 1992, in Rio, to promote preservation of the delicate ecosystems in developing nations, and to preserve those that remained in first world nations, in following with the rise of earth-friendly politics of the 1990's.

For those of you who cannot remember: during the 1990's, certain world leaders, in particular, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton, promoted eco-friendly policies ranging from the novel, to the absolutely ridiculous.
An example of the latter was the intentional fostering about Ozone Layer awareness, which preceded a general ban on consumer-level Freon purchases.

Before Clinton, when one's vehicle's air conditioner needed to be recharged with Freon, one went to a store, and purchased a kit. After Clinton, from around 1994-2004, one had to pay a licensed H-VAC tech to administer the gas, since only they could purchase it, anymore. You see, Freon escaping from improperly discharged kits, as well as cattle flatulence, were ripping a hole in the Ozone Layer.

the UN can only enforce binding resolutions against the government of a nation, it cannot choose a group of people within a nation, and enforce binding resolutions against them...

Why do I bring this up? Because there was a movement that consisted of hippies, who'd now sold completely out, trying desperately to hold on to their fading flower children, me generation "ideals", not by living clean, and moral lives, but by enforcing their political views across the strata of demographics. And, they were just getting started.

Around the time when Bill Clinton was running for the presidency, promising to exit NAFTA, and other anti Globalist platform agenda, the UN adopted a itinerary of earth-friendly goals and strategies called, Agenda 21.

How the truther-movement connects Agenda 21 to the mass depopulation scheme that Agenda 21 is by their definition, I do not know. But, they have somehow decided that the UN is where the devil plans to erect his one world government, and that Agenda 21 is the method for fulfilling the verse in the Revelation, "....and he caused them to kill those who refused to worship the beast...."

It is clearly a far-flung focus, into a place without logic, that this assertion has been passed into the lexicon of the truther-movement. The reason is if one truly desired to accomplish the grisly tasks implied in the truther-movement definition of Agenda 21, the UN would literally be the last place one would turn to try to achieve this goal.

But the persistence of this hostility for the UN is not without factual basis, and be that as it may: the belief that Agenda 21 can be used by an independent, military force within the UN, is without factual basis.

The UN has limited ability to express power. Essentially, it is an international agreement relying upon the Five Permanent Members of the Security Council of the United Nations to do that, for them. 193 nations are signatories to an agreement that permits the military(ies) of Russia, China, the US, France, and the UK, plus, in certain circumstances, any one of the ten temporary members' armed services, to subdue, with force, any of the remaining 178 nations which are determined to have violated the UN Charter: to which they are signed participants.

So, to implement a murder of Chinese Nationals ordered by some mysterious commander in Agenda 21, China not only has to agree to do it, but the other 14 nations in the Security Council must either vote Yes, or abstain, in order for that to be attached to a binding resolution.
Problem: the United Nations has no power to choose certain persons within a nation, and kill them. Binding Resolutions, those types of resolutions wherein military force is possible, are only possible against signatories to the UN Charter, ie, nations. The UN must uphold all International Laws.

The convening of the Security Council to bring a group of people into compliance has never been done, unless that group was that nation's government, and they had violated some agreement to which they are signatory. That is due to the fact that UN resolutions only affect member-states, not sects of the population within nation states. Contrarily enough, the UN Charter prohibits ethnic genocide. It also prohibits this kind of imminent domain by a government against a population based on the fact it is an ethnic one, or poor, as asserted by the Conspiracy.

Due to the fact that Agenda 21 is a non binding agreement, participation in the Agenda cannot be enforced by the Security Council, like say, participation in the nuclear non-proliferation agreements could be. Nor could the General Assembly of the UN enforce sanctions for real violations against the participation of a country's government in the chemical weapons ban treaty, as we have seen repeatedly abused in regards to Syria. And these abuses have injured the US and NATO significantly.


The Case for Clarity

The UN is not an autonomous organization. There is decorum, and there are protocols, and changing these procedural definitions could, itself, require decades of debates, and votes, as well.

In fact, the limits on UN expression of any power, much less, military power, make it an ideal body for true conflict resolution. But, these limitations placed upon the Five Organs of the UN, pretty much eliminate it as an autonomous military, or paramilitary organization.

The fear that is cited, over and over again in regards to the UN, is the fear of a one world government. But, if that fear were genuine, why has it waited for the seemingly harmless statements of Agenda 21 to begin inspiring such fright?
The UN has been around since October 24, 1945. And, for that length of time, seventy four years, now: the full extent of one world governance has been fully in effect.
Yet, we can refuse to accept the UN, and we are not killed, as the Revelation states should happen if it were the beast.

I think the facts about the beast have always been here, a result of Zionism, and the use of sorcery as a compulsion for Middle Ages military expeditions undertaken by Ottomans against Christian nations within Europe, and the endless horrors this continually causes.

But the areas of focus, in regards to this in a modern sense, state that where the Revelation says, ".....(the beast) will make fire come down from heaven, in the sight of men...." So, the DEW lasers are a fulfillment of this.....unless you live anywhere else but NATO Europe or North America.

For them, fire has descended upon their worlds repeatedly, and by the express command of those whose enmity with God is obvious. In Serbia, in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen....and I submit that this pursuit, in the name of Zionism, is that verse's whole, and not CGI-doctored YouTube videos that depict "lasers", though they are invisible, as they incinerate gas stations and family dwellings, conveniently camouflaged by the historic, and seasonal California fires.

The whole Agenda 21 Conspiracy doesn't account for the Zionist elements of international finance, human tragedy and suffering inflicted by Israel, and the sinister existence this is to mankind, as well as other conspiracy theories. Agenda 21 just skips those atrocities, which have been committed in violation of international law, and accomplished in places foreign to North America.

It is definitely conspicuous.

As the WTO has been deconstructed by the tariffs enacted by Donald Trump, and the collapse of Pax Americana leaves a void in the former picture of international power, as demonstrated by the Obama Administration, and caused by the ReBush Administration: balance will seek itself between Iran and Israel, forcing a halt to Zionist expansion, as well as forcing a halt to the international role of US/NATO power. Power is shifting Eastward, as a result of the poor insight engaged in the formation of the US's foreign policy, and the US's failures to realize long term goals, and these faults reside squarely upon the ReBush Administration entirely, as well as Barack Obama, John Podesta, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton.

In light of these facts, it seems highly unlikely that the international community has, or intends to come together to start murdering the general public. If it did, and the UN were involved, it cannot be stressed enough: it would take place as an act by each government against its own citizens. The UN could not become involved. There are issues of practicality, training, and manufacturing of military hardware which, via international agreement, are handled, with respect to the UN, and the Security Council, by each member-state of the Security Council.

They donate even the helmets that are painted blue, and embossed with the UN symbol. 

These donations are part of the dues each nation contributes to the UN, annually. However, by agreement, each nation retains command and control over its military. Indeed, US Peacekeepers take oaths to defend The Constitution of the United States.... Via the US Congress ratifying the UN Charter, there are no conflicting interests in the chain-of-command.

However, if one threw the genocide of their countrymen into the mix, that would not only change, but it would be the subject of continual social media posts by US aviators, and technical personnel whom presumably have first hand knowledge of these actions, which violate the U S Constitution, as well as the UN Charter. They would violate those servicemembers' Executive Oaths, also.

Due to the fact we aren't seeing social media posts by servicemembers identifying an imminent threat against their countrymen, whom they have sworn to defend: we have to question the role of the UN as a seat of the beast. We must also account for the role international finance plays in very real problems, which are not even addressed in the Agenda 21 Conspiracy.

World finance is in a state of flux, and change...

If the Eurasiatic Alliance goes ahead with its cryptocurrency plans, the old world order that was a manifestation (according to the Agenda 21 Conspiracy) of the tenants of Agenda 21, will suddenly have all been in vain. Yet, fires will burn California next Autumn. And, people will try to cash in via social media platforms.

Just something to think about....

Places Agenda 21 Already Has Caused Havoc:

The Grenfell Tower Tragedy killed seventy two human beings. Yet, the real-estate upon which it sat, and, according to the Agenda 21 Conspiracy regarding Grenfell, and that it was the primary objective of the Agenda, that real-estate has not been given to the UN. It was turned-over to the Victim's Memorial Association, which is a group of survivors, family members and friends of the victims of the tragedy, and reserved for the creation of a memorial park. At the time of this article, I have not been able to locate any sort of inquiry sent by the UN to obtain title, nor physical possession of this land.

If that happened, we would see the UN Trusteeship Council, the UN organ that handles the lands occupied by the UN, setting up a plan for the Grenfell to have been both acquired, occupied, or returned to the owners, as in the more famous example of the UN Peacekeeping Force at the Golan Heights. They are managed by the Trusteeship Council of the UN, fed, clothed by, etc, but consist of troops from a pre-approved duty rotation according to national origin.

The Historic California Fires average 20-60 victims, annually. However, each of the homes that burned were covered by insurance, and this is California Law... So, that land, which is either going to build a Pelosi railroad, or to be occupied by the UN, depending upon which conspiracy one subscribes to, actually will be rebuilt, and the neighborhoods restored.

In the Agenda 21 Conspiracy, the poor were specifically targeted for forced relocation. However, in California, depending upon which conspiracy you espouse, the land is given up.
Does that make sense? Would you not sell your land, but vacate it, without anywhere else to go? You'd want your money...right? 

It's understandable to want to relocate...but this is due to facts that in no way, fit into the Conspiracy; because the process to restore is arduous.

Land reclamation is a major undertaking. Soil erosion and mudslides must be fought literally at a grass roots level. It is very unlikely that the Pelosi railroad, which follows a prospective geologically dictated path, can even be built in the regions where fires destroyed the natural flora, and fauna, which are vital to the prevention of erosion. Tracks cannot be laid upon land that keeps morphing into a constant flow of mud.

However, in California, the fire, as well as the railroad, and life, in general, all were shaped the same way not due to DEW's, but to the natural geological, and geographic formations that run the length, and the breadth of the state.

And, according to the theory, we have under 100 deaths as a result of the implementation of Agenda 21. 

If the Agenda 21 Conspiracy were real, this is a very poor start at a depopulation effort. In fact, at the rate of births/deaths, the unlikely suspicions about Agenda 21 seem to be even more unlikely. 7,000,000,000-100= 6,000,000,900 human beings who remain.

Not a great start.


  • The association between Agenda 21, and the NWO using the agenda to depopulate the world, is based on a general lack of knowledge about how the UN works, YouTube revenue, and the fear mongering that YouTube, and fakenews, are accomplishing.
  • 193 nations are signatories to the Charter of the UN: which considers the kind of murders implied by the conspiracy to be a huge human rights violation, and were this to happen, the Security Council of the United Nations would intervene with military force, in sufficient volume as to halt Agenda 21.
  • Agenda 21 is not a plot against anybody.
  • This conspiracy existed due to a political attempt by The Koch Brothers to halt the hemhorrage of R voters that soundly defeated McCain, and in 2012 eventually, beat Mitt Romney. Following the failure to scare people into electing Romney in 2012, the Obama Administration failed to expose the usage of psychological warfare by private citizens (the Koch's) against the general public. As a result, the exposure of the origins of this conspiracy have been too slow to prevent them from scaring people.

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