Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Now: Venezuela

By: Kevin Drummond
This is what Venezuela already looks like in the DC/EU think tanks that are running the Get VENEZUELA program.

Venezuela's economic collapse was a social media phenomenon during the Summer, in spite of the number of times when overshadowing US projects, like the one in Syria, relegated the unfolding situation to the back pages of US publications.
Have Facebook? Then, you may recall memes like these describing hyperinflation in Caracas with humor...

The clear footprint of CIA involvement is all over the topic: purchased, well, only rented, opposition stars, like certain members of Venezuelan Congress, and the purchased, or rather, rented platform of certain parties, being used to whip the regime that DC finds a threat into ribbons, and a consistently haranguing Jewish-Bilderberger Media effort running on line, in print media, and on televised media. For this reason one should stop short of joining the effort to lambast the socialist regime, there. It is a political regime that its citizens chose.

After his death in 2013, the NWO transferred an abiding hatred for Hugo Chavez to the man whose election succeeded his, Nicolas Maduro.

There is a lot of truth to the reasons stated regarding the Venezuelan Crisis
And each one is encapsulated by a carefully constructed lie in the think tanks and humanitarian organizations around the world.

And, each one of these lies had an abiding purpose, one that was sowed very carefully by the New World Order.

When Barclay's made the bold statement, "It is impossible to know why (the Venezuelan Government) is not taking any sort of steps to confront the Venezuelan Crisis", it was not altogether untrue. 

Of course, with everyone, from Billings, to the Berlin based Transparency International sounding off, it looks like the situation is out of control...
But, that is about all that it is. It is 100% cosmetically risen to the level of crisis. 

The greasy innards are essentially the same. The hyperinflation, for example: this was accomplished by maipulating the global petroleum market. And, with the loss of Syria, that would seem far and away, now. 

The truth about Venezuela is that the NWO set out to co-opt the economy of Hugo Chavez during the initial launching of the European Union. This is the only reason that Transparency International is even involved. To create the illusion of an international consensus that the Maduro Government is getting what it deserves...

However, it is only an illusion.

In reality, Caracas has been on the receiving end of a concerted almost two decade effort by the CIA, and the intelligence services of the entire member-states of the EU, at destroying the country. And, with rumor, sanctions, and some creatively illegal accounting, they damn near pulled it off....

But, then the other side of the world saw another opportunity to confront/limit the bad habits that the US and friends have, of using the press, and media, to cause and spur on revolutions that enable them to control a nation via a puppet regime.

The US and her allies have failed in Venezuela, at least, they have failed as a non military effort.
In these crucial hours there are as many as twelve powerful nations that are about to set the proxy war world back on fire....and it is ridiculous!

A nation, or group of nations that view the wealth of their neighbors with envy, and seek to destroy him so that wealth is there for the taking, has but one origin, Judaism. Enough said. 

But, that the efforts to destroy the Maduro regime resemble, in not so very different usages of libel, slander, hyperbole, and Patriot-Contradiction, as the Russiahacked Scandal, well....that's too revealing. 

And, they don't want us to see that! Stop looking. Now!

But, you must admire the Eurasian Alliance! Venezuala would be the Rothschild's, if it weren't for them!

And, it couldn't be a proxy war without them, either. 

Don't look for Iran, but the next stupid blunder, sponsored by "human rights observers" centered in North America, and Europe, whom always give their nations great marks in spite of the fact they commit human rights violations across the boards, and the latest conflict to live out the damnation of proxyhood, and ultimately loses to the Eurasians because they are MultiPolar, and God still rebukes Jews, and has since the 9th Century BC: VENEZUELA!


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