Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Debunking of Debunking Chemtrails

By: Kevin Drummond

That which we do not understand we mock.

[Debunking Chemtrails]
Debunking Chemtrails was a fb page itself debunked by two events: the former CIA Director acknowledging that such a program could alter the status of greenhouse effect carbon emmisions, and the publication of a report by CBS, from October, 2018 (updated in December of the same year) that reported on the program to which the former CIA Director was referring. In that report, a Harvard professor echoes the sentiments, after having experimented with Chemtrails on a smaller scale than the CIA would have at its disposal.

The criticism of "Chemtrail Loons" should have died, right then.

That criticism often took the form of hair splitting, and cherry picking of the former CIA chiefs speech. While true, he said, "......programs like (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) could be used to alter the effect of greenhouse gases ..." The sheeple at Debunking Chemtrails, and similar orgs, claimed that the usage of the qualifying term, "could",  applied specifically to the Stratospheric Aerosol Injection program, and that it does not (yet) exist, but, someday perhaps it will. 

How could a program, that doesn't exist, be able to possibly do..... ANYTHING? 

That, like most Metabunk and Snopes crap, is the whole of their "proof". 

It is wrong on two factors.
1) the program that "could" change the weather has to already exist, in order for the use of the word, "program" to both make sense, and to have any relationship to his experiences as a guy with any authority on the subject. 

A janitor could speak of non existent programs and be as relevant, under the illogical conclusions made by Metabunk, and Debunking Chemtrails the FB page. 

2) Cherry picking: Metabunk (and by extension, Debunking Chemtrails, the FB page) mention a lot of unrelated statements made by the former CIA Director, and they do so by the use of these inappropriate syllogisms. What that means is clear in this made up example.

A: the sky is blue.
B: grass is green.
C: neither of those statements are about color.
D: color has nothing to do with biology

The evidence concluding that Chemtrails do not exist, as put forth by the would-be debunkers, are conclusions that are based on evidence cherry picked from the CIA Director's speech, and applied under both the Fallacy of the Fourth Fact, and the Fallacy of Too Much Information. The fallacious Fourth Fact that the would-be, "debunkers" arrive upon, is that Global Warming is real; when the argument was never about Global Warming. 

Their argument is literally this:
A: SAI isn't real because it doesn't exist
B: The CIA Director said it might someday alter the climate
C: People who cite his speech as a confession are wrong
D: Global Warming is real. (The fallacious fourth fact)

This is an example of both the, "too much information" fallacy, and the "fallacy of the Fourth fact", in operation.

Global Warming exists, is a true statement, to some degree. But the fact it is, it is unrelated information, as it appears in their argument, and is illogical in this usage. It appears to identify and associate "Chemtrail Loons" with "Global Warming deniers". Global Warming is real: but it is not caused by man. Associating their cause, that Chemtrails do not exist, with Global Warming, is an illogical attribution that seems to place Chemtrail believers into the same category as Global Warming deniers. But, that's another argument. However, it has other than the intended effect in most cases. This one being no exception.

For part B: of their illogical syllogism,  (The CIA Director said that SAI might someday change the climate) the "debunkers" have attributed their agenda into his words, and not what he has literally said. He did not deny that this program exists. All he did say was that perhaps the program will net some positive results in the issue of global warming. But he made no such denial of SAI. To the contrary, he defined just exactly what SAI's planners intend to achieve.

The debunkers are engaging in a fine example of cherry picking, as well as how Snopes, and other, similarly related orgs, ply the propaganda trade.

As discussed above, he refers to the RESULTS of a program as being able to possibly alter the environment. He made no such denial about the PROGRAM. Only it's possible results.

Specifically, he DID say that that the results of the program may someday succeed in altering the weather.

Therefore, the speech itself was cherry picked for the agenda that they pursued.

3)Chemtrails, and the program to which the former director was referring, were both proven to be true by an October 2018 CBS report that quoted a Harvard professor claiming that the technology would work. How does he know? He made some Chemtrails. Granted, he used balloons, because Harvard doesn't own fleets of cargo aircraft..... Thus, Harvard funded a study of aerosol injections by launching balloons. They don't have the budget the CIA has. There are also studies where 1 out of 77 scientists agrees that the samples showing high levels of Barium, in areas chemtrails are occuring with regular frequency, could be explained by the chemtrail conspiracy. 76 did not. However, until his confirming this, the scientific community cited, "unscientific sample storage" as an example of why the levels were so high. This opens the door for more examination.

At any rate, chemtrail deniers have been proven wrong. These experiments are just now becoming public, and God only knows what information the CIA learned from its deployments of experimental particulates, and is retaining as classified data. What is true is that there are both multiple nations experimenting with particulates, as well as private organizations who are experimenting with particulates. 

Writing Chemtrails off as, "lunacy" is becoming more, and more difficult a sell.

But, we already knew the Chemtrail Deniers were not entirely correct by their use of logical fallacy. The Brennan speech that metabunk deconstructed tends to reveal a former CIA director who can't, for whatever reason, verify his personal knowledge that particulate injection works. He clearly believes it will, though. This could only be an opinion derived from having seen so, for himself.

The evidence is indisputable at this time. All the Chemtrail Loons were actually correct. Turns out, they weren't so Looney as to look truth in the face and ridicule it..... I wonder why some people ridiculed them, after all, they did not ask to be the subjects of debate and Facebook pages, they merely asked not to be ignored. 

What some men may call science others may feel the need to objectify in social media platforms. But, the ones who were telling the truth will still be speaking of something that they have experienced. While those whom haven't experienced it may fall victim to the dishonest pursuits of others, whose motivations may lie beneath a darker intention. The CBS story will only appeal to those whom have experienced this by having seen it, or felt its effects. It isn't going to cite events, more than to validate that the experiments are taking place. 

While those who haven't seen, nor felt the effects of chemtrails, may still pursue the objectification of others, we ought not join with them in the relegation of the great number of people whom continue to witness this now-proven fact.

This is a NASA plane spraying tracer chemicals in order to study vortices. Often used to disprove Chemtrails, actually, this proves that yes, the US government sprays stuff from planes. That settles it.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Trouble With The Starcast Mounting System by Tama

Whether or not I like it, people ask my advice on Tama and Paiste products because I have used both, exclusively, since the 1980's. But, in 1994, Tama did something nobody expected. And, initially, people were ecstatic... Then, the initial joy gave way to something other than that. Something more related to....loathing....

The Starcast Hoop mounting system has been manufactured for actually the longest period of time in Tama history. There are problems. Yes: there are many, many problems with this system. 

In the early nineties, right before the company's 20th birthday, Tama added a new PhD engineer to their staff, and he was given a green light to change anything his heart desired. 

So, from 1991-1993, he designed, prototyped, and tested a unique tom tom mounting system wherein the Tama bullet points: no internal-drum hardware, accessibility, and strength, were kept at the forefront. The result was a system that eliminated the Floor Tom almost entirely (due to popular demand, the custom shop will create them for you, if you holler loudly enough), and attached not to the wooden part of the drum, but onto the rim/hoop, themselves. And, they called this,"The Starcast Mounting System."

...The worst thing is how there are literally zero explanations, even with a brand new kit. That is fucking retarded. And, it's a slap in the customer's face!

But, if you're a drummer, or simply a musician working with somebody who is using a Tama 1994-today manufactured kit, there are two rules to achieving a clean, resonant, passable sound. (Don't get me started on the old, better way: and why t f don't they use it...)

The arrow is pointing at what used to be a purely convenience-based accessory: The MEMORY LOCK. 

The New Role of the Memory Lock

Once upon a time, Tama invented a small piece of metal to sit upon the mounting arm, and the stands of cymbals. Where you preferred the instrument to seat, you tightened that memory lock, and voila: no more guess work....

This is no more.

Besides the fact that it is no longer an optional piece of equipment, the memory lock now consists of TWO separate pieces. 

The toms, themselves, fit snugly, like the two pieces here: female to male, and, again, female over the male fitting.

My advice is that IF you must play/buy TAMA, that you completely throw away the old Ludwig/Sonor/Pearl/Premier tom tom mounting understanding, and wrap your mind around how, for 25 years of a 45 year old drum manufacturer, this system has been rewriting the rules of how things are done.
The obtuse 100° angle, on the tom mount, is complimentary to the 80° angle on the memory lock...

Here, the memory lock is seen from the other side.
The bearing surface, indicated by the arrow, as seen, here, clearly reveals an obtuse angle. 

At first glance that angle seems almost arbitrary. Right? 

However, it is designed with that 100° (approximated) angle to accommodate the 80° seating surface upon the memory lock, which is how it actually became the SINGLE, MOST IMPORTANT piece of hardware involved in the new system.

And, due to a complete lack of information that comes with the newer kits, the most misunderstood part of this Starcast Mounting system is the new, and absolutely vitally necessary role that the memory lock is to the SC System. It took me years to get it right.....

This isn't so, on the older kits, manufactured between 1974-1993. 

Those kits feature an entirely external mount where the tom mount was manufactured onto the side of each drum, and where using the memory lock was optional; left up to the individual. 

Due to the 1994 update, many drummers using the SC System seem very dissatisfied with it because it appears to be totally stupid. In reality, like Tecumseh small motors: this system has too many unnecessary, and moving parts, and when they work, they're still inferior to the other available tom mounting styles available on most brands, today.

DW for example: they briefly copied Tama's Starcast Mounting system, but then, stopped when they realized how flawed it was. 

The important thing is: if you've bought one of these, it will work. You just need to seat each tom, by hand, and PROPERLY. 
The acute, 80° angle that measures on the mount which seats onto the memory lock is here....

Some Like it Not

Some advantages are:

1: Drums having the mount manufactured, and thus, permanently affixed, upon just the one side, means that drum CAN ONLY BE USED in a certain way. 

On the SC Mounting System, the mounts themselves can be changed between left, or right. This adds another 180° to mounting possibilities.

2: the hardware CAN be used to guide trigger/mic wires insamuch as least length necessary, and it is damn near invisible.

3: There are no extra steps necessary to changing heads. On the Starphonic Snares, ranging in criticisms from "bad Ludwig knock offs" to "worse Ludwig knock offs", this convenience is taken one step further.

I am not gonna lie for Tama, I will call them out. It's why I'm banned from their FB page....

But the Starphonic snares are a superior product line. Notable stand outs are the G Bubinga, and the Aluminum, Brass, and Limited Edition Stainless Steel snares...

These snares feature a top SC mountable, or old system mountable option, no assembly for that necessary, plus a flip away tuning surface which releases, to permit bottom head changes without having to turn a bunch of screws in order to remove snares. Ultra cool...

But, the point is the dozen, or so times where strangers, and friends, have had these Star Mount problems and thought, "Hey, man! Somebody ripped me off for $2000!"

I sympathize. But, you can make these drums GREAT by abandoning the old-style rulebook. And by wrapping your mind around the unique set of advantages, and problems that come part and parcel to the SC Mounting System.

Tama is not going to change it.... Just so you know. But the guitarists I've worked with over a 30 year span prefer the sound of my Starclassics to my other two Tama kits, Granstar Custom, and SuperStars Xtras (from the 80's).

And they like it better than the Maypexes... So, there's the prejudiced that accompanies the issue of "change" which, as a consumer demographic, drummers don't do well ....

But this will work. Just keep your memory locks!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Now: Venezuela

By: Kevin Drummond
This is what Venezuela already looks like in the DC/EU think tanks that are running the Get VENEZUELA program.

Venezuela's economic collapse was a social media phenomenon during the Summer, in spite of the number of times when overshadowing US projects, like the one in Syria, relegated the unfolding situation to the back pages of US publications.
Have Facebook? Then, you may recall memes like these describing hyperinflation in Caracas with humor...

The clear footprint of CIA involvement is all over the topic: purchased, well, only rented, opposition stars, like certain members of Venezuelan Congress, and the purchased, or rather, rented platform of certain parties, being used to whip the regime that DC finds a threat into ribbons, and a consistently haranguing Jewish-Bilderberger Media effort running on line, in print media, and on televised media. For this reason one should stop short of joining the effort to lambast the socialist regime, there. It is a political regime that its citizens chose.

After his death in 2013, the NWO transferred an abiding hatred for Hugo Chavez to the man whose election succeeded his, Nicolas Maduro.

There is a lot of truth to the reasons stated regarding the Venezuelan Crisis
And each one is encapsulated by a carefully constructed lie in the think tanks and humanitarian organizations around the world.

And, each one of these lies had an abiding purpose, one that was sowed very carefully by the New World Order.

When Barclay's made the bold statement, "It is impossible to know why (the Venezuelan Government) is not taking any sort of steps to confront the Venezuelan Crisis", it was not altogether untrue. 

Of course, with everyone, from Billings, to the Berlin based Transparency International sounding off, it looks like the situation is out of control...
But, that is about all that it is. It is 100% cosmetically risen to the level of crisis. 

The greasy innards are essentially the same. The hyperinflation, for example: this was accomplished by maipulating the global petroleum market. And, with the loss of Syria, that would seem far and away, now. 

The truth about Venezuela is that the NWO set out to co-opt the economy of Hugo Chavez during the initial launching of the European Union. This is the only reason that Transparency International is even involved. To create the illusion of an international consensus that the Maduro Government is getting what it deserves...

However, it is only an illusion.

In reality, Caracas has been on the receiving end of a concerted almost two decade effort by the CIA, and the intelligence services of the entire member-states of the EU, at destroying the country. And, with rumor, sanctions, and some creatively illegal accounting, they damn near pulled it off....

But, then the other side of the world saw another opportunity to confront/limit the bad habits that the US and friends have, of using the press, and media, to cause and spur on revolutions that enable them to control a nation via a puppet regime.

The US and her allies have failed in Venezuela, at least, they have failed as a non military effort.
In these crucial hours there are as many as twelve powerful nations that are about to set the proxy war world back on fire....and it is ridiculous!

A nation, or group of nations that view the wealth of their neighbors with envy, and seek to destroy him so that wealth is there for the taking, has but one origin, Judaism. Enough said. 

But, that the efforts to destroy the Maduro regime resemble, in not so very different usages of libel, slander, hyperbole, and Patriot-Contradiction, as the Russiahacked Scandal, well....that's too revealing. 

And, they don't want us to see that! Stop looking. Now!

But, you must admire the Eurasian Alliance! Venezuala would be the Rothschild's, if it weren't for them!

And, it couldn't be a proxy war without them, either. 

Don't look for Iran, but the next stupid blunder, sponsored by "human rights observers" centered in North America, and Europe, whom always give their nations great marks in spite of the fact they commit human rights violations across the boards, and the latest conflict to live out the damnation of proxyhood, and ultimately loses to the Eurasians because they are MultiPolar, and God still rebukes Jews, and has since the 9th Century BC: VENEZUELA!


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Consequences of the Syria Pullout

By: Kevin Drummond

Will ya shut up? Huh? (Archie Bunker)

While the Administration of Donald Trump seems to be very busy contradicting itself, the Syria Pullout is actually a turning point in American which has astounding, reverberating, and lasting repercussions....

  • Powershift Anomaly
In general, power, and civilization, and the values accompanying any given civilization, have slowly shifted Westward since the Assyrian Empire was dispatched by the Bablyonian Empire, sometime in the Eighth Century BC. There are rare exceptions.

One, if not the sole significant counter-example, would be the rise of the Mongolian Empire during the Eleventh and Twelvth Centuries. 

Indeed, Russia, historically, identifies Pax Mongolica as the administration of a cultural denial, one which contributes to a general sense that is shared by the Russian people. It is a sense of having absorbed many of the evils that otherwise would have doomed Western Europe, like the Mongol Horde.
These hats are a continuing legacy of Mongolian rule over Russia, which was finally broken by Ivan the Great, or Formidable, or Terrible, or....depending upon the interpretation you prefer.

Pax Mongolica shaped, what would become, the general sense shared by the Russian people of having been unfairly denied their proper place in the international pecking order.

But, in general, both Pax Brittanica, and Pax Americana, the other two focal points of strength and commerce, and (in modern terms), both other poles in historical world relations, were an observation of this trend being somewhat dependable as a concept: that there is a historic tendency for power to shift westward. 

But, at differing times in History, all three (Pax Mongolica, Pax Brittanica, and Pax Americana) achieved Hegemony. 

As a result of the US concession of the lost cause that is Syria, and ultimately, as a result of what has come to define the necessity for the Syria pullout, we now have what is, perhaps, only the second Eastward powershift anomaly in History. 

In the Fall of The Israeli-British-US-Saudi efforts within the national borders of Syria, we saw a more sped up version of some pretty questionable foreign policy decisions made mainly by the diplomatic staff of the ReBush and Obama Administrations. These decisions were based not in sound reason, but in a mixture of violence, and tragic incompetence on the part of these two oppositely affiliated administrations.

The one exception was the brilliant insight of the Obama Administration in convening the JCPOA. This deal, which would've calmed the entire Middle East, could never have been a functional one, in light of the Obama Administration's intelligence-community driven wars, beginning nearly the week he took office, and coming to light in the attacks against Libya. The televised harvest of US led efforts at destabilizing the Arab World is completely without logic at every step. And, in a broader sense, the very definition of hegemonic-overreach.

These were a huge defeat for the US, and the unlikely Hegemony which its planners felt would win this time. 

This sheds some insight on the clearly deficit understanding of Polarity in World Relations, and the easily foreseeable consequences both at work in the US policy institutions, and the individuals that should have prevented this chain of events from ever happening, in the first place.

These acts, by both the ReBush, and the Obama Administrations, should have been prevented by a US Diplomatic Staff that understands Geopolitics.

This lack of comprehension, as to the mis-given concept that UniPolarity (one that is singly residing exclusively in the United States) actually is, has also, in the failures of the policy planning departments in the US, paved the way to its downfall in the unlearned lessons of the last century; most notably, Korea, and Vietnam.

While the US economy stood alone as a facet of its BiPolar status, which it enjoyed between 1946 and 1991, with the Fall of the Soviet Union, the US economy is not in the same competitive field that it was, back then. Where there were two economic powers, (the US, and the USSR) now, there are 193 different economies, all forming up in memberships in regional trade blocs. 

There is little doubt Mrs Clinton holds 1/2 entirely of the blame for the US downturn....

This is happening 30 years after it was predicted to, partly, no doubt: due to the predictions of The Rise of the MultiPolar World, themselves, and the hesitation on the part of US planners to let go of the last century's definition of power: aircraft carriers.

This represents another failure to orient the country, and one that is inexcusable; and directly attributable to its policy base.
... Bipolar, or Bipolarity: two poles, or centers of economic and military power. This is the Cold War world in polarity terms. Multipolar, or Multipolarity: many poles of economic/military power, this was predicted to follow the 1991 Fall of the USSR. It was interrupted by the UniPolar World, or UniPolarity: the belief that the US is the world's only superpower. With almost zero political science support, UniPolarity, as a concept, exists almost exclusively as flattery exchanged by the newly forming EU leaders, and was exchanged for the US pretending that EU is 60 years old. In reality, it is 18 years old, and UniPolarity is a contradiction to a geopolitical world always seeking balance. 

Economic Transitioning

Recently, India bought oil from ally, and sanction-strapped alliance member, Iran. They paid for this oil with Indian Rupees. 

This represents the rise of a Supra Bloc, which is most demonstrative of MultiPolarity, and functional polarity, as well as begins the trend of "smalling down" regional economic relations by the use of currencies both non-traditional, as well as redefining to the relationship between the huge US economy, and that of the rest of the world.

Until then, the role of the Petro dollar further defined Pax Americana as Global, and made military power synonymous with the US dollar. 

The Fall of the US in Syria is the mother crack in the facade of the role of the US. There is no way to undo the damage.

  • Profile Exchange
In leaving Syria, the US has relegated Israel to the role of a poriah state. And though all parties involved will swear that this is not the case, citing Iraq as a example, the fact is, Israel is the cause of the bad US decisions, and bears the highest price of their failures in terms of national consequences.

The US is going to shrink in terms of the role it currently plays in its membership to any one of the international organizations to which it is both charter member, and very often, the primary military consulting power. 

But, that role is not going to just vanish.

Odds are, that over the next decade, the US is going to be replaced by the parties that oversaw the Fall of the US in Syria: Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Turkey, India, and Pakistan.

This could spell disaster should the human rights violations of Israel provoke a military resolution against Israel, which in all likelihood: they will. 

The US, as well as her allies, have written Israel's fate in rock by failing to topple a half dozen regimes that came under fire during the first two administrations of the new millennium.

But that is not a single-minded effort by the victorious alliance that defeated the US, greater than it is a statement about who solicited the US to even cast its efforts in such a grievously uninformed, amateur fashion, in the first place!

Israel was behind all of it. And, the profile exchange, Russia replacing the US, and the fact that Russia, and her allies are connected by overland routes to Israel, will culminate in the realization for the necessity of a confrontation to create a solution to the Israeli-sponsored antagonizing of the Middle East.

That implies, also, that a solution that addresses the fact that Israel is engaging in unholy acts against humanity shall be convened, and shall finally reach international accord. This is guaranteed by the fact that Israel is committing these human rights violations, in on an ongoing, and chronic basis.

This would be a value specific to Pax Eurasiatica, due to the fact that the consolidation of its power cannot be completed for as long as one of its regional neighbors does not share in its goals both in the long, and in the short term.

The diminishing profile of the US makes US military power no longer expedient as the chief underwriter for the safe conducting of these atrocities committed by the state of Israel. 

That profile exchange replaces an ally of Israel (the US) as the regional authority, with a Russian and Chinese Alliance, and their partners, that are already extremely provoked by the constant attacks by the weak morally, and militarily Zionist State.

I place less than ten years on the existence of Israel, as a direct consequence of the profile exchange of Russia for the US.

  • The New Old System
The convention of an international effort to correct the misguided, often Jewish-centric US policy craft, by the new world power will result in a kind of new UN, without the US veto, nor the US psychological effect to deter the consolidation of the new world order.

This rewrites the role the US played on the UN Security Council, and diminishes it greatly, relegating the US to the globally unconsulted pre-Second World War power that it once was.

A larger, and militarily successful successor to Pax Americana, Pax Eurasia, or, Pax Eurasiatica (in keeping with the trend) will again, redefine the values that had been reinforced by seventy years of Pax Americana. And, in these values are such things as a strong identity with order and peace, disdain for exporting violence upon peaceful peoples, and an ethical promotion of raising the regions involved's standards of living.

But mostly, a consensus of nations that wish to extricate the superimposed atrocity that is Israel, and remove it from the suffering of three and one half generations of Palestinians sacrificed by the US.

And, the Eurasion Mirror already has beaten the US dozens of times. Meanwhile: the majority of the US citizenry has no idea that this is fact.

Can the US Save Its Status?

There is no way that the US can preserve its pre-Syrian Failure status.
But, here is a list of things that would preserve the relevance of the US in international affairs, should its policy craft de-Zionize, and pro-American-ize:
  1. Reconvene a successor to JCPOA
  2. Surrender the Ukrainian debacle
  3. Invest in a global standard petro- cryptocurrency
  4. Diminish the Israeli lobby

JCPOA was, and is a recognition of the facts of Life, and of global polarity, as both of them apply to nation states. Creating JCPOA is a feather in both the United States', and the Obama Administration's caps; which is the way History should reflect upon a US presidency.

Leaving it, however, is a microcosm of incompetence, ineptitude, and of everything wrong in the US that caused the Syrian debacle. Chiefly, the ongoing yet illegal influence of the Israeli lobby.

The Ukraine Debacle is a holdover from the ill-conceived wars created by the last administration, right down to the efforts being largely MI6 and CIA, while the average citizen actually believes that the Ukrainians want to defend NATO interests....yeah. Right.

This needs to be conceded because it isn't worth a third world war.

Before the new New world order abandons the dollar in favor of standardizing a cryptocurrency, the US needs to eat crow, unsanction these nations, and get a seat at the table of having a role in this. If it does not do so, the ramifications will be the loss of the US from being a force to consider militarily and economically. In one word: DOWNFALL.

The Israel Lobby, by all of these events, should be well-exposed by now as the author of the effect that diminished US power, and its global profile, since 1946. Israel induced the Fall of Pax Americana. 
...The Iraq War killed Pax Americana because it demonstrated that even if nations were in compliance with weapons-ban treaties, in spite of this Israel could lobby, successfully, for their destruction. This removed 100% of the role the US played in underwriting the enforcement arm of these kinds of treaties, while simultaneously proving that the US is no longer trustworthy as an alliance partner. Iraq destroyed Pax Americana, but this was not clear to US planners until Kim Jong Il cited the Iraq War as proof that the US is using its former role to pursue diabolical ends....
Iraq was the fatal blow to Pax Americana. Israel, not oil, was the cause, and chief advocate for the 2003 Atrocity called, The Iraq War. 

The Russia Investigation is just one way that the stress, and the finger-pointing between the characters in the Obama and ReBush Administrations, are both revealing themselves. Besides pulling out of JCPOA, Trump, hasn't done anything remotely on the level of mistaken as the other two administrations of this millennium have. 

Trump, or really, any outsider, presents as uber-convenient for these people to blame for the tremors, and quakings of great, and global change. Changes which their bad directions resulted in, ultimately. The trading of phantom problems, in exchange for not facing real problems, is a design against preparing for this historic change in which the US now finds itself....

But, in Trump, we have a third administration in this century which also is deluded about US Hegemony...

The US is operated by a collective of dynamically ranging world views: united in how they do not ever seem to get the point.

Friday, January 11, 2019

God Said, "No."

By: Kevin Drummond

The fact that so many of the corrupted parasitic members of the US Congress, on both sides of the aisle, are showing colors of neon green necessity about how we need to start including public referenda in the term limits, raises, and benefit packages, is palpable.

All that they suck off of the arterial flow of tax dollars has created an American Abomination in DC, one that has established legalized treason, threatened the Constitution in such efforts as anti Boycott Israel acts, etc, and has sent the better part of our efforts overseas to Israel: exactly like it was January 19, 2017, the day prior to the day when Trump literally used that phrase, and declared that all such subsidizing of US wealth was at an end.

Well, it was not.

Meanwhile, the dissolving resistance to the removal of US troops from Syria, an order the president deceitfully claimed that he had already ordered, proves that the power "suck" apparatus is still alive, and well in DC. 
But, it has been beaten in the rest of the world.

While the wicked and slothful continue to promote the devil's children in Israel, and call themselves Christians while they do it, almost ensuring the astonishment of their Judgement will be perfect, there are events in effect that are both unable to be easily covered up, and appear to be the work of agents not of this world.

America: you need to wake up. Are you too brainwashed to save yourselves!? 

You read the words of the Book, but you do not comprehend them. 

On the 27th of December, 2018, the power grid of the refinery section of Kenner, Louisiana, was fried by an EMP. Eyewitnesses say a ufo descended, the ground began to shake, wildly, then beams shot out of the aircraft: resulting in a wave of power outages, and resulting also in the total loss of the stations that power the oil refineries on that portion of the Gulf Coast.

But, Momma Govt claims that the event in Kenner is a phenomenon called a, "wake low", and that is something we all know about, so don't call them liars. However, one or two more, "wake lows", especially in Galveston, New Orleans, and the Texas City coast, would shut down about 60% of US light crude production. Period.

On the same night, a similar event happened in NYC. Wanna know what's going on? No, do you really want to know?

On the 19th of December, about one week prior, Trump claimed he would evacuate US troops .The wake low (๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰) occurred soon after his reneging was clear. 

And, that's not all .

The Hormuz Straits are quickly becoming the world's most dangerous area, with the forces that are receiving Divine support coming into direct contact with US and NATO naval detachments, and into the realm of the great likelihood of combat, for a variety of reasons. These include, ".... accidental combat contacts".

These are where the screws turn. These two factors: UFO versus refinery, UFO versus Naval/Naval Airborne Defenses in regards to the US, are extremely vulnerable to the expression of God's will, as it is clearly being shown to you:

  1. American support of Israel is a breaking of the Covenant Jesus made.
  2. American support for Israel is a violation of the UN Charter.
  3. American support of Israel is the result of a massive intelligence effort, undertaken on multiple levels against the freewill of Americans, in order to brainwash it out of them.
  4. Americans are ignoring the warning signs.
There is little time left.

The next "wake low", Galveston, will be devastating to the US economy. And, the loss of allied aircraft to "UFO's" is increasing both over Syria, and in the Black and Caspian Sea theaters.

For this reason, and in perfect astonishment, albeit, slow and infuriating disbelief: the idiots whom ordered Trump to leave the troops in Syria are silent, now, for the first time since their bloody, Satanic, Zionist hands first tainted this nation with their Vietnam War....

Verily, Bolton has ceased.

Israel is literally weeks away from destruction. What will you say, then? Today, only those whom study History understand the alarm that a powershift Eastward, for the first time, in 10,000 years, actually means... Even if one counts the rise and fall of South and Central American civilizations, their power and wealth was never on the level of those Eastern Hemisphere nations in Europe, and Asia. 

My advice to you is that you wake up. For the time of demarcation is simply this: why didst thou wait until I returned, in rage, before you repented these abominations? Did you think I would be nicer when your disbelief forces My hand?"~Isaiah

Don't wait until you can no longer deny that a Heavenly effort is helping Russia and Syria, and that is because they are worthy, and the US is wicked. 

Face that fact: all the oil price guarantees, are all going to fail. All the wonder weapons that the US has, are all going to fail. And, for the first time, in 70 years, it will stare plainly back at you: Israel has never won a war. The IDF is weak. It's been the US and UK helping the devil's children antagonize the whole world. In Syria, N Africa, and Lebanon: the US and UK have lost....

And God has said, "Enough."

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Don't Believe the Hype!

Don't Believe the Hype!

By: Kevin Drummond

Almost as soon as Trump had announced the US Withdrawal from Syria, the American Enterprise Institute could feel the blood of 2,000 US Citizens from the September 11 Attacks catching up with them. They desperately tried to roll back the pace, and then, the withdrawal.
This included Zionist papers, like the awful Washington Post actually trying to engage propaganda contradictory to the facts of Polarity in world relations...

He can huff. He can puff. But, the little strategies employed by the devil, and his children can neither save the Kurds of Turkey (HST), nor the rest of the Kurds that the US paid, armed, and trained; as it helped Israel con the US into tossing what could possibly be left of US power into the trash.

Bolton, mouth going, battery and brain both dead, mouth still chewing, like Mr Ed, if he had worshipped the devil, and murdered 2,000 plus of his own people, US citizens, in a now-failed bid to militarize the area around the cursed Zionist State, with US power...

They have whistled past the graveyard. It is over. Power is shifting East, to nations where two men cannot marry, and the Love of Christ the Lord is not accused by Jews, in legal perpetratrations of "equality", erasing His name from schools and common areas.

Strangely, the efforts being conducted by Bolton cannot undo the fact that Syria and Russia overcame them with Divine help. 

So ever the foot-in-mouth destroyer of my country, Bolton threatened fake gas attacks, then he threatened that the HST (Kurds he thinks Turkey is loyal to, when the US is out) are enough of an ad lib cause as to begin to fail a second time: in the name of defending these murderous scum.

Israel can feel the time running out.

And Syria is days away from being in control of its sovereign territory, in perfect confession to the upholding of International Law.

You see: Jesus is Lord. And, the people of the US have believed too many lies, worshipped too many murderous gods, and supported the people cursed forever from the Throne, and the Face of the Almighty.

These words may become illegal to say in the US soon, adding more stupor to the general sleep of people who see the hypocrisy, but do not dare question it.

Ron Paul issued concern for President Trump after the fit was pitched by American Enterprise Institute Mainstays.

However: as you can see on the thumbnail, one story says, "Bolton Contradicts Trump, Receives Assurances Over Kurds."

As you can also see, right by it, the headline, "Turkey Snubs US, Erdogan offers no assurances to Kurds." Turkey has been betrayed by US/Israel once. And, that is all it will take. 

People. This isn't Trump's fault. Reneging on leaving is. But, the problem is the fault of ReBush's buddies, and Obama's State Department. It's mainly their fault.  And, it is yours, too, for forgetting His Son, and His Testimony about wrong, right, grace, and those who deny His name.... Can you come out of her, yet?

But, mostly the psychopaths in US Governance drunk on blood since WW2, though, they do none of the is their fault.

They lied to the UN.
And...whaddya know?! There is a God. And He still rebukes the Jews.

Update: Erdogan has told Bolton that the "negotiations" are off, and that he, and the US Troops in Syria, will receive no promises, no guarantees, except that the US will be leaving. 

This indicates that the US is going to start a real war. And, as we all know: they lose all those.

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