Sunday, December 9, 2018

Men in Black 1

Men in Black Part One: Fort Rucker, Alabama

By: Kevin Drummond
This is consistent with the beings with which my interactions have taken place: tall, thin, a pair, grayish blue, and they are often mistaken to be old men...

When people speak of the Men In Black, they often speak of furtive, scary beings, whom speak to them in demanding tones. My experiences were nothing like that. The MIB have always been kind, patient, and accommodating each time we've met. 

Most of their communication consists of telepathy, and they assess people by their ability to communicate this way, or their inability to communicate telepathically.

But I can say definitively: they aren't human. They're not of this world. The respect shown to me may be a privilege specific to me which I don't understand. But, if they are sinister, they bore no ill will nor grudge to me. And made no oath to my harm.

When I was very young we were stationed in Fort Rucker, Alabama, while my father, a US Army rotary wing pilot did one of several tours in Vietnam.

He was a typical Army Officer dad: absentee, as per the demands of his career.

In 1971 I was three years old, to put my world into context, my eldest brother was nine, and my sister, two, my youngest brother was not yet born.

My best friend was Lee. Their quarters were directly next to ours, and the closest. If you faced our house, his quarters were to the right and down a slight grade.

He had a sister, Dana, of the ancient age of eleven, which trumped my brother at nine by two years. So, she was like the oldest, and most responsible person in our housing area. Hell, we considered her less of a kid, and more of a small adult.

The sightings began when I would be alone...and would normally follow a similar pattern: a black car pulls up to the curb, one, sometimes as many as four or more men in black got out, and one, only one, always asked the same questions: are you okay? Do you want to leave with us?
And I would sometimes answer aloud, as sometimes they spoke aloud, and sometimes I talked to them telepathically, as they communicated telepathically.

Well, one day I told my friend Lee that this was happening...and he called me a liar. He told his mother, who chided and scolded me for "telling tall-tales". And whenever they would come, usually in the afternoon, I would tell Lee, and the whole miserable thing about "quit lying!" would repeat.

Well, one day, Lee was there when it happened! We were swinging, and they came, this time a soldier was with them, he said he had been hurt that day...and needed our help....

Lee ran inside, terrified, and got his mother....but guess what? She called HIM a liar, too!
I secretly enjoyed knowing that, but it also bothered me. It was MY problem, and I had gotten him involved. I felt bad...but I remember asking, "Now you know how it feels, huh?"

But nobody believed us....not my, parents, not his, nor my brothers, Dana: nobody. Keep in mind, this is a major military installation in time of war...and these creatures, these beings were able to just drive right up...

Well, one day, when Dana was outside keeping an eye on Lee and I, guess what? Like 8 of them came! Dana fucking freaked out man! She fucking screamed "mommy!" running inside...

I ran to the one, and said, "You cannot allow them to see you!" and right as Dana and their mom came out and rounded the corner, she saw the last two load into the car. She saw they were not human.

She called my mom ON THE PHONE! Keep in mind, my house was closer to Lee's mom (when she saw them) than their house was. But she snatched Lee and I and ordered Dana inside, called my mom, and said, "The boys haven't been lying!! They are real!"

Well, I learned, at the age of three, we don't talk about these things, as my dad called home from Saigon, and restricted ME, nobody else, but ME to the yard. I was not even allowed to go to Lee's! And, my great joy of tagging along with my brothers? Broken for one month.

But, I have seen the Men, since then.

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