Friday, November 16, 2018

The Lies Snowball....

When a president fails to keep his campaign promises, he has a negative presidency. However, Baby Boomers, in particular, have poisoned the well of Historical fact by claiming that, "all politicians are crooks."

Whether or not they are all crooks cannot possibly be determined by such subjective observations reflecting that entire generation's collective disappointments about the realities of Richard Nixon. But, they will insist that this is so. Thus: they have brainwashed themselves, until criminal regimes, war crimes, and opaque White House agendas are commonplace.

The defining statement of each candidate running for office has been sunk by the dominance of AIPAC, and Goldmann Sachs, and that is a shame. It is proof that our time at the top is over.

However: FDR was not a crook. Truman was not a crook. Kennedy was not a crook. All three of these men operated a transparent White House, which accomplished the defining statements of their candidacies, and each made his promises prior to his election.  

*FDR and JFK made theirs prior to being elected, and Truman made his before inheriting FDR's WH, and then trying to build a nation that didn't depend upon it's guns to solve problems.

It is at this point, when Boomers decided that Barber's definition of active negative, or passive negative, would receive an update. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than Logical Fallacy dirtying the lens of analysis, by a generation too selfish to face facts, or, involved so deeply with the influences that corrupted the United States, that they chose to mislead their students, rather than face the damage that Israel, and Wall Street, and related special interests have accomplished in blinding the Land of the Free.

6 Traits All Positive Presidencies Share:  

  1. Positive Presidencies run transparent White Houses, ie, no secret wars, no lack of communication about the use of military between the president, and the citizens.
  2. Positive Presidencies speak to the press in a positive fashion. No empty, vain, and loquacious common speech threatening any body, or whole nations.
  3. Positive Presidencies take responsibility for mistakes of their leadership, no buck-passage. 
  4. Positive Presidencies run Bipartisan cabinets, and their appointees are nominated based exclusively on their ability.
  5. Positive Presidencies honor their promises, and their defining statements made on the campaign trail. If they do not: they explain this shortfall directly to the nation.
  6. Failure is not something positive presidencies are immune from: in how they both acknowledge, and take responsibility for failures, a positive presidency can be as defined as clearly as when he is successful. It's all in his stepping up, to take responsibility for failures, that we either see, or we don't see, the character that exudes a successful management style that "gets things done."
Once upon a time, presidents kept their campaign promises. The tradition of not doing so, and the "normalizing" of bad leadership is relatively new, from a historical standpoint. 
The US has been around for 242 years....

Because the boss, US public, has blindly accepted this encroachment of pure evil, this is the point in the ascendancy of Empires, where the zenith has been reached, and the fall begins. This is 60 years old, nearly, 1/4 of the entire existence of the US. A fraction of our history has witnessed the forces of corruption nearly finish us us off as a people.

And, these negative presidents all were dominated by a pro-Israeli foreign policy. Likewise, the positive presidencies of the past (unfortunately) rejected the pro-Israeli Lobby. Truman recognized that Israel would exist, but had been falsely assured that Palestine would, as well.

Otherwise, Christian doctrines prohibit the Zionist state, and continued to, until something influenced an alternative to Christianity...

Ever since then, secret wars, (to protect Israel) are being waged either directly, or indirectly by the US Government, and rubber stamped by each and every single US president, since Ike, skipping JFK, then, from LBJ, onwards; regardless of his campaign promises.

Secret wars, which would have, in their illegality, and their resulting "negative" presidencies, caused the evidence of corruption to arise much, much sooner, had they been present prior to Eisenhower.

But, Ike began the downturn. Ike was president when Boomers were kids. 

And, Nixon was his VP. 

Kennedy identified Zionism as conspiring with international finance sector and engaging in a conspiracy to enslave us, all. He refused their efforts to purchase any control over his White House. And, he publicly derided the Bilderberger Union. 

However, he was talking about Communism when he spoke of the "dynamic system..." 
But, he also spoke of bankers that were corrupting the nation when asked what his chief headaches were.

Communism was not something unseen in Kennedy's world. But, the products of secret wars were unknown to 1963 America. Genocides, and atrocities, like Vietnam, or Yemen, remain(ed) somewhat invisible; because the Boomers' contribution to culture, accepting this atrocity, keeps it invisible.

When Kennedy spoke of, "Exposing this plot", he couldn't have meant Communism: it was no secret.

And damn the people who are that simple minded to claim that he did! 

These are the people whose work, whether or not intentionally, continues to conceal these secret wars, and secret evil foreign policies, and the horrors that this nation fights, in the name of Judaism.

That is the plot he intended to expose, "before he left office". 

We know about it, now....

JFK was not a crook. His dad didn't run the nation. (I'm going by the Boomer steps through which they brainwashed themselves, and tried to brainwash my generation, by turning a complicitly silent back on the facts). 

Adultery is not illegal. JFK had a war monger assassinated in S Vietnam because that war monger was murdering his own people. 

JFK ran a transparent WH. He refused to escalate Vietnam, which we now know, was begun by Nixon, under Ike. We now know the Rothschilds/Rockefeller LTD group was stealing the US Silver Standard, then printing unbacked US dollars in exchange for real Silver. Then, they needed Vietnam to launder the unbacked dollars which were printed via the Reserve Contract that their partnership held. 

This removed the dollar from having a backing commodity, and converted it to the lucrative military hardware contracts available via the US Defense Department. 

This converted US Silver and Gold to Rockefeller/Rothschilds Silver and Gold, and converted the US dollar's backing commodity from Gold, to War Machinery.

Stop. Face it.

FDR, HST, JFK were the last presidents of the United States.

The rest of these people rule over a Zionist atrocity. 

LBJ: I will win in Indochina. (Vietnam) We are winning. (Since he took over from JFK, this mission statement was neither fact, nor honored by him.) 
Negative presidency. He communicated too much, too often....Active Negative 

Nixon: If elected, I will end Vietnam, legalize marijuana, and end the draft.

We know he laughed at the, "Stupid hippies who voted for him", and laughed as he tossed the weed is safe report that he never read into the garbage. Communication at times, wild, and ineffective, and very often, he was dishonest. Active-Negative president.

Carter: We will put the turmoil of the past behind us....
Then, the time bomb of CIA/Iran ticking away since 1953 blew up, all over his presidency. 

But, he also waged secret wars in Afghanistan, and was not transparent, nor honest with the American people. 

He instead, made peace accords between Egypt and Israel, an attitude that has damaged the Egyptian political landscape ever since. He became UberZionist. And, he seemed helplessly out of touch, weak, almost. And that is passive. 

Carter was a Passive Negative president.

Reagan : I will end the Draft. Nope. He communicated much, and was well liked. But, he ran secret wars that he hid from Congress, secret wars that were illegal. Then, he passed the buck when caught. Passive Negative presidency. 

Bush: No new taxes. Well, no. He also ran a very secretive WH. His targeting of Noriega and Hussein is directly because of his personal stint as each man's CIA case officer. His communications with the American people seemed disengenous, and staged. He, himself, seemed to not have a grasp of the needs of the nation. He seemed afraid to face the public.

 Passive Negative, he seemed weak. 

Clinton: I will overturn NAFTA....nope. Socialized Medicine? Nope. Passive Negative term one. Active Negative, term two (I did not have sexual...) Called the money he saved from US NATO exit, "A Budget Surplus." Began antiprogressivism and fascist political correctness dogmas, called Matthew Sheppard a, "Hero", but dishonored the US military in the NATO involvement in the Balkans, and was overall haughty, and dishonest. Second term, active negative. Two terms, two kinds of negative presidencies.

ReBush: "I am not a nation builder, like my predecessors..... "
False. Culture of Corruption is the name of the ReBush Era. Pure EVIL. An ineffective communicator, he came across as insincere, dishonest, and a host to truly diabolical and sinister men. 

He was not an effective communicator, and wasn't in office long before Israel operated his presidency through VP Cheney's office. His haranguing State of the Union speeches, particularly 2003, bordered on ridiculous. At times, people wondered aloud if this weren't a very involved practical joke.

Overall, an active negative president.

Obama: I will end the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan... False. He also waged half a dozen or more secret wars. Passive Negative. 

Trump: hasn't accomplished a single campaign promise. 
Ceasing of these "stupid" international wars.
NAFTA has changed names. Still identically bad for the US.
Obamacare is still in effect, and in 2020, his replacement, himself a negative president, will reinstate it, even worse than it was...

When you, the American people, get tired of this, look at Yemen. Then, tell God, "Thank you for holding your rage until I woke up."

*FDR promised a New Deal. He put the public to work in many programs, some of which, still survive, today. Baby Boomer Fallacy, "FDR started the war to exit the Depression...." has a total of zero historic evidence. When he made the New Deal, it consisted of dam projects, TVA programs, Job Corps, and government-sponsored food programs. He literally put the nation back to work.

Boomers need to do the math: nine years FDR was president over a nation not at war. Three years of FDR's presidency were spent at war. What was that? He caused the war, to exit the Depression? So....he created Tojo, and Hitler?

(Boomers reflect how little they studied History when they claim, "FDR knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen." 
When I knew the bully in my neighborhood, and I, would inevitably fight, I let him throw the first punch. I knew he would. Is the fact he did my fault!?

JFK created a pro-active Western Hemisphere alliance which was permitted to die as his murderers took over, and focused on ending the country. There are too many examples, the Peace Corps, the Organization of American States, etc.... The Zionist Overthrow of Democracy is blatent in 1963, the fascist regime Jack Ruby claimed, "Would be inserted right under your noses..."

Positive presidents tend to bequeath functional organizations to the American people. Zionists start wars, kill your sons, then try to fool you with partisan blame. 
It worked for the Boomers. Time to realize that God, alone, can end this. 

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