Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Von Ribbentrop Arises?

I'm doing this one differently:

If yes: Ukraine will be the victim of an amphibious assault with zero NATO response, and only minor US involvement.

If yes: Putin has betrayed his long standing coalition partners, China, and Iran.

If yes: eventually, Russia must fight on NATO's side against China, and her ally, Iran, and Syria.

So: no.

If no: Putin will continue probing NATO responses via sedition against Ukrainian Naval Vessels.

If no: NATO will begin to condemn Russia as, "aggressive".

If no: Russia will shut down the Caspian corridor by cutting off Ukraine in the Black Sea, and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in the Caspian Sea Corridor.

I sincerely doubt a new Nazi/Russian Mutual Non Aggression Pact has been made between Russia and the US.

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