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Egypt: The Other North Korea

Egypt: The Other North Korea

By: Kevin Drummond

If we are to believe Bob Woodward, and I can think of no reason that we should not, then during a brief interview with (former) Trump advisor, John Dowd, Trump, according to Dowd, referred to el-Sisi as, "....a f---ing murderer."

If Egyptians and Trump disagree about everything else, on this particular statement, they are in perfect accord. Trump did not necessarily install the former general as Egypt's leader in 2014, but his CIA, acting under a former Obama Administration plan, certainly did. It also fixed the 2018 election for him, too. The US, and her allies, have created a little monster in Egypt; one that does their bidding.....

The same plans failed everywhere else but Egypt, including Iraq; where a recent election named an anti-American cleric as the new leader, which was almost clockwork as the result of the 21st Century decline of Pax Americana.

But, due to the distance, and the cultural differences, many things Egyptian remain the stuff of so much irrelevance for the citizens of the US.

But, here are 5 things that the US, and by extension, you and I, have done to the Egyptian people:

1. We installed el-Sisi.

Were one to look at the link to his bio, el-Sisi's official political party is, "Independent". But, that isn't the whole tip of the iceberg, which isn't the whole iceberg.

That would be the fact that Egypt was placed under a military dictatorship by the CIA, via a phony operation that resulted in the January, 2011 "uprising", all the way through his predecessor, and then to el-Sisi, himself. 

 "I'm not a politician. I don't know anything about politics. Egypt is superior to politics."~El-Sisi

He was placed there by American election tampering. And, he is a former general who operates a right wing style hard repressive regime. He wears the boots of Pinochet with the embarrassment that Pinochet is to CIA having been one lesson they have learned. 

So, his killings are not necessarily genocidal, but, they're not not genocides.... The sheer magnitude of the abuses of power simply remain unknown due to ...

2. Censorhip.
The new and conspicuous role of censorship applies across the board, and to every facet of Egyptian society. 

Even the Islamic speech ( course ) during Friday prayer is politicized. The Muslim  preachers are forced to read the official speech written by the Armed Forces's preachers. Any preacher who doesn't read what's in these official papers will be sent to prison for being a terrorist. ~Anonymous Egyptian Source
The fact that censorship has become very much a transitory main character uniting the often fragmented sections of Egyptian life is very new, and very resented. However, it is relatively unknown outside of Egypt. This means it is very successful.

Censorship is the regime's expression of power, and the military is the enforcement agency. 

Censorship has also altered the role of Islam, and made it state-sponsored, or, the other kind of non state-sponsored Islam: terrorism. 

For many Egyptians, this represents the worst kind of leadership in their contemporary history. 

The fact Facebook provides a means for Egyptians to express opposition may not be possible permanently

3. Potato Shenanigans!

Recently, el-Sisi appeared on Egyptian television to condone the robbery of potatoes from Egyptian farmers as a, "tax". There is no legislation calling it this, it is edict of the dictatorship. However, the other end of that "tax" is so tragic that it is almost funny:

The police confiscating the "tax" of potatoes, are then re-selling these potatoes as "seized contraband" right in front of the police stations of Egypt! Not all of them, but more than quite a few.

(Below: el-Sisi announces the Potato Shakedown! Interestingly enough: it is suspected that he didn't endorse the scheme until he received the largest cut of the money.) (In Arabic)

This sedition of farmers is going to poison the Grass Roots of order. And this is a natural fact.
(Below: the arrow points at the officer stealing and reselling contraband! 🤔)

4. Education.

The new regime in Egypt is clamping down on education in a way reminiscent of the regimes of the past, such as the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, where social engineering is vital to the capitulation of ordinary people.

But, el-Sisi has recently passed a law ensuring that teachers are few, and far between, and if they teach outside of tight regime-controls, that there will be consequences. 

The latest law amendment in Egypt :

Prison sentence between 6 to 18 years for any Egyptian  teacher who commits the crime of giving private courses to students outside school. ~Egyptian Law
Add to that, the fact that the average (good) salary for a teacher in Egypt is $11 per month, and in this manner, a very Kissinger/Orwellian manner: el-Sisi controls the crop of hearts and minds too young to recall a better Egypt.

This Egypt was the creation of Israel and Obama, and marks the only successful regime-change efforts of the US/Israeli/Saudi/British Alliance. 

5. Mass Conscription...

Military service is only as honorable as the nation that is fielding the military. El-Sisi enjoys no real support: his "election" was the latest example of US election tampering. Therefore, the increase in military which he has ordered under new mass conscription laws appears merely to be a means of assuring that the very people that the CIA tapped to engage the ousting of Mubarak, young men, are busy serving his regime.

And, should he be able to bribe the more intelligent of the young people of Egypt, as well as keep them uneducated, and malnourished: he will not even need the conscription any longer; after a period of ten to fifteen years.

While in the military though, they will be fed, and they will have jobs. This enticement is no accident.

The realistic models of conditions that keep el-Sisi in power depend, 100%, on a foreign power's money, and arms. 

The Suez Canal will obviously be a tactical goal of the Grand Alliance Against NATO when Trump attacks Iran.

The US shall not survive the conflict... But the Chameleon of Cairo will simply change colors, and, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain before him, he will roll with the punches of History until either revolution tosses him out, or, like Franco, he grows solemnly aware that he had no true place in his national history that isn't associated with shame.

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