Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Before the War Descends Upon Europe

Before the War Descends Upon Europe

By: Kevin Drummond

It is most certain that the nations walk this path towards war with Iran, undeterred. The faces and names that engineered a new American tradition of both lying to, then abusing the vulnerable regime of the UN, in both major American political parties, has struck, in spark and stone, the deadly intentions of un-realistically examined Zionist bloodthirst....

But, before the clouds of war descend upon Europe, and they most certainly shall descend, the regimes that engineered the chaos in defense of the swine who populate the Zionist State must account for the dead of September 11, 2001, in the nations where those bloody attacks were both planned, then carried out, without a single actual perpetrator yet jailed nor brought to the bar of Justice for this act.

It is therefore more comely that God spare Europe, for now: while the weaknesses inherent in the theories that were never addressed in the concepts of Globalism revealed themselves as a cancer on the face of the world....a cancer which France has finally risen up to confront...although the body of democracy has been eaten up by the perils and vicious intent of Zionism. It may be too late for Democracy.

Therefore, before war descends upon Europe, and it most certainly shall, the angle of populism must be understood to be the absolute contempt for Zionism inherent to the souls in France, and in Italy, and across Europe as they rise: that they plead to their Maker for relief, but the only resolution is war.

Therefore, before war descends upon Europe, populism must be victorious in its expression of contempt for both Zionism, which populated Europe with strangers from afar, as well as compelling evidence that God has heard them by not failing their spirit, which is engaged in the preservation of Europe, and cannot distinguish this from the removal of Judaism from the European continent, or by oath: they have been cursed by God. And man, neither by force of arms, nor in human mercy, can avail them a Homeland in Palestine without losing all Europe has in war.

The Jewish Question is a divine Enterprise, there is no human answer.

Palestine must be restored to the souls from whom it has, without mercy of Christian examination, been ripped like it were British privilege to act in the place of God. For it must be that Britain always suffer: this is the crime that spread to Russia which the Fatima vision was sent. The dead Czar, his gold, and his life were not spared from incorporation into the Balfour Declaration. Before war descends upon Europe, as it is destined to do so: it must be understood death does not visit Christianity the same way it annihilates the joy and sorrows of those whom deny the Blood Covenant.

But, war is not far away. It's impact shall devastate the whole of humanity.
And what cries of martyrs, since ancient times, to end their sorrows and the mystery, shall at last be abated.

But, before war descends upon Europe, Vlad Putin shall arm the Saudis that hate their government. Before war descends upon Europe, the nation of Palestine must be quietened by the destruction of the Zionist State. And, before war descends upon Europe, the actual perpetrators of the September 11 Attacks must be brought low.

Von Ribbentrop Arises?

I'm doing this one differently:

If yes: Ukraine will be the victim of an amphibious assault with zero NATO response, and only minor US involvement.

If yes: Putin has betrayed his long standing coalition partners, China, and Iran.

If yes: eventually, Russia must fight on NATO's side against China, and her ally, Iran, and Syria.

So: no.

If no: Putin will continue probing NATO responses via sedition against Ukrainian Naval Vessels.

If no: NATO will begin to condemn Russia as, "aggressive".

If no: Russia will shut down the Caspian corridor by cutting off Ukraine in the Black Sea, and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in the Caspian Sea Corridor.

I sincerely doubt a new Nazi/Russian Mutual Non Aggression Pact has been made between Russia and the US.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Think Tank Method

The Think Tank Method

By: Kevin Drummond

The actual budgeting of the nation, and thus, the actual running of the nation, is done in Washington, DC, through a concept of power known commonly as, think tanks. The majority of these organizations are situated along a quiet DC section near to the government centers, and the historic buildings, but far enough away to draw only little interest from the public. The area is commonly called, "Think Tank Row."

Still some are located on the campuses of esteemed educational institutions, like 38° North, the North Korea policy team, which enjoys an association with John Hopkins University. 

But they mostly operate in the hazy netherworld that lies between public accountability, and official Government business, much like the Federal Reserve.

The first think tanks that come to mind are the Rand Corporation, and the Brookings Institute. However, there are literally dozens of these organizations, and they have larger foundations that absorb the general issues that create the manifest political divisions between conservative, and liberal, although they tackle a variety of non-partisan issues, as well. But think tanks are 90% of what is referred to as, "special interest lobbies."

The Rand Corp is a defense department-related private sector group founded by Air Force General HH Arnold after WW2, and is primarily dedicated to foreign policies that include war, as well as the research and development of defense-related issues.

Rand stands for Research and Development. The Rand Corp translates the ideas of foreign wars into legislation, and propaganda, to ensure voter approval; and consults on all levels of intelligence and defense for these wars.

It is through the Rand Corp that right wing agendas are often planned. They design the actual war, and strategy of any given war, consulting on every defense related issue.

The fact that the right wing and left wing use these think tanks in the same way speaks to how they remain allowed to operate.

The Brookings Institute, a left leaning organization, is where the issues like Roe V Wade, and the concept of hate crimes were, and continue to be studied. It was this institution, and not the Democratic Party HQ, that Nixon had initially ordered to be firebombed as a part of the Watergate coverup. His AG at the time, John Mitchell, had objected to this. 

Nixon simply kicked the AG out of the loop. He then ordered the Watergate Democratic Party HQ to be the target of a break in. But that is just one testament of the effect that these organizations have in DC, that Nixon was willing to risk murder and arson charges, to, as he believed, eliminate the, "Brookings people" from succeeding in their plot to, "de-throne" him.

Most political scientists had agreed with the founder of presidential character assessment, David Barber. Barber, in 1969, had predicted that, "Nixon will be in trouble by his second term." 

But Nixon's undoing came not from the Brookings Institute, but, instead, it came from a leaker, Daniel Ellesburg, and his publication of the Pentagon Papers, a set of memos, studies, and outlines that prove the power elite knew that the Vietnam Conflict was unwinnable, but kept escalating the intensity of the conflict, anyway. The fact that Ellesburg worked for the Rand Corp, and not the Brookings Institute, means that Nixon knew what street to look down to find his "enemy", he just had the incorrect address.

The Brookings Institute consults on issues considered progressive, which are considered by many to be a threat to the vitality of the nation; and pursues these agendas by acting as a parent company to affiliated organizations which share this agenda. 


There are a variety of ways which the government does its dirty work through the think tank method:

Through his Open Society Foundation, George Soros acts as a US Diplomat staking foreign officials and warlords with cash which would place the ordinary citizen, as well as the US elected officials that initiate these methods, into jail. Cash is "donated" to the Open Society Foundation, from the Federal Reserve via tax exemption, which, then, funds failed coup attempts against Erdogan in Turkey, or the notorious White Helmets in Syria: whom forged gas attacks in convenient ways for NATO to both pretend to fight, but in reality, support ISIS. 

Other examples are the efforts to fix the Hungarian election of 2018 for the less anti EU opponent of Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban.

Think tanks receive one of two major categories of tax exemption (301-c, or 501c), which translates to, "the country is being run via unelected officials whom are paid as though they were!" 

The tax payer pays all public servants and therefore, via election, the more unsuccessful public servants are held to accountability.

But there is no oversight for these foundations whatsoever. And, their role in governing the people who foot their bills is Unconstitutional, a sham, and in no way, fashion or form, should this be allowed to continue!

Take the Case for War in 2003: the entire thing was accomplished in AIPAC, the pro Israeli think tank, and the American Enterprise Institute: the people who pretty much carried out the sloppy and idiot ReBush "foreign policy."

The fact that some of these organizations provide some good to the world is also as true. However: the way that Congressmen fund their slush funds, like the rape victim payoff fund, is also done through these organizations.

And it is the meetings here, and the monetary issues, here, which do the actual running of the nation.

Our leaders are supposed to be accountable! 
But the power that the voter has bestowed upon our elected officials is divested via any given think tank(s) according to religion/nationality, party, fiscal financial views, and mutual necessity. 

If the United States wishes to end the types of wars ReBush started, and due to unlearned lessons, will be started in Iran: then the think tank method of governing the United States must not be tolerated as of now.

Logical Fallacy and The Kavanaugh Confirmation 2

Oct 6, 2018: Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Justice of the Supreme Court

Logical Fallacy and the Kavanaugh Confirmation, part 2

During the heated social discourse about the Kavanaugh Hearings, which ran rampant on Facebook, among other forms of social media, the opponents to Justice Kavanaugh held firmly to an appeal to emotion which stated, "Rape was not prosecuted in 1982. Women reporting it were ignored. We know so much more about that, now! This victim would never have been taken seriously in 1982..."

I know that this is the substance of their syllogism:
A: Rape was ignored by law enforcement in 1982
B: Rape is no longer being ignored
C: Kavanaugh should not be confirmed in order to right the wrong done to his accuser.

Of course, there are several flaws in this syllogism's conclusion. Fallacy of the Four Facts, for example, which looks like this:
A: Rape was ignored in 1982.
B: Rape is no longer being ignored.
C: Brett Kavanaugh raped this person in 1982.
D: (and the fallacious fourth fact) Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed in order to account for the way rape was ignored in 1982.

We don't know rape was ignored in 1982. 
We don't know that if it were ignored in 1982, why it isn't being ignored, now, also.
We don't know Brett Kavanaugh raped this person.
And finally: the confirmation process could neither attest to the validity of any allegations, nor was it, in its design, any substitute for both criminal courts, and prison time.

There are a lot of invalid conclusions involved in the Kavanaugh issue, made mainly by those in opposition to his appointment to the SCOTUS.

But, the proof that the flaws exist as quantifiable into a single term, during that era in time while, on line, I was astonished at old and dear friends concluding something as profoundly flawed as this, was not to be found among the List of Logical Fallacies, anywhere.

So, I blended the Red Herring Fallacy with the Historians Fallacy, and I am now calling this the Fallacy of Modernization. 

The Fallacy of Modernization states that a conclusion is illogical when it pre-supposes that a social concept has received an update, due to the passage of time, which now makes the group that participated in the social concept stigmatized. That, somehow, some crime was tolerated then, but is not tolerated, now.

The reason that this is necessary is that rape, the subject of most of the controversy, has been illegal for a very long time. It has not been updated by the passage of time, to enjoy any sort of new, and categorically taboo association with it, which it did not also posess in the past.

While rape laws have been clarified, to include conceptually defining rapes which occur while the victim is willingly in the company of the assailant as, date rape: the crime, itself, rape, had it been reported, at any time in American history, would have resulted in the convening of an investigation, the reporting of statements, warrants, and, ultimately, the engagement of judicial processes. Even crimes of rape where the assailant had been willingly in the victim's company!

No victim of a crime would have been ignored, just like the conditions for date rape have not ever served as exculpatory for the assailant, at any time in American history.

The Fallacy of Modernization is like the Historians Fallacy, which states that we cannot apply modern values to historic events. This, in a broader sense, might even validate the anti Kavanaugh crowd!
Thus, in the clarification that acts of malice, whatever they are, were, or will be, will not become, "less illegal" by the passing of time, further defines the Fallacy of Modernization as valid.

Murder is not ok now, and, thus, will be less ok, tomorrow. 

Rape is the same way from any standpoint.

If rape were being ignored by American Jurisprudence in 1982, then, it is being ignored, now! 
The Fallacy of Modernization also touches on the Fallacy of Emotion, which states that a conclusion based on emotional values and not logical ones, is illogical.

It is a bit of the Red Herring Fallacy, which redirects an argument to support unrelated data, and, since it does not, the argument is invalid.

Arguments Against
The fact is that a crime, whose elements are new, cannot be less immoral due merely to the elements involved in the commission of that crime having never before appeared in one ensemble.

Like computer crimes: no defendant walked out of court due to the novelty of the digital age, and the newness of the act he committed. Fraud was the charge. Under clearer, and more narrow definitions, "computer fraud" became a criminal charge.

But, the initial act of pro Mal criminality, fraud, may have been difficult for the Judge to instruct to the very first jury: but the fraud was not any less legal for the first computer fraud defendant, than was the act of embezzlement that a crooked office manager may have engaged by forging checks.

Thus, the Fallacy of Modernization cannot be excluded due to the proliferation of new technologies, and with them, the possibly new social values which they may incur: if it is pro Mal in the past, then it is pro Mal, now. 

If it was ignored in the past, then, it is being ignored, now.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Mattress Firm: The Conspiracy We Can Believe In!

Why so many? Why so quickly? People are taking notice of the strange volume of Mattress Firm outlets, as first reported on Reddit.

Mattress Firm: The Conspiracy We CAN Believe In!

By: Kevin Drummond

Steinhoff is a South African parent company that is in real trouble. But, it's proliferation of literally dozens of the company's, "Mattress Firm" sales outlets, appearing in droves, sometimes dozens on the same street, definitely requires some real forensic accounting skills to understand.

Apparently, the parent company set up these huge numbers of stores as a front to either produce laundered-illegal cash to buy its way out of legal problems, or has been caught doing something, and thus, the conspiracy is the truth, and the legal problems, as well, or some type of combination of the two.

The discovery of the conspiracy has been met with further inquiry, and the CEO of Steinhoff resigning!

In December of last year, the heads began rolling!

In a sea of fake Qanon's, and Migrant Caravans, it's refreshing to see one of these that's real. It reminds us of why we can never get comfortable with not looking at evidence.


If there was a Defense Department, or similar connection, then Historically, the government tends to prosecute one, or two people, as in the prosecutions of Admiral Kimmel, and General Short, following the tragedy at Pearl Harbor at the start of the Second World War. 

This type of thing is USGOV status quo.

No doubt that the transfers of huge amounts of money is of great interest to the governments of the world. And, whether or not this is DoD related: they will learn from any such system that has presented a near-impossible-to-unravel method of funding transfers. 

This video has the best breakdown I've seen....(fast forward to 5:18)

I will go ahead and admit that that is a lot of stores for Birmingham! To include the two locations blocks apart in Birmingham East...

Sunday, November 18, 2018

March of 1995: Black Triangles

March of 1995

By: Kevin Drummond

Above: though created by a French UFO investigator, as a kind of, "artist's sketch" of a criminal, this picture of the Belgian Wave craft is exactly what I saw. The witnesses to those events also acknowledge that, "These are not the creation of humans".

The question is not, "Do UFO'' Exist?" The question is, "Why do the US/UK Governments insist that they do not?" I think it has to do with a God who rejected Judaism 2,018 years ago, and a government that, for whatever reason, chooses to keep that secret hidden from their populations, whom they have very laboriously misled..... 

In 1994 I met and started dating a girl named Brandy. In 1995, we moved in together, and very often, our friends would make it a point to drop by the house, and say, "hi!"

I was in my freshman year of college. I worked and attended school full time, and she went to college, and picked up work here and there.

Black triangles in Alabama are a common occurrence, nowadays. They were a European phenomenon, however, back in the early to mid nineties. I have literally observed Alabamians look right at one, and not notice that the aircraft upon which he or she was gazing is not a human product.

Some cannot take the questioning of the Bible, which, for reasons I cannot understand, they say that UFO's incur. 

No questions : UFOs prove an army greater than that available to murderous Zionist serving fascists awaits.... should that distinction ever need to be made, and the final resolve need to be expressed.... But, the majority still cleave to the cover story that these aliens are, in reality, USAF pilots.

However, this is not a US Military black project. The effort to claim that these Silent Deltas are, in fact, a secret US Government project is sponsored by the government. After all: if nation states ever master this impunity for radar, and the mortal limitations placed on human pilots, then the US cannot protect us.....unless it's already the US's aircraft!

One evening in March, around 8:00 pm, my friend, a guitarist whom I'd worked with in the past, Matthew, dropped by to visit. Brandy (my gf) and I had been working on some acrylic paintings for her fine arts class, and the three of us sat at the table painting, and talking, when I had to step outside, and rest my eyes. It was about 9:30 at night....

I went out the door and noticed, almost immediately, that the noises accompanying a March night in Alabama were conspicuously if something had disturbed their normal choir...

I looked up at the beautiful rural Alabama night, and noted the position of Orion, and suddenly, off towards the North, I noticed an unusually bright star! It was unique, and I had never seen one like it, before.... It was growing!

Eventually, it took the shape of a man standing in the sky, with what seemed to be a staff in his hand, but there was no detail, just this shape, cast in a brilliant light.

I yelled to Brandy and Matthew, that they needed to come see this, but they didn't respond. That made me short with them, because I figured this man with the staff in his hand was going to be a once in a lifetime celestial event, and I wanted them both to witness, I ran inside.

By the time we all three got outside, the man in the sky remained for just a single instant; then, vanished. In its place was first a sound, like an electric generator on a pole, that buzzing sound, than, suddenly, and at rooftop altitude, a huge black triangle appeared, and had a huge, bright, amber-colored light in its center, and on each point, was a red, blinking light, that sometimes turned blue-green, and and back to red.

The three of us stood there, speechless.

Then, as it passed over and was gone, we slowly, without speaking, just went back inside. Matthew left, soon after, and Brandy and I kept going over each detail of what, exactly I saw, then, what she saw. She saw the man longer than I thought she had...

I knew, from this moment, onward, that any doubts about the UFO question were government-sponsored! That triangle had to have reflected radar returns on the Nauvoo radar, on the Birmingham radars, and the Air National Guard radars. There is no way that it didn't. That means the govt knows that it was there, and knows where its flightpath took it.

That also means that the US Government, in particular, is lying about the UFO question.

We told my mother, a US Army Officer's wife for thirty years, whom, in line with her complete faith in the US Government, thought we were, "....seeing things...." to put it mildly.

She went as far to say that I was hallucinating, and the other two may've been merely placating me.....

Fast forward to January 5, 2000. Nighttime, in a cold night, back when I smoked, still. While visiting my mom, I had stepped out onto her porch to smoke, and boom! There it was! Another one!

Both the USSR, and the US shot at these triangles during the Cold War. Defense prototypes aren't flown so low over rural Norway, rural Belgium, rural Alabama, and rural China at the same times! What if it wrecked? The enemy would acquire that tech! If this were the military's, what is the point of the secrecy!? The fact that a, "Triangle-shaped airframe called the TR-3b Astra" came along well after this type of craft was first reported, is very indicative of either disinformation, or idiots who don't know what they're talking about, trying to sound like they do. 

Cars in the street in the front of my mom's house were looking up and pointing at it! 
I ran, and told my mom, kind of rudely (looking back), "Tell me I'm hallucinating NOW!" 

She came outside, and it took her breath away. They're too big to make no noise. Human aircraft don't exhibit those kinds of flight characteristics. Her husband, my dad, was a pilot in the army for thirty years, we'd seen every type of military airframe that there is, and she knew, right away, that this was neither human, nor the product of a hallucination.

I watched, as thirty years of lies, thirty years of brainwashing, all of it, melted away, and she stood there, knowing that UFOs are very real.... And, if they lied about that, what else has our government brainwashed us to believe, or to not believe!?!?

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Lies Snowball....

When a president fails to keep his campaign promises, he has a negative presidency. However, Baby Boomers, in particular, have poisoned the well of Historical fact by claiming that, "all politicians are crooks."

Whether or not they are all crooks cannot possibly be determined by such subjective observations reflecting that entire generation's collective disappointments about the realities of Richard Nixon. But, they will insist that this is so. Thus: they have brainwashed themselves, until criminal regimes, war crimes, and opaque White House agendas are commonplace.

The defining statement of each candidate running for office has been sunk by the dominance of AIPAC, and Goldmann Sachs, and that is a shame. It is proof that our time at the top is over.

However: FDR was not a crook. Truman was not a crook. Kennedy was not a crook. All three of these men operated a transparent White House, which accomplished the defining statements of their candidacies, and each made his promises prior to his election.  

*FDR and JFK made theirs prior to being elected, and Truman made his before inheriting FDR's WH, and then trying to build a nation that didn't depend upon it's guns to solve problems.

It is at this point, when Boomers decided that Barber's definition of active negative, or passive negative, would receive an update. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than Logical Fallacy dirtying the lens of analysis, by a generation too selfish to face facts, or, involved so deeply with the influences that corrupted the United States, that they chose to mislead their students, rather than face the damage that Israel, and Wall Street, and related special interests have accomplished in blinding the Land of the Free.

6 Traits All Positive Presidencies Share:  

  1. Positive Presidencies run transparent White Houses, ie, no secret wars, no lack of communication about the use of military between the president, and the citizens.
  2. Positive Presidencies speak to the press in a positive fashion. No empty, vain, and loquacious common speech threatening any body, or whole nations.
  3. Positive Presidencies take responsibility for mistakes of their leadership, no buck-passage. 
  4. Positive Presidencies run Bipartisan cabinets, and their appointees are nominated based exclusively on their ability.
  5. Positive Presidencies honor their promises, and their defining statements made on the campaign trail. If they do not: they explain this shortfall directly to the nation.
  6. Failure is not something positive presidencies are immune from: in how they both acknowledge, and take responsibility for failures, a positive presidency can be as defined as clearly as when he is successful. It's all in his stepping up, to take responsibility for failures, that we either see, or we don't see, the character that exudes a successful management style that "gets things done."
Once upon a time, presidents kept their campaign promises. The tradition of not doing so, and the "normalizing" of bad leadership is relatively new, from a historical standpoint. 
The US has been around for 242 years....

Because the boss, US public, has blindly accepted this encroachment of pure evil, this is the point in the ascendancy of Empires, where the zenith has been reached, and the fall begins. This is 60 years old, nearly, 1/4 of the entire existence of the US. A fraction of our history has witnessed the forces of corruption nearly finish us us off as a people.

And, these negative presidents all were dominated by a pro-Israeli foreign policy. Likewise, the positive presidencies of the past (unfortunately) rejected the pro-Israeli Lobby. Truman recognized that Israel would exist, but had been falsely assured that Palestine would, as well.

Otherwise, Christian doctrines prohibit the Zionist state, and continued to, until something influenced an alternative to Christianity...

Ever since then, secret wars, (to protect Israel) are being waged either directly, or indirectly by the US Government, and rubber stamped by each and every single US president, since Ike, skipping JFK, then, from LBJ, onwards; regardless of his campaign promises.

Secret wars, which would have, in their illegality, and their resulting "negative" presidencies, caused the evidence of corruption to arise much, much sooner, had they been present prior to Eisenhower.

But, Ike began the downturn. Ike was president when Boomers were kids. 

And, Nixon was his VP. 

Kennedy identified Zionism as conspiring with international finance sector and engaging in a conspiracy to enslave us, all. He refused their efforts to purchase any control over his White House. And, he publicly derided the Bilderberger Union. 

However, he was talking about Communism when he spoke of the "dynamic system..." 
But, he also spoke of bankers that were corrupting the nation when asked what his chief headaches were.

Communism was not something unseen in Kennedy's world. But, the products of secret wars were unknown to 1963 America. Genocides, and atrocities, like Vietnam, or Yemen, remain(ed) somewhat invisible; because the Boomers' contribution to culture, accepting this atrocity, keeps it invisible.

When Kennedy spoke of, "Exposing this plot", he couldn't have meant Communism: it was no secret.

And damn the people who are that simple minded to claim that he did! 

These are the people whose work, whether or not intentionally, continues to conceal these secret wars, and secret evil foreign policies, and the horrors that this nation fights, in the name of Judaism.

That is the plot he intended to expose, "before he left office". 

We know about it, now....

JFK was not a crook. His dad didn't run the nation. (I'm going by the Boomer steps through which they brainwashed themselves, and tried to brainwash my generation, by turning a complicitly silent back on the facts). 

Adultery is not illegal. JFK had a war monger assassinated in S Vietnam because that war monger was murdering his own people. 

JFK ran a transparent WH. He refused to escalate Vietnam, which we now know, was begun by Nixon, under Ike. We now know the Rothschilds/Rockefeller LTD group was stealing the US Silver Standard, then printing unbacked US dollars in exchange for real Silver. Then, they needed Vietnam to launder the unbacked dollars which were printed via the Reserve Contract that their partnership held. 

This removed the dollar from having a backing commodity, and converted it to the lucrative military hardware contracts available via the US Defense Department. 

This converted US Silver and Gold to Rockefeller/Rothschilds Silver and Gold, and converted the US dollar's backing commodity from Gold, to War Machinery.

Stop. Face it.

FDR, HST, JFK were the last presidents of the United States.

The rest of these people rule over a Zionist atrocity. 

LBJ: I will win in Indochina. (Vietnam) We are winning. (Since he took over from JFK, this mission statement was neither fact, nor honored by him.) 
Negative presidency. He communicated too much, too often....Active Negative 

Nixon: If elected, I will end Vietnam, legalize marijuana, and end the draft.

We know he laughed at the, "Stupid hippies who voted for him", and laughed as he tossed the weed is safe report that he never read into the garbage. Communication at times, wild, and ineffective, and very often, he was dishonest. Active-Negative president.

Carter: We will put the turmoil of the past behind us....
Then, the time bomb of CIA/Iran ticking away since 1953 blew up, all over his presidency. 

But, he also waged secret wars in Afghanistan, and was not transparent, nor honest with the American people. 

He instead, made peace accords between Egypt and Israel, an attitude that has damaged the Egyptian political landscape ever since. He became UberZionist. And, he seemed helplessly out of touch, weak, almost. And that is passive. 

Carter was a Passive Negative president.

Reagan : I will end the Draft. Nope. He communicated much, and was well liked. But, he ran secret wars that he hid from Congress, secret wars that were illegal. Then, he passed the buck when caught. Passive Negative presidency. 

Bush: No new taxes. Well, no. He also ran a very secretive WH. His targeting of Noriega and Hussein is directly because of his personal stint as each man's CIA case officer. His communications with the American people seemed disengenous, and staged. He, himself, seemed to not have a grasp of the needs of the nation. He seemed afraid to face the public.

 Passive Negative, he seemed weak. 

Clinton: I will overturn NAFTA....nope. Socialized Medicine? Nope. Passive Negative term one. Active Negative, term two (I did not have sexual...) Called the money he saved from US NATO exit, "A Budget Surplus." Began antiprogressivism and fascist political correctness dogmas, called Matthew Sheppard a, "Hero", but dishonored the US military in the NATO involvement in the Balkans, and was overall haughty, and dishonest. Second term, active negative. Two terms, two kinds of negative presidencies.

ReBush: "I am not a nation builder, like my predecessors..... "
False. Culture of Corruption is the name of the ReBush Era. Pure EVIL. An ineffective communicator, he came across as insincere, dishonest, and a host to truly diabolical and sinister men. 

He was not an effective communicator, and wasn't in office long before Israel operated his presidency through VP Cheney's office. His haranguing State of the Union speeches, particularly 2003, bordered on ridiculous. At times, people wondered aloud if this weren't a very involved practical joke.

Overall, an active negative president.

Obama: I will end the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan... False. He also waged half a dozen or more secret wars. Passive Negative. 

Trump: hasn't accomplished a single campaign promise. 
Ceasing of these "stupid" international wars.
NAFTA has changed names. Still identically bad for the US.
Obamacare is still in effect, and in 2020, his replacement, himself a negative president, will reinstate it, even worse than it was...

When you, the American people, get tired of this, look at Yemen. Then, tell God, "Thank you for holding your rage until I woke up."

*FDR promised a New Deal. He put the public to work in many programs, some of which, still survive, today. Baby Boomer Fallacy, "FDR started the war to exit the Depression...." has a total of zero historic evidence. When he made the New Deal, it consisted of dam projects, TVA programs, Job Corps, and government-sponsored food programs. He literally put the nation back to work.

Boomers need to do the math: nine years FDR was president over a nation not at war. Three years of FDR's presidency were spent at war. What was that? He caused the war, to exit the Depression? So....he created Tojo, and Hitler?

(Boomers reflect how little they studied History when they claim, "FDR knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen." 
When I knew the bully in my neighborhood, and I, would inevitably fight, I let him throw the first punch. I knew he would. Is the fact he did my fault!?

JFK created a pro-active Western Hemisphere alliance which was permitted to die as his murderers took over, and focused on ending the country. There are too many examples, the Peace Corps, the Organization of American States, etc.... The Zionist Overthrow of Democracy is blatent in 1963, the fascist regime Jack Ruby claimed, "Would be inserted right under your noses..."

Positive presidents tend to bequeath functional organizations to the American people. Zionists start wars, kill your sons, then try to fool you with partisan blame. 
It worked for the Boomers. Time to realize that God, alone, can end this. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Egypt: The Other North Korea

Egypt: The Other North Korea

By: Kevin Drummond

If we are to believe Bob Woodward, and I can think of no reason that we should not, then during a brief interview with (former) Trump advisor, John Dowd, Trump, according to Dowd, referred to el-Sisi as, "....a f---ing murderer."

If Egyptians and Trump disagree about everything else, on this particular statement, they are in perfect accord. Trump did not necessarily install the former general as Egypt's leader in 2014, but his CIA, acting under a former Obama Administration plan, certainly did. It also fixed the 2018 election for him, too. The US, and her allies, have created a little monster in Egypt; one that does their bidding.....

The same plans failed everywhere else but Egypt, including Iraq; where a recent election named an anti-American cleric as the new leader, which was almost clockwork as the result of the 21st Century decline of Pax Americana.

But, due to the distance, and the cultural differences, many things Egyptian remain the stuff of so much irrelevance for the citizens of the US.

But, here are 5 things that the US, and by extension, you and I, have done to the Egyptian people:

1. We installed el-Sisi.

Were one to look at the link to his bio, el-Sisi's official political party is, "Independent". But, that isn't the whole tip of the iceberg, which isn't the whole iceberg.

That would be the fact that Egypt was placed under a military dictatorship by the CIA, via a phony operation that resulted in the January, 2011 "uprising", all the way through his predecessor, and then to el-Sisi, himself. 

 "I'm not a politician. I don't know anything about politics. Egypt is superior to politics."~El-Sisi

He was placed there by American election tampering. And, he is a former general who operates a right wing style hard repressive regime. He wears the boots of Pinochet with the embarrassment that Pinochet is to CIA having been one lesson they have learned. 

So, his killings are not necessarily genocidal, but, they're not not genocides.... The sheer magnitude of the abuses of power simply remain unknown due to ...

2. Censorhip.
The new and conspicuous role of censorship applies across the board, and to every facet of Egyptian society. 

Even the Islamic speech ( course ) during Friday prayer is politicized. The Muslim  preachers are forced to read the official speech written by the Armed Forces's preachers. Any preacher who doesn't read what's in these official papers will be sent to prison for being a terrorist. ~Anonymous Egyptian Source
The fact that censorship has become very much a transitory main character uniting the often fragmented sections of Egyptian life is very new, and very resented. However, it is relatively unknown outside of Egypt. This means it is very successful.

Censorship is the regime's expression of power, and the military is the enforcement agency. 

Censorship has also altered the role of Islam, and made it state-sponsored, or, the other kind of non state-sponsored Islam: terrorism. 

For many Egyptians, this represents the worst kind of leadership in their contemporary history. 

The fact Facebook provides a means for Egyptians to express opposition may not be possible permanently

3. Potato Shenanigans!

Recently, el-Sisi appeared on Egyptian television to condone the robbery of potatoes from Egyptian farmers as a, "tax". There is no legislation calling it this, it is edict of the dictatorship. However, the other end of that "tax" is so tragic that it is almost funny:

The police confiscating the "tax" of potatoes, are then re-selling these potatoes as "seized contraband" right in front of the police stations of Egypt! Not all of them, but more than quite a few.

(Below: el-Sisi announces the Potato Shakedown! Interestingly enough: it is suspected that he didn't endorse the scheme until he received the largest cut of the money.) (In Arabic)

This sedition of farmers is going to poison the Grass Roots of order. And this is a natural fact.
(Below: the arrow points at the officer stealing and reselling contraband! 🤔)

4. Education.

The new regime in Egypt is clamping down on education in a way reminiscent of the regimes of the past, such as the Bolsheviks and the Nazis, where social engineering is vital to the capitulation of ordinary people.

But, el-Sisi has recently passed a law ensuring that teachers are few, and far between, and if they teach outside of tight regime-controls, that there will be consequences. 

The latest law amendment in Egypt :

Prison sentence between 6 to 18 years for any Egyptian  teacher who commits the crime of giving private courses to students outside school. ~Egyptian Law
Add to that, the fact that the average (good) salary for a teacher in Egypt is $11 per month, and in this manner, a very Kissinger/Orwellian manner: el-Sisi controls the crop of hearts and minds too young to recall a better Egypt.

This Egypt was the creation of Israel and Obama, and marks the only successful regime-change efforts of the US/Israeli/Saudi/British Alliance. 

5. Mass Conscription...

Military service is only as honorable as the nation that is fielding the military. El-Sisi enjoys no real support: his "election" was the latest example of US election tampering. Therefore, the increase in military which he has ordered under new mass conscription laws appears merely to be a means of assuring that the very people that the CIA tapped to engage the ousting of Mubarak, young men, are busy serving his regime.

And, should he be able to bribe the more intelligent of the young people of Egypt, as well as keep them uneducated, and malnourished: he will not even need the conscription any longer; after a period of ten to fifteen years.

While in the military though, they will be fed, and they will have jobs. This enticement is no accident.

The realistic models of conditions that keep el-Sisi in power depend, 100%, on a foreign power's money, and arms. 

The Suez Canal will obviously be a tactical goal of the Grand Alliance Against NATO when Trump attacks Iran.

The US shall not survive the conflict... But the Chameleon of Cairo will simply change colors, and, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain before him, he will roll with the punches of History until either revolution tosses him out, or, like Franco, he grows solemnly aware that he had no true place in his national history that isn't associated with shame.

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