Friday, October 12, 2018

When You Don't Have To Follow Through

When You Don't Have to Follow Through

By: Kevin Drummond
Below: The American Communist Party virtually ceased to be upon the announcement of the German Russian Non Aggression Pact of 1939:

With the initial phases of a convulsing stock market responding to the sudden consequences of amateur diplomat Donald Trump's uninformed tinkering with Macroeconomics, it becomes critical to remind his supporters, whether ticket, or otherwise, that $20 per gallon gasoline isn't necessarily a ridiculous thing to be considered. The reason is simple: he is like Kim Jong Un when he inherited his office, and gunned a South Korean artillery station in October of 2010: neither one knows what he is doing. Un has learned from his mistake, while Trump hasn't. Un, of course, never had this much power and access to this much destabilizing which Trump has taken full advantage.

The most annoying thing his supporters do, in general, is refuse to face the cold facts. He has no idea what he is doing. He was woefully unprepared, and undereducated for the position of first, among equals. His fans have turned the criticism of deplorability right back into the volume of its meaning! They are so triggered, they begin name calling and insults prior to bothering to listen to any criticism of them, or their fellow president, whom somehow, they cannot distinguish as being any different than they.

Lessons we've seen before are well on the road to devastating repetition, and it's getting easier to remain passively aggressively "quiet" all the time.


He just doesn't have enough of a working knowledge of History, Geopolitics, and Economics to be doing the damage that he is doing and not mean to harm us, all. If it weren't for his lack of knowledge in other things, I'd wonder if he weren't sent to destroy America....but, no. He just isn't educated in the arena of political science.

In November of 2017, Trump tweeted that there is no difference in the Nazi and the Communist parties, that both were, "Socialism". No. That is wrong.

Time and time again I listen to each and every lame excuse in which one of his supporters attempts to either bend facts, break them, or worse, to venerate this kind of ignorance, then try to shape and mold it into facts; neither citing historic fact, nor adherent to political science. It is sad.

In the link beneath the title above, there is a very fascinating paper outlining the demise  of the American Communist Party, and how it virtually ceased to be directly due to the German Soviet Non Aggression Pact of 1939. The author, TE Smith, explains that prior to the pact with Germany, American Communists enjoyed mainstream legitimacy and success. After the pact, however, they felt betrayed and disenfranchised. The reason they did is that Fascism is RIGHT wing, Communism, LEFT wing, and they are not even similar.

Hitler named his movement National Socialism for two major reasons: (#1) Communism was WORLD Socialism, and he wanted a Germanic only revolution, which (#2) he wanted to use to energize postwar crippled German industry and economy, causing it to exit compliance with the Treaty of Versailles, and the postwar Weimar Republic.

 Hitler was a committed anti Communist, as all Right wingers are. But GERMAN socialism expressed an alternative to Communism as being applied only to Germany, which faced starvation, recession, and despair, due to both the Great Depression, as well as the Treaty of Versailles's war reparations regulations, which were impossibly strict. Hitler remarked in, "Mein Kampf", that exiting these terms was a move for the German people, and any such move offended the world. Thus, exiting Weimar Republican pacifist dialogues opposed both the WORLD, and the WORLD SOCIALIST MOVEMENT (Communists). Therefore, was NATIONAL (German) SOCIALIST....

The implication was that he would free German industry from the Prohibition of the steel and defense industries implied by the Treaty of Versailles ending the first world war, and that he would refuse to comply, anymore. These non compliance issues grew to include the building of a war machine to deter the world's resistance....

At that time, Hitler began drawing no distinctions between the "degenerate democracies" and Communism: they were all enemies of National Socialism.

Hitler merely used the tenents of Socialism in name, only. He even said he was committed, as a socialist, to opposing the degeneracies of capitalism....

But, like the DEMOCRATIC Republic of North Korea is not a democracy, and like the German Democratic Republic was not a democracy, except in name, only, he was merely trying to feel his way through the political landscape, and convince as many people as he could to abandon all other political views. 

The Nazi Government didn't own private industry in Germany, even during the war. And, both industry owners, as well as officials within the German Government, were imprisoned for war crimes. Had it been socialist, then no civilians could've been held responsible.

Hitler often contradicted himself. However, that he, and by extension, the National Socialist platform were diametrically opposed to Communism and Marxism, is too thematic to ignore. His carefully constructed excuses as to the usage of the word, "Socialism", are too tell-tale.

It was, plain and simple (Hitler reasoned) that he represented the last chance for German blood to sucessfully reject the chains of Bolshevik concepts, which had gained traction in the desperate state of post war Germany; where radicalism seemed to be progress, and so much of tradition had failed the German citizen.

Hitler threw billions into his war machine, but praised the German worker as, "efficient above all, even above the dialogue, and expectations of worker's paradise employed by the Soviet Union." In Communism, the Government owns ALL industry, and sets production quotas, as well as management staff. In USSR, your boss was a govt official. 
This never happened in Nazi Germany, where even the partial ownership of industry implied by Socialism didn't happen. It didn't need to. Starving unemployed Germans were happy to go both back to work, and even back to war, if it meant not starving in the streets. This is the Crux of the combination of nationalism and socialism. Not an economic philosophy.

Trump making this comment about Communism being the same as Fascism proves he neither understands history, nor does he have any idea what he is doing. The logic he is using to govern the trade war is a minimalized philosophy based in assumption and luck: not in sound Economic sciences. The exit of JCPOA may be the greatest historical blunder of any American president.

And, he isn't listening. He cannot afford to....he already knows he has no idea what he is doing. He is not qualified to be making these kinds of decisions. Even leaving JCPOA violates American and International Law: it was a signed treaty....

He is a couple of sandwiches shy of a picnic.
Any ignoring of that fact makes one complicit. But, any defense of his logic is inexcusable.

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