Monday, September 10, 2018

x = the number of days without Jewish tricks

x = the # of days without Jewish tricks...

By: Kevin Drummond

Russia and Syria should publicly drop gas masks into Idylib. Problem solved? Nope. The fake attacks are fake: nobody gets hurt from fake gas, only very real consequences...

I thought about the way I should present this article to you, and decided that I would itemize the list of actual reasons for the Ugly 4 Axis Nations of Israel, US, UK, and Saudi Arabia to repeat this behavior of staging gas attacks before a very sceptical world, in spite of the OPCW clearing the Syrian and Russian governments of any gas attacks since 2016. Also in the Douma Finding, OPCW stated that consumer level chlorine had been splashed about...indicating that its employees felt that this attack was staged.

Below: the link to the Douma Report by OPCW, which states that very few of the gas attacks were confirmed by evidence since the 2014 mandate to investigate the Syrian Assad regime.

I will make itemized lists about the motives each of the Ugly Four Axis member-states has for continuing this ridiculous gas attack narrative in spite of its failure, but a word of caution: the French president is currently fighting for his job. We want him out because among other things, he pressured the OPCW to forge its initial Douma Finding to confirm evidence of Sarin, and Mustard Gas. He was trying to pressure Trump into staying in JCPOA....but the impeachment seems unlikely, now.

Had Macron not done this, impeachment would've been on the table. Now, OPCW seems unreliable...

We had no doubt that in 2017, the White Helmets had smuggled Tear Gas into the war zone, and this substance is easily field-convertible into Mustard Gas. And we had little doubt that ISIS operatives connected to Mossad leaked to the Syrian Air Forces that, "This building is where the rebels store mustard gas." 

And, we had little doubt that Syrian AF units targeted the building, where once hit, a minor dissemination of the tear gas occurred.

(Current. Fake. Stupid. Prelude to the Fall of the English-Speaking World Order.... )

Then, after the Syrians attacked what they believed was a rebel gas manufacturing operation, the White Helmets simply pointed, and screamed, "Gas! Gas!" 

As a result, the the fate of the Ugly 4 Axis nations, in Syria, at least, was sealed, by way of an assymetrical military response, ordered by Trump. He ordered both of the attacks on his watch before the truth could be verified, and this only hardened the resolve of the Grand Alliance Against NATO: which those repeated, and very much illegal NATO responses, has ultimately, and dangerously, consolidated.

Trump acted prematurely, and inexplicably believed his Jewish friends, and ordered the most recent NATO attack against the advisement of his Secretary of Defense, on April 13, 2018. This is the effective date of the beginning of the third world war. 

Some believe that the order to attack Syria coming before the proof exonorating Assad could be gathered is no coincidence. 

But, Macron's interference did allow Trump to eek by, the appropriate international organization, the OPCW, actually proved that Trump is a war criminal. That applies to both May, and Macron, leaders of UK and France, respectively, as well.

Trump ordered this attack against Syria, in a collage of mess and bad-intentions transparently hiding behind the guise of "punishing Assad for deploying banned weapons", which itself, has come to define his foreign policy: Jewish controlled, ignorant, irresponsible, violent, and bad for world peace....just like his Jewish friends.

Meanwhile: both Israel and the US continue to deploy banned white phosphorus against civilians in Gaza and Syria, respectively. There is a God. He is watching....

We hoped that he would team with Russia, and undo the secret wars waged first by ReBush, then escalated by Obama. Trump had promised as a candidate that he would put a stop to ISIS, and confirmed WikiLeaks drops, among which it was revealed that the Ugly Four Alliance had created ISIS, in the first place. 

But, Trump took office, and then started arming and supporting ISIS just like the previous two presidents. Even though he accused Obama and Clinton of having created and arming ISIS, we should've known that he was unaware that this paper tiger serves ISRAEL. Upon realizing that, Trump threw us under the bus, with the whole country.

And, this is why ISIS still exists.

Who Benefits From Staging Gas ATTACKS?

  • Israel
Israel has been trying to topple the Syrian government, which it mistakenly believed controls Hamas, since Reagan ordered them out of Lebanon in 1982. 

Israel needs Syria to fall now, due to having been caught red handed being involved in the illegal attempts to steal Syrian property, and sell Syrian oil. This crime was made legal by an illegal ruling from an Israeli court, and has karma written all over it, as well as the knowledge that Israel did try to topple a sovereign regime.

Israel is astonished, now, as neither of the other 3 members of the Ugly 4 Axis seem able to put a stop to the fact that Israel must reap what it sowed. And its seventy year existence is certainly at an end.

All the NeCons, like Trump and ReBush, all the Democrats, like Clinton and Clinton: none of them can prevent that now. 

 Itemized list of Israeli motives for a gas attack to be staged:
  1. Karma, Israel fears karma.
  2. Expansionism no longer possible
  3. The shock that the Ugly 4 Axis cannot covertly beat Syria and her allies.
  4. The loss of revenue from having legalized the theft of Syrian property, but losing the war means that selling parcels of Syria is no longer possible. One could call this the, "Chickens Counted (And Spent) That Never Hatched" motive.
Here are UK's motives to stage a gas attack:
  1. The goal of eu starting a war v Russia over the seizure of 80% of the world's oil in the Black Sea by Putin was lost by Trump's election.
  2. Distraction
  3. Economy

1. Is self-explanatory.

2. Pertains to Brexit, as well as numerous troubles at home. Both 1 and 2 explain the motives held by UK in poisoning its own citizens, then trying to frame Russia. 

Brexit has neither a trade deal, nor a reasonable exit deal as the voters have mandated. In all likelihood, May, a Globalist, will seek a be all end all war with The Grand Alliance Against NATO, in order to distract her critics, at home.

To date, the White Helmets, the main gas attack stagers, are funded by George Soros's Open Society Foundation. This foundation is but one way the State and Defense Departments circumvent both US, and International Law in the funding of terrorist groups.

But, Mi-6 is also involved as both a full member of the Ugly 4 Axis, as well as the secret truth to Israel's "awesome military": these are almost entirely American and/or UK's awesome militaries. Israel is weak both morally, and militarily. The cold look at facts leads one to conclude that, in honoring the Balfour Declaration, UK has carried this charade since 1917, and one century has passed, and they are out of options.

Permitting the Fallacy of Good Intentions to dictate this hostile to nature existence of Israel means that UK leaders' phones are ringing off the hook with Jewish complaints of, "... abandonment..."

But, as the Fallacy states: Israel has no real loyalty to UK. This preserves the illogical self view of the UK military as, "heroic" in terms of rescuing (((them))). The Pound Sterling has risen against all world currencies but the Euro after they stage an attack. 

And the last two saw net gains on even the Euro....
The economic motives for Britain to engage false gas attacks to expand a war are many.

Here are US motives for supporting staged gas attacks, and the expansion of a World War pitting the Grand Alliance Against NATO versus The Ugly 4 Axis:

  1. AIPAC
  2. Economic Motives
  3. Influence Profile Expansion
  4. Maintaining Dominant Role in International Military Alliances
  5. Geographic foil to the Grand Alliance member-states
The American/Israeli PAC is actually illegal. It is tolerated due to the Fallacy of Good Intentions, insamuch as an illegal tax exempt PAC sells elected offices to Jews loyal to a foreign power is how we, as a nation, continue to say, "Here. We are sorry about the genocide of Jews."

Only the people who murdered the Jews could bear such an actively negative relationship, the US cannot apologize for that which it did not do.

The net-effect is that the Israeli influence over US politics has sold (((them))) Wall Street, control of our Senate and House, as well as our Judiciary and our Presidents.

Thus, the armed services committee of Israel mistakenly meets in DC, and directs foreign policy in favor of Israel, in spite of Christ saying, "No man can serve two masters".

And our culture is rife with Jewish corruption, as well as our government and business sectors. We have, as Christians in America, no more government.
AIPAC has seen to that.

Trump's anti Christian ethics have been a base-shattering element for his supporters. It seems the Clinton national direction, and the Trump national direction, are two roads to the same pro-Israeli destruction of the United States.

Meanwhile, the seeds of the corrupt US Senate, in regards to their funding of pro-Israeli terrorists operating in the Syrian theater of conflict, are literally one Google search away...

And, the money, both legal, and illegal, flowing into their pockets is not a nation state level relationship: it is a mafiosi level relationship. With this influence that Israel has purchased, it gained access to our most sensitive state secret organizations, like DARPA, and pilfers our tech routinely.

So, that AIPAC demands Americans die for Israel appeals to those influenced by our culture, the most: boomers and millennials, and that generation will never care about the Constitution, nor our Christian founders in enough time to prevent the Holocaust Trump began on April 13, 2018, the day WW3 started.

The facts: undeniable, and in front of you...

Economic Motives for the US
The US dollar became the subject of heavy manipulation by the treason of Rockefeller, and the natural disposition of his Jewish partner, Rothschild, during the 1960's. 

As a result, the US dollar had been created as a fiat, or non existent assayed value currency. Because the pair had laundered the dollar in the military industrial complex at the height of their scheme in the 1960's, the US dollar is backed solely by military prowess.

Because all petroleum transactions must take place in US dollars, the US economy, itself, is fluid when the oil market is, as well.

Having failed in every attempted overthrow of Arab governments, except Egypt, the Ugly 4 Axis has run out of time in Syria. And, this has serious implications for both the American hedge fund losses incurred by the failure of Israel to successfully steal Syrian land and oil, as well as the share of the oil market which is threatened by just poor planning by NATO CENTCOM which has pressured the formation of a Grand Alliance Against NATO: and these member-states threaten to eliminate all but themselves, and the 26 members of the Arab League opposed to the member-states of the Ugly 4 Axis.

This, and the poorly waged "trade war" would have devastating consequences for the US economic forecast. 

Staging a gas attack, however, could only prolong the inevitable collapse of the Ugly 4 efforts in Syria, and it is presently doing so via speculation on Wall Street.

That speculation can produce millions of interest created dollars in a few days: but, it cannot create time.
A gas attack being staged only guarantees that we are out of money, and time.

But, our leaders are too Zogged to care.

Influence/Profile Expansion
The foothold that the US has in Syria is both forcing the US to have a role in the affecting of the movement and concerns of the Grand Alliance member-states, as well as continues to dominate the affairs of the region above competing allies of the Ugly 4 Axis, particularly, The Saudis.

Podesta explains fearing that if we don't arm ISIS, then Saudi Arabia, which arms both Al Quaeda and ISIS, will control more of Syria than the US. 

Therefore, the staging of gas attacks has appealed to the lead-paint weaned idiots in the US strategy rooms in the State and Defense Departments, and staging these things until somebody else is hired to take the blame for this misgiven US direction since 2003 is the real name of the game. 

Military Dominance
Losing Syria not only hurts our economic picture, but it completes the unfinished picture of the awesomeness of US power, with a few revealing strokes: the US is awesome. But God apparently is more awesome, and He wants the US out.

The resulting papering of the US tiger emboldens nation state level attacks against the US, as well as acts of terror. After all: because of the lies leading in to the US loss of Syria, particularly in the Jewish media, average Americans are still unaware that the US is ISIS, and has lost Syria 

But, the rumors and hot air, typical of those who never do any of the fighting, these things failed and they failed miserably.

The US is desperate to preserve the fascist mistake of believing that it cannot be beaten, or, if it was beaten, that this was caused by a fluke.

And staging gas attacks preserves the US military presence in the region. But, it will soon doom the US.

Israel is already doomed.

Geographic Foil to the Grand Alliance Against NATO member-states

The oil business world wide is in serious danger of a Grand Alliance takeover. 
By blockading Hormuz, the strait in a narrow sea lane with Iran on one side, and Qatar, S Arabia, UAE: all trapped behind the blockade, the Grand Alliance member-states would end oil exports by OPEC in a matter of weeks. 

In fact, this is victory for the Grand Alliance member-states. 

Chinese and Iranian naval units have been rehearsing for this very thing since 2013.

The thing is: a gas attack practically guarantees that the Strait of Hormuz shall be blockaded and the oil industry, quarantined by naval units of the Grand Alliance member-states.

Pride and Prejudice

Syria is lost. It is prudent to accept that the Bloody NeoCon wars have ended, and justifiably cost the US a whole lot of clout internationally. 

It is time to cut our losses. 

Here are Saudi Arabian Motives for Staging Gas ATTACKS:
  1. Distraction
  2. Economy
  3. Keeping the Ugly 4 Axis Geographically close by...
The Saudi populace's relationship with its leadership is one of extreme and tenuous hostility. The Royals are Wahhabists, a Masonic Islam. The average Saudi is like Iran: both are Shia, and both despise ISIS, and they all despise the Saudi Royals.

The wars in Yemen and Qatar, which the Saudis have lost, have caused even greater, and more visible disparity between the average Saudi citizen and his government.

Thus, staging gas attacks continues enabling the Saudi Royals to unify their nation against the "murderous Shia Muslims" by using a combination of media propaganda, and blame.

The average Saudi, however, is seeing through this effort. 
Though the fact escaped the planners of the deeds that the Ugly 4 Axis commits, if they launch a gas attack, then try to blame Assad...again....this time: they are being armed, and very much preparing to overthrow their pro Israeli pro Western regime.

That is exactly why the Ugly 4 should NOT stage an attack! But, these people often realize all too late that time has caught up with them.

The Saudis are prominent members of OPEC, and, as such, need the US dollars, as well as the military that backs that dollar, in order to preserve the fluid solvency of their economic structures. 

Should Syria be returned to Syrians: this will hit both the price of crude, and it will hit the Royals' dollars, which shall decline in value.

  1. All 4 Ugly Axis member-states share strong economic motives
  2. All 4 Ugly Axis member-states believe, however erroneously, that staging gas attacks increases their time as players in the geographic region.
  3. All 4 Ugly Axis member-states suffer from the effects of the contradictions between their Bildeberger Globalism, and the citizens they govern whom hate Globalism. Thus, they need distractions, like wars.
  4. All 4 Ugly Axis member-states believe that a covert war against Russia is a source of stability.
  5. All 4 Ugly Axis member-states believe that staging gas attacks protects the fluidity of the oil market.

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