Monday, September 3, 2018

Why Syria Spelled the End of the US Domination of the Earth

In spite of the unbelievable hubris of a stupid president trying to order nations that are thousands of miles from his shores, and advising them that they cannot end an insurrection begun by the US/UK/Israel/SArabia (the Ugly 4) within it's own and sovereign borders, in spite of the fact that each of these allies are in Syria because they border on it, (except China and India), the current composition of the geopolitical order is already OVER....

Donald Trump is now finished caring that his political life is very short. So much so, that he has sold the American dominance of geopolitics to the Children of the Devil in Tel Aviv to serve that doomed nation's interests, and not our own.

The orally voluminous, but often substantially empty idiot US President has done, in under three years, what no other has: stupidly obeyed Satan's son, Benjamin Netanyahu, until the US exited JCPOA, alienated ALL OTHER ALLIANCES, and ruined the potential entry of North Korea into a positive and non Proliferation Treaty status: all in one Satanic swoop. 

He served Israel, and abandoned the best interests of the American people.

And, that threat potential drove the assembly of a huge alliance against the US which is in every way an observance of the polar world theory that is, and not the phony UniPolar World that EU IMF bankers used to flatter other idiots, like ReBush, into doing spectacularly stupid things.

Either way it goes: an international alliance has overcome the US, and is filling the region with a military force that opposes Satan and his kids. And, they are CORRECT.

The US has lied since Iraq. The US has failed to change regimes in half a dozen Arab states. With May's election of an anti US cleric in Iraq: the entire effort to fool the average citizen, and murder civilians while Netanyahu drank their blood, all of it has failed. 

And, if Donald doesn't attack Syria and touch off a nuclear war: then the vanity of his stupid tweet habit is laid bare by the vast Grand Alliance Against NATO.

If he does attack Syria: Nuclear Assaults shall force their horrific consequences upon the US with God's blessing. None are quite as dumb as those who cannot learn the same lessons over and over again.

Under Netanyahu's criminal rule over the US, in place since Trump's Jan 20, 2017 inauguration, the Christians of Syria, civilians, mostly, are all dead and their blood in Netanyahu's gut through the power of American bombs.

They had righteously opposed the Devil's children. Boy, they paid for that, huh? Because the Americans supporting Trump are being counted.... Now. And, they are liars, murderers, and devil's children, too. There is NO EXCUSE for the continuation of the lie. The ugly 4 invented ISIS, are behind 9-11, and, in Libya, Syria, Tunisia, they were BEATEN.

But, not Trump, right?

If he doesn't start a nuclear war, the US is in decline directly due to allowing a psychopath (Jewish one) to run the US.

If he does start a nuclear war, the US will not win. Chinese subs rest off the DC coast, undetected, for six years, plus, without the US knowing. They will shut the devil down.

And whether you see it, or not: calling Christ a liar has had devastating consequences for the country.

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