Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Why the Grand Alliance Against NATO is MULTIPOLAR

This fact is major: we are not fighting a different view of politics, nor economy: we are drawing lines against more resources, more people, and combined stronger muscle.

Why the Grand Alliance Against NATO is MULTIPOLAR

By: Kevin Drummond

Whether looking from Eastern Europe down into the long corridors of great and prolific change, or whether you are a citizen of the province of Bangladesh: you are viewing the world from a vast trade network that includes China, Russia, Japan, North and South Korea, India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand, to name a few. 

These MultiPolar trade blocs, like the Asian Pacific Economic Community (APEC), or the role Russia plays having rebuked the economic realities of EuroZone membership, each of these sanctions levied by Trump are reverberating throughout every single one of these global trade unions.

But, Trump has only sanctioned and tariffed China and Russia, and EU over Iran for Israel: blindly unaware of the proof of the death of Pax Americana that he is actually engaging.

But: it isn't a new Cold War.

The nations of these regions, to include Vietnam, until the 1975 loss by the US in that nation, and China, as well, had benefited beneath the umbrella of BiPolar US turf.

And, with the fall of the USSR, this is no longer the case.

India and Pakistan have been inspired by Trump's ignorance to join the Grand Alliance Against NATO, aware that their time as nuclear nations has been served notice by Trump's acts against China.
And this is why he is an idiot: the Cold War ended, everything that Trump thinks he is doing exclusively to China is reverberating throughout the connecting trade blocs throughout the world, and forcing them to choose sides.
But the worst damage is the apparent confirmation of a BiPolar Cold War world re-emerging as a result mainly of George Bush Jr's Iraq War: a consequence of which was the total disbelief that Pax Americana can be a vital part of the Global community, anymore. American power is something that some idiot president can just sorely abuse.

The Iraq War spoke very loudly to events worldwide that, yes: as nations that live under Pax Americana, we can be attacked even when we are in compliance with the pertinent International Organizations.

The nations of the earth took notice of this fifteen years ago, and have been, and continue to be, in a state of preparation for this very event.

But, it is not the reassembled Cold War. China is not acting in its best interests between the US and Russia.
China is one huge power among several, including India, which boasts one of the top ten militaries on Earth.

Therefore, the persistence of the US in attempting to reassemble a new Cold War guarantees that it will not prevail in this conflict.

It is for this reason that Lord Rothschild announced that the NWO is on borrowed time.

But supporting Trump is not support for the end of Globalism: it is support for the destruction of the United States, and its possible conquest and occupation by the rest of the world.

And that is, for whatever reason, just not getting through.

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