Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Trump Further Defies Common Sense

Trump Further Defies Common Sense
By: Kevin Drummond

This is a piece about the eu/Russo/Sino efforts to avoid Trump's sanctions in Iran through the SPV, the special purpose vehicle, which is a consolidated, and as of yet, unsanctioned set of monetary pathways specifically created to outlive Trump's last year in office. Though Trump will inevitably sanction the SVP, what he will not be able to do is repair the damage that he is doing to relations with our allies. He also will not be able to draw up a clearly defined sanctioning itemization for the evolution of SPV into SPV.1, then, when necessary, SPV.2, ETC.

The normal SPV is a conglomerate of a financial institution which bears little, to no paper trail back to the original institution.


The geopolitical image of a UN which is keen to rid itself of the ever-ridiculous Israeli sense of entitlement, which, according to an increasingly unified and international accord, will probably resolve in war crimes charges against the ruling Likud Party in the Hague, as well as the amateur and foolish sanction role that both defines Trump, as well as crippling depression in about one year's time: the UN is becoming increasingly favorable to the role of Russia and China as the true world powers.

This basically removes the US to third string, and cuts the policy-defining role which subjected the entire UN to prioritizing Israel, and begins the renewal of an international community that no longer gives a damn about the US. And, conversely, actually is beginning a regard within the UN Trusteeship towards legitimizing both Palestinian and Syrian complaints about what remains after seventy years of US-UN domination.

The relief for the people of Iran, and possibly, the world, in terms of a show of support that challenges the idiot US president, and his Satanic ally in Jerusalem, has to be palpable. The proliferation of this type of coordination in the creating, sustaining, and continuation of Iranian entrance into the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, makes the SPV one of the wisest things that EU has ever done.

And, I hate eu.

But, I hate ignorance more.

But, let's face it: the usage of a Target type system of money transfer between nation-states, combined with functional Artemis algorithms able to locate, define, then exploit the un-statutized formats in Trump's amateur diplomacies of, "Sanction! Sanction!" is a miracle of international peacetime cooperation.

This is the equivalent of the Berlin Airlift of 1948, in terms of the preservation of both world peace, and international agreement. JCPOA was the law. It represented preventing the very fears Netanyahu claims to have, when, in reality, it is love of destruction, like that of Iraq, which he truly wants. But, departing JCPOA over insanity, like Netanyahu's, is damaging our reputation as truly wanting peace, and converting the international view of the US into being a wicked, murderous, & terrible nation. One that an international alliance must halt.

Trump is absolutely betraying international interests, and international law, and simultaneously ruining any future US negotiating credibility. He is destroying the UniPolar World, and with it, the Consumer Price Index, and the ability of the vast majority of Americans to afford the basic essentials to live.

Trump is a Leftist. Next, a Globalist Democrat receives Goldman Sachs' permission to run the country, they'll want Trump under the ground, settling for "kicked out by majority vote" will definitely be a quest for patience and a test of damage control skill, and that Globalist will bury the US's pole position in the world beneath subsidies, & social welfare programs.

Then, the vitality of the nation, under the reality of the Leftism Trump embraces, plus that of his presumed successor, 
becomes a perfect storm of dystopia inducing conditions.....

While Magatards the world around deny any culpability......just like the real Republicans who denied the culpability of Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression (which resembles this, precisely), or worse: NeoCon Prime Richard Nixon, which some Magatards still deny was caught red-handed ordering burglaries, assaults, etc..... Ignorance is bliss, but $9 per gallon for gasoline, while not accomplishing Israel First.....that is not very blissful.

In fact, it stinks.

When Idiot targets SPV, and it evolves, and he targets the next one, and it evolves: the failure to get the point isn't going to hurt Idiot. It will hurt his voters.

Maybe they deserve it. 

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