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The Role of the JCPOA In Maintaining the English Speaking World Order

The Role of JCPOA in Maintaining the English Speaking World Order

By: Kevin Drummond

The Iranian JCPOA was a masterpiece of functional treaties. It also represented lessons learned in both India, and Pakistan, as well. 

Though Pakistan, to date, has only acceded to the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty), India and China are signatories to the NPT via a pathway which was provided for all three states, and was created by a series of dynamic international agreements.

Pakistan does acknowledge the main points of NPT, though the mere act of signing it has become a symbolic bone of contention by Pakistan, whose government protested the fact that India possessed nuclear arms. This topic dominated the UN discussions on nuclear arms for decades, until North Korea developed missile technology, and the JCPOA exit by the US caused a wave of panic to unify the two enemies India, and Pakistan. 

Lessons that were learned during the nineties, with India and Pakistan, made the process for a third world nation's admittance into the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, somewhat standardized. Though at times, the relationship between NPT participants has been one of mutual contention, even Pakistani participation in the precepts of the NPT has made the world a much safer place.

The START Treaty of 1991, (revised in 2010 as the New START Treaty) and the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, are the two structures most vital to the preservation of the geopolitical system that has existed, in one form or another, since 1945.


The Bipolar World, and its two superpower nations, The United States, and the Soviet Union, ended in 1991. But, the Multipolar World which replaced it was already somewhat underway. 

The fact is, the rise of the Multipolar World began when Nixon opened relations with China. China had developed nuclear tech in the 1960's, and became the first Third World Nation to do so: paving the way for the 1990's entry of India and Pakistan to the Nuclear Non Proliferation community, though China and France neither one had signed the NPT until 1992. Until then, however, Chinese and French accesions to the NPT's main points were verified by the UN.

When they signed the NPT, the entire composition of the Permanent Security Council of the UN were all signatories in good-standing to the NPT. By that time: the treaty, itself, had proven to be dynamic, flexible, and functional; the pathway from third world to a first world nation status had been standardized.  

This is vitally significant due to the very definition of the first world having once included nuclear power as the sole qualifying factor. With the admittance of first, China, then, the admittances of both India, and Pakistan to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Community; the defining standard, distinguishing first world nations as those nations having nuclear capability, was no longer true. Until Trump...

II.[✓Stressing Nuclear Relationships to the Breaking Point]

The sudden, and inexplicable exit of JCPOA by Trump, seems to have cast immediate doubts on the vitality of the third world nuclear nation as a concept. Almost immediately both Pakistan, and India faced US sanctions for very different reasons. And, this reaction by the US makes sense only as it applies to the trend of attempting to pick and choose which treaties it will, and will not continue to honor. 

And, this trend will visit China, next, thus China must be certain that this will also mean even more of this sanction-diplomacy which will involve the stretching of sanction-weary thin resources, and an ever thinning patience.

As you can see in this 1969 article, by the same year, the split between China, and The Soviet Union was already too divisive to repair.

China was a third world country when the rift with the USSR saw China accepting Nixon's invitation to opening a diplomatic relationship with the US in the late 1960's. But, the identical secret US Defense-Departmental oversight of nuclear development, such as was written into JCPOA, was invented for the sake of US/China relations, in the first place; by a vastly superior diplomatic staff. 

From the late sixties, on: the role of US Defense Department concerns pretty much transposed to the UN as that body's goals and concerns, though the other two members of the Permanent Security Council had differing objections to the Chinese becoming a nuclear nation.

Therefore, any sudden and unexpected tampering with the accession status of a prospective signatory to NPT would only be ignored by a diplomacy of inexplicable negligence...

It shall not be ignored by China. 

The odds are that the sanctioning, and the tremors of great change, that are both predictable results of a convoluted diplomacy of backstabs, and dishonesty, are already speaking their absolute quotients to Chinese policymakers. And, this is also consolidating the alliance against Israel and Trump at breakneck speeds....

Since the three of these nations (India, Pakistan, and China) each represent half a century of work, and the failure of JCPOA represents only one very short tempered-flaw in the character of the US as a believable treaty co-signator, and that this flaw manifested in one brief speech by the unfathomably dumb US president: the position of the US geopolitically is in grave doubt. And the consensus is that the regime of the US is flawed. 

But it is an unlawful deference to the Israeli Prime Minister which lies beneath this unparalleled brinksmanship, and should one portion of the law apply, it must result in the purging of Israel from US policycraft, in general. 

Therefore, the flaw is Israeli made, and Zionist-protected through the AICAP, and its unlawful selling of key US elected positions. And, in spite of this operating blatantly in the open: the entire process is illegal.

III.[How This Came to Pass]

9-11 being planned by the UK/US/Israel/Saudi Arabia may have been the fatal wound to the UniPolar hegemony of the US, but, the JCPOA exit by Trump was where the life support and IV's full of healing meds, and oxygen, were ripped suddenly off.... killing any hope of recovery by the US. 

The JCPOA was vital not only to Iranian entrance to Nuclear Accountability, JCPOA was vital to the regulation of North Korea, as well. For identical reasons, both nations share a new suspicion of the intent of the US, regardless of any regime flaws future US presidents may attempt to pinpoint as evidence that they represent new, and sane US leadership, and therefore they should be believed. One idiot can still take any progress away, for the psychotic delusion of another. Therefore: the US has now lost a historic level of international clout, a level unprecedented, heretofore.

For these nations of the third world to believe that the US is an unfaithful regime partner in the development of international treaties speaks loudly the world, around. JCPOA is practically identical to the international agreements permitting their inclusion into nuclear nations, and the first world status that tends to accompany this. An out of control Zionist plotting against Iran only lacks a few letters, maybe a couple of consonants, from being them!

Now, those treaties with the US are functionally null, and void. With India already on Russia's side, and Trump alienating Pakistan this week, the entire issue of third world nuclear proliferation stands a good chance of being overseen and redefined entirely by Russia and China, ending the one last hold the English Speaking World had on geopolitical relevance: nuclear domination. 

The consequences of a Russo-Sino profile expansion in the area of geopolitical relations would be devastating for the US in the current school of strategic goals, and how the US views long term goals, in general. But for the world, this could be the most sensible outcome to seventy years of Israel, and seventy years of clandestine support by the US and UK for Israel, and the ensuing humanitarian crises this trick of the light has continually produced. 

Most emphatically, the US's single veto (since the 1970's) as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council that continually urge caution, reform, and restraint in regards to the question of Israel, could just as easily become a unanimous vote of four nations, or less, that seek to implement the military oversight of a two state solution as per the UN Charter. 

This is but one way the violation of international agreements could very easily backfire on the insanity which is driving the irresponsible US/Israeli-led efforts, here.

This influence-vanishing takes place parallel with the US's reputation as a trustworthy partner in peace also vanishing: as demonstrated conclusively by the hasty exit from JCPOA Trump has made. 

IV.[And For Just Desserts]

Since the misgiven policies of the US hegemony beginning in 2001 are directly the results of Israeli interference, (with the brief respite during the Obama years), the rest of the civilized world forming in contrast to the ramifications of the JCPOA exit would potentially become  a"UN: without the US's genocidal refusal to honor the UN Charter in regards to Palestine". 

This means the US veto against the sake of the Palestinian cause may become no longer of any other nation's concern. And, this consequence stands as a potential, albeit painful price, of abandoning international agreements.

This effectively deals the US out of its Security Council membership, and paves the way to ending the seventy year warcrime that an un-militarily overseen Palestine has been for three generations, now.

Therefore the exit of JCPOA by Trump, which was ordered by Netanyahu, in his psychosis and paranoia, as well as heavily lobbied for by Netanyahu, in his lies and guilty fears; represents a domino-effect of perpetual consequences for which the Trump Administration is either unwilling, or unable to prevent. 

(Below: the hundreds of times since 1993 Netanyahu has claimed, "Iran is 30 days away from the bomb...") (Netanyahu claimed that Iran would have the bomb by 1999, then, repeated the claim that they would have the bomb in 30 days. Everyone knows he is lying. Everyone knows JCPOA prevented that. Sound familiar? Wmd's in Iraq. Gas in Syria: other Zionist lies that were unable to be covered up)
This article is supposed to SUPPORT him! Lol!,7340,L-4633272,00.html


The JCPOA exit may end like a fairy tale for those nations which the exit threatened the most, due to the irony of the Trump/Israel connection in exiting JCPOA dealing their nations the most severe of consequences. 

Abandoning oversight of Iran's, and by extension, the compliance of all third world nuclear nations with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the New START Treaty, practically guarantees that the forgery of a case for war will follow. And, it also gives these nations every reason to deport the international oversight community, and pursue tactical, if not strategic, nuclear arms, as well as possibly giving them the mandate to go on the offensive. (Below: 2016 CDC prediction of Ebola becoming weaponized in an attack versus the US)

In all likelihood, a new forgery of Case for War will include WMD's, and biological warfare, and chemical warfare, as well as, "Let's not allow the next cloud to be a mushroom cloud." This is because the identical think tank that ran Iraq, the American Enterprise Institute, is plotting Iran.

The reving up of the militaries of the world was not necessarily avoidable had JCPOA remained in effect, but had it, then there would be that strong commitment to peace urging that restraint which is so vital in a world brimming with doomsday nuclear weapons. This state of conflict is unlikely to end until the US elects a rational human being. Of course, sanctions could pressure any government targeted by the US to activate any type of warfare that damages the US in terms of economic strength, and or military strength.
And, by the time Trump is replaced in 2020, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that Russia and China will have capitalized on the JCPOA exit handsomely, and be well on their way to dealing the US out of its UniPolar and mythological power-prison. 

JCPOA was the one fork in the road that the US, as well as her allies, simply couldn't afford for Trump's "Israel First" amateur diplomacies to show their lack of sense, and ultimately ruin the efforts to control the real terrorist in Tel Aviv, when their dissonant logic struck their ugly sounding chords. 

Exit from JCPOA is the place that not all of it went wrong, but certainly much of the devastation could have, and consterningly should have, been prevented.

And the JCPOA exit begins a countdown on the English Speaking world order, and all that world order implied, or definitively expressed: while the rest of the world watches, waits, listens, and seizes the advantage.

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