Saturday, September 8, 2018

Fuck You, Zionist American Occupational Government

WikiLeaks: Pedophile, John Podesta discusses the creation of ISIS, refers to KRG (Kurd Official Government) as "a place through which funding ISIS is enhanced", because ISIS is Kurdish. With the US commitment to ISIS, Podesta fears that the US goals will be in direct competition with those of Qatar and the Saudis, whom at the time, were  providing financial aid to Kurds as ISIS, and Al Quaeda, as well.
Funding them both (which were 100% of the "Syrian" rebels) weakened the US/Israeli control of a conquered Syria, while our leaders were lying to us about ISIS being "the bad guys", daily.  This WikiLeaks drop was very much the smoking gun on the truth, as well as the content of 33k Clinton emails she deleted. Yet we have a president who was elected acknowledging this, but waited four months, then betrayed us by playing these sick games in a sovereign nation.

To Protect And Defend the Constitution of the United States.....which is not Israel! Zogged stories like these prove the Jews are terrified that their seventy year war crime and uninterrupted atrocities are at an end...with the big, stupid goy who protected them....

It is ridiculous that the Pentagon continues to harp on that old gas attack narrative, in spite of having been caught repeatedly lying, or in support of other liars, in regards to benefiting the lunatic in Tel Aviv.

We don't believe your crap, anymore. WikiLeaks proved that Zogged America created ISIS, funded Al Quaeda, faked gas attacks, committed repeated military atrocities, and yet insults our intelligence by claiming that, "If Assad gasses anybody...."

Fuck you Zogged America. This isn't Jews' country! It is a Christian nation, you know, like the Christian population of Syria you've pretty much subjected to illegal genocides via the criminal deception of the UN in obtaining Binding Resolutions which you were awarded by falsifying the evidence!? 
Here is one bullet....
The Legacy of Zionism...


We know. The Kurds were ISIS, the Saudis provided Al Quaeda. Israel has lied so many times in the press about ISIS that they aren't sure what the truth is. Keep pushing, Zogged America! Keep pushing until you lose it, all....
Trump double talk: Obama and Hillary created ISIS. But, to cover up the evacuation of their allies, beaten by an enraged and doubly committed Russia, they agreed that this narrative would work for them as it had for...well...Obama and Clinton. SMH.

Because the brainwash by the media is falling on deaf ears. Nobody sane buys it, anymore. Judgement is descending....

Insulting the intelligence of this nation is alienating a revolution.

But, Zogged America, if you still think this gas attack narrative holds water, while also passing the smell test, no wonder you've lost the war: you are as stupid as you think that we are.

You used those UN resolutions (1441, and 2253) as intelligence op cover, while you helped your criminal friends, also not American, as they were ultimately halted by Russia and Iran, who did your job for you. You were renaming Kurds ISIS, arming them, feeding them, while simultaneously lying to us. But, Russia bested you, by God's blessing. 


They helped Syria protect its borders from the lies you've been using to pretend IDF wasn't actually UK and US. Russia actually did the job you lied to the UN, and said you did, but in reality all you did was to cover your asses for warcrimes...and still got caught. Feeling lucky?

Time is going to tell. This country is Jewed to fucking death, and the hell which comes will only be stirred up to greet folks our founding fathers would not approve of: atrocity committing, dishonored, criminals in the uniforms of soldiers that exclusively support non Christians of any sort.

Would God not call you a pig for the needless murder of dogs, no matter what religion they were? What about the abuse of His image? Zogged political parties, Zogged politicians, Zogged and shattered moral values: fuck you: Zionist Occupational Government!

Or even worse: they do not defend those tortured by 70 years of Satanic Jewish America, and the genocide of the actual owners of Palestine.

So, keep insulting us....the hours grow very short for every edifice of this nation that Judaism has corrupted. And, the very hairs of your head are numbered.

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