Friday, September 14, 2018

Can He Really Be SHOCKED, Though?

Shocking? Really? The numbers for Trump staying above 40% are the only thing about his hard-headed, Israeli mastered and designed nose-dive that could be shocking.

His numbers are not going to recover, either. The incompetence running the nation since the infuriating reign of ReBush has turned into blatant contempt for both law, truth, and for the voters, as well. 

Trump entered politics famously outing ReBush and the NeoCons for Iraq, and Hillary and Obama for ISIS, when WikiLeaks confirmed that ISIS had, indeed, been a cooperative creation of the Ugly Four Axis.

Trump's inauguration was a moment of hope for a nation on the brink of collapse stemming from do-nothing executive branch iconically identified with corruption, and the potential for a Russian-American Alliance to check Israel's direction straight at nuclear war, and the indistinguishable role of responsibility borne by its government's high-fluting and intelligence agency driven deceptions of the entire populations of Ugly Four member-states.

These are Trump voters still pissed about ReBush, when, to the astonishment of some, Trump hired John Bolton. 

It was this move that proved a variety of things, whether or not the US public, in particular, seemed to notice:
  1. Trump only deceived his voters by claiming to have not supported the war in Iraq, which Ugly Four deceptions manifested in the UN during the year 2003, and engaged a large and falsified Case for War, in order to cover their asses from War Powers violations. This started the trend that is finally dying in Syria, today. Israel is bracing for karma, which should have nothing to do with this country.....idiocy is ruling us...we will lose the shop now 
  2. Trump is actually not very bright. His #Maga being one half of the contrived Israeli appropriation of Tae-Kwon Do, #Krav Maga, should have warned us: an intelligent person fighting Globalism should read a history book, first.
  3. Israel is Globalism.
  4. Trump is now caught by scheming Jews in the US, and those in the nations of Europe, and Israel, as they desabuse him for his reckless arrogance and ignorance in trusting Jews to run our country, while he goes after their merchandising efforts in the EU. 
  5. Trump has been the main character in the consolidation of a MultiPolar international alliance against the Ugly Four. 
  6. Trump has failed on the analysis end to acquire proper advice about his friend, Benjamin Netanyahu. He is also an idiot. Netanyahu and Trump both are ignoring the shatter of his base which began over Netanyahu's insisting that Syria must fall ...even if Trump must repeat the lies and puppet show Obama/Clinton ran.
  7. His first attack against Syria over staged gas attacks is criminal.
  8. They are so indignant in their regards of international law at this time, UK is killing its own citizens and trying to frame Russia (badly), while also prepping for yet another third staged gas attack. This one will end the Ugly Four Alliance.
  9. But....they are so indignant for international law, that the Ugly Four are flaunting a lack of evidence, historic guilt, and shattered narratives which are only now beginning to reflect in the polls 
  10. Trump, whether or not he is impeached, will not have a second term.
  11. If the fact that Israel is doomed means that Western Civilization must be, as well: then we are being led by idiotic logic from thieves, gangsters, and liars: whose common destination may be overthrow, and a return for US contempt for UK, and the Judaism that UK perpetrated upon the world following WW2, and the Treasons of both Ike, and Truman.
  12. Jews are not our friends. This is a Christian nation.
The clock is not only ticking on the Trump Administration, it is ticking on the end of the current world order, which is literally bestowed with mere days to live should the Ugly Four Axis attack Syria for any reason. 

World War 3 began with Trump's second witless attack against Syria. Apparently Syria is protected from Jewes, and their God, Satan. For Syria still exists.

It will end by a second attack, and if Bolton is not immediately removed from office, it is not a question of if, but when.

When are you people going to learn/?God cast the Jews out forever. No Biblical passage states otherwise, devils stated otherwise. 
They are the devil's children. If you go to bed with them, you must awaken cursed with them.

For this reason, no New Yorker, nor New Englander, nor Non Real Christian should be tolerated as a candidate for office in this country.

Likewise, the Constitutional violation of AIPAC is something that, if it is not halted, only adds credence to the view that America must be destroyed. It is literally swallowed whole by the corruption of Judaism.


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