Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Why Rothschilds/Rockefeller's Globalism Does NOT Conform to the Furtive Fallacy

By: Kevin Drummond

The Last and the Greatest....the rest all conformed to the corrupting influences

In the world of logical syllogisms, and countering logic with logic, and not emotional outbursts; we recognize a number of acknowledged logical fallacies.

Among these is one that seems directed straight at conspiracy theories, and tends to define a more narrow view of crimes a government commits by citing the Furtive Fallacy.
The Furtive Fallacy simply states that any argument, or view of history, linking historical events into a single rationale connecting them to a "secret and dark" group that has controlled the world for centuries, is biased, and therefore, illogical. 

This, however, does not apply in several instances, one of which would be the result of the Rothschilds takeover of banking in UK, then, European banking, then, following the second world war, and partnership with Rockefeller, the takeover of United States Department of the Treasury and its Federal, or Central Bank.

This is not fallacy, because each of these events is a literally observable snippet of history, and observing this, we can better understand the rise of Globalism, and its many subordinated organizations through which the heart of Globalism, this death grip upon international finance, expresses itself in a variety of ways....

The wto is a fine example of invasive, culture destroying generalizations established into nation trade statuses through a "private" global organization.

One that remains poorly understood is the Rockefeller/Rothschilds seizure of the US Silver Standard circa 1956-1962, 1964-it was gone.

Kennedy was once asked, "What is aching your head, today?" He replied, "Oh, a couple of bankers...."
This was because he had been in meetings trying to express his concern over how UnAmerican it was to permit the Treasury of the US to be swindled out of its its silver by these two.

The men that murdered America, Democracy, American Conservatism, and JFK

He could neither appeal to their reason, nor Rockefeller's sense of patriotism. The scheme Kennedy uncovered involved the silver still held in the Treasury. Though FDR had moved the nation to the gold standard, all that silver was still there. R and R had successfully lobbied their firm to take over JP Morgan's treasury duties, and became the contractors that both printed the nation's money, then assayed that this money had value.

  Recent polls show that 2/3rds of the US Population believes that JFK was murdered by a conspiracy, and disputed the findings of the Warren Commission outright. In 1974, the House Select Committee on Assassinations agreed, that Oswald either didn't do it, or didn't act alone. Accusation of fallacy: dismissed.
What they did was charge one real dollar for unbacked currency they printed, and charged the silver at a rate that they also determined. Then, the two attempted to corner the industrial silver market, as well as elevate the price of silver. The two then hoped to buy real gold using the non-existent value of the silver they had made up to control the price of silver.

This produced a lot of unbacked dollars throughout the nation....trillions in a decade. So, they began lobbying JFK to involve the US in Vietnam, so they could stake the military industrial complex with fake money, which it could then launder in weapons. They succeeded. To this day, the dollar is backed by military might, or security for oil which is also, military might.

It is they who had JFK murdered. The final straw, as they saw it, was Kennedy's executive order, EO 11110. In this order, JFK ordered the Secretary of Treasury to sell Silver Bonds to the public. Silver held by the public would be unmanageable in terms of price, and the scheme that R and R were selling.

This is not fallacy. That the Rothschilds also created the Zionist state, is fact. That with Rockefeller and the Fed, they have corrupted the US in bloody, murderous conflicts for their own benefits is also not fallacy.

Denying the truth is worse than illogical: it keeps them in power.

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